• Christmas Printed Self-Promotion

    Creative Agency: Higgins Design GmbH
    Designer: Fabian Hartmann
    Creative Directors: Sandra Roth & Karsten Kummer
    Illustrators: Fabian Hartmann & Karsten Kummer
    Project Type: Printed Self-Promotion
    Location: Hamburg
    Packaging Contents: Mulled wine "Glühwein"
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Paper, Sailor's rope, Sealing lacquer
    Printing Process: Handmade

    Our Agency name refers to the British Jonathan Higgins, He is the assistant and patron of the Hawaii based private investigator and womanizer Thomas Magnum. Higgins is not just provided the typical and well known Farrari to his friend, the former navy officer and doctor of mathematics also contributed significantly to the solution of many cases. Just like us he acts from the background, because we also want to be an reliable partner, which helps our customers for glory and fame. The most typical German beverage for Christmas is the mulled wine "Glühwein" . This wine is a very common Christmas gift in Germany. Dedicated to our namesake from Hawaii we put both cliches together. To pretend to have an original Hawaiian Glühwein. We put the handmade Bottle in a Packaging that looks like an overseas packet with typical post stamps all over the pack.

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