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  • Agency: Izvorka Juric _ visual communications, Motus Vis Ltd
    Designer: Izvorka Juric
    Client: Brachia p.z.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Croatia

    ekoBrachia - organic extra virgin olive oil, a special edition of Brachia premium olive oil product line, high in quality and with organic origin. The identity of the product is based on simplified elements of Brachia identity, using only two colors (white and green), together with the color of paper. The basic element is the artwork of olive leaves (part of Brachia visual identity), produced by cutting the label to let them "come out" from flat surface into the surrounding area and so become three-dimensional - from ekoBrachia comes natural / organic olive.

    The label is screen printed on 100 % recycled paper (Keaykolour Camel), with illustrations of olive leaves that are lifted from the label in the surrounding area, making the otherwise flat label spacious (2D to 3D).

    Particularly good effect is achieved on the shelf, where arranging a greater number of bottles in a line results with a larger number of lifted leaves giving an impression of playfulness, emphasizing the element of naturalness.

  • Agency: Bruketa&Zinic OM
    Creative Director: Miran Tomicic
    Art Director: Ana Baletic
    DTP: Radovan Radicevic
    Photographer: Domagoj Kunic
    Country: Croatia

    SELA Z is a brand from the Vukina Family Farm in Krapina-Zagorje County that needed a visual identity and packaging for the walnuts grown on the farm.

  • Agency: Izvorka Juric _ visual communications, Motus Vis Ltd
    Designer: Izvorka Juric
    Client: GENOS Ltd
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Croatia

    Genos is the first private DNA lab in the region that carries out all forms of DNA analysis. In it's modern equipped laboratory Genos, by applying the latest methods and validated protocols, provides a complete service from the isolation of DNA to the interpretation of the results.

    Genos DNA testing sets are used for self-sampling. Using the collector in the packaging a sample swab the buccal mucosa is taken, which is then sent back to the Genos lab for analysis by returnable packaging enclosed. One of the basic requirements of the packaging of this product is a solid protective outer packaging to protect the collector from damage.

    The product line for DNA testing currently includes six products. Marking the lines is based on a modular system that allows the reduction of production costs and quick response to new product development related to the latest genetic discoveries.

    Primary packaging is a solid cardboard tube with a matte black metal fixed bottom and lid. It contains only the information that is applicable to all products, while self-adhesive labels contain the names and information specific for each DNA set, encoding the products within the lines by color and photography.

    The tube is made ​​of white matte board with selectively printed UV varnish on stylized illustration of DNA chain, and self-adhesive labels are on high-gloss material. For easier opening product labels are perforated in the lid crease, while the strength of the label material additionally protects the package from opening.

  • Agency: Izvorka Juric _ visual communications, Motus Vis Ltd
    Designer: Izvorka Juric
    Client: CIMA Ltd
    Country: Croatia

    FINA premium spirits and liqueurs is a line of natural products without added flavoring. FINA brandies and liqueurs are meant for contemporary consumers and will be placed in bars and clubs, for consumption in airplanes and hotel mini-bars, but also for sell at retailers. FINA premium brandy product line includes four flavors of brandy and four flavors of liqueur. Due to the different positioning of the product, it was decided to make a visual distinction between spirits and liqueurs, but keep both of them within the same visual identity.

    The project includes complete product development from devising and designing names to packaging design and product promotion. The basis of the product visual identity is the modern typography in combination with stylized illustrations of fruit. The difference between brandy and liquor is placed in the position of positives and negatives, so bright spirits are coded with black and white elements, while dark liquors are coded with silver elements. Due to the wide variety of sales channels, FINA brandies and liqueurs are produced in several different sizes and shapes.

  • Designed by: 3S5
    Designers: Tomislav Fabijanić, Dubravko Tuksar
    Country: Croatia

    Velebitsko pivo is surely among the best beers to be found on the Croatian market. It boasts a rich and unique flavour, a benefit of the natural brewing process and pure spring water from the wellspring Ričina, located at the base of the Velebit mountain. The brand’s only shortcoming, as we see it, is the design of its current label and the way it communicates the basic idea.

    This was the reason why we decided to redesign the label, considering all elements crucial for the story of a naturally brewed beer with healthy ingredients and the story of the Velebit fairy, the guardian of that region. Our goal was to retain essential elements and redesign them, so as to emphasize the idea, but also to structure textual information of relevance to the consumers, by taking into consideration the expenses of label production.

    First of all we created a logo for the brewery which, in our opinion, hasn’t been clearly defined yet. Our graphic solution highlights the location of the brewery. With the lettering “Pivovara Ličanka” (Ličanka brewery) and “Velebitsko pivo” (Velebitsko beer) on a separate label, in the combination with our logo, we wanted to point out to the origins of the beer and the quality of the water used in its production.

    Current label depicts a woman representing the Velebit fairy. According to the Croatian mythology, fairies are the guardians of nature. The problem here is that the fairy is placed in a small oval shape and is barely visible so we wanted to accentuate her importance.

    Furthermore, we find that information such as bottle capacity and alcohol content is not visible enough and well readable on the current label and since it is relevant for the consumers, we decided to restructure it and thus make it more noticeable. We adjusted the hierarchy of all information and sorted it by relevance.

    Beer colour depends on how long barley is roasted before brewing. We used that fact and pasted different barley photos in the background of our label – one for lager beer and one for dark beer.

    Finally, we concentrated on the question of how to cut production expenses. The production of current label requires five-colour-printing. We reduced these to only two unique colours for all printed materials.

  • Agency: Red point
    Designer: Mićo Samardžija
    Client: Večernji list
    Copywriter: Vedran Kraic
    Production: Hrvojka Vlasic
    Country: Croatia

    This chocolate was for all great clients who advertise their products in Vecernji list newspapers.

    It is designed as newspapers articles about chocolate and Vecernji list newspapers.

    Articles are about some history of cocoa and chocolate, some facts about chocolate that we usually think it is true but it is not, some trivia and other texts to read while enjoy chocolate.

  • Agency: Izvorka Juric _ visual communications, Motus Vis Ltd
    Designer: Izvorka Juric
    Client: Brachia p.z.
    Country: Croatia

    Line of five Brachia extra virgin varietal olive oils: Levantinka, Drobnica, Oblica, Lastovka, Buharica (Croatian varieties of olive oil), one of Brachia brand olive oil lines. In this product line extensions are coded with initial letters of each variety of olive tree and by color code. Typographic representation of the variety is complemented with graphic element of oil droplets. That literally carries the message: a quality clean oil from specific variety, considering that the variety is one of the most important factors on the quality and taste of olive oil. Dark glass bottles of 1 ml are dressed in shiny black cap, a high-gloss main label that wraps around almost the entire perimeter of the bottle body and a small flag-label that wraps around the cap at the junction with the bottle, emphasizing once again the name of the variety of olive oil and the monogram of Brachia brand.

  • Agency: Señor
    Creative director, Copywriter: Vanja Blumenšajn
    Designer: Miro Čavar
    Branding consultant: Iva Kaligarić
    Photographer: Mario Kučera
    Project photos: Maja Danica Pečanić
    Client: Matković vinery
    Country: Croatia

    Thousands of Croatian winemakers struggle for their audience. How to uniquely position and introduce Matković wines using only marketing tools of a family business?
    Thinking: Matković wines are produced with care using high quality grapes, they are fair-priced and undeceiving in communication. Honesty best describes the way Matković family approaches their business.

    Solution: Honest wine.

    It's not just a business. Our days are made of hundreds of beautiful and difficult moments that make us proud of the wines we created for all the honest, human moments you will experience drinking them. Without big words, colorful labels and shiny ads, to us, this is life - true devotion to making great wines. Maybe that is the reason Matković wines have this strange power. They inspire some small, unspoken truths, that are, just like the wines, hard to share.

    Wrapping paper conceals the bottles... Once unwrapped bottles reveal small, unspoken truths on the labels.

    Honesty was integrated in all of the elements of the brand and communication (winery name, web address, packaging...). And not just declaratory; messages on the labels, photos from their wineyards on the wrapping paper and family's relationship with the customers - everything is honest.

    TRANSLATION (labels)
    "Pinot noir made me tipsy so I told her I loved her and gave her the last bite of my steak."

    "We finished a bottle of cabernet franc. I hugged my old man. Maybe it's time I forgive him - he did the best he could."

    "My girlfriend is a bit shy, but when she drinks chardonnay, she does things that make me blush."

    "She leaves tomorrow. Still, I buried my face in her lap and wished the morning would never come. I blame sirocco and frankovka barrique."

    "Frankovka stain on my beige dress reminds me of you. While we were running towards your apartment, I wonder has it occurred to you that the glass didn't just happen to fall."

    "You said we can be friends. I took a sip of sylvaner and imagined what life would be like if we never met."

  • Agency: Manasteriotti∞Maric
    Designer: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Maric
    Country: Croatia

    Mammii is a brand of empowering, unique jewellery by the Croatian designer Maja Miletic. Each necklace is meticulously braided by hand during a process that can sometimes take days to complete. Mammii is quickly becoming a well-known brand so she decided to take it to the next level and asked us to design her visual identity and packaging. Her necklaces are timeless, liberating pieces of jewellery designed for strong women. These associations needed to be evident in her visual identity. In the logotype we captured the repetitive braiding movement using the rhythmic letters in the brand name "mammii", while the packaging was designed to distinguish and protect the pieces. On the inside is a story about her passion, and each box is personally signed by her. She also has the options of picking different color wrapping paper to help the piece stand out.

  • Designed by Michel d.o.o.
    Designer: Mišel Sevšek, Ivan Molnar
    Country: Croatia

    New design for our client Biofarm. In Croatia Biofarm has a good reputation as a company that offers quality products. The idea was to use the herbs that are typical for Croatia.

    It was important to get a clean design with one distinctive element. We decided on a circle element with a stylized depiction of ocean waves. Circle element is designed in four color variants; blue, green, brown and purple.

    Each of these colors is in line with ingredients that Biofarm offers in its products. Due to the success of products, cooperation continued on other products such as teas, physiotherapy gels.

  • Designed by Studio Faktor, Croatia.

    Eden - a new cosmetic line from Bosnia and Herzegovina. First products are these amazing body lotions, based on natural recipes, but modernly storned as fluids. Package design reveals totaly new experience in trying something new, plus 4 different varieties reminding us on garden of Eden...

  • Designed by Studio Faktor, Croatia.

    TROVRH - wine produced in a small amounts as a homemade family product. A client wanted a nice packaging and fancy label. TROVRH in Croatian language means 'THREE TOPS', and this geometric grape shape illustrates that, and pink color makes it flashy and modern.

  • Designed by Studio Faktor, Croatia.
    Illustration: Ana Vlahovic,

    This is a project about wine package. The vineyard is called 'Terra Madre', located in south Croatia.

    Madre (lat. mother) was a main point of inspiration for making an illustration for the labels. Face of Mother Nature and her hair are turned into a landscape of vineyard. Wine comes in two different flavors: Plavac mali and Posip, both an exclusive top taste wines.

  • Designed by I TO NIJE SVE! Creative Agency, Croatia.
    Creative Director: Alen Kekic
    Art Director: Zvonimir Mandic
    Copywriter: Martin Mrzljak
    Graphic Designer: Petra Ruzman

    I TO NIJE SVE! came up with a new answer to the question - "Who are your clients and what campaigns you've done?" We've wrapped "out the box" ideas and designs "inside the box", it is neither more nor less than the audio cassette and is naturally called "Best of I TO NIJE SVE!"