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  • Agency: Hired Guns Creative
    Designer: Richard Hatter
    Client: Serpent Cider
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: Canada

    Serpent Cider is a craft apple cider product from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The packaging features a wrap-around silk-screened label design that references Ogopogo, a cryptid lake monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake. It was designed to lure craft beer drinkers into trying something a bit outside of their typical purview.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The contemporary line of beers Monk Classic Beer wraps her lovers by striking flavor and distinctive design. Handcrafted and accented palate, bring in their labeling influences of underground culture has relationship with music production, literature and fine arts.

  • Agency: Pearlfisher
    Creative Director: Sarah Cattle, Pearlfisher
    Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
    Design Director: Poppy Steadman, Pearlfisher
    Senior Strategist: Georgia Levison
    Words: Sylvie Saunders, Pearlfisher
    Realisation Director: Shaun Jones, Pearlfisher
    Account Director: Becs Baker, Pearlfisher
    Client: Gerrard International
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United States

    Pearlfisher London creates identity and packaging for Kissed by Mii, the new tanning range from Gerrard International

    Following the creation of the highly successful Mii make-up brand in 2010, Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, naming, tone of voice, identity, graphic and structural packaging and marketing collateral for Kissed by Mii, the new tanning range from Gerrard International.

    Made with marine minerals including coral seaweed extract, Kissed by Mii offers a sophisticated, calm and reassuring experience, in a celebrity saturated world where tanning can be seen as complex, frenetic and full of potential disaster. Designed for use in spas, salons and at home, the Kissed by Mii range includes an exfoliator, mitt, moisturiser and tanning lotion in two shades for all skin tones.

    Pearlfisher Creative Director, Sarah Cattle, described the design approach, “When done well and with consideration, a tan makes us feel like we are a better version of our natural selves. Therefore, Kissed by Mii needed to bring to life the positive and emotionally enriching experience that reflects the feeling we have when we’re tanned - making consumers feel great from the inside out.”

    She continues, “The illustrative style and colour palette makes reference to the marine minerals that are unique to the brand, whilst the sophisticated touches of gold in the identity and illustration reflect the glow of sun-kissed skin.”

    “The brand’s tone of voice has been carefully designed to cut through the confusion of the tanning category, quelling previously common worries about the smell, shade and longevity of different tanning brands. Clear brand messaging communicates the three simple stages to ‘prepare’, ‘bare’ and ‘care’ for your skin using the Kissed by Mii range.”

  • Agency: Xs Media Inc.
    Designer: Jason Wildes Twist
    Client: Truffle & Co.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom & United States

    The redesign of Truffle & Co.'s boutique brands snack division. The relaunch comes as the company has secured distribution deals with major London and New York City specialty grocers.

  • Agency: Suizopop
    Client: Cale Brewery
    Country: Monterrey, Mexico

  • Designer: Flora Cruells Benzal
    Type of Work: Student Project
    Country: United States

    School design/packaging project where we were asked to create a line of cheese of our choosing. The project consisted of a minimum of one large round, a medium cut into 6 wedges and at least ten mini rounds.

    Since I am from Catalunya, I chose a specific cheese from the mountainous region of my country; Garrotxa.

    Garrotxa (also known as "pell florida", meaning "bloomy rind" in the Catalan language), is a traditional artisanal goat's milk cheese. It is aged in the humid Pyrenees caves in order to enhance mold development, and later on it is coated with ash which allows the development of its deep flavor.

    Knowing these unusual characteristics, I decided to produce a design that it was clearly Catalonian (reminiscent of stained windows in old churches), and used some darker colors, such as dark blue or black, in order to portray the idea of the caverns and the ash.

  • Agency: LRXD
    Country: United States

    The folks over at Ricky’s Lucky Nuts got pretty lucky (pun intended) when they stumbled upon a unique process that bonds some of the world’s best flavors to their nuts. The result was a nut like no other. Yet, their current packaging didn’t do these Lucky Nuggets® justice. So we helped them revamp their look with craveable new packaging that invites more people to check out the crunchy taste sensation inside. Our redesign got them several second looks at the Winter Fancy Food Expo in San Francisco, which immediately increased their orders for 2014.

  • Designed by Franklin Mill (in-house)
    Designer: Russ Gray
    Country: United States

  • Agency: Teles - Brand Design Studio
    Designer: Carlos Teles
    Product Design Credits: Felipe Mascarenhas, Wilson Sakata, Pedro Venetucci, Pedro Henrique
    Client: Cachaça Sentinela
    Country: Brazil

    Sentinela is a Brazilian organic alcoholic beverage company, like Cachaça, a popular drink on Brazil. We created a new brand and a “special edition” packaging to be sold in pubs, clubs, and restaurants. The concept is inspired by the rustic look to refer to manual labor, and natural ingredients.

  • Designed by: SmashBrand
    Country: United States

    Janty is one of the original inventors and market leaders in the e-cigarette industry. This market has steadily grown over the past eight years and has been accelerating that growth in the past few years. It is estimated that as much as 20% of smokers in the UK have switched to electronic cigarettes and similar numbers are beginning to show up in other parts of the EU and US.

    This is a billion dollar industry and is attracting new entrants to the market every month. With low barriers to entry and the inevitable entry of all the major, and well-financed cigarette brands, it was more important than ever for Janty establish a position in the market as a leader and premium e-cigarette brand. Critical to this positioning is a cohesive and integrated brand presence and identity, as well as high-quality product packaging.

    Our goal was to create visuals that communicate innovation, quality, and premium positioning while maintaining a well thought-out and simple brand experience.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The gourmet line of Salvatore oils and balsamic acetos allows expressing in its packaging, modernity and innovative gastronomic concept, through well structured and concise visual identity that facilitates the recognition of this new brand.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    Legitimate Pastifício Italian gourmet pasta, Grano Dorato brings the best Northern Italian cooking style. In order to highlight it among products of the same segment created a design point, equlibrando strong colors with the absence of color. The masses give the final touch of luxury packaging, united the subtlety of motifs drawn.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type of work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The new line of dairy Bianco Panna was conceptually inspired by the '60s, from glass packaging in the best vintage style to logotipy lightweight and concise layout. Also has tetrapak, aligning itself to the socio-environmental thinking of today.

  • Agency: Noise 13
    Creative Director: Dava Guthmiller
    Designer: Ben Wong
    Client: Ziesche Modern Apothecary
    Country: San Francisco, United States
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    When Beauty Company owner Sherri Ziesche wanted to launch a line of exceptional bath and body products for her San Francisco clients, she came to Noise with determination and a clear vision. Inspired by visits to European and Asian spas, she was looking to offer a more personal and customizable experience, where customers could participate in the creative process and tailor the product to their exact preferences. This hands-on approach, along with old-world apothecary bottles, informed the design of Ziesche Modern Apothecary. Each label has space for Sherri to sign and date the product, and a custom rubber stamp makes for an economical collateral solution that reinforces the hand-crafted feel. The designs are delicate yet grounded — a balanced aesthetic that’s brought to life through careful font selection, a restrained color palette, and plenty of white space. We are thrilled to see what’s in store for the Ziesche brand, and to have been a part of creating a product that appeals to both women and men alike.