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  • Agency: :OTVETDESIGN
    Client: Freshfood Ltd.
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Russia

    Prepare a good barbecue is very difficult. Because you need to choose what to do. From what. What marinate. How to cook . What serve. And most importantly - who will deal with all this .

    Well, when a friend who understands this issue . Able to choose the best meat. Knowledgeable different recipes . Owns secrets marinades. Versed in the tricks that accompany the process : wood on which is better to cook ; how long to fry ; watering than meat ...

    Bad when not all people in this company have.

    FreshFood Company has created a new brand - all the other traveling in the country, a specialist in the subtleties of the brazier and the thickness of the pieces of meat , an expert on the juiciness and degree of roasting . Meet - Grillmania . Responsible for meat podobor appointed brand Samson supply the best chicken claimed Sirloin. Logo and corporate identity created in : OTVETDESIGN.

    Now, to go to nature, do not need to wrestle with . Grilmaniya Friendly give you a lot of options to choose from : barbecue pork Georgian , grilled veal with bacon , chicken cuts, beef steak , some incredible amount of sausages and much more ! Bright design and advice on selection of spices, cooking techniques and the company attached.

    As they say, add rosemary to steak , sausages and beer to a good mood to prepare a picnic.

  • Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
    Senior Designer: Abi Singmin
    Creative Director: Dan Bray
    Illustrator: Yulia Vysotskaya
    Account Director: Suzi Della-Pietra
    Client: Woolworths
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Woolworths Select Easter 2014

    For Easter 2014, we were tasked with creating a joyful seasonal identity for the Woolworths Own Brand Select. The design had to appeal to kids and adults alike, stretching seamlessly across multi-categories including Bakery, Confectionery and General Merchandise.

    Opting for an illustrative solution, we developed a suite of friendly characters around the central theme of the 'farmyard'.

    A degree of naivety and quirkiness was essential to the appeal of the characters, so we kept the style simple whilst injecting some humour into their poses and actions.

    Our colour palette needed to be bright and bold to pop from shelf, but we chose softer, more natural shades, for a fresh, light, and less artificial appearance.

  • Agency: Cuciniello Design
    Art Direction: Dr. Lorenzo Cuciniello
    Designer: Lorenzo Cuciniello
    Client: Mediconserve s.r.l.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    The Mediconserve srl has appeared on the market in the nineties, the marketing of the product takes place all over the world, but not in Italy. The product has a medium-high target group.

    Objectives of communication
    The goal was to create a new and strong graphic identity to the entire company, which could give an impetus to the product straight from the supermarket shelf, for this was created an entire graphics system with a strong and clear identity, with lines simple and minimal but at the same time unique and eye-catching.

  • Agency: BREAK
    Client: Gruppo Colussi
    Brand: Riso Flora
    Designer: Rossella Rabuffi
    Account director: Laura Cremonesi
    Type Of Work: Commercial
    Country: Italy

    Flora appeared on the marked in the late ‘60s introducing the Parboiling process in Italy and becoming the leader in the newly created segment. Later the company extended its range in order to meet the most recent market trends. However, the new lines did not get all the recognition they needed as the brand was mainly associated to its most successful product: the parboiled rice.

    The objective was to create a new, strong brand identity, in order to make the brand more independent from the parboiled line and give value to all of its offering. A new graphic system was also needed to present the range in a clear way, give it more visibility on shelves and add more premiumness to it.

    A strong identity has been achieved through personification: being the brand name also a name for woman, a woman appeared on the pack and the first letter of the logo was made capital, as in given names. Chromatically, the pack was divided in two, to add clarity and premiumness. The institutional yellow became warmer and more personal. To illustrate the range, more emphasis was put on the use each rice was intended for (even to the aid of images such as a wooden spoon for quality risottos or several serving suggestions for the versatile parboiled, now simply called “the classic” that never gets overcooked).

  • Designers: Andreas Wikström, Erika Teljing and Hanna Mellin
    School: Linnaeus University
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Sweden

    Food package for a fictional product line of heat-n-eat meals. Large Package: Main course. Small package: Dessert. All the meals contains only 360 kcal each.

  • Agency: Neumeister
    Client: Triakata
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Sweden

    Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the world. And the farmers still call their cows by names. For Latvijas Piens, a farmer’s cooperative, Neumeister evolved the brand of cheese its members produce for both local sale and export. In the Trikata line of products, which roughly translates to “three cats”, cheeses are now packaged with images that instantly communicate the “Closer to Nature” values that all of the cheeses embody.

  • Agency: Karbon Ltd. & Garaj
    Designers: Selen Ozuekren, Ece Deniz Gurkan, Emel Tufekcioglu & Garaj
    Client: Plus Kitchen
    Photo credits: Umut Töre
    Illustrations: Evrim Guvenc, Emel Tufekcioglu
    Country: Turkey

    Plus Kitchen is a concept, designed for those who love to eat, yet pick what they eat carefully.
    Concept is conceived by Garaj, a team passionate about cooking, with the expertise in the food industry. Identity was designed and developed by London based agency Caulder & Moore. Plus Kitchen logo simply gets together the messages love & thought implying the love for food and healthy eating habits.

    Karbon has been involved in the project throughout the implementation of the concept in Istanbul, after many sessions of briefing and brain storming with Garaj team and C&M. Karbon and a creative team of Garaj collaboratively designed and developed the packaging ideas, interior communication strategy, tools and graphics. Garaj got involved in almost every step of the design process in order to communicate the aim of this concept accurately, that it’s a way of living, natural, simple and inspiring.

    Packaging ideas were established on healthy and smart ideas, practical for white collar business people, who cannot spend too much time to prepare or have lunch, have healthy snacks or a refreshing eating experience.

    Weck jars have been a starring actor for packaging salads, mezzes, desserts and even beverages. Textile based napkins are a part of the packaging, either to be used as a service mat or simply as a napkin. No plastic bags for take away is available, yet customers are encouraged to use the Furoshiki techniques to fold their napkins into bags. Customers are also encouraged to take the weck jars of their salads, soups or mezzes and are advised to reuse them for various different purposes. Mostly people prefer to use the empty jars to plant their own seeds –which can be purchased from the merchandise desk. They share the photos of their own DIY projects made with the jars, and these photos are published on the official social media accounts of Plus Kitchen.

    Embracing a clean and spare visual language, packages include a simple tag to give the basic info about the product, name, content, nutritional info and expiration date which goes no further than a few days and handwritten on the store. Front side of the tag is designed to give the emotional brand messages, on the other hand, back side states the thoughtful aspect of the brand, containing the content information, nutritional values and else.

    Woodwork collected from all around Turkey has been reused to make serving trays. Actually, all the furniture and wood blocks used for the floor have been made of reused wood.

    Plus Kitchen keeps an online notebook of articles, inspiring ideas for natural living culture, artisan craft work, environmental responsibility on its blog, collectively updated with Karbon.

  • Designer: Kim Soonhee
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    "ON-SAE-MI-RO" means the nature itself.

    Following the growth of people looking for well-being products, it is an upgraded rice paper made from advanced crops.

    It is designed after the form of nature's crops and curves of environment, The unique color of each grain was used as a color theme and applied onto the package so it can approach towards customers more efficiently.

  • Agency: Pixonal
    Client: The Fooding Company
    Type of Work: Commercial
    Country: Egypt

  • Agency: clever
    Designer: Sergey Trushevsky
    Client: Hlebozavod28
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    Bakery master. Bread that`s created by craftsman masterly owning their skills.

  • Designer: Flora Cruells Benzal
    Type of Work: Student Project
    Country: United States

    School design/packaging project where we were asked to create a line of cheese of our choosing. The project consisted of a minimum of one large round, a medium cut into 6 wedges and at least ten mini rounds.

    Since I am from Catalunya, I chose a specific cheese from the mountainous region of my country; Garrotxa.

    Garrotxa (also known as "pell florida", meaning "bloomy rind" in the Catalan language), is a traditional artisanal goat's milk cheese. It is aged in the humid Pyrenees caves in order to enhance mold development, and later on it is coated with ash which allows the development of its deep flavor.

    Knowing these unusual characteristics, I decided to produce a design that it was clearly Catalonian (reminiscent of stained windows in old churches), and used some darker colors, such as dark blue or black, in order to portray the idea of the caverns and the ash.

  • Designer: Anthi Tsouvala
    Client: Dorievs Organic Products
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    Dorievs is a greek company, with organinc products, exports to several countries.

  • Designer : Kim Gyeongah
    School : Hoseo University
    Course : Visual Communication design - Package design
    Country : Seoul, South Korea

    "EAT COLOR" is a compound word of direct meaning for color food enumerate 'color, eat' which means 'eating the color'. This is a dried vegetable color food package design showing extracted vegetables based on Color Food for easy storing for consumer who dreams of healthy diet menu, using dried vegetables to be able to eat all seasons. Designed the product by using graphics of vegetables arranged in color come out from selecting the most simple images, and used the net with holes to show dry feeling of dried vegetable for effective design for the consumer.Design strategy of ‘EATCOLOR’ package goods which fits to trand food “presents nature to every consumer.

  • Agency: SerCriativo
    Designers: Nuno Dias & Tiago Castro
    Client: MyVegies
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Portugal

    I teamed up with my partner in crime Tiago Castro, to build the Visual Identity of MyVegies, a Sports Nutrition Brand for Vegetarians. The idea was to create a positive and vibrant brand with a healthier, simple and fresh look. The job included the logo concept, the packaging and some illustrative icons.

    About the brand: "My Vegies was founded to meet the needs of a public that has typically been disregarded by the sports nutrition industry: Vegetarians. Few Nutrition Brands develop their products thinking of Vegetarians, of the supporters of animal rights, and of environmentalists in general. MyVegies is a brand that encompasses all these interests and concerns, giving you high quality organic products, derived exclusively from vegetable sources. Our growth is based upon environmental practices that ensure the preservation of our environment and help improve the quality of life of generations to come." (Source: )