• Philips Tubelight (Student Project)

    Graphic Design: Urvil Soni
    Product Designer Raj Rajpara
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: MAEER'S MIT Institute of Design
    Course: Packaging
    Tutor: Utkarsha Malkar, Prof. Mansi Kanetkar
    Location: Pune
    Packaging Contents: Tubelight Packaging
    Packaging Materials: corrugated sheet, OHP sheet

    Fluorescent tubelights are packaged in a snap fit box of corrugated paper with 2 open faces.

    Most of the times the box becomes loose and the tubelight slides out of the box when kept vertical, which makes it difficult to carry and unsafe.

    The tubelight is around 4ft in length so it has to be carried in vertical position, and carrying such a long tube with no proper ergonomic handle make it more difficult to carry.

    The Graphics which are presently in use for packaging are not exciting and they do not gather attraction of people.

    Problems in current packaging:
    - Tubelight slides out while kept in vertical position
    - Difficult to Unbox
    - Have to Unbox it completely while testing
    - No proper handle
    - No proper storage

    What's Unique?
    - Zig zag pattern is used so that tubelight dosen't slip and the pattern gives support To the tubelight.
    - Even i fthe tubelight falls down the chances of breakage are less.
    - No need to remove whole packaging to check its working or not, you can just remove perforated part and you can see through the OHP sheet that tubelight is working or not.
    - After opening the packaging from one side the old tubelight can be placed into the packet and store vertically hanging through a nail until proper disposing is done.
    -Attractive and happy graphics on packaging.

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