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  • Designer: Ana Novaković
    Client: The Society of Mountain Villagers
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Serbia
    Figurines by Ljubiša Šapić

    Packaging design for the Society of Mountain Villagers, Serbia.

    All of their products are manufactured on the spot, without preservatives or any other additives.

    There were a few things that I had to keep in mind when designing-
    1) Packaging had to be highly economical as their budget was tight
    2) It had to be easy to transport, as the roads leading to their villages are hardly existent
    3) It needed to be easily assembled by untrained people
    4) As their products are without any preservatives, they needed to be guarded from light
    5) Most households already have a large stock of various jars and bottles they've accumulated over years, but there's no place to recycle them nearby

    All of these reasons above affected the final design, resulting in an impactful pattern to be created that could be screen-printed on large rolls of paper, and accompanying it with labels that could be applied by anyone familiar with the guidelines.

  • Agency: Quatre Mains
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Belgium

    Following the new trend in urban farming by looking at farmyard products from a more modern perspective.

    With cutout cardboard paper, nonchalant stamping and the use of vibrant colours we created a magic world for farm animals.

    The whole package breathes out the fresh air of the countryside, it simply ‘is’ Country at its best!

  • Agency: Fabula Branding
    Client: Turov Dairy Factory
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Belarus

    Fabula Branding performed integrated trademark development (naming, logotype, package design) for Turov Dairy Factory.

    In general, corporate look is based on the use of texture of natural materials which enables visualizing of “naturality” of the offered goods already on the identity level.

    The package of a new trademark is no exception in the company portfolio – paper of rough surface is an ideal background for watercolour artworks in handmade style. The artwork design makes play with the situation of consumption: “contents” on the package is surrounded by matching products recommended to pair with this or that cheese to get full delight.

    Although the product belongs to mid-range segment and is of Belarusian origin, the trademark is perceived as being genuine Italian. This raises the level of product confidence compared to competitive alternatives.

    While there are no patterned photos of a glossed over product made by food stylists and retouched with due diligence in graphic editors to achieve “glamorous” effect, the package looks attractive, eye-catching and tasty. And most important, it stands out among the competitors.

  • Designer: Judit Besze
    Type of work: Concept
    Location: Budapest, Hungary

    Musso's pantry is a fictive brand.Is a personal project.I wanted to designed a colorful,and art inspired package,what is spectacular and contemporary.

  • Agency: Anthem Worldwide
    Creative Team: Mikey Hart, Steve Rischmiller, Nick Bragg, Nicola Le Vavasseure and Helen Webster
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Traditional recipes from all over the world, made in Australia with the finest ingredients to bring your quality, great tasting breads.

  • Agency: Civa Studios
    Designer: Civa Studios
    Client: Naturalite Sugar
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: India

    Naturalite Sugar is pure, hygienic and meets International standards. From the morning cuppa, the favourite cake to the special recipes, Naturalite makes it better. Naturalite Sugar is a start-up enterprise which is looking to establish its presences in Indian market with small and medium size sugar crystal's packed in 1kg and 500gms quantity.

  • Agency: MAISON D'IDEE
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Czech Republic/ Slovakia

    Packaging design for sugar that would stand out in the shelf attracting the eyes of all the mothers

  • Designer: Dimitris Kostinis
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Belgium

    Ilios is a fictitious organic dried fruits brand. Dried fruits are simply dried after harvest. In most cases, they are just dried in the sun, which is why they are mostly produced in countries with a hot climate.

    So the name comes from the Greek and means "sun".

    The goal of the concept was to communicate the tradition and the highest quality organic of the natural ingredients. I wanted to differentiate the product through an attractive & elegant packaging.

  • Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
    Client: Woolworths
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Luisa Scoppa - Senior Designer
    Gavin Greenhalf - Creative Director
    Suzi Della-Pietra - Account Director

    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Woolworths launched their sustainable fishing strategy for fresh fish in 2011 in line with the global movement towards sustainability. Woolworths has subsequently introduced Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified products into the Woolworths Select brand, ensuring that 100% of Select canned tuna is “Pole and Line” caught. The clear communication of this offering is to be a critical proof point in Woolworths following through on its publicly announced sustainability goals.

    Brief & Objectives
    Marque was tasked with creating revolutionary design change to highlight the execution of Woolworths sustainable fishing through its new ‘Pole and Line Caught’ canned range. The design also required a large range to hang together strongly, whilst affording ease of navigation at the fixture of various product formats and flavours.

    Creative Solution
    The Woolworths Select Pole and Line Caught Tuna design strategy specifically breaks category norms, employing illustration in favour of photography. This differentiates for standout at the fixture in a manner that supports the sustainability proposition. The soft and stylised watercolour sea-scape illustration, with textured natural buff background, also subtly compliments the perceived gentleness of the more humane pole and line fishing. The “Pole and Line caught” tuna illustration is also designed to stand out strongly on pack with an accessible and fish-friendly, relaxed illustration, appealing to people who not only love the product but love our planet as well.

    Variant navigation via colour is also strong on pack to assist the customer at this busy fixture.

    Woolworths commitment to sustainable fishing is further conveyed by strong messaging on the top of the can.

  • Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
    Claire Stenvert - Senior Designer
    Jessica Parisi - Designer
    Gavin Greenhalf - Creative Director
    Gemma Lush - Photography Stylist
    Andrew Dougal Stavert - Photographer
    Jane Eaton - Account Manager

    Client: Woolworths
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Woolworths had developed a premium range of products for customers seeking affordable, indulgent, superior taste experiences; high quality products that would traditionally be sought through an extra shopping trip to a delicatessen.

    Brief & Challenge
    Marque was tasked with creating a premium tier brand that instantly delivered the quality of the range, and which clearly sits above the existing two brand tiers within Woolworths’ portfolio. In the supermarket context this new premium brand also needed to convince customers of the quality of the products in order to stop customers ‘crossing the street’ to their trusty delicatessen.

    Creative Solution
    Marque developed a brand strategy hinging on key brand truths from the creation of the range: that each product meets at least two of the three quality driving criteria:
    • Artisanship: Products must give a substantiated rationale that the product has been produced using traditional methods driving craftsmanship, expertise and quality
    • Ingredients: Ingredients must be expertly selected for their outstanding quality and superior taste
    • Provenance: Where relevant, products should be sourced from world-renowned expert regions.

    The brand’s bold yet simple, elegant and crafted design, produced with quality substrates and finishes, is one that customers can recognize as of premium quality, whilst credible in coming from a supermarket.

    The ‘Gold’ brand name, handcrafted and produced in gold foil, standing out on a rich dark brown background allows the brand’s quality to stand out on shelf. The stamped gold foil ‘Marque of Distinction’ (MOD) roundel highlights the key development criteria of a product as proof points for customers. Photography then supplements the MOD: mood evoking provenance and artisan shots, or sumptuous food photography, all driving the superior taste experience.

  • Agency: Horse
    Client : Makers & Merchants
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Design studio Horse has worked with the UK-based Makers & Merchants to create the packaging for over 40 eclectic food and homeware products, each one made by a specialist artisan.

    Horse created the brand name, identity and packaging for every product, ensuring the artisans behind each one had their stories of quality, craftsmanship and collaboration expressed through the different designs.

    "The brand name, Makers & Merchants, reflects the approach to product creation, while the strict colour palette and bold graphic style ensures a sense of family," explains Ian Firth, creative partner at Horse. "This allowed the freedom to playfully reflect the personality of both the product and artisan behind it."

  • Agency: ANGLE visual integration
    Client: President Chain Store Corporation
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Taiwan

    The bustling lifestyles of modern people might result in insufficient time for preparing or having meals. 7-SELECT instant soup series provides easy-to-cook and convenient instant soup. The packaging design includes a variety of soup names and pattern designs, which differentiate the flavors and associate the consumers with the Eastern and Western styles of soup. In addition, to satisfy the needs of consumers who purchase at convenient stores, a large merchandise photo is used as the background to send precise and correct information of the merchandise to the consumers in the shortest period of time. The overall color combination intensifies the contrast with other merchandise on the shelf. Furthermore, unique colors are allocated to heighten the characteristics of the soup and to increase consumers’ purchase intention.

  • Designer: Adrien Duchateau
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Belgium

    Burgers are too often considered as an unhealthy food. Warren wants to change that image, that is why it offers a “prepare your own burger kit” with natural organic and high quality ingredients. Warren wants to revolutionize the burger industry by erasing the “junk-food” label it has been wearing for too long.

  • Designer: Simen Wahlqvist
    Type Of Work: Concept work
    Country: Norway

    This is a fictitious line of dry snacks from a farmer that is so lazy that the only thing he is good at is waiting for things to age! However, as he points out on the back of the package, it´s patience and not laziness. Believe him if you want ;)