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  • Designed by Pixelinme, Germany / Azerbaijan.
    Designer: Ramin Nasibov

    Packaging design for Premium Class " P R E S T I G E " juice.

    The "Prestige" packaging concept with its' non-standard design solution, contains the sense of premium class product and stands out of the overwhelming crowd of juice packagings. Although, creating the minimalistic, premium class and dynamic design in a single concept was a challenge, the solution based on attribute aspects combined in a most harmonic way was found.

    Packaging concept minimalism is represented by its' "book like" shape. Straight lines and no single curves- like a book, the "Prestige" packaging is easy to carry and takes a little space on shelves and in your fridge.

    Premium Class:
    Each packaging design contains harmonic and at the same time elegant patterns, which define each packaging and each product as a single handcrafted work of art, thus associating it with premium class lifestyle.

    In order to give the packaging dynamic feeling, the intense and bright colour sets reflecting each product type were chosen, thus the overall project goal was achieved.

  • Designed by pixelinme
    Designer: Ramin Nasibov
    Country: Germany / Azerbaijan

    Manufacturer of Blackbeard sugarcane rum drink. Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach, was an English pirate who operated around the Caribbean Sea in 1716-1718.

    Develop a unique design associated with pirates and the Caribbean. The product is going to be produced in extremely limited quantities, so the designer may let his imagination fly free.

    The form is based on traditional bottles of the 18th century, with a slight hint of modernism. The color choice is restricted to black only, which emphasizes the exclusive nature of the drink and the severity of the age of piracy. The lines, in their turn, represent the sea routes followed by various ships and meeting under the bottleneck in a zeal to come out of the bottle, so to say, while the main focus of the concept is the sign of a compass guiding those ships.

  • Agency: Tabasko Branding Bureau, Baku, Azerbaijan.
    Designer: Khudayar Aghayarov
    Copywriter: Erkin Osmanli
    Production: Rufat Useynov

    It’s good to be a man. It’s also good to have a clean-shaved face. However, it’s no good forcing yourself to shave every single day. Cause it may seem boring. For those who got sick of their shaving routine, we made this amazing shaving-brush called Brushman.

    Brushman is a unique design solution that will make your shaving experience more fun and less boring. Once you get a Brushman you get a little helper. You won’t ignore it at a supermarket; it’ll be lying amidst the pile of other plain brushes and calling for you to try it.

    Try it. And the girls will try you.

  • Designed by Ramin Nasibov, Azerbaijan.

    Magma is the energy drink with an easy-to-remember brand name. The concept is based on the idea, that the "Magma" beverage as well as the actual magma represents the fluid source of energy.

    All the given concepts are based on two main ideas: ice and light emission. Here, light emission stands symbolizes the occurrence of magma, whereas ice stands for refreshment source. Besides that, the concept of cracked ice calls for a slight illusion in the minds of customers, letting them feel like inside the cold bottle, which is especially relevant during the hot sunny days.

    The concept has two main targets:
    1. To attract the customers and to stand out from the numerous other beverages offered currently at the market.
    2. To create a simple and strong associations with our brand, through the modern and distinct package design.

  • Designed by Ramin Həsənəlizadə, Azerbaijan.

    Ever since I became a father, I think that there is no smell better than smell of baby. I thought it would be nice to create a perfume with scent like baby smell. Seems Keiko Mecheri made something like this, if I don't make mistake, flavor Loukhoum. Inspired by this idea, I created this concept and named it Infanti.

    Egg-shaped packaging is made of a translucent white glass through which shines a round shape of the cavity with the yellow contents resembles yolk inside the egg. Cap with jagged edges reminds cracked shell of egg.