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  • Designed by: SmashBrand
    Country: United States

    Janty is one of the original inventors and market leaders in the e-cigarette industry. This market has steadily grown over the past eight years and has been accelerating that growth in the past few years. It is estimated that as much as 20% of smokers in the UK have switched to electronic cigarettes and similar numbers are beginning to show up in other parts of the EU and US.

    This is a billion dollar industry and is attracting new entrants to the market every month. With low barriers to entry and the inevitable entry of all the major, and well-financed cigarette brands, it was more important than ever for Janty establish a position in the market as a leader and premium e-cigarette brand. Critical to this positioning is a cohesive and integrated brand presence and identity, as well as high-quality product packaging.

    Our goal was to create visuals that communicate innovation, quality, and premium positioning while maintaining a well thought-out and simple brand experience.

  • Agency: THINK Packaging
    Designer: Mat Bogust
    Client: Lucid Design
    Country: New Zealand

    Lucid Design were asked to gather all of these elements together and package them up. After converstaions we knew that we were not going to just lob all the bits into a big box!

    So... we set out to create two separate bundles that could hold each component nicely, along with all of it's bits and bobs. This way, not only does it look great but the end user - the customer understands what goes with what. Simple.

  • Agency: Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.
    President: Jimmy Dunlop
    Creative Director: Joey Tosi
    Art Director: Graham Shaw
    Senior Designer: Justin Butler
    Photographer: Mick Waller
    Production Artist: Hank Alva
    Country: United States

    Dunlop’s Fuzz Face Mini distortion pedals are faithful reduced-scale reproductions of landmark late ’60s guitar effects used by the world’s top guitar innovators, from Jimi Hendrix to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and numerous others.

    The packaging was designed to reference the original 1960s box designs, but with a modern twist. To create a bolder visual impact, we inverted the color palette of the original packaging and flooded ink on craft cardboard. We also color-coded the boxes to emphasize the round, candy-like "mini" aspect of the products that screams "collect 'em all!"

    To convey the historically accurate nature of these products, we chose to print the packaging as it would have been in the ’60s—cheaply, using a single PMS color for simplicity and the Flexographic process to build in a level of distress to the ink impression on the paper. The Silicon and Germanium Fuzz Face Mini distortion pedals are the first releases of an ongoing product line.

  • Designer: Rasmus Nilsson
    School: Academy of Art University
    Country: Sweden

    The aim of this project was to rebrand and create new package design for a light bulb manufacturer.

    I choose Litetronics which is a supplier of lightbulbs to retail stores and among them interior design stores. I decided that to launch their rebrand they would make a limited series of bulbs to appeal more to these areas. System was build on the use of contrasting typography, bright colors and flower bulb illustrations to evoke the concept of their beautiful light.

    This was done as a school project at Academy of Art University and does not necessary reflect the values nor design of the actual brand.

  • Agency: Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.
    President: Jimmy Dunlop
    Creative Director: Joey Tosi
    Art Director: Graham Shaw
    Senior Designer: Justin Butler
    Production Artist: Hank Alva
    Photographer: Mick Waller
    Client: Eddie Van Halen
    Country: United States

    Our challenge was to design packaging for a series of 3 guitar effect pedals marking the 35th anniversary of the release of Van Halen's debut album. The pedals themselves are hand-painted in 3 different colorways, and are all unified by the iconic Eddie Van Halen (EVH) "Frankenstein" stripe pattern, used extensively on his custom guitars since the late ’70s.

    Our goal was to identify the EVH 35th Anniversary Series as a premium offering by employing a minimalist presentation and using custom printing processes. The triple-black matte finish box is wrapped with a Gloss Varnish print of the EVH "Frankenstein" pattern; the linework of this pattern is so iconic in the realm of rock that it is still recognizable even when taken outside of its trademark color schemes. The subtle reflective effect of the black-on-black graphic pattern forgoes the “hard sell” pitch of typical music instrument packaging and creates a sense of mystique around the product within.

    We chose the Umbra typeface—used on Van Halen’s debut record in 1978—to convey the inspiration and design intent of the EVH 35th Anniversary Series. The sharp drop shadows and machined look provide a crisp contrast with the handcrafted and hand-painted presentation of the EVH 35th Anniversary Series effect pedals.

  • Designer: Alyssa Phillips
    School: Pratt Institute
    Country: United States

    I was given the assignment to package a found object inside of a related object. I chose to package earbuds inside of a cassette tape, giving the now rarely used cassette a fun new purpose.

  • Agency: Pantech Co., LTD. in-house design team
    Designer: Duhan Kim
    Country: South Korea

    ‘VEGA Secret Note’ is a smartphone that can be used as a private note or a diary.

    The package gives an emotional experience to the user intuitively by emphasizing the look of a note.

    It also offers comfort and expectation of opening a high-end book by applying the slide-out method.

    And it expresses the look of a diary by placing the band graphic work on the surface.

  • Designer: Andrew Zo
    Product design by
    Country: Canada

    The packaging design for the “Little" Speaker was created with sustainability in mind. The entire package uses 3 sheets of chipboard (recycled paper) to securely hold all components together.

    The soon to be released “Little" is a portable speaker compatible with the iphone 5 and up.

  • Agency: Process Agency
    Client: Carbon Audio
    Country: United States

    Carbon Audio needed packaging for their Pocket Speaker to highlight their product amongst competitor speakers while also showcasing its small, portable size. Requirements included packaging that was not only unique and beautiful but also equally effective at protecting the product inside.

    Initially, Process worked on package conception and strategy to create a custom-molded acrylic case that allowed the product to be viewed in its entirety while also exemplifying its small size. Because of all the different colors the speaker comes in, a minimally designed, clear package was needed. Ridges and notches on the top and bottom of the packaging adds a subtle but highly effective feature. It allows multiple packages to be stacked on top of each other and transported without any damages to the packaging or products. This design process included guiding the CAD development to ensure its executability.

    Then we went through a factory review and debrief to find a factory that was the right fit for the client, including cost and timeline understanding and setting up the deliverables. Our manufacturing oversight included managing high quality standards and production consistency through local quality control teams and detailed reporting throughout production. Finally, we worked with the client and retailers to meet rigid shipping standards and carry out a comprehensive analysis of the production to allow us to continually improve efficiency and reliability for future orders.

    The Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker stands out on retail shelves with its fundamentally effective and remarkable packaging design.

  • Designed by Process Agency
    Country: United States

  • Agency: Masquespacio
    Designer: Ana Milena Hernández Palacios
    Graphic design and interior designed by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios
    Photography: David Rodríguez
    Country: Spain

    Masquespacio designs the new Brand and space of Doctor Manzana

    Masquespacio presents their last Project realized for Doctor Manzana, a store specialized in technical service for smartphones and tablets, besides being a seller of design gadgets for mobile devices. The project consists in the redesign of Doctor Manzana’s branding and the realization of the design for their first point of sale located in Valencia, Spain.

    The project starts from the necessities from Doctor Manzana’s brand to open their first physical point of sale after the great success reached through their technical service offered until now only online in Spain. Due to the growth of the company in first case design studio Masquespacio redesigned the graphic identity of the brand with the purpose to strengthen the identity and apply it to the point of sale. The logotype starts from the principal axe of the company ‘the touchscreen’ and his reflection that creates an angle of 54 degrees. That angle ends being part of the whole communication and his defragmented into different applications that create an infinity of forms able for the graphic and interior design. Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio: “Talking about the colors as we started from a company name allied with a doctor we wanted to create a concept based on a hospital, however as we didn’t want to create a conventional design, we discarded this option, but maintaining blue and green colors as a reference to the first word in the company’s brand name.” Looking at the store everything starts from the striking façade that incorporates the same angles and colors like for the graphic identity. The blue and green colors like a reference to the doctor, the salmon color for the fashionistas and the purple for the freaks. Both windows contain texts like “Doctor Manzana? Is it an orthopedic doctor? No! It’s a team of technicians specialized in smashes, drops and accidents for smartphones and tables” communicating Doctor Manzana’s services in a funny way. Entering at the store we can see how the interior design as the graphic design contains fresh funny colors and a bunch of angles appearing continually in their original form or defragmented, making reference to the reflection of the touchscreen. A technological air blows through the store, while some details like the blue curtain refer in a metaphorical way to a hospital. Materials like the galvanized steel sheets are doing their more industrial work in the space, while white furniture is offering a light warm touch to the whole. Meanwhile, the different pastel colors bring the diversion part of Doctor Manzana’s identity to the space.

    Masquespacio through this Project shows again that creativity has no limits and that high budgets aren’t needed to obtain an explosive result for brands looking to transmit a sober or a funny image like in this case with Doctor Manzana.

  • Designed by Pizzolorusso for Palomar
    Identity and packaging by alvvino
    Country: Italy
    Additional Credits: Designer Pizzolorusso for Palomar

    Lucetta, magnetic bike lights

    Lucetta is an innovative set of two small magnetic bicycle lights which confirms the creative partnership between Pizzolorusso and the Italian company Palomar.

    Easily attached to several different parts of a bicycle, the two small lights – white for the front, red for the rear - are switched on and off with just one click.

    Designed to stay securely in place on even the bumpiest of roads, the lights give the option of a steady, slow or fast flashing beam, also selected with a 'magic' interaction.

    Once a destination is reached, the lights are easily removed and may be linked together and slip in your pocket. The range of the beam is wide enough to reach vehicles, even if the light is tilted down. Lucetta embodies maximum utility and versatility.

    The object is simple; it doesn't have a technical look but a friendly feature, 'clean' and yet a bit mysterious.

    It is designed to take as little space as possible and to stay with other small personal things of everyday usage - keys, mobile phone, loose change - that 'inhabit' our pockets.

  • Designed by ARC'S, Italy.

    For the launch of the new electric toothbrush Sonic Impulse, ARC'S has been asked to communicate professional reliability without losing human touch and a sense of cleaning energy. With the brand relentlessly committed in boosting innovation as the main driver, we brought on the pack two impacftful-emotional values: technological efficiency and a blue wave of innovation. In a little way we helped French people to smile. Certainly more than Carla Bruni ever did.

  • Designed by Design Team Pantech Co., LTD., South Korea.
    Designer Name: Duhan Kim

    The product is a premium smart phone that implemented the endless metal frame [seamless monolithic metal contour].

    To emphasize the excellence of the product identity, the graphic is reduced to the maximum.

    A special surface treated paper has been developed to maximize the metal feeling.

    The protruded three-dimensional octangular package is designed to have the similar sense of the simple and linear front design of the product, which provides the aesthetic value with the differentiated quality.