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  • Agency: CRE8 DESIGN
    Client: Corsair
    Country: Taiwan
    Type of Work: Commercial Work

    Exhibiting strong capabilities in a wide range of design projects, CRE8 DESIGN was commissioned by Corsair to take charge of both the product design and the package design for their high-end memory kit - the Dominator Platinum DRAM.

    Translating the core product values into the package design was seamless work as the graphic and product design teams cooperated as one cohesive multidisciplinary task force. Quoted from the press, “this unified solution just screams superior quality”.

    The corners of the sophisticated black and silver box have been trimmed off to mimic the iconic angled ends of the metal light-bar that sits on top of the Dominator heat spreader. The front of the box shows a photo of the module and sports a window with the same angled corners to display the new aluminum head sink. A shiny "platinum" color is incorporated on the sides and in logos to match the name.

    Inside, the memory modules are contained in high-density foam that helps them stay safe during product delivery. Each DRAM is nestled inside an anti-static plastic blister case, to further protect them from any damage. Moreover, CRE8 DESIGN constructed the box so that it could be sold as combo-kits. An ingenious cardboard hinge solution allows for combinations of two, four, or six combo-kits, where each box contains two DRAM modules.

  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Uneka Concepts
    Graphic and packaging design: Character SF
    Client: Adobe
    Type of Work: Commercial work
    Country: USA

    San Francisco based agency Character partnered with Uneka to execute the engineering and manufacturing portion of the packaging design. The simple elegance of a hinged box with precise layering of components and materials subtly reinforces the technology within. The box is made with Neenah premium uncoated papers. Custom dyed Molded Bagasse pulp cradles and protects the devices, revealing the unique form of the Ink and Slide. The simplicity and beauty of the package design is counter balanced by the execution of form and detail.

  • Agency: Geometry Global Frankfurt
    Creative Director: Felix Dürichen
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    The Leica X2 Edition "Fedrigoni" has been produced as a limited series of 25 cameras. It is the first Leica camera clad in a "paper skin" and wrapped in 15 quality designer papers.

    The shimmering, pearlescent Fedrigoni paper "Constellation Jade" replaces the traditional leather trim of the camera and becomes a part of the product. This means the paper had to satisfy the incredibly high quality demands that Leica Camera places on its materials: In a 16-stage test process, "Constellation Jade" successfully withstood a barrage of tests, including rapid and slow temperature changes from −40 to +70 °C, exposure to acetone and 400 wear intervals. The paper achieved outstanding test results for wear and acetone resistance, and is every bit equal in this respect to even the best leather varieties: "The FEDRIGONI paper we used is tailor made for the camera and not only satisfies our high aesthetic demands, but also our uncompromising demands on quality," says Björn Dietzler, Product Manager for Leica Manufacturing, Leica Camera AG. The elaborately produced and refined packaging is reminiscent of a paper sample book, making unpacking the camera a unique brand experience. The standards and pioneering spirit of Fedrigoni's 125-year history of typography and graphic design are brought to life on 16 layers of finest paper. Strict attention is paid to sustainability: Exclusively paper is used – no plastic film is used at all, even for the accessories.

    Tailored papers for highest demands:
    The most luxurious brands in the world package their products in the finest papers of Fedrigoni. And for good reason: Not only does Fedrigoni offer an extremely diverse range of over 3,000 qualities. More than half of all orders for packaging papers are also individually developed and produced strictly to customer specifications. "With THE PAPER SKIN, we wish to inspire exceptional creativity in our customers, packaging designers and manufacturers, as well as luxury brands. We love every new discussion about tailored papers. As an industrial enterprise, we offer our customers great technological expertise, extensive options for individualization and exceptional flexibility," Marcus Lange, Director of Fedrigoni Deutschland GmbH, expresses.

    Packaging enhances the brand experience:
    The result is an extraordinary packaging concept for the Leica X2 special edition "The Paper Skin" that satisfies the high demands on quality and product protection in its technical design and highest quality craftsmanship.

  • Agency: Adentity
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Sweden

    Is it a packaging or a display? It's both!
    A bold statement for Xperia

    Adentity, an advertising agency based in Malmö, Sweden, developed a clever mini POS display concept for Sony’s flagship products Xperia Z2 and the Xperia Z2 Tablet.

    The box for the display phone transforms into a striking in-store showcase with just a few simple steps. The tilted display instantly catches the eye of shoppers and passers-by, and clearly complements the phone’s state-of-the-art design. The sleek, bold, black artwork clearly highlights and accentuates the Z2’s premium status and performance.

  • Agency: Design Team Pantech Co., LTD.
    Designer: Duhan Kim
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: South Korea

    The package of VEGA IRON2 attracts attention with its simplicity of the design.

    Its clean and tidy graphic quadrates the design language with the product(smartphone) inside.

    To emphasize the texture of a metal, special treatment was applied.

    Moreover, the precisely made surface with unique touch enhanced the value of the design.

  • In a global first, Pepsi® today showcases its inaugural Live for Now™ Capsule Collection. Designed to enliven the brand’s 2014 football campaign, the Pepsi “Live For Now” collection features streetwear, accessories and electronics created in partnership with a mix of both iconic and cutting-edge international designers including Original Penguin by Munsingwear®, B&O PLAY, Gents, Goodlife, Del Toro and SHUT. The collection will be available at leading retailers – Bloomingdale’s in the U.S., colette in Paris and Liberty in London.

    The pinnacle of the Pepsi “The Art of Football” program, the collection brings distinctive, vibrant artwork from six of the hottest street artists around the world – the UK’s professional doodle bomber, Hattie Stewart; Argentinian urban artist, Jaz; Brazilian illustrator and street artist Ricardo AKN; Spanish-based visual artist Zosen; Merijn Hos, visual artist from the Netherlands and Argentinian street artist Ever – to life in a fresh, exciting way beyond the canvas.

    “We were inspired by the link between the sport of football and the world of art – both places where passion leads to great acts of creativity. Motivated by our 2014 global football campaign, the Pepsi ‘Live for Now’ Capsule Collection brings the best of art and football to life,” said Kristin Patrick, Pepsi Global Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo Global Beverages Group. “Our first-of-its kind art collection, ‘The Art of Football,’ was unveiled in a gallery, then spread across the streets of the world with our out-of-home campaign and now as a collection that a young, style-savvy generation will covet. Pepsi has been a cultural icon for many years and today we celebrate the ability of our brand to find a new place in consumers’ hearts and minds. The Pepsi ‘Live for Now’ collection is both wearable and enviable, combining the best design with the joy of living in the now.”

    The Pepsi “Live for Now” Capsule Collection features a range of products across categories, including fashion apparel and accessories, electronics and skateboards. The line consists of men’s t-shirts, zip jackets and swim trunks from Original Penguin, high-quality headphones from Bang & Olufsen’s B&O PLAY line, baseball caps from Gents, luxury t-shirt jerseys and sweatshirts from Goodlife, handmade leather chukka sneakers and slippers from Del Toro and artful skateboards from SHUT – with all items displaying one of the artists’ inspired designs.

    The Pepsi “Live for Now” Capsule Collection makes its debut today at Bloomingdale’s New York City flagship and 15 stores across the U.S., as well as at participating designers’ storefronts and online e-commerce. Additionally, colette in Paris will carry the collection and Liberty in London will feature the Original Penguin items.

  • Agency: Atomicdust
    Designer: Jason Stoff, Rich Heend, Taylor Dixson, Mike Spakowski
    Client: Direct Sound
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United States

    Direct Sound’s Extreme Isolation headphones provide professional musicians with clear, accurate sound and total isolation to keep external noise out. Atomicdust was hired to modernize the brand and help it stand out in the increasingly crowded professional headphone market.

    We polished the brand’s look to place it more in line with professional monitors, mixers, microphones and other tools of the trade. While the headphones were designed to appeal primarily to professionals, the sleek new color-coded packaging increases the products’ general consumer appeal. We took images of working musicians using the headphones in actual studio spaces, as well as consumers using them on-the-go, to demonstrate how Direct Sound’s isolation technology works across products and audiences. We also refined the logo and increased the use of clean typography to update the feel and the finish of the individual products.

  • Agency: Hollow Creative
    Designer: Dawid Świątek, Grzegorz Sołowiński
    Client: Feltsledge
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    Feltsledge | Pads for your Apple® mouse.

    Feltsledge are designed pads for your Apple® mouse to reduce the friction when moving it. The soft, yet durable material protects both your mouse and the surface beneath it. Feltsledge is especially recomended for designers, architects, extreme gamers and everywhere where precision is required.

  • Designer : Dan moukatel
    Client: Studio Ve
    Clocks‏ designer: ben klinger and shay carmon
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Tel aviv, Israel

    Package design for "Perspective" clocks

    The Perspective series are five clocks composed of straight lines, each demonstrating a different approach to the dimension of time.The design of the Perspective Series focuses on the hands instead of the clock face, creating shapes that give meaning to the movement itself. The hands are structures of straight white lines that rotate over a plain black face, resembling a drawing study on a canvas. Each face has a slightly different ending, emphasizing its own character.Using only the simplest form of straight lines and exploring the way they interact, the appearance of the clocks varies from minimal to complex configuration.

    The clocks' design is reflected in their package design: both in the clean geometric shapes it utilizes and the strong black and white coloring.

  • Agency: Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.

    President: Jimmy Dunlop
    Creative Director: Joey Tosi
    Art Director: Graham Shaw
    Senior Designer: Justin Butler
    Photographer/Designer: Mick Waller
    Production Artist: Hank Alva

    Client: Way Huge by Jeorge Tripps
    Country: USA
    Type of work: Commercial Work

    The look of the Way Huge pedals themselves has traditionally consisted of a quirky display typeface coupled with an equally quirky/juvenile double-entendre product name and fluorescent anodized aluminum housings. For the limited edition Swollen Pickle (limited to 1,000 units), we saw an opportunity to do something different. We collaborated with famed underground rock artist Dirty Donny Gilles, and his illustration of the Swollen Pickle character brings the face of the pedal to life with a garish 4 color silkscreen. Also, instead of identifying the 1,000 packages with a traditional limited edition paper certificate, we reinforced the campy, sleazy ’70s vibe of the Way Huge brand by producing individually numbered vintage-style hotel key tags.

    The limited edition package includes: a Swollen Pickle stomp box, product manual, fluorescent PMS 802C buttons & individually numbered hotel key tag.

    Jeorge Tripps started hand-wiring guitar effects pedals in his garage in 1992, founding Way Huge Electronics® in a quest for vintage guitar tone nirvana that helped kickstart what would later come to be known as the “boutique” effects market. Thanks to their high performance and amazing vintage ’70s tones, pedals such as the Red Llama Overdrive, Foot Pig Fuzz and Cameltoe found their way onto the pedalboards of the world’s elite bands, including Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. In December 1999 the company closed its doors, sending demand for Way Huge products soaring, with online auctions hitting hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

    In 2009, Jeorge Tripps and Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. teamed up to re-launch the Way Huge line. Dunlop’s in-house art team set about creating packaging that spoke to the garage workshop heritage of Way Huge but with an added bright, clean sheen as a nod to the forward-thinking sonic voyagers brave enough to use them. Everything in the Way Huge packaging system was designed to look as though a garage-based entrepreneur made it in 1976. What appears to be a “one-size-fits-all” kraft box with poorly hand-silkscreened graphics is really a custom box with distressed artwork printed 4up on a flex press- the 1 color artworks, while all containing the same pattern, are rotated differently to give a random appearance when multiple boxes are viewed together. The label is designed to resemble a cheesy bumper sticker with fluorescent colors and crappy ’70s counterculture typefaces. Also included in the box: a printed "weathered" card that holds two souvenir buttons.

  • Agency: bluemarlin
    Client: TALK HOME Mobile
    Type Of Work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    TALK HOME Mobile finds its voice in a brand refresh by bluemarlin

    TALK HOME Mobile has undergone a complete brand refresh as the company solidifies its position as the UK’s No.1 Pay As You Go (PAYG) Talk Network. The vibrant new identity, created by international brand design consultancy bluemarlin, has been applied across both consumer and corporate touch points, and is being unveiled this month in the UK and international markets.

    A trusted brand offering high-quality low-cost UK & international phone calls, TALK HOME Mobile saw the opportunity to distinguish itself in a very cluttered and highly competitive category. The brief was to develop a compelling proposition that reflected the brand’s status as the industry’s international leader and elevated it to a position as the one and only choice for consumers. This needed to be translated into a premium yet approachable visual identity that embodied TALK HOME Mobile’s reliable, down-to-earth personality.

    The most visible element of TALK HOME Mobile’s refreshed brand is a dynamic new logo. Guided by the big idea of ‘Closer To Home,’ the updated marque features a house-shaped speech bubble that figuratively speaks to consumers in a clear and friendly way. A unique holding-shape, this graphic device not only helps consumers navigate TALK HOME Mobile’s vast portfolio, but also serves as a key visual element throughout all other brand platforms, changing colours to communicate multiple messages and reinforcing the brand’s promise to connect its customers to friends and family.

    “TALK HOME Mobile’s brand refresh reflects our aim to be a personable brand that provides people with products that they can rely on,” comments Hollie Bunker, Marketing Manager at TALK HOME Mobile. “It conveys TALK HOME Mobile’s ambition to continue as the international leader of the category. The new logo is friendly but undeniably impactful thanks to its memorable, bold simplicity.”

    In addition to TALK HOME Mobile’s product line of phones and SIM cards, the revitalised identity was rolled out across internal and external communication platforms including corporate stationary, website design, tube barriers, store window stickers, bus advertising and shelters, and even carrier bags and oyster wallets.

  • Agency: designojo
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Client: Herbalizer
    Country: United States

    Herbalizer, a California start-up founded by former NASA engineers, set out to develop the world's most technologically advanced vaporizer. Launched in late 2013 the "Herbie" features a dual function vapor system, precision temperature controls and clean halogen technology.

    designojo was responsible for the visual development and package design for this premium positioned vaporizing product.

  • Designer: Terence Raines
    School: Portfolio Center
    Type of Work: Student Project
    Country: United States

    The concept originates from the gaming term, “God Mode,” which is when a player achieves invincibility and god-like abilities in any given game. The goal was to find the balance between futurism and antiquity. The streamlined forms and minimal graphics represent the future, while the color palette and antiquated medallion graphics captures the essence of ancient Gods. The objective is to make gamers feel as if they got a gift from the “Gods,” the ultimate gaming hardware.

  • Designed by: SmashBrand
    Country: United States

    Janty is one of the original inventors and market leaders in the e-cigarette industry. This market has steadily grown over the past eight years and has been accelerating that growth in the past few years. It is estimated that as much as 20% of smokers in the UK have switched to electronic cigarettes and similar numbers are beginning to show up in other parts of the EU and US.

    This is a billion dollar industry and is attracting new entrants to the market every month. With low barriers to entry and the inevitable entry of all the major, and well-financed cigarette brands, it was more important than ever for Janty establish a position in the market as a leader and premium e-cigarette brand. Critical to this positioning is a cohesive and integrated brand presence and identity, as well as high-quality product packaging.

    Our goal was to create visuals that communicate innovation, quality, and premium positioning while maintaining a well thought-out and simple brand experience.