• Montblanc

    Creative Agency: Rocklin
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Mir Vkusa
    Location: Israel / Poland
    Packaging Contents: Cheese

    Montblanc is a new brand of cheese produced in a shape of traditional square cheese blocks.

    The Rocklin team created a special romantic legend — a sort of "brand's mythology". One can imagine such a story: Europe; early age of aeronautics; a brave man is sent on a balloon trip... Somewhere around Mont Blanc he stops for a rest (say, in a tiny Alpine village), and he is lucky to taste the local Montblanc cheese. The taste of this cheese will remain for years as a remembrance of the journey.

    The visual concept is created in a highly detailed and exquisite vintage style, reminding somehow the world of Jules Verne and this amazing epoch in the European life.

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