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    What is Packaging of the World?

    Packaging of the World is one of the most prominent packaging design website showcasing the most interesting and creative packaging work worldwide. It's audience includes packaging designers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, students and manufacturers, garnering above a million impressions every month.

    Started in early 2008, it's purpose then is just my personal reference blog but till now we are having tens of thousands of visitors coming in to this blog everyday.

    It had transformed from a traditional blog to a gallery style blog as I noticed that users who are hungry for design inspiration - like you and me does not want to read chunks and chunks of text all over the site. Readers can easily browse through the entire collection of packaging design by going through the different categories/ industries.

    We will try to make the archive as digestible and as possible with less text, like they say, pictures speaks a thousand words!

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    This blog is currently garnering an average of half a million page views per month.
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    History Packaging of the World

    Way back Early 2008 with carton boxes as our header image :)

    Late 2008 - Getting there with our own style!

    Late 2009 - The ultimate packaging gallery archive together with revamped graphics!

    Sept 2010 - Spotting a new and cleaner look with a new logo

    August 2012 - Faster, Smarter, Better