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  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The contemporary line of beers Monk Classic Beer wraps her lovers by striking flavor and distinctive design. Handcrafted and accented palate, bring in their labeling influences of underground culture has relationship with music production, literature and fine arts.

  • Designer: Vincent S Hasselgård
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Norway

    Berserk is a kick ass stout made in co-operation with Johan Peter Amb at Haga Gård. It's an experimental concept beer where the beer has been made to fit the design rather than the other way around.

    The berserkers were wild viking warriors. "To go berserk" means to go on a blood thirsty frenzy. The berserkers got their name because they'd go to war only dressed in a berserkr which is old norse for bear pelt. It may also be interpreted as going without a shirt (bar serk). Some sagas implies that a berserker is well connected to the animal within him and may even take the form of a bear.

    The caffeine is added by using espresso shots, about one per pint. It's also flavored with cocoa and it's made with high quality bitter hops and roasted malt and barley.

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    Branding agency Alexandrov Design House developed a new design concept whiskey MEDOGON.

    MEDOGON registered trademark at Rospatent and at Ukrpotente on 33 ICGS class. The brand is designed for mid-price segment.

    Trademark, bottle design and labels looking for his owner for the realization, cost on request.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The gourmet line of Salvatore oils and balsamic acetos allows expressing in its packaging, modernity and innovative gastronomic concept, through well structured and concise visual identity that facilitates the recognition of this new brand.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    Legitimate Pastifício Italian gourmet pasta, Grano Dorato brings the best Northern Italian cooking style. In order to highlight it among products of the same segment created a design point, equlibrando strong colors with the absence of color. The masses give the final touch of luxury packaging, united the subtlety of motifs drawn.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type of work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The new line of dairy Bianco Panna was conceptually inspired by the '60s, from glass packaging in the best vintage style to logotipy lightweight and concise layout. Also has tetrapak, aligning itself to the socio-environmental thinking of today.

  • Agency: McCann Vilnius
    Designer: Aurimas Kadzevicius, Ernesta Valantiejute, Karolis Zukas
    Copywriter Dangiras Bugas
    Creative director Mantas Velykis
    Type of work: Self Promotion
    Country: Lithuania

    Every year for beaujolais nouveau first tasting McCann Vilnius creates limited edition wine packaging. It’s agency way to tell their clients and market at large that we are constantly reinventing ourselves and looking for a fresh perspective.

    This year we tried to reimagine function of the wine. Obviously beaujolais nouveau isn’t the best tasting wine in the world, so except making you drunk it turns your teeth and lips purple. Perfect! So this year we sent out wine packaged in paint buckets, with typical paint label, even instructions, how many glasses bring which colour on your teeth.
    Limited edition packages became instant hit with huge exposure in social media.

  • Agency: Binomi creatividad
    Country: Barcelona, Spain
    Type Of Work: Promotional Item

    A different way of looking the complicated world of advertising is represented in this Juego de la Oca (Game of Goose), with all the difficulties for advancing, stepping back here, slowing you down over there, and above all, depending always on your fate to move forward. From this premise, in Binomi Creatividad we have conceived our latest promotional item: El Juego de la Campaña Loca (The Crazy Campaign Game), maybe ironically to give to our customers who demand some changes. This is a new and special interpretation about the famous board game (which we have done a word game with the name), in a vintage design and format. It is a simple mechanism: the playing pieces representing the hard-working publicits who try to progress along a campaign, and the game boxes reflect the main troubles and obstacles that we face, from the encouraging beginning towards the desired publication.

    The principal motivation behind this exciting idea is denouncing and counteracting the lack of humility of our customers, unable to recognize the main obstacle are they themselves. For those customers who at the final part of an order realise that their budgets are too short to continue, or those who make last minute changes, we consider they have won the“Death” game box. But of course we are conscious that not all customers are the same. Also, as in all our works, we have bet on an elegant graphical presentation, in a retro dynamic as the item demands, with the evident purpose of showing our ability to display a product in an attractive and different way.

    In conclusion, our target is to propose and original, easygoing and daring idea, coherent with our alternative position, always outside the conventional and at the same time it means an educational game for everyone.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Country: Brazil

    The Five O'clock born to deliver the right time for each tea, inventive and consistently. To do this, we created light and delicate packaging that reflect the relaxed feel to taste it. The also very suggestive name toyed with the English tradition that became custom worldwide.

  • Agency: Fullpack
    Designer: Bruno Singulani
    Country: Brazil

    Project details: I love dogs and working with a dogs food brand was a really exciting experience.

    After some research and some brainstorming we decided to propose a new naming for a new client.

    This project is a packaging and branding proposal for a new brand in the Pet Industry here in Brazil.
    These are the first concepts that Ive made. I used these stunning dog portraits by Daniel Sadlowski ( | ) and some from Shutterstock.

    Unfortunately the project wasnt approved by the client.

  • Agency: STUDIOIN
    Designers: Arthur Schreiber, Galya Akhmetzyanova
    3D: Maxim Kulikov
    Country: Russia

    Make democracy, not war

    As far back as in autumn, 2013 Moscow studio STUDIOIN created a new design concept of vodka Democracy.

    Designer`s sarcastic mind followed the way of logic which is not a surprise nowadays. The main tool of kindness is a power, the main tool of peace agreement is a danger, and the main tool of democracy is a bomb.

    Bottle is made in a shape of bomb and put into a case.

    Also, there is a small vodka glass included into the set and it fulfills a function of red start button inside of case.

    The most technic and unique detail in design is closure as it is seen from the picture.

    There are two varieties of vodka in the set – pink and orange and they symbolize two well known revolutions.

    And just one word`s written on the glass can neutralize all the warlike attitude of design. This word is Democracy! It is a political joker strong enough to stand up to any argument and common sense.
    Abraham Lincoln`s statement says “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” and let Democracy acquire any shape required.

    This concept happened to be a time – delay bomb and unfortunately it also turned out to be some kind of a prophesy, that proves present events which are taking place in fraternal Ukraine.
    This situation is the way too far from sarcasm and that is being kind.

    Taking this virtual bomb from its creative depot STUDIOIN is making a call for people to “switch on” their brain and open their eyes. Not a single revolution whether it is “pink”, “orange” or “brown” costs human`s life sacrificed for political struggle.

    How many masks should be thrown away from politicians` sleeky faces crying loudly about democracy and global equality? Peaceful life and sky is the sole purpose of ordinary people no matter what kind of citizenship, nationality or faith do they have.

    Don`t be led by the nose by shady leaders treating ordinary people like a stooge to accomplish their own goals. Take care of each other.

  • Designer: Andrea Pagano
    Country: Italy

    The work is based on the port of Hamburg, and the marine life and the old stories of travel, mermaids and monsters that inhabit the sea.

  • Designer: Wonchan Lee
    Country: South Korea

    What if the most beloved / hated and the most iconic American brand·product, Coca Cola launches a parfum range?

    This sophisticated parfum collection features two distinctive ranges: COCA COLA LE PARFUM / Classique, the classic Eau de Parfum range and COCA COLA LE PARFUM / Belle, lovely Eau de Toilette range mainly for 20-30s female.

  • Designer: Anna Fitzgerald
    Country: Russia

    The concept presents new approach to the usual packaging of tinned food.

    Basic idea of the design is the metaphor of the contents: instead of standard round shape you can find fish silhoette.

    The background supplements the image with the picture of fish scales.

    The edge of different colours favours fast ans simple identification by the customers.