• Ledo Ice-creams (Student Project)

    Designer: Leonarda Komen
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: School Of Design
    Course: Visual Communications
    Tutor: Stipe Brčić
    Location: Zagreb, Croatia
    Packaging Contents: Ice cream

    Ledo is the largest Croatian producer of ice cream with Snjeguljica (Snow White) being their first ever made when they launched the company in all the way in 1958. Snjeguljica, made of vanilla filling with cocoa coating, immediately won over the hearts of all, both children and adults. In the 80's Ledo released Njofra, punch filling with cocoa and oats coating, and in the 90's Silk-Milk, vanilla and strawberry filling with cocoa and oats coating.

    All three ice creams are as shaped exactly the same and are as simple as they can possibly be. They differ only in a few ingridients and are actually an upgrade of each other. Although Silk-Milk is the most interesting one, Snjeguljica being the simplest is still, even after sixty years, the first choice of many.

    The concept was based on the fact that these products are essentially a Croatian synonym for ice-cream. They have been a firm favourite for generations and that deserves a proper timeless, simple and iconic design. Something that could have been equally suitable in the 50s, 80s and 90s when the ice creams were originally released as it could be today. Although the majority of people are fimiliar with the ingredients of each flavour, they are still showcased within the lettering and patterns which also show a delicate and creamy look.

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