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  • Agency: Isbert Design
    Designer: Pablo Calzado
    Client: Marevendis Agua de Mar Mediterranea
    Country: Spain
    Awards: Laus Award 2014 Bronze - Packaging
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    There’s nothing like a good beer near the sea. “Er Boqueron” concentrates this experience merging the sea with beer. This fusion its captured in a design that perceives the sea essence of the product and transmits the freshness, flavor and context that make it unique.

    Branding, basic stationary and label application of the first beer with sea water.

  • Designed by Darbi Nicole
    Country: Canada
    Awards: 2013 Applied Arts Student Awards - Packaging Design

    Packaging design for fictional candy popcorn company, Popico. The bright colours of the popcorn were used as an element in the overall design, so that once placed in the outer casing, the colours would remain visible. The packaging lends its self to multiple formats; a family pack with 3 flavours, and individual packs.

  • Designed by YG Design, Argentina.

    Yg Design Continues To Be Recognized Internationally

    YG Design, the specialist design agency from Mendoza, Argentina has received a major prize in the 7th Edition Of Pentawards 2013, for the second time, this time for the redesign of the varietal wines range of Terra Andina.

    Pentawards, originally from Belgium, is the first and only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to people from all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. Apart from prize-giving, Pentawards’ mission is the promotion of packaging design among companies, the press, economic and political authorities and the public in general, throughout the world.

    All packaging design created or brought out in 2012/13 was judged by an international jury composed of 12 packaging design professionals (Designers specialized in the design of packing, Marketing Managers or Designers integrated in big companies that commercialize products) that selected the winners in accordance with the creative quality of the work submitted. The awards ceremony took place on September 21st in Barcelona.

    The creative agency YG Design received the same Pentawards prize during the Expo Shanghai 2010 for the development of packaging for Textual, from the Zuccardi Winery. Today the achievement was repeated. The award is all the more important when you consider that since the creation of the contest, only two Argentine Agencies have been awarded more than once (other winners include; North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania).

    TASCHEN, the famous art and design book publisher will bring out the third volume of the Pentawards in autumn 2014, featuring the Pentawards 2013/14 in a 400 page hardcover edition. More than 10,000 copies will be published and distributed throughout the world.

    The winning project: Terra Andina rebranding

    The aim of the project was the complete repositioning of the brand towards the markets of the USA and Canada, with a more relaxed style, aimed at an audience who simply drink wine, without looking at details like origin, terroir and wine characteristics. The project included the development of new packaging, brands, fonts and applications in promotional items.

  • Designed by Pearlfisher, United States / United Kingdom.
    Award: 2013 Pentawards Gold

    Global redesign for Cadbury Dairy Milk that would nurture what makes the brand iconic, whilst bringing to life the joyful character of each and every bar.

    Brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design and brand guidelines.

    Inspired by the creative idea of ‘Say what you see’ the new design revolutionizes the expression of Cadbury Dairy Milk, replacing product shots with imaginative, joyful expressions of each flavour. This playful new approach gives the variants their own personality and makes each a sensation in their own right within a solution that is globally recognised, whilst retaining the flexibility to accommodate local tastes and cultural nuances.

  • Designer Name: Audric Henri Dandres aka Plus Minus
    Country : France / Italy

    A design that join together the main characteristics of wine; the taste (mouth), the scent (nose), and the color (eyes).

    All represented by human faces that create a chalice.

    Golden Award - A' Design Award 2013

  • Designed by Yakult (Korea) In-house Design, South Korea.

    '7even' is the product which contains 100 billion of the 7 kinds of lactobacillus helpful for the Intestine.

    '7even', which includes Elderflower, which is an ingredient that brings stability to the mind and body, is a healing product which helps to keep intestines healthy and also grant the pleasure of drinking. This product was collaborated with Sandra Isaksson, a pop illustrator in England. 
In the graphic of '7even', there is an image of 7 members from a three generation family. This expressed the product's target, the happiness and health of the entire family, in a colorful and exciting manner.

    The standard version during the initial launching expressed the pleasant and happy image of 7 family members. The yearend season version for Christmas expressed the image of the 7 happy family members along with abundant gifts. Furthermore, this March, a graphic was released with a version of the 7 family members wearing the Korean professional baseball club uniform in order to celebrate being the main sponsor for the 2013 Korean Professional Baseball League. Currently '7even' modified its package and continues to create enjoyable changes.

    '7even' is a product which broke away from the standardized design of previous yogurt beverage products. 
'7even' joins in experiencing seasonality with the customers and attains fun and happy sympathy. As a result, it displayed a sales record of over 300,000 quantities daily within Korea from the initial release.

    '7even' includes ' Freezable 7even', which was launched in the beginning of May and only sold during summertime, as well as a fall version of '7 even' which will modify the product and include the love of 7 members. Through various attempts, '7even' is planning on conveying continuous excitement and pleasure to its customers.
    For reference,

    Furthermore, [7even] has the honor of being exhibited at a gallery for the first time in the food industry.

  • Designed by Everything Slight Pepper
    Creative Director: Jeunanne Alkins
    Country: Trinidad & Tobago

    Everything Slight Pepper was commissioned to develop an attention grabbing packaging system for the 3ZERO rum series with a fashionable aesthetic that explores alternative positioning for an overproof rum with a distinctly designer feel. The tall, oval, bottle chosen for this range of rums is uncharacteristic of traditional Caribbean rums giving the brand presence amongst the vodka and whiskey spirit categories. The 3ZERO packaging system consists of 4 elements: A die-cut wrap around body label, face screened print, stamped cork and a shrink-wrapped sleeve.

    3ZERO Platinum Rum and its package designer, Caribbean studio “Everything Slight Pepper” made its mark in the caribbean, and on us soil in the 2013 leg of at the 4th district american advertising Federation’s addy awards walking away with five coveted awards. “The 3ZERO Rum bottle design by Everything Slight Pepper stood out with its understated elegance. It was not just about the label, logo and bottle design, as individual elements; it was how they organically came together to showcase the product capturing the judges’ attention”.

    2013 Winner of 5 Addy Awards
    2013 District Addy Charlie Award: Best of Sales Promotion
    2013 Caribbean Advertising Federation Best of Show
    2013 District Addy Gold Addy Single Unit Packaging
    2013 Caribbean Advertising Federation Judges’ Choice Package Design
    2013 Caribbean Advertising Federation Gold Package Design

  • Designed by What Came Next, United Kingdom / Australia.

    For over 150 years in the UK, Gran Stead’s original ginger drink has delighted generations. The ginger wine recipe - now over 150 years old - used all natural ingredients and the result was a mellow, versatile drink that has won many taste accolades and has a broad spectrum of devotees.

    It was struggling to standout out in a highly competitive category over run with heritage drinks, natural claims and constant new product innovation. Gran Stead’s real problem was nobody knew what this brand really was or what it stood for. Therfore our brief was create a strong ownable branded look and feel for the brand, giving them a confident shelf presence enabling them to get noticed by the consumer and that could extend across a portfolio of flavours in the future.

    An authentic product, full of history, their look and feel had remained unchanged for many years. What Came Next had to treat this brief with caution being sensitive to all the current consumer loyalty or disrupt the brands core history. Gran Stead’s needed something that would allow them to communicate their story and unique product properties, whilst creating an icon for the brand. Brimming with personality and warmth the identity reflects the brand’s core essence, and gives Gran Stead’s a spokesperson who can communicate their unique story and product recipe, a platform which encourages consumer dialogue and interaction allowing them communicate brand messages in an ownable and personal manner.

    From what was a small cottage looking brand, What Came Next have brought Granny into the foreground elevating not only the look and feel of the brand but the potential for it to grow with confidence amongst the competition in the on and off trade. Since the recent redesign, the brand has won Gold in the Harper Design Awards 2013, and already seen a massive uplift in sales.

  • Designed by Questto|Nó and Tátil Design
    Country: Brazil

    The greatest challenge was to develop a new product focused on mass market for the new Brazilian consumers, offering a high-quality product but affordable cost . To achieve that results, low price, highly attractive and environmentally responsible products would be necessary. More than a classic design process, an innovation by design approach was applied. The creative team participated in all areas of the process. The naming, the packaging, formulation, business model, distribution, manufacturing, etc..

    A collaborative project with the participation of all stake holders, testing several scenarios virtually and physically. Financial analysis and environmental impact were used while mockups and new tests were performed. Market researches was conducted to identify trends of habits and usage of our target consumer in parallel with trips looking forward to new production technologies.

    The result?
    A product of great success, reducing more than 50% the cost and 70% environmental impact then a conventional similar package. A cosmetic brand that takes the pouch as principal packaging and also discusses with consumers the paradigms of packaging and the responsible consumption.

  • Designed by Nikolo Kerimov, Juho Kruskopf & Arttu Kuisma.
    Country: Finland
    Winner of the Stora Enso – Recreate Packaging Contest 2012

    The packaging is a designed to be a sculptural, aesthetic and functional. By using the product, the packaging shapes into a different forms. Geometrical shapes create interesting patterns that live through the product.

    Jury's comments: “This entry has huge business potential. It can be used for all kinds of product families, and can replace very big volumes of non-recyclable materials. The use of material is thoughtful, and the functionality and aesthetics of the texture make sense. Not revolutionary, but simple, OneEighty stands out as a production-ready design with extremely wide range of possible end use applications.”

  • Ground-breaking gift box wins Bronze Design Lion at Cannes Lions and FABulous award at FABs

    LONDON, 27 June 2013 – Bacardi Global Travel Retail has won two top design awards for its Travel Retail exclusive gift pack, Bombay Sapphire ‘Electro’.

    Last week, the Bombay Sapphire Electro pack won a Bronze Design Lion at arguably the ultimate celebration of creativity across all communications, the Cannes Lions Awards. This win swiftly follows the FABulous award, the top accolade at this year’s FABs - International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards, which the Electro pack also won in the last

    Inspired by the Bombay Sapphire global marketing campaign ‘Infused with Imagination™’, Bacardi used cutting-edge technology to illuminate the new Bombay Sapphire gin gift pack in a cascade of lights every time it’s picked up by shoppers. Bacardi has a reputation for pioneering in-store promotions which engage the consumer and drive footfall and sales in Travel Retail. Designed by Webb deVlam, and manufactured by Karl Knauer, the Bombay Sapphire Electro pack is a new innovation in packaging, which uses electroluminescent ink to produce a flow of lights illuminating artist Yehrin Tong’s

    The two most recent wins takes the tally of major awards for the Bombay Sapphire Electro pack to a total of 10 which include:
    - Cannes Lions: Bronze Design Lion (Packaging Design)
    - FAB Award (Packaging & Design)
    - FABulous Award (Packaging & Design)
    - Starpack Award of Excellence (Graphic Design & Decoration)
    - German Packaging Award (Beverage) – World Packaging Organisation
    - WorldStar Award 2013 (Beverage) – World Packaging Organisation
    - European Promotional Gift Award 2013
    - iF Packaging Award 2013 - Gold
    - POPAI Award in Gold (category beverages / tobacco)
    - POPAI Award in Gold (Innovation)

    Mary Lewis, chair of the FABs judging panel said, “Bombay Sapphire ticked all my boxes; innovative, on brand, and beautiful! It had our unanimous vote. The brand graphics have
    always been considered quirky, but here they are dramatised and expressive of the product experience and promise! We loved it.”

    The Bombay Sapphire Electro gift pack was introduced into the global travel retail channel in December 2012. The packaging technology, which is being used for the first time, allows an electrical current to run through different pathways of the illustration, illuminating them sequentially to create a 'cascade' effect. The 18-second light show is powered by a battery in the base of the pack which is triggered by a hidden mechanical switch when the pack is picked up from the shelf.

    Richard Cuthbert, Bombay Sapphire Senior Brand Manager for Bacardi Global Travel Retail is understandably delighted by the success of the pack: “It was a challenging project but we knew that ‘Electro’ would make a massive impact and it clearly has. We are thrilled by the success of the campaign and to get recognition from both the design industry and the advertising industry is a bonus.”

    Webb deVlam’s Creative Director Dominic Burke added “We are incredibly pleased with the remarkable success of Bombay Sapphire Electro. Electroluminescence technology is such a good fit for Bombay Sapphire as the illumination effect allows a seamless integration with the ‘Infused with Imagination’ campaign. The level of intrigue that Bombay Sapphire Electro has created across the board has been truly phenomenal.”

    Bombay Sapphire Electro has also been shortlisted for the Packaging Superstar Award, the winner of which will be revealed at the Starpack Awards ceremony in London on 11 July.

  • Designed by Bel Epok, Germany.

    Bel Epok is proud to be a recipient of the prestigious red dot award: communication design 2012.

    The agency was singled out for the 2012 honors for its packaging design work for FOGAL and for the HUMIECKI & GRAEF Limited Porcelain Edition.

    For the special edition of the artistic perfumery line HUMIECKI & GRAEF Bel Epok fused sophisticated modern aesthetics and contemporary design with traditional materials and manufacturing techniques. In collaboration with renowned Dutch wallpaper artist Wouter Dolk and venerable eastern German porcelain manufacturer Kämmer, Bel Epok created an exclusive collector’s edition. The line featured hand-painted floral ornamentation and each bottle was housed in a purpose-designed, superior-quality paper and linen packaging box. … learn more about the Porcelain Edition

  • Designed by Leslie Tavernier and Sebastien Portalier, France.
    Contest : Bordeaux Rosé

    First prize in the contest Bordeaux Rosé 2013 in the Design category

    Creating a representation of the design of the "Bordeaux rosé, l'Autre Rosé" for the 2013 competition: Design of the bottle, label, logo, object, packaging, goodies.
    This concept is addressed to young people 20-25 years

  • Designed by So Yeon Lee, South Korea.

    Korean parents acknowledge that early childhood education plays a pivotal role in determining a child’s IQ. With this is mind, I decided to design a toy package that would assist intellectual development in children.

    The package design focuses on each theme of IQ, EQ and GQ.

    Each set of toys targets babies as young as 6months olds to 5 years old children. To clarify the purpose of the educational toy package, I have used an alphabet shape, a puzzle shape and vivid colors to attract and stimulate a child’s attention.

    Prize winner in 2011 world peace art exhibition organized by South Korea.

  • Designed by Reverse Innovation
    Alice Tacconi (Creative direction)
    Mirco Onesti (Art direction)
    Gustavo de Souza Messias (Structural Design)
    Peter Solomon (Project Management)
    Valerio Tizzi (Illustration)
    Luca Mazzoleni (Graphic Design)
    Country: Italy

    Love at First Sight– A total makeover for Ansell’s line of personal lubricant gel

    Reverse Innovation has restyled both the graphics and structural packaging for the global range of Lifestyles, Manix and Unimil personal lubricant gel, brands produced by Ansell Limited. The project included a new pack design that helps the product to stand out, arouses curiosity, conveys a sense of trust and gives free reign to the imagination; all this has been done with a sensitive and sophisticated touch of sensuality. This packaging has just won three important prizes: Good Design Award, Brand Identity Grand Prix and Mediastars.

    The structural packaging of this product is so original that a design registration has been filed for protect it. “Stability and sensuality” are coupled in the container’s highly distinctive shape. The iconic design reinforces the brand’s identity and marks a truly innovative development in the visual language of the product category. The unique delivery mechanism is highly ergonomic, allowing instant and easy control over the flow of the gel. The ring on the top which gives the product its distinctive character and outline also functions as a playful handle. And finally, the security seal guarantees the safety of the contents for the customer. The product is available in two sizes: 50ml and 100ml.

    The graphic restyling of the new range works so well that the product immediately communicates the main information consumers need. Five carefully-selected colours are used to identify the fragrances. The blushing tonal gradients represent the rising sensation of pleasure. On the shelf, the product’s elegant silhouette catches the eye, while the simple but effective style of the graphics inspires a sense of trust. No-one will feel embarrassed picking up the discreet product up and putting it in the trolley shopping cart. The pack has been specially created to be perfectly acceptable in public and in all distribution channels. Overall, the product coveys an image that is freewheeling, fresh and timeless empowering Ansell Limited with a distinctive brand identity at the point of sale.

  • Designed by Sfaustina, United States.

    In 2012 I redesigned one of Francis Ford Coppola oldest brands, ROSSO&BIANCO. The label won Best of show 2012, in the Excellence Awards competition.