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  • Agency: eau³ | Branding + Marketing
    Designer: Jean-François Pigeon
    Client: AMB | Maître Brasseur
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Canada

    Rebranding of Au Maître Brasseur - A Montreal Microbrewery.

  • Agency: Hired Guns Creative
    Designer: Richard Hatter
    Client: Serpent Cider
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: Canada

    Serpent Cider is a craft apple cider product from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The packaging features a wrap-around silk-screened label design that references Ogopogo, a cryptid lake monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake. It was designed to lure craft beer drinkers into trying something a bit outside of their typical purview.

  • Designer: Kyle Matthews
    Illustration: Victor Wong
    Professor: Albert Ng
    Course: York Sheridan Design Program
    Country: Canada

    Meatshop is the brand of packaging for menswear, created with an artisan butchery aesthetic in mind. Multiple prototypes use box board and butcher paper to wrap shirts, socks, and underwear. Each product’s package has a brief description on the outside, along with unique and whimsical suggestions for post-consumer application on the inside – anything from a paper airplane to superhero disguise. Elements on the front face are die cut to reveal product color and texture underneath.

    Made for the YSDN Package Design course. Professor: Albert Ng.

  • Agency: arithmetic
    Country: Canada

    Through the use of dynamic and graphic story telling we created a brand story that embodies a spirit of youth, femininity and playfulness. A focus was placed on a sun-faded palette paired with bright pops of pink and blue to feature the custom nail art, in turn selling the nail care product. Understated elegance and ultra girly meet vintage parlour.

  • Designer: Cecilia Uhr
    Country: Canada

    If you happen to have a dog, you may have noticed that there isn’t much of a variety when it comes to dog food and snacks package design. For this project, we examined reinventing packaging for rawhide sticks used for chewing. After thoroughly¬ examining multiple pet supply stores, we noticed that most rawhides were in clear plastic bags, or in some cases, not even packaged at all. While Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and in this case not reusable, not having any kind of protection is unhygienic. The new solution to his conundrum came about through a combination of humour, a consciousness for the environment, and aesthetics.

    There are three different sizes available for the customers, and each size is differentiated by the type of dog illustrated and the diagram indicated on the bottom left. The mouth of each dog is cut out so that consumers can see the product inside, as well as view it as the white “teeth” of the dog. The left ear serves as a flap in which the user can open to slide out sticks one at a time instead of having to put their hands in the box. The other ear functions as a “hook” to put up on display racks. The back of the package design explains the nutrition facts, ingredients, and highlights of the product. The package is meant to be a collectors’ item, and is also refillable with new rawhide sticks.

  • Designer: Catherine Marion
    Country: Canada
    The brand Aurum was created as part of a University assignment and as a pretext to design a visual identity. For this project, I knew that I wanted to work the theme of spices. I therefore created Aurum, a company that produces blends of fine spices.

    The brand name was selected due to its meaning, being “gold” in Latin. It has first been chosen for the link that unites spices to wealth and nobility. During the Antiquity, these were so rare and prized that they could easily be compared to gold. The sound of the name Aurum brings to mind the word “aroma”, which strengthens the connection with the product even more. In addition, gold is often associated with spices in popular expressions. For example, salt is sometimes called “white gold, and saffron “red gold”.

    The logotype itself also has a very symbolic value. A first allusion to gold is made through the use of the circle, since in Alchemy a ring encircling a dot embodies the symbol of gold. Two characters of the Polynesian alphabet were then added within the circle to recall one of the places of origin of spices. The first character takes the shape of the sun, which is often symbolically associated with gold. The second character inspires vegetation, to put forward the natural origin of the product. Finally, in the center of the logotype are an angular and a winding line. The first one reminds the pungent taste of certain aromas but also the piles of spices of Oriental markets. The second one represents sweeter aromas in addition to referring to the Spice Route that was followed by maritime means. The whole creates a logotype whose shape puts emphasis on travel, evoking the stamps found in a passport.

    The packaging gives off an exotic feeling by using designs inspired by Maori tattoos, a people of Polynesian origin. It also includes a signs system that was created based on the spices making the blend.

  • Designed by Arithmetic Creative
    Country: Canada

    With a focus on celebrating the Granville Island heritage brand, arithmetic put extra care and attention to detail to develop an iconic mark, packaging program and signage system that would resonate with the customers that have grown to cherish the iconic soup shop over the years. The new hand drawn image mark took the shape of a large utilitarian soup pot and a palette of black and white was introduced to the overarching brand structure, introducing a playful but rich colour palette within the product packaging.

    With over 100’s of products for sale, arithmetic devised a brand blocking strategy that categorizes each of the many products from soup and stocks to chutneys and preserves. Utilizing colour and graphic marks, each of the products easily merchandises on it’s own or within it’s collection.

    arithmetic’s re-design of the logo, labels and signage repositions the soup shop in revitalized heritage style, while elevating its perception and appealing to a broader demographic. Most importantly the path to larger scale distribution has been paved.

  • Designer: Brennan Gleason
    Country: Canada

    This self directed student project for my final semester of design school was initiated with the goal in mind of creating a unique, eye catching identity and packaging design for a craft brewery.

    High Seas Brewing Co. is a home brewed brand myself and my roommate created to give our small batch beer an identity all its own. With his love of the high seas and my love for crafty, simple, eye catching design I saw this as a perfect opportunity to create something great.

    The design concept behind these bottles lied in simplicity, combined with bright untraditional colours, with just a hint of the scripted design you find in so many craft beer bottles on today's liquor store shelves. By using nautical based puns combined with the beer types, I was able to create a set of memorable cohesive bottles, and a unique identity for a home brewers dream.

  • Designer: Valeria Stroukova
    School: OCAD University
    Client: Concept Brand
    Country: Canada

    Discover the cutting edge of MiX 26 deluxe and high quality glassware suitable for any cocktail mixes. Extreme color contrast and controversial brand identity targets young consumers in their 20s. Is it MiX 23, MiX 26, or MiX 28 one may ask? It is hip and cool and open for interpretations, but most importantly — it is your mix, designed to compliment your stirring lifestyle and add an exclusive experience to your celebration. The use of minimal packaging material is achieved through structural reveals that function as cushions to secure the set of 4 cocktail glasses housed inside.

  • Designer: Andrew Zo
    Product design by
    Country: Canada

    The packaging design for the “Little" Speaker was created with sustainability in mind. The entire package uses 3 sheets of chipboard (recycled paper) to securely hold all components together.

    The soon to be released “Little" is a portable speaker compatible with the iphone 5 and up.

  • Agency: lg2boutique
    Country: Canada

    The Farnham Ale & Lager Brewery is a new company that has just made a splash in the world of Quebec Beers. The brewer, located in the village of the same name, called on lg2boutique to design a brand platform that reflected its product, develop a graphic identity, design packaging and the total identity of the platform.

    The branding of Farnham Ale & Lager positions this new Quebec brewer as an innovative brand that stands out in its category because of its taste and because of its look.

    All of the graphic elements were chosen to highlight the beer’s origin, which was this Eastern Townships railway town. The four flavours stand out with their strong colour codes, their degrees of bitterness are indicated by 12, 27, 33 and 64, highlighted numbers, and the diagonal cross symbolizes a railway crossing.

    The platform contains packaging, promotional clothing, caps, glasses and coasters.

  • Designer: Andrew Klotz
    Country: Canada

    When you take an all natural, citrus, homemade, refreshing family iced tea recipe and pair it with a flavourful, small batch Whisky — You get WhiskTea, a limited run, bottled custom cocktail drink. These refreshing drinks were hand mixed, bottled, capped and labeled. WhiskTea was enthusiastically welcomed in the summer of 2013 and enjoyed at weddings, parties, retreats and other outdoor events.
    The name was created with custom brush pen work, then retraced and adjusted before being vectored and refined on the computer for the final product. Uniquely shaped bottles were sourced for the packaging as well as custom bottle caps. During it's availability, a splash page was launched counting down how many of the limited bottles were left.

  • Designer: Andrew Zo
    Country: Canada

    The halls packaging concept is a sustainable solution to packaging candies. Each candy does not need to be individually wrapped, instead 1 strip of wrapper can package the entire set. The halls simply stick to the wrapper and could be pulled out easily.

  • Designer: Valeria Stroukova
    School: OCAD University
    Country: Canada

    In the era of globalization it is crucial to address cultural equality, especially in everyday consumer products. Through thorough research and market analysis in the first-aid category the gap was found in bandage products. Global bandage brands offer high variety / innovation in their products, but neither of them addresses multicultural consumers and differences in their skin tones. This project missions as an inspiration and encouragement for cultural equality.

    Taking a global brand and a leader in the first-aid category — Band-Aid Brand and creating a product line extension Band-Aid Tanned to address multiculturalism of its consumers is the essence of this project. Inspired by face foundation products that offer variety of shades to match various skin tones, Band-Aid Tanned aims to hide the injury instead of drawing attention to it.

    New distinctive packaging provides an opportunity for Band-Aid Tanned to stand out among other bandage products and competitor brands. New cylindrical shape is ergonomic, uses minimal packaging material and clearly identifies the content inside — actual sizes, shade, and variety of bandages.