• Yorkie’s Gourmet Recipe (Concept)

    Creative Agency: CreativeByDefinition
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Romania
    Packaging Contents: Pet food

    Designed by CreativeBydefinition, the "Yorkie’s Gourmet Recipe" is using like conceptual starting point a monochromatic illustration, with geometrical insertions.

    The white box with black accents was inspired by a very special Yorkshire terrier and is combining elegant features with playful ones. One of its main purposes is reinventing the image of pet food, giving it personality and meaning.

    The project is dedicated to all the small dogs and their owners that know the importance of well balance food, prepared with only the best ingredients.

    The illustrations of the main ingredients are emphasizing the attention put in the execution of this recipe.

    There is a continuous "battle" between black or white, photo or line drawing, circle or triangle, that is adding a dynamic feeling to the whole composition.

    What's Unique?
    The simplicity of the packaging reflects the purpose of the brand: raise awareness about the quality of pet food, presenting only the essentials and let quality speak for itself.

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