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  • Agency: Double Decker Design
    Designer: Sargam Gupta
    Client: Nadia Bahl & Carol Singh
    Country: India
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Antidote is a cold-pressed organic juice range that aims to provide rare nutrients in the form of 5 juice cleanses. Each cleanse is named after its core function: Skinny Down for weight loss, Nine Lives for anti-ageing, Exhale for detox, Light Up for skin & Horsepower for strength.

    Unlike regular fruit juices, Antidote uses carefully calculated nutrients. The packaging stems from this key factor. The logo subtly incorporates a geometric drop with two leaves. This drop is taken forward on each label with added illustrations that carve out a distinct identity for each cleanse. The juice comes in an amber medicine bottle as Antidote is essentially a "cure" for our relatively unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Agency: Santiago Design
    Designer: Niels Buschke
    Client: Kano
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Germany

    David and Lennart, two friends from Munich, learned on their journey to Asia that there’s a very different way to consume tea. There, tea is often cold - very pure, without any additives except maybe a bit of lemon or tea leaves. This, and the trend of more healthy and organic beverages, became the motivation behind the Kano team.

    The result is the first bottled iced tea, Kano - Sencha green tea from Japan. It is all organic with fresh and dried herbs. Unlike most iced teas, Kano has a natural taste without artificial flavours. You can taste all the natural ingredients, and it is only a little sweet.

    Based on this idea, they asked Niels Buschke from Santiago Design to help out. The label Niels came up with has a clear, strong concept. The brand names the first thing you notice. The idea is to always have it in the same position for upcoming products. The colours create a natural impression. In addition to the label, Santiago Design also produced the corporate identity and the advertising concept layout.

  • Agency: Civa Studios
    Designer: Civa Studios
    Client: Naturalite Sugar
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: India

    Naturalite Sugar is pure, hygienic and meets International standards. From the morning cuppa, the favourite cake to the special recipes, Naturalite makes it better. Naturalite Sugar is a start-up enterprise which is looking to establish its presences in Indian market with small and medium size sugar crystal's packed in 1kg and 500gms quantity.

  • Famous Japanese confectioner Glico has been bringing us iconic Japanese sweets like Pretz and Pocky for decades. Now they have a real treat in store for us, thanks to an extra-special line-up to celebrate the upcoming 3-D movie, Stand By Me Doraemon.

    The new specially marked packs include a hidden secret: 3-D moving images of Doraemon that come to life in your home. But these aren’t just any images. They’re created by you, with your very own colours and designs transformed into unbelievable, moving images, each with Doraemon acting out a fun scene before your very eyes!

    After hearing about the promise of a floating 3-D Doraemon, we made our way to the nearest candy store to see if we could find one of the special packs. The whole range was there waiting for us, and it includes Pocky, Pretz, Collon, Bisco, Caplico, as well as chewy Heart-shaped Caramels.

    We went all out and bought packs of Pretz and Pocky, a box of Caplico Minis and a set of limited-edition flavoured Pocky we’d never seen before. The Doraemon designs on the Collon and Bisko boxes were the same as the ones on the Pocky and Pretz packs so we were sure we had all the designs.

    Source: RocketNews24

  • Designer: Alexandra Abramova
    Type of Work: Concept, Festival work
    Country: Russia

    Liquid Rainbow is a positive new brand, designed to dispel sorrow and sadness of severe everyday life of urban citizen. Fabulous little world of cute creatures that give joy and gladness is depicted on the packaging. The line is divided into three unheard tastes) Problems at work: tired of hysterical boss - push him into furnace! Try the classic rainbow with creamed happiness. It will take you into the magical land where you can ride a cactus, enjoy the subtle flavours and have ironic look at yourself. Or maybe the guy is bonehead and a girl-friend is fool? Forget it! We have a rainbow for you with taste of looove - it gives tenderness, tremulous paradise and butterflies in your stomach. Also, we have not forgotten about gourmet dreamers, we have prepared for them a rainbow with pieces of clouds. It has a fluffy tenderness and a teleport to the dreamland where pleasant anomalies combines so subtly with memories from childhood.

    Eat the rainbow and it will be only positive).

  • Agency: Bratus
    Client: Gbox Studios
    Photography: Eric Huynh
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Vietnam

    Gbox Studios aim is to create a full service offering clients the highest quality of work with a comprehensive understanding of modern production, their services include advertising, products, automotive, portraits, beauty, editorial photography and video production. Gbox is based in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam.

    We have developed and created an innovative strategy for Gbox brand identity, packaging, where the passion creativity and inspiring are platform for their activities.

    The DVD packaging, post Card, business card of Gbox was focused on the design elements and craft production, the products are used as a gift for their clients, we use some type of paper folding origami based on hexagons of brand mark.

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Client: Urzhum distillery
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    The agency Alexandrov Design House was tasked to create a vodka brand which based on the Vyatka province-famous Dymkovo toys- recognizable simbol of province.

    The result of the work is the complex design of the bottle and label. Bottle based on the original proportions with embossing. For labels made distinctive character Dymkovo toy, added traditional ornament Viatka lace and designed logo blok "Vyatka Province."

  • Agency: Design Team Pantech Co., LTD.
    Designer: Duhan Kim
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: South Korea

    The package of VEGA IRON2 attracts attention with its simplicity of the design.

    Its clean and tidy graphic quadrates the design language with the product(smartphone) inside.

    To emphasize the texture of a metal, special treatment was applied.

    Moreover, the precisely made surface with unique touch enhanced the value of the design.

  • Agency: ANGLE visual integration
    Client: President Chain Store Corporation
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Taiwan

    The bustling lifestyles of modern people might result in insufficient time for preparing or having meals. 7-SELECT instant soup series provides easy-to-cook and convenient instant soup. The packaging design includes a variety of soup names and pattern designs, which differentiate the flavors and associate the consumers with the Eastern and Western styles of soup. In addition, to satisfy the needs of consumers who purchase at convenient stores, a large merchandise photo is used as the background to send precise and correct information of the merchandise to the consumers in the shortest period of time. The overall color combination intensifies the contrast with other merchandise on the shelf. Furthermore, unique colors are allocated to heighten the characteristics of the soup and to increase consumers’ purchase intention.

  • Designer: Mychko Yuliana
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Russia

    The concept is a line of hair care products - shaving cream, gel for intimate hygiene and styling gel eyebrows. Descriptors is a hair on the bottle.

  • Designer: Ruta Jamenis, India
    Type of work: Student Project
    School: Portfolio Center, Atlanta, GA

    Polishing Shoes is a ritual. You lay down the paper, get your old t-shirt to clean the shoes up and spend some time and energy to get the perfect shine.

    This is a packaging that improves functionality and is a easy 4 step process to the perfect shine.

    The products include clean wet wipes, a roll on polish that can be used to apply polish on your shoes evenly and without staining your hands, a brush and a dropper bottle to add a few drops of hi-gloss liquid for the perfect spit shine.

    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Russia

    Complex rebranding: development of design concept, trademark design, label design, pre-press, photo shoot organization and execution

    The "Equinox" company requested a complete redesign of its main product line as part of their rebranding strategy.

    The “Equinox” wine line redesign was based on the new corporate style. Temperance, brevity and prestige – these were the pinnacles of the “Equinox” trademark positioning. The interaction between day and night, dark and light – this is the main leitmotif for the products’ new appearance. Label printing on artistic paper with the application of the newest printing techniques has already become a tradition for “Equinox” labels.

  • Designer: Ruta Jamenis
    School: Portfolio Center, Atlanta, GA
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: India and USA

    A concept for Bottle Design for Sake. The design was inspired by the form of a fish.

    The cap comes off to become a glass, so that you can pour your sake in it and enjoy the drink.

  • Agency: Brandbox Branding
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Uzbekistan

    Brandbox creative agency has been worked on Russian tea brand.

    Objective: To develop the positioning, creative strategy and visual identity of the Tea brand.

    Idea: The idea was based on the origin of the Tea brand (India) and on the fact that tea is a traditional product in this region. In order not to go into the niche, we decided not to break the boundaries. However, for standing out, we had to create something new. In positioning of the brand, we decided to go on the road: “Tradition+quality+singularity+positivity”

    Solution: For emphasizing the tradition and the quality, for us it was enough to focus on the origin of the product. The image of Indian tea has been known and loved by the huge audience since the Soviet Union period.

    To emphasize the originality and positivity of the product, we proposed to use the images of Indian individuals. So, it was decided to make our choice on the Indian prince (king) – Rajah’s image, who once upon was the owner and a master of tea plantations. Rajah’s image specified the idea, because the images of elephants, tigers and other Indian attributes are already too hackneyed on this kind of products.

    Also for creative strategy, we have developed the slogan: “Cheers from India”, an idea which will be used during the campaign on the market.