• Bummies - B and K Root Beer Stand (Student Project)

    Designer: Scherry Hirschy
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Ball State University
    Course: Visual Communications 3
    Tutor: Shantanu Suman
    Location: Muncie, United States
    Packaging Contents: Sandwich, French Fries, and Soda
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Digital Printing

    Bummies: B and K Root Beer Stand is a restaurant in Bluffton, Indiana. I created a food truck wrap and the packaging for this restaurant. Bummies is very welcoming, but the identity was a little outdated.

    I wanted the identity to be fun, so I came up with a logomark of a hamburger on wheels. I created icons that matched the hamburger logomark and made red and yellow splotches as a pattern and background design element that is reminiscent of ketchup and mustard. This is used on the to-go container and soft drink cup to frame the logo. The food truck is wrapped from the back towards the front with the large splotches and the icons. Each side of the truck has a lockup of the logo so that it can easily be recognized. The menu is placed to the left of the window so it can be seen when waiting in line.

    What's Unique?
    The to-go container is meant for a sandwich and fries. I decided to create a container that would allow the customer to have easy access to the food because most food truck customers eat on the go. I used the splotches to disrupt the top of each wall giving it an organic shape allowing the thumb to rest in between the rise and fall of the wall. The thumb automatically searches for these dips. This makes carrying the food from place to place easy and comfortable.

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