• Joice Cereously Healthy

    Creative Agency: Bob Studio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Joice Foods
    Location: Greece / UK

    Joice foods is a new company based in Thessaloniki Greece and the first to produce cereals in Greece with a main focus on quality food and healthy nutrition, following the new trends and the latest technology.

    Using a play of words, we named their first series of cereals Cereously Healthy, made of pure ingredients and with great taste. There are 4 different flavours and 1 specially made for children. We created bright cheerful designs to show the joy of breakfast and of a happy morning. Ingredients are illustrated and placed all over the white curved “milky” area, creating a rich full composition to give the feeling of a full rich nutrition. For the children’s box, we created a fun game in the inner part that includes cutting animal figures and a funny story to read, making breakfast the most exciting meal of the day.

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