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  • Agency: BARDO
    Client: Deer Wineries
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Argentina

    This brand was looking for a character to represent his brand.

    We choose a Deer because of the magnificence of his look in the amazing land of Mendoza, at the border with Chile and the Andes Mountains.

    The label represents how the winery is connected to the earth through an animal.

  • Wine label design: Bodega Del Fin del Mundo (in-house)
    Wine case design: Kid Gaucho
    Designer: Lucas Lasnier
    Client: Bodega del Fin del Mundo
    Country: Argentina

    Bodega del Fin del Mundo entrusted us the development of the product Packaging of their wine " La Poderosa". the aim was to give to the tube case the characteristic of a mailing package that can be personalized and given away as a unique product of the Patagonia Argentina.​

  • Designer: Diego Ballester
    Country: Argentina

    Packaging design for excellent wines and sparkling by winemaker and friend Mauricio Vegetti.
    Inspired by one of the works of the artist Noe Alvarez.

    I share the text of the back label written by Mauricio that sums up the spirit of the brand and its wines.

    A new year, a new crop and that is why I can not thank each of aquillos working every day of the year, day and night, sun, rain or shine, to realize the dream that always rational and apacionadamente searched, they find the perfect grape, of eternal life, for great wines. In this bottle I have put all my dreams!

  • Agency: Grupo Berro
    Designer: Gonzalo Berro
    Client: Frizzé, Grupo Peñaflor
    Country: Argentina

    Frizzé, the top brand in sparkling wine for nightlife in Argentina, asked Grupo Berro to redesign its packaging. The challenge lied in doing so without altering its very successful core DNA.

    We came up with an innovative redesign that fills the eye. Gonzalo Berro, director of Grupo Berro, tells explains the process. “The real effort of re-designing a product recognized -for its taste, quality, distribution and communication-, lies not so much in being a leader, or reach the top, but stay on top”. The result of the work is fulfilling: we developed a unique bottle, with
    strong character, and applied clear labels that allowed the design to look more unified and enveloping.

  • Designed by Pierini Partners
    Country: Argentina

    Pierini Partners brings full power to Paceña in Dakar 2014

    The leading strategic branding and packaging studio accomplished in this new limited edition, to transmit the whole spirit of the risks that exist in the automotive competition world.

    The design has been specially created by renowned Argentinean designer Adrian Pierini to celebrate the fact that Paceña is an official sponsor of this great event . This is not something minor, because is the first time that Dakar steps on Bolivian soil and as the # 1 beer in that country could not remain static in such a momentous event.

    The layout breaks with the traditional attributes of the class, is not classical, is not balanced, not picky. Quite the contrary! The Dakar tests the harder and stronger spirits and the layout reflects this temple . A great violent diagonal spot expresses that action and it emanates the Paceña´s logo in a striking and determined way; true to the style of this competition. Above them the two categories involved , ATVs and motorcycles, have been represented by rustic synthesis, which were applied in an intentionally misaligned further enhancing the imaginary.

  • Designed by Pierini Partners
    Country: Argentina

    Pierini Partners refreshes the image of Brahma Paraguay!

    With innovative details but with the same young spirit, the new Brahma has make it´s appearance in the Paraguayan market. The renovation has been carried out by Pierini Partners and has covered both varieties, the Rubia and the refreshing lightly "Zubcero", which function as a well defined visual system in which colors play a leading reole.

    Although it´s composition structures keep their balance and clarity of the original reading, Pierini has intervened in the layout styling forms, incorporating modern fonts and a big dose of silver, which manages to transmit in a effective way the message of freshness and innovation of the brand.

    Adrián Pierini, creative director of the studio, said in relation to this release: "Brahma is a young brand essentially and always seeks to interpret the mind of it´s consumers. This principle underlies the chromatic color palette, in the choice of the reference beer image and it´s mode of intervention, in the volumetry of the logo and the complementary threads tha give splendor ot it."

  • Agency: Somos Domani
    Designer: Leandro Coto
    Country: Argentina

    Packaging redesign, logo and key visual for Apogeo Tights.

  • Designed by Yg Design
    Country: Argentina

    Traditional product that originally comes from strains of southern France. It is a product that uses a traditionally artistic / pictorial style. Salton, from the first harvest, invited different artists to decorate the label (this year the artist Victor Hugo Porto was invited). Our work was mainly to find the best way to highlight the work that every year shows the label. Additionally and in order to generate identity, a lettering with personality and character to the descriptor "Gamay" was worked on.

  • Designed by Anaïs Bourdet
    Country : France / Argentina

    Pattern created to match with the colorful key range of the brand Compagnie de Provence, named Extra Pur.

    The brand produces and sells Marseille liquid soap, well being and home care products.

  • Designed by Pierini Partners, Argentina.

    Pierini Partners surprises with a "caleidoscopic" metallic bottle for Paraguay´s Brahma

    Without doubts, one of the more remarcable characteristics of Paraguay´s brand, is the effort of giving the best to their consumers, both in flavor as in creativity and technology. This is shown in the recent launching of an original mettalic bottle, which has more chilling speed in compare with the glass ones, and enters to the market thanks to its innovative layout base on geometric shapes wich emits different glitter intesities.

    The packaging design was in charge of the recognized argentine studio Perini Partners. Its general creative director, Adrián Pierini made a remark about this launching: “The main objective was to surprise, that is to say, create an esthetic wich could exceed the things already known and that it could turn into a symbol of the innovative spirit of the brand”.

    The result was achieved. Te intense red and the gold wich they flow out from the bottle produce a positive and dynamic attitude, that causes in the person who observs it a seduction imposible to resist at the time of buying it.

  • Designed by Natalia Arena(Estudio Arena Bahamonde), Argentina.

    Revancha (rematch) is label line designed by Estudio Arena Bahamonde. These wines are the result of a project Roberto de la Mota conceived and set up with Rodrigo, his son. It is a celebration of life for giving them a great, wonderfulrematch.

    With this brand new line, Mendel is covering a new area; the area of those who see wines as a daily celebration of life, an optimistic view, a passionate, hopeful way of facing each new day.

    The wine´s image imitates the highly demanding, strategic and passionate world of chess where each game is a new challenge requiring cleverness and elegance. Even after it has finished, the game goes on in the contenders’ minds. It is a rematch against yourself, others, and life itself.















  • Designed by Natalia Arena(Estudio Arena Bahamonde), Argentina.


    This is one of Estudio Arena-Bahamonde’s new projects. This wine is surrounded by mystery. That is why; we designed modern, minimalistic labels inviting wine lovers to discover each of its secrets. Morse code-written capsules, messages to decipher labels, mysteries to solve on the web or social networks…

    “This great wine is a fascinating mystery
    It is meant for those who dare
    to discover all secrets
    The only one you can answer is WHAT FOR?
    This wine was made to enjoy the good moments in life
    Dare, unveil, discover, search, have fun ‘cause life
    Is just a big game and you – with a full glass – will be the spy”

  • Designed by Sebastian Vazquez, Argentina.

    Relaunching a brand in a highly competitive market is always hard, so we tried to show the consumer something new. Art and Wine are long known partners, but we managed to dress the bottle completely with a cost-effective industrial design and an appealing visual concept. The whole lineup of products were designed with the goal of communicate a certain mood that reflects the enological identity of each grape.

  • Designed by Estudio Arena-Bahamonde, Argentina.

    These labels were designed by Estudio Arena-Bahamonde. They intend to combine the owners’ passion for Mendoza soil, its native vegetation, and the importance of water to this desert men were able to transform.

    There is a line, a deep pencil stroke that divides realities
    That signals new opportunities
    Those which destiny and nature named Border,
    A limit or a start line… both marked by water
    Turning desert into an oasis, and this wine is the result
    Of Genesis, life itself!