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  • Designer: Duncan K. Anderson
    School: Lahti Institute of Design
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Finland

    Discover is a project that was entered into the student Starpack 2014 competition. The brief was to create a promotional tool for design agency Webb deVlam and the task was to pick a product that symbolises their company and design the packaging accordingly. The project took the Starpack Gold Award, Webb deVlam Sponsored Award and the Nampak Champion Award.

    A 3D printed telescopic golf club and balls with packaging that functions as the goal. Golf was chosen as a subject as it's a game of bonding, experience and rejuvenation. 3D printing was chosen as it exemplifies the structural and technological capabilities of the company and is a product that would interest corporate clients.

    The golf club is printed in one piece fully assembled and is designed using elements from the Webb deVlam logo. The objects are printed using SLS nylon.

    The transparent front represents the belief Webb deVlam have in openness and honesty.

    The layers of cardboard represent the layers of expertise that are built to form the structural integrity of the company.

    The colours are those used in the interchangeable logo and they reflect the creative vibrancy of the company. The feeling was inspired by the edges of their business cards which create an exhilarating spectrum of colour when stacked together.

    The number three is important in the design as it represents their tag-line Discover Innovate Design. It’s also the three offices they have in London, Chicago and Singapore.

    The Aim
    The aim of the product and packaging is to bring people together in the way that they bring clients to their target audience; building meaningful and natural connections through discovery, innovation and design.

  • Designer: Maria Ustinova
    Country: Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation

    Series of boxes for dairy products
    3D / 2D/ hand illustrations

  • Agency: CARTILS
    Country: The Netherlands

    CARTILS creates revolutionary redesign for Stender by Grolsch, SABMiller

    CARTILS' expertise in branding and packaging design was used again by Grolsch, SABMiller, to develop the revolutionary redesign of the Stender brand. Stender is the Grolsch low alcoholic beer brand, now repositioned to a stand-alone brand, with increased shelf stand out and brand recognition. CARTILS achieved to create a packaging design that is in line with the brand's aim of providing pure natural refreshment for both male and female consumers.

    The new redesign of Stender by Grolsch, stands out on the shelf by differentiating itself from the low- and non-alcoholic categories. Stender by Grolsch contains only 0,5% alcohol and is brewed with pure natural ingredients for consumer looking for natural thirst quenching. The redesign by CARTILS makes the bottles' labels and basket pack more fresh, dynamic and energetic for an excellent fit with the brand's unisex, pure and natural refreshment image. The light- grey, yellow and orange colours in mosaic patterns in combination with the various fruits give the brand a natural feeling, while being but light hearted and disruptive. This positioning can be seen throughout the ranges of the Stender brand in the Regular, Lemon & Lime and Red Orange variants.

    Mrs. Gisela Rule, Marketing Director at Grolsch mentions "Stender means consciously enjoying a tasty, natural thirst quencher in the occasions you want something extra and different than soft drinks. With the new design we have developed a look that reflects the brand personality: Stender is fresh, energetic, dynamic and accessible."

    The international Branding & Packaging Design consultancy, CARTILS, is responsible for the new packaging designs. “The new packaging reflects the full fruity taste and the low alcohol percentage of Stender, which enables consumers who are looking for an alternative to soft drinks to make easier their choice,” says Gaston van de Laar, Group Client Business Director at CARTILS.

    The new Grolsch Stender range is available in the Dutch market as of this week.

  • Agency: Suizopop
    Client: Cale Brewery
    Country: Monterrey, Mexico

  • Designed by Franklin Mill (in-house)
    Designer: Russ Gray
    Country: United States

  • Agency: BONHO INC.
    Country: Taiwan

    Taiwan Centennial Blessing Tea Gift Set were carefully selected as four of Taiwan’s premium tea, and the package is surrounded by the four words (福祿壽囍FU-LU-SHOU-XI) of blessing to celebrate Taiwan’s centennial and the use of tea for Taiwanese people to express our sensibilities.

    The historical and artistically designed window decorations typify windows to the Taiwanese lifestyle between a century of culture inheritance and our innovative future.The patterns of these tea gift boxes are reminiscent of traditional imagery used in old Chinese architecture to adorn windows and lampshades. The detailed ornaments symbolise hope, wellness and prosperity as well as the joy of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, Taiwan.

    The sophisticated packaging concept consists of an inner box, enveloped by an outer sleeve, containing tea leaves as well as cups. Thanks to its decorative patterning, the outer sleeve can also be used as a lantern. The four differentcoloured boxes are packaged together and can be carried with a delicate loop handle.

  • Designer: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Copywriter: Eglė Mačerauskė
    Photographer: Robertas Daskevičius
    Client: Švenčionių vaistažolės
    Country: Lithuania

    ETNO – it's tea culture that has been cherished by Lithuanian herb factory ŠVF since 1883. By creating products for youthful consumer, we overcome the challenge to combine Lithuanian traditions, packaging innovations and gourmet flavors.

    Modern pyramidal sachets of soft fabric, thoroughly selected components, its exquisite combinations as well as harmonious and luxurious tea flavors are revealed in new teas VĖJŪNĖ, SAULĖJA, ŽIEDŪNĖ. Ethnographic sounding names and a symbolic tree of life, which became an inspiration for the ornament, revive in new packaging unexpectedly and modernly. True peace and refreshment in a cup of tea.

  • Designers: Eve Warren and Thomas Squire
    School: Leeds College Of Art
    Country: United Kingdom

    Nada isn’t just a brand for healthy food, but a brand that communicates through fashion, beauty, well being and body confidence. These core values reflect across the brands packaging and visual identity, through the use of minimalism contrasting with an array of bright and geometrical patterns. Minimalism has been applied to the lid of the packaging, which represent the products value of innocence, health and well being. The patterns that have been applied to the container symbolises fashion, beauty, the fusion of flavours and various pasta / noodle shapes. The gold foil adds luxury.

    The Nada brand is an adaptive and flexible identity which is built upon a bespoke typeface which instills and encompasses our brand aesthetic and brand manifesto. The typography consists of 8 individual typefaces which when used dynamically build an adaptive brand identity. The logo mark has a static variant, this acts as the primary logo mark. However the brand is built upon the logo changing across products ranges and product types.

  • Agency: Fullpack
    Designer: Bruno Singulani
    Country: Brazil

    Project details: I love dogs and working with a dogs food brand was a really exciting experience.

    After some research and some brainstorming we decided to propose a new naming for a new client.

    This project is a packaging and branding proposal for a new brand in the Pet Industry here in Brazil.
    These are the first concepts that Ive made. I used these stunning dog portraits by Daniel Sadlowski ( | ) and some from Shutterstock.

    Unfortunately the project wasnt approved by the client.

  • Designer: Peltán-Brosz Roland and Rohmann Nóra
    Client: Cégér a jó bornak (Competition)
    Country: Hungary

    Our work intends to highlight the importance of the land and the vine as a plant on which a great emphasis was placed on the description of the competition. The focus is mainly on the 35-year-old roots, witch enmeshes the bottle defining a circle that marks the location of the typography as the nature outlines the wine. To do this, we have created custom typography and drawing. The simplicity of the label and the lacy drawing help each other, the Olaszrizling playfully emphasized as the title of the vine, the vineyard selection (dűlőválogatás) is marked between two snail houses from the illustration. The snail is as perfect and living form that appears on the label, which symbolizes the good and healthy living soil. The root on the outside wrapping is gold, which creates a feeling of quality and aesthetic effect and on the inside gold is the color of the wine and the roots are black.

    The wine label designed for the Cégér a jó bornak creative competition was selected amongst the best 10.

  • Agency: STUDIOIN
    Designers: Arthur Schreiber, Galya Akhmetzyanova
    3D: Maxim Kulikov
    Country: Russia

    Make democracy, not war

    As far back as in autumn, 2013 Moscow studio STUDIOIN created a new design concept of vodka Democracy.

    Designer`s sarcastic mind followed the way of logic which is not a surprise nowadays. The main tool of kindness is a power, the main tool of peace agreement is a danger, and the main tool of democracy is a bomb.

    Bottle is made in a shape of bomb and put into a case.

    Also, there is a small vodka glass included into the set and it fulfills a function of red start button inside of case.

    The most technic and unique detail in design is closure as it is seen from the picture.

    There are two varieties of vodka in the set – pink and orange and they symbolize two well known revolutions.

    And just one word`s written on the glass can neutralize all the warlike attitude of design. This word is Democracy! It is a political joker strong enough to stand up to any argument and common sense.
    Abraham Lincoln`s statement says “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” and let Democracy acquire any shape required.

    This concept happened to be a time – delay bomb and unfortunately it also turned out to be some kind of a prophesy, that proves present events which are taking place in fraternal Ukraine.
    This situation is the way too far from sarcasm and that is being kind.

    Taking this virtual bomb from its creative depot STUDIOIN is making a call for people to “switch on” their brain and open their eyes. Not a single revolution whether it is “pink”, “orange” or “brown” costs human`s life sacrificed for political struggle.

    How many masks should be thrown away from politicians` sleeky faces crying loudly about democracy and global equality? Peaceful life and sky is the sole purpose of ordinary people no matter what kind of citizenship, nationality or faith do they have.

    Don`t be led by the nose by shady leaders treating ordinary people like a stooge to accomplish their own goals. Take care of each other.

  • Designed by SocioDesign
    Country: United Kingdom

    Büro is a men’s cosmetics range made from natural, sustainable ingredients. Designed to be used on a daily basis and tailored to the individual needs of the consumer.
    We created a new brand name, identity and packaging system that focused on the utility of Büro, removing the prettification and emotion that is more typically found in the branding of cosmetic and fragrance products. The use of unprocessed materials in the packaging helped to communicate the purity of the ingredients, thereby embodying its essence in our brand concept. Project is currently a prototype.

  • Designer: Andrea Dusi
    Country: Italy

  • Designer: Anne Kim
    Country: United States

    This is a packaging system for painkillers. Inspired by the iconic Geigy pharmaceutical design, these visualizations represent nuanced forms of pain. My goal was to create a clean strong identity that would both suggest the symptoms and help patients more easily navigate the products.