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  • Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
    Senior Designer: Abi Singmin
    Creative Director: Dan Bray
    Illustrator: Yulia Vysotskaya
    Account Director: Suzi Della-Pietra
    Client: Woolworths
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Woolworths Select Easter 2014

    For Easter 2014, we were tasked with creating a joyful seasonal identity for the Woolworths Own Brand Select. The design had to appeal to kids and adults alike, stretching seamlessly across multi-categories including Bakery, Confectionery and General Merchandise.

    Opting for an illustrative solution, we developed a suite of friendly characters around the central theme of the 'farmyard'.

    A degree of naivety and quirkiness was essential to the appeal of the characters, so we kept the style simple whilst injecting some humour into their poses and actions.

    Our colour palette needed to be bright and bold to pop from shelf, but we chose softer, more natural shades, for a fresh, light, and less artificial appearance.

  • Agency: FOLKE ARMY
    Client: Prodjuice
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Branding and Packaging Design by FOLKE ARMY

    During product and taste testing, we were inspired by the way in which the ingredients layered in the bottle while settling – like sediments forming their own natural ‘ingredient layer’.

    We found a need to display the ingredients in a more thought provoking and intriguing way – acting as a visual infographic representing the quantity and layering position of the specific juice. The white label was used to ensure the colour of the juice was the hero of the design, the branding was a simple execution to bring that juice’s unique colour & identity to the forefront. Rather than showing imagery of fresh fruit, or colours representing the flavour in the label design, it was all about what was IN the bottle that mattered most.

    In the same way the end product's quality is based on the stripping back of everything unnatural, to showcase honest, quality produce, our design is about stripping the label content down to the minimum, with a beautifully balanced logo, and simple design features.

    Not only does it have a great shelf presence, but the white label ensures they can continue to use these glass bottles around their home, they make the perfect vase for some floral off cuts from the garden.

  • Agency: Can I Play
    Country: Australia

    We created a new range of packaging for Map’s coffee capsules and beans. The range is bright and colourful, with each variety easily distinguishable on the shelf. We always have a constant supply around the office now!

  • Agency: Studio Polutranko
    Designer: Damir Polutranko
    Client: Amphora Wine Group
    Additional Credits: Damir Polutranko, Studio Polutranko, Croatia
    Country: Australia

    The Rigoletto Brand has been a brand that was created when Amphora was first established.

    The label has recently undergone a new look with a fresh label to reflect it's name. Rigoletto is an Italian opera character, who is a hunch-back court jester of the Duke of Mantua. The opera is based around a curse that was placed on both the duke and Rigoletto by a courtier whose daughter had been seduced by the Duke with Rigoletto's encouragement. The curse is lifted when the daughter falls in love with the Duke and eventually sacrifieces her life to save him from the assasins hired by her father. From this story a fresh new look has been developed to create our Rigoletto 2009 Shiraz from Barossa Valley.

  • Agency: Cowan
    Country: Australia

    Ritz gets a fresh new look by Cowan

    Cowan has created a fresh new look for one of Australia’s favourite and most iconic brands – Ritz.

    Building on a new global identity, Cowan has brought to life Ritz’s lighthearted character and entertainment qualities to position the brand as the cracker for every occasion.

    “Almost everyone we spoke to talked about the versatility of the brand and the ‘buttery, melt in your mouth flavour’ said Cowan Creative Director, Glenn Kiernan.

    “We wanted to bring these unique characteristics to life in a relevant and engaging way, so we made the biscuits the hero and showed them dancing around the pack”.

    This marks an exciting period for the brand with NPD Ritz Snackz – a delicious on-the-go snack which is perfect for the car, home or office – being launched as part of the refresh and a revamped In-A-Biskit also coming in under the Ritz brand.

    Keep an eye out for the fresh new Ritz packaging hitting shelves soon.

  • Agency: Bold-Inc
    Designer: Pam Partridge
    Creative Director: Jarrod Robertson
    Country: Australia

    Bold-inc continued to elevate the core brand by building detail and craft to support the logo. The classics range was a great opportunity to bring the tale of the two brothers Joesph and Edward Tetley to life on the front of pack.

    Pastel green created a range colour in a classic teapot hue. A colour hit on the top of packs and full coloured envelopes gives clear differentiation on shelf for cafe owners, and ease of identification when out of the box in hotel rooms.

  • Design Consultants : The Collective
    Designer: Andrew Bartlett
    Distribution: The Nuance Group
    PR: Liquid Ideas
    Client: Taylors Wines
    Country: Australia

    Taylors family have bottled a very limited number of six-litre imperials of which just ten will be released for sale (RRP AU $5000).

    The adventure begins when the consumer is handed a Tasmanian blackwood presentation box containing a key at the point of purchase.

    The key unlocks a bespoke cabinet that Taylors commissioned Adelaide-based master craftsman Andrew Bartlett to create. Each cabinet is crafted out of a single piece of hand selected Tasmanian blackwood that matches that of the presentation box. Also, the fixtures and fittings have been finished in rhodium to ensure that they, like the cabinet and the wine, will safely see in the second half of this century.

    The bottles are available domestically via Nuance Duty Free stores. Two of the ten bottles have actually already been snapped up since its release – one by a consumer at Duty Free in Melbourne Airport and the other by well-known fine wine boutique in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Hedonism Wines.

  • Agency: Co Partnership
    Designer: Zoe Green & Max Harkness
    Illustration: Jon Contino
    Country: Australia

    Millions of years ago, the Limestone Coast of South Australia was covered by the Great Southern Ocean. Over a series of ice ages the ocean receded leaving the ground layered with ancient fossilised limestone, making the region a world heritage site.

    Within these rich alluvial soils, sea fossils including whale fossils have been found. Today this soil provides a natural and unique filtration system for the regions world famous wine industry.

    Co Partnership commissioned and directed Jon Contino, a self proclaimed ’Alphastructaesthetitologist’ from New York, to bring The Hidden Sea to life. The textural qualities in his work were a perfect match to the brand story, which we amplified by choosing to screen print the design directly onto the glass.

  • Agency: Pennant
    Designer: Spencer Harrison, Mike Nguyen, Scott Kirkman
    Client: Mettā Skincare
    Photography by Mark Lobo
    Country: Australia

    Metta Skincare is a range of natural skincare products with an environmental and social consciousness. Using 100% natural ingredients and established relationships with local and international artisan producers, Metta Skincare is more than just a product range. It is a conscious lifestyle choice that leaves its customers feeling good about their skin and the earth.

    We worked closely with the founder Anca on developing the Mettā brand and packaging, ensuring the product stood out from other natural skincare products on the shelf.

    Considering the environmental impact of the packaging we sourced a unique tree free paper-stock for the labels made from recycled lime stone. Business cards and swing tags were letterpress printed by Hungry Workshop on 600GSM Cotton stock.

    To emphasise the natural ingredients in the products, we art directed and styled a photoshoot inspired by food photography that highlighted the source of the oils and natural essences.

  • Designed by Studio Lost & Found
    Country: Australia

    Sorcerer's Crossing is a new sub-brand for the award-winning Margaret River winery, Chalice Bridge Estate.

    The concept draws inspiration from medieval alchemists and sorcerers, and aligns with the medieval theme of Chalice Bridge's mid-tier range, The Quest, and their limited release range The Chalice, which center around the tales of the Knights Templar, andtheir quest for the Holy Grail.

  • Designed by Creative Platform
    Jewellery Designer Samantha Wills
    Illustration Kelly Smith of Birdy & Arnie Grainger
    Country: Australia

    To show support for the McGrath Foundation and raise awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ‘Mount Franklin’ turned their 750ml Still and Lightly Sparkling glass bottles into stunning works of art with collaboration from Australian Jewellery Designer Samantha Wills and her illustrator Kelly Smith of Birdy & Me. Taking inspiration from the SAMANTHA WILLS stationery range, the designs feature Smith’s bird illustrations and a message of support for the McGrath Foundation- ‘Help Our Nurses Shine’.

  • Designed by Studio Lost & Found
    Country: Australia

    For their inaugural thank you gift to clients and suppliers, specialist food and beverage brand consultants Studio Lost & Found commissioned artisan chocolatier Sue Lewis to hand-craft a range of bespoke pencils in a celebration of chocolate and innovative ideas.

  • Designed by Watts Design
    Country: Australia

    Watts Design was asked to create new packaging for Naturally Good Munchy Muesli range. Cookies and Clusters. For guilt and gluten-free on-the-go snacks, you can't go past the new Naturally Good 'Munchy Muesli' range. Who would have thought a pack design involving quinoa, buckwheat and chia seeds could appear so appetizing. Living up to their brand name, naturally they taste good.

  • Designed by Watts Design
    Country: Australia

    Watts Design was asked to create this new revamped packaging for COBS popcorn. You would be hard pressed to find a better tasting, natural popcorn anywhere. This premium product needed something special for the packaging. Simple, uncluttered design keeping the brand prominent, yet subtle.