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  • Designed by DePOT Design, Czech Republic.

    Brand and packaging design development for a range of dog food, snacks and supplements.

    This product line is a unique concept aimed at small dogs.

    Together with the client we have built a new category, not only in Europe but in a global market. Therefore, it was necessary to create a strong, unmistakable and clearly understandable brand.

    The design is inspired by the world of fashion, fashion magazines and use their communication tools to reach specific target groups. Emphasis is put on functional benefits and primarily on emotions.

    The claims "SMALL IN SIZE, BIG IN MIND", dominant photographs of dogs and strong colour coding are other essential elements for a good visual function of the entire product line.

  • Designed by Fiala&Sebek Visual Communications, Czech Republic.

    The Mikulov Wine – Butterfly brand is one of the most sold wine brands in the Czech market. The goal of the redesign was to create a more modern look with “winemakers’ tonality” and increased perception of the product value when compared with the competition within the same price range. Creating the new design for this wine range, the designers bore in mind the request for easy identification with the original design. This was achieved by using the icon of a butterfly, symbolising lightness, versatility and youth. Modern design appeal was also achieved by the use of metallised adhesive etiquette with relief embossing that replaced the original etiquette applied by wet gluing process. The new etiquette is notable also for its atypical shape, very different from other competing products. The target group are people between 25-50 years of age, spontaneous, energetic, living life to its fullest who want to have fun. They do not wish to get caught in the complicated wine-connoisseurs lingo. They simply want to buy a good wine to enjoy a romantic evening with the loved ones or share it with friends.

  • Designed by Fiala&Sebek Visual Communications, Czech Republic.

    A gift packaging was designed for the Bohemia Sekt Prestige premium range. The goal was to prepare an elegant and luxurious gift packaging design for the most popular and successful local brand of premium sparkling wines that will have a “sparkling tonality” and clearly communicate high prestige. The individual lines: Brut, Rosé Brut and Demi Sec are colour coded to support easy identification by customers at the point of sale. The colours follow the design of the etiquettes on the individual bottles that are featured on the front of pack together with the Bohemia Sekt logo. The unifying element of the entire range is an elegant golden wave, made using the cold foil technology. The new design helped increase sales by 92 % during the season (all four quarters) when compared with the same period of 2011, when the original gift packaging design was used.

    The primary target group are men and women ages 25-55 with the core at 30-40 years of age, from urban areas, active and with average or above average monthly income. This packaging was awarded in Czech Packaging competition OBAL ROKU 2013.

  • Designed by Kitchen Prague, Czech Republic.

    The wellness programs and treatments of Bozi Oko hotel are particularly chosen for the most comfortable and pleasant relaxation experience. Therefore, we took this marvelous opportunity to create something unique and excusive in order to complete the image of the hotel and fulfill the needs of the visitors.

    The most noticeable and memorable detail of the bottles’ design is its shape; smooth and silky, sleek and mild- its concept tends to accompany the luxurious atmosphere of the wellness.

  • Designed by DePOT Design, Czech Republic.

    Redesign of the range of chilled ready-made meals Hame Life Style.

    The task was to create a new visual identity for the entire portfolio of the Hame Life Style brand. The main objectives of the project were: modernisation, attractiveness, creating a strong design of the product range and clear differentiation from competitors. The design is based on the contrast of modern geometric graphics and traditional natural materials. All communication zones are clearly defined, which helps with consumers orientation.

  • Designed by Büro 128, Czech Republic.

    Brand identity and packaging design for the Italian mineral water Etrusca. The brand takes its name from the Etruscan civilisation, the most ancient civilisation which inhabited the Italian lands. The identity is designed to reflect the heritiage of the name, as well as the purity of the water, which is sourced from a spring at border of the Alps and the Apennines.

  • Designed by Tomáš Chludil, Czech Republic.

    Merkur is one of the most famous czech toys. It is metal construction set which exists for more than 80 years and it is still very popular. Basic parts are perforated metal plates of various shapes, which connect nuts and bolts. Merkur offers many building possibilities including trains, cars, cranes and a many others. Inventor of contact lenses Otto Wichterle even used this toy for his first machine.

    This package was created for Young Package competition and the topic was to package national product. My aim was to create suitcase, typical package for tools & components, using typical material for this competition - cardboard. This package consists of two openable sides which are designed to keep metal parts inside during opening. Graphic design using czech colors and shape of suitcase highlights the technical character of this significant toy.

  • Designed by DePOT Design, Czech Republic.

    Ivolia is the new brand of LED lamps which excel with high quality and high output of all supplied LED products. Our mission was to create a unique packaging design for these products. Originality and ecology was highly accented. The technique design of this packaging is also unique. The box is made of one piece of recycled paper without using any glue. A part of the packaging is an educative and marketing text which is placed inside the box and a business card produced as a side product when the box is being cut.

  • Designed by Cocoon Group, Czech Republic.

    Branding agency Cocoon Group has teamed up with two young graphic artists to create a limited ‘art edition’ for the popular Czech liqueur Becherovka Lemond as part of the creative contest organised by Pernod Ricard, the brand owner.

    There are two different designs: a ‘male’ version crafted in collaboration with artist Eugen Finkei and a ‘female’ version featuring the artwork by Barbora Balgová. Cocoon experts have helped to select the artists and then apply their 2D artworks on the 3D surface of the bottle as well as developed design for the outer packs, key visuals, POS and other marketing materials.

    This is the second time Pernod Ricard partners with Cocoon Group to hold an art competition to promote Becherovka Lemond in the Czech Republic.

  • Designed by Kitchen, Czech Republic.

    The brief was to create packaging for a small local honey producer from Serbia.

    We create brands name, identity and packaging/label design.
    We use hand-drawn illustrations in a traditional Balkans naive-painting style which successfully sending a warming and seasonal message to the shoppers. Overall, the packaging help to create an original and distinctive identity, with a hint of freshness for a small honey producer.

    For each type of honey we created appropriate illustrations (flower honey, linden honey, forest honey).

  • Designed by Toman Design, Czech Republic.

    Rebranding of well known Czech salami brand. New packaging with logo facelift and new ‘comic’ visual communication of the brand. Kmotr means Godfather in Czech

  • Designed by CARTILS, The Netherlands / United Kingdom.

    Starbev Releases New Bottle Design for Big Seller Staropramen

    Staropramen is the Czech Republic’s second largest beer brand and the leading brand of the Starbev group, which was recently acquired by MolsonCoors. The new bottle shape and label adaptation enhances the premiumness and modernity of the Staropramen brand. To achieve this successfully within the restrictions, international beer design specialists were required. CARTILS was selected as branding & packaging design consultancy to create the new design.

    The objective was to create a revolutionary new 3D design for the bottle shape. The brand needed to express modernity yet still reflect its heritage. This was achieved through creating a new angular and masculine bottle shape, maximizing the impact of the vertical branding, while balancing it with the traditional high-quality detailed embossings.
    The new Staropramen ‘S’ symbol was translated to an attractive embossing positioned at the back, offering the consumer an extra tactile experience.

    "The new packaging reflects the innovation and modernity of Staropramen, but it also relies on the tradition of the Smíchovský brewery," said Zbyněk Kovář CEO of Staropramen. He continued that, "in three to four weeks it will be visible on the shelves of stores," with the company at the same time launching an advertising campaign to promote the new bottle.

  • Designed by Creasence, Czech Republic.

    Quail eggs are safe to eat and even considered a delicacy in many countries. We designed the egg packaging and logo for the Czech brand Pure Land