• DIY Liquor Box

    Designer:: Rachel Sender
    Graphic design: Maatwerk
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Pineut
    Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    Packaging Contents: Ingredient mix and gin
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard, paper, glass

    Pineut is a young Rotterdam-based brand that started off by offering bottles with different ingredients that customers could brew at home by adding liquor to. This year, Pineut has launched their own gin ("jenever" in Dutch) in a box that comes coupled with the ingredients you can mix the gin with.

    Rache Sender was asked to make an eyecatching design for the box to stand out in liquor stores. It should appeal to a young crowd and should also work as a gift. The chosen direction was use of vibrant colours and a limited amount of them, just red blue and dark grey. The pattern shows a suggestion of the what the brew could look like when it's being mixed, in a joyful and playful way .

    Illustrations were also made for the background of the "jenever" bottle label.

    On the inside of the box the brewing instructions can be found. On the back there is a brief history of jenever.

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