• Fruit Bowl (Student Project)

    Designers: Orsan Berkay Tuluce & Ahmet Akbulbul
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: İstanbul, Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Fruit Packaging
    Packaging Materials: PET

    Fruit Bowl was designed for groceries and markets with thinking minimum use of material and natural resources. It offers to users maximum functionality with minimum efforts and minimum amount of waste. It is specialized to crusted fruits like apricots, plums, cheries and it focuses to fulfills all usage scenario from purchasing in groceries to eating in home. It brings advantages of multi-functionality, it offers a unique usage as being both washing container and trash container in same time different than it's packaging view. And also it's easy to storage with it's stockable design. It brings a practical, enjoyable and sustainable approach to market.

    What's Unique?
    Fruit Bowl was designed with thinking minimum use of material and it focuses all usage scenario of a fruit packaging from selling in market to eating in home. There is no need for another bowls or containers and maximum efficiency and minimum water consumption for washing act for fruits.

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