• Today's Mood Chocolate (Student Project)

    Designer: Nida Başlı
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Bahçeşehir University
    Course: Packaging Design
    Tutor: Didem Çarıkçı WONG
    Location: İstanbul, Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Aluminium
    Printing Process: Digital Printing

    As we all know, chocolate is something that makes us happy. First of all I create a logo which contains Reiki symbol; Sei He Ki, this symbol is used primarily for emotional and mental healing, clearing. I combined them with different colors according to ingredients and concepts of chocolates. For example first one is Almond Milk Chocolate, this chocolate’s concept is ‘Good Vibes Only’. This Package visuality contains how almond helps our body and song suggestion about ‘Today’s Mood’. Second one is Espresso Bitter Chocolate, concept is ‘High Level Energy’ the package color gives us an idea about ingredients. Third one is Green Tea White Chocolate, this chocolate’s concept is ‘Calm’ because of it’s ingredients, Green Tea. All the Chocolate packages gives us an opinion about their concepts and tastes.

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