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  • Agency: Amelung Design GmbH
    Client: Lingua Simplex

    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Sven Amelung
    Design: Jonathan Sven Amelung
    Author / Editor: Alicia Maritza Amelung
    Illustrator: Angela Wittchen
    Idea & Concept: Jonathan Sven Amelung

    Country: Germany

    Design language pairs games for all ages. Both for adults and for children.

    Each game pack represents by a character with a typical geographical origin and nationality of their country. Countries which have stereotyped characters, so that each game pack personifies a character for the learning language inside.

    By pushing upwards and the other downwards the slip lid of the game boxes. The character-illustrations will be transformed and the character-expressions changed in a funny playful manner, which supports the clichés of the characters.

    Learning best in a playful way, because by playing we are known to learn most successfully.

    The Design Agency Amelung Design, located in Hamburg, Germany, has won for their packaging design series "Lingua Simplex – Language play. Language learning." the European Design Award. Lingua Simplex was also awarded by the Art Directors Club for Germany in 2014 and are nominated for the German Design Award 2015.

  • Designer: Duncan K. Anderson
    School: Lahti Institute of Design
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Finland

    Packaging for ready grown herbs which has a second function as a self-watering system for the plant. A self-watering system takes all of the guess work out of watering the plant and makes it easy to keep fresh herbs in the kitchen for longer. Different methods for self-watering were tested to find one that works with herbs. This was then developed into the packaging.

    The cardboard stand folds to become the stand for the pot and is constructed without any adhesive. The bag tears along a perforation in the centre and the bottom part is then used as the reservoir for the water. The top part of the bag has ventilation holes for the plant when it's packaged on the shelf, the corners are also cut to let out the aroma that's an important part of the buying experience. A piece of Jute twine is attached through the bottom of the pot and is placed into the reservoir, this soaks up the water and provides moisture to the soil and roots. The twine is 100% biodegradable and so can be put into bio-waste with the plant at it's end of life.

    The comparison picture shows the result after ten days between two Basil plants, one on the self-watering system and one that received no water.

  • Designers: Elie Nehme and Narae Kim (Artifact founders)
    Client: Artifact Skin Co.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Canada

    Artifact is a natural skin-loving company with a unique line of facial masques that are inspired by cultural traditions in skincare that are naturally natural. The masques combine the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe. "Our vision is to introduce an audience to natural skincare in a not-so-typical ‘green’ way, keeping it light, fun and full of great design." - Founders Narae Kim & Elie Nehme

    The packaging features white glass jars enclosed in sun-washed colored paper tubes, with a minimal sea and voyage inspired design drawn from the concept of floating buoys that have drifted a long way overseas and have set ashore. These "artifacts" carry with them stories and maps of their discoveries and feature a set of clean modern fonts with a twist of nostalgia.

  • Agency: The Collective Design Consultants
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Winner of 2014 ‘Best Design & Packaging’ award at the prestigious Drinks Business Awards in London

    Design brief
    The new Pepperjack “Graded” tier consists of two wines, each specially created to drink with specific cuts of steak, and the client wanted this message to come across strongly. Our challenge was to ensure that the new wine looked like an integral part of the Pepperjack brand, which is largely identified through its cream label applied at an angle on the bottle, but with a completely individual personality. The brief was to come up with a solution that was as distinctive as - and complemented - the core tier’s highly recognizable cream label.

    Design solution
    Our solution was to utilize the angled label but keep it going all the way around and up the bottle. Each label was designed specifically for the particular cut of steak and features detailed information about each cut of steak and the wine. The distinctive Pepperjack label angle and cream brand colour unite the two tiers whilst the detailed foiling and extraordinary label form elevates Graded as a very special offering.

    This label was not only challenging from a design perspective but the logistics to machine label a bottle like this were enormous. The client and their production team were so excited by the concept they bent over backwards to make it happen on their bottling line. It is by far the largest label ever applied at Treasury Wine Estates or produced by printers Collotype Labels.

  • Designed by Alan Dindo, Federico Lodolini, Riccardo Mercati
    Client: Real Shit
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Italy

    And the truth suddenly hit me: my life was a shit. "You live in a shitty apartment in the shittiest suburb of this shitty city", said a small voice in my head. That morning I understood two things: I was in desperate need to change my life and I apparently had a talent for shit.

    Everything started during a winter sunday, in the country, looking at the spirals of steam rising up from ripening manure. We’ve been bewitched by such a marvel. Those mountains of shit were wonderful. The manure is the most precious thing you can find in the country side. Each farmer could tell you.

    This is the history of Real Shit: 100% organic manure, produced by happy animals who live in the farm and eat just organic and healthy food. We just pile the manure up and let it rip for 8 months. Through this process shit looses all the germs and bacteria and start to smell different. In Italy we call this method 'Cumuli di letame'.

    Farming is a declaration of independence. Plant your flag

  • Agency: MURA
    Creative Director: Tom Chen
    Copywriter: Johnny Chang, Misha Chiang
    Designer: Ssu Ying Pan , Emma Su
    Photographer: Ssu Ying Pan
    Client: E.G-Sain Co.,Ltd.
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Taiwan

    During travel, imprinting lasting memories are derived from those blink of a moment touching experiences! Thus the packaging series is set on “Imprints of a Journey” as the design concept. Simple modest painting techniques used to demonstrate the hot climate and warm humanity felt across the fields as well as appreciated throughout the mountain scenic. In Taiwan's most authentic customs, affectionate imprints of a journey are brought right back to light.

  • Designer: Gaba Guzik
    Type of work: Concept
    Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

    Packaging concept for WOI High Protection Cream

    The idea of package was inspired by cobweb - its geometry, strength, being a trap.

    Package is made with two layers of paper. By overlapping layers the design of package reminds web. It protects the inside, and at the same time allows us to see what is hidden - a gold pyramid with a cosmetic - high protection cream.

  • Agency: Studio Chapeaux
    Designer: Nils Zimmermann
    Creative Direction: Stefan Mückner
    Client: Bremer Feinkost GmbH
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Germany

    Lapp & Fao - Chocolate Postcards. Sent Home With Love.

    The two gourmet cosmopolitans Lapp & Fao send home sweet chocolate greetings from the most far away places you could possibly imagine. Taking you on a journey of chocolate discoveries. Pure and totally handmade. They are crafted from the finest chocolate filled with a selection of the freshest ingredients.

    Lapp & Fao Chocolate Postcards are an ode to high quality, attention to detail and the love for adventures.

    Designed and manufactured to make life sweet.

  • Agency: dolphins//communication design
    Art directors: Thanasis Tsampoukas, Vasilis Papadopoulis
    Illustrator: Viktor Gountaras
    Client: EVA (Greek Distillation Company)
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    The design aims at the differentiation from the competition in the field of souvenirs for tourists. Ouzo is one of the defining drinks of Greece, to a point that it is now deemed to be a stereotypical choice.

    This is the reason why images and symbols which are closely connected to the Greek tradition and culture were used. The tone of the illustration, although inspired by the ancient black-figured vessels, maintains an alternative and lively code of aesthetics.

  • Agency: The Woork Co.
    Client: Barbière Beer
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    It’s always great when a great product arrives at your desk and you have to name it, brand it and package it. That’s what happened when this awesome Belgian beer produced in Toledo, Spain arrived to our hands. Artisan Beer’s Market has been terribly growing for the last year and we needed an eye-catching name and image to make it look different from its competitors when someone is about to order a beer in a bar. Barb & BIère (Beer in French) made the name and beards and different hair tones made the pack for the different varieties. All of it wrapped with a sense of artisan made, from the illustrations and the lettering to the printed materials’ choice.

  • Designers: Davi dos santos, Gilian Gomes
    Illustrations: Alice Pattullo
    Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

    Collection of Packages for Vitamin Supplements - Santo Habito.

  • Agency: AVC | Agency of Visual Communication
    Client: OASIS company
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Belarus


    By development of design package juice drinks «Exotic Mix» AVC emanated from the main brand message: fun - inside! Vivid emotions, new experiences, incredible combination of flavors ...
    Exotic Mix speaks the language of feelings.

  • Designer: Julian Thebault
    Country: France

  • Agency: Publicis Mexico
    Designer: NOTlabs, creative studio of NOTCOT
    Client: Nescafe
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Mexico

    Additional Credits
    Electronics - Eric Brockmeyer
    Illustration: Charmaine Choi
    Video: The Lift

    NESCAFÉ® embraces consumer maker technologies to quickly design and build 200 limited edition, 3D Printed, Arduino-based NESCAFÉ® Alarm Caps.

    Publicis Mexico is proud to present the The Alarm Cap, designed for NESCAFÉ®‘s brand image refresh. This is the first prototype developed by Publicis Innovation Lab in collaboration with NOTlabs, the creative studio of Los Angeles based, design inspiration company, NOTCOT Inc. “We are very proud of this first prototype delivered and of what our Lab, and its multi- disciplinary team, is
    accomplishing since its establishment as an independent department, just a few months ago,” says Héctor Fernández, CEO and General Creative Director at Publicis Mexico.

    The Innovation Lab offers brands the possibility to lead the change in the way to interact with consumers. Publicis is the first agency in México to create an inhouse Innovation Lab, combining communication strategy, UX, design and technology. The team is led by Federico de Mateo, Orlando Montiel and Leonardo Corrales.