• Vodka Polarnik (Concept)

    Creative Agency: Funky Business® Branding Agency
    Creative Director: Mikhail Ankudinov
    Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
    Designer: Sergey Ryadovoy
    3D, retouch: Konstantin Simonov
    Project manager: Anna Raskova
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Russia, Yekaterinburg
    Packaging Contents: Vodka
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Craft paper, Wooden cap

    Branding agency Funky Business® created a concept of new vodka brand for real men.

    Since 1930 Russia regularly organizes drifting Arctic station. Keeping an eye on the environment people of special mold, special breed - polar explorers, work at these stations. The severe nature of the north daily checks on their strength, so quality and versatility of the equipment depends very much. Vodka "Polar explorer" contains only alcohol and water, it makes it a versatile medical tool under extreme conditions.

    The agency task was to convey the "harsh" purity of the alcoholic beverage. As the classic recipe includes a mixture of water and ethyl alcohol without sugar syrups, so packaging should prepare buyer to this "male" taste of vodka "Polar explorer."

    Defining the target audience of the product we have general idea and naming. We drew up bottle appearance in the form of special equipment, we have made the correct perception of the product on the shelf. Wooden cork, relief on the "shoulders" of the bottle in the form of latitude of the Arctic Circle, it's all going in the whole image of vodka for real men.

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