• Confiado - Bodega Septima

    Creative Agency: ASTOR Branding
    Directors: Matías Manuel Frade, Federico Poscek
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bodega Septima
    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

    • Design a new product, blends that escape from the regular basis with designs that reflect the brand’s personality.
    • Reflect the defying spirit of the brand and its products.
    • Reinforce the positioning of a large and innovative brand with a fresh new proposal for the market.

    • “Confiado” is a set of wines that are a single year run, with a certain number of bottles, and that surely will not repeat again.
    • “Confiado” are those rebellious, curious and unpredictable new and young Argentine winemakers and technicians, so the packaging must respect these concepts.
    • Raise a system rich in colours, fonts, shapes and miscellanies that could explain this idea.
    • Do not lose sight of the consumer of the brand as well as preserve the core values ​​of a brand with a strong imprint of Europe and tradition.

    Project development:
    • The main thing was to achieve a strong identity that reflects the European and traditional imprint of its original values ​​in a modern market.
    • The typographic combination of Sans, Serifs (as well as their miscellaneous) were key in generating a strong and versatile identity.
    • A lot of miscellaneous work was done to endow the system with variants and resources that are then exploited in other parts of the system.
    • The section "Craft Series" was designed and developed to give a conceptual framework to the innovation segment.

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