• Flower Boxes

    Creative Agency: Micie
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Evers & Tochter Manufaktur
    Location: Germany
    Packaging Contents: Candied flowers, candied flower chocolates
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic
    Printing Process: Gold foil stamping

    "Evers & Tochter Manufaktur" is a small manufactory in Lübeck, Germany, where they craft exquisite handmade chocolate and make beautiful candied flowers. The manufactory wanted a small rebranding and a complete redesign of all the packaging they had so far.

    Chocolate and especially candied flowers are delicate when it comes to shipping, so the task was to create small, beautiful boxes in which the flowers can travel safely to the customer's doorstep. The budget was tight that's why we had to think about one design which would fit for all the different flowers. The task was as well to make the new boxed flower a perfect gift.

    We created a box out of paper with a small plastic window that the customer could see the beautiful flower inside. The paper and plastic is very soft so the flower can't break by moving inside the box. Every box has a small fill layer of paper inside to minimize the movement of the content.

    To make sure the flower inside the box would stand out we decided against a colorful design and only used stamped gold foil.

    What's Unique?
    Coming by the perfect packing for the delicate candied flowers was a big task, as they are unique and no one else but "Evers & Tochter Manufaktur" produces a similar product. Prior to the new packaging the fragility of the flowers has been a big problem for the manufactory. The new packaging allows the flowers to be shipped worldwide, whereas beforehand even touching them while packaged or at worst, dropping a packaged flower to the floor, would have crushed them to pieces.

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