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  • Agency: Christoph Petersen Design GmbH
    Country: Germany

    Veltins, with its beers, beer-mixes and beer-like products, is one of the absolute winners in the difficult and shrinking German beer market, which is also characterized by seriously falling prices.

    The long-term and highly successful collaboration between the Hamburg-based design agency Christoph Petersen Design, now firmly established as a European leader in beer brand design, and Germany's highly innovative and fifth largest brewery, located in the rural Sauerland region, is based on very close cooperation on all issues relating to strategic and conceptual brand management.

    Freshness in product and attitude is the very essence of the brand and the brand management, and is therefore always the starting point, and the guiding light, for new brand policies.

    The search for an innovative approach to an alcohol-free beverage that is based on brewed beer turned up 'Fassbrause', a non-alcoholic brewery product that was already popular 100 years ago, mainly in Berlin.

    The task facing the brand developers was to introduce this traditional beverage to a new, broad target group, and to express the highly refreshing, low calorie character of this product in the style and tonality that is typical for Veltins.

    Christoph-Petersen Design created the distinctive Veltins punch label and the unmistakable, dynamic design appearance of the brand family over 10 years ago, and this served as inspiration for Fassbrause.

    Following the pattern set by the line extender Veltins V+, the Fassbrause label serves to promote the product and brand value of freshness.

    Continuing to associate new brewery products with the 'Freshness' brand value appears to be not only good for new products, but also benefits the whole brand family, therefore increasing the attractiveness of the brand to the broader public, as can be seen from the disproportionally high growth rate.

    As always, Christoph Petersen Design did not just create the branding, it also developed the new brand's corporate design appearance for its customer Veltins.

  • Agency: LUNBERK GROUP GmbH
    Designer: Peer Lindberg
    Client: 2107 LABORATORIES GmbH
    Country: Germany

    2107 is a cool and fresh premium lifestyle brand for underwear, sports stuff, intimate cosmetics and exciting sex toys.

    The indestructible 2107 bottles are made of high-quality, leached aluminum. A high-tech packaging for a high-tech product. You don't have to hide the products in the drawer, they can stand proudly on display with no shame factor, on the bedside table or in the bathroom.

    The lube bottles simply look cool, sexy and exclusive and you can be sure they'll grab the attention of any visitors and prompt them to quiz you on them. All of the bottles are 100% recyclable! The relaxed attitude to life and there typical American image makes the packaging and the brand effortlessly cool and easy-going and this is precisely that feeling 2107 want's to convey to the world.

    • Eliminating outer boxes reduced waste and saves money
    • Available as refillable variant. This protects the environment and the wallet
    • Bottles are 100% recyclable

    Designer: Tibor Hegedues, Soeren Uherek
    Client: Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics
    Country: Germany

    A Product-Design Draft for Fifty Shades of Grey - is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. The beauty range includes Eau de Parfum, Massage Oil, Bath Soap, Bodylotion, Shower Gel, Lip-& Nip Balm and Soap-on-a-Rope in shape of love-balls.

  • Agency: DAC design am chiemsee
    Designer: Anne Stilper, Tim Hippmann
    Country: Germany

    DACTARI is a young brand for wine, spirits and fine food.

    In Africa, the "Dactari" is the Doc of the Animals, caring consciously and with circumspect of nature and its creatures. Dactari became well known through the TV series in der 60ies.

    The conscious use of the environment and nature is also an important feature of our brand. We cooperate throughout Europe with small but fine factories and wineries and know the people behind them. We also provide a portion of the products itself. All products are produced on a high environmental standard.

    Special feature is the design and sustainability of our packaging. DACTARI cans and jars are reusable, the bottles can be used as decorative objects or for other liquids. And we are largely striving to forgo plastic.

  • Agency: brandfield*
    Designer: David Brinkmann, Yelena Litzinger
    Client: Kelterei Heil OHG
    Country: Germany

    Our new client, Kelterei Heil wanted to change their old, outdated "Maikönigin" punch/cocktail range with something fresh and eye catching. The previous design agency wanted to "stay close" to the older design, but that wasn't what the client was after. They wanted something completely new and that is why the came to brandfield*. We opted to go with bold, vibrant colors with a mix of patterns and traditional forms. Since this product is a seasonal product and is on the shelves only for around 3 to 4 months out of the year, we didn't need to worry all too much about the "repeat customers" not finding their product.

    Designer: Nils R.Zimmermann & Stefan Mückner
    Client: Bremer Feinkost GmbH
    Illustration: Andreas Klammt
    Country: Germany

    The story of Linvard Bo Lapp and his traveling companion Ephraim Fao is one of discovery.

    Scouring the globe to unearth the sweetest delicacies of far-away countries that they can then use for one of their delicious creations.

    It's on those travels where they find the inspiration and ingredients for their unique concoctions.

    This is reflected within the new packaging creative for their syrup range: designed and illustrated to look like different stamps, the visuals show snapshots of those travels and discoveries – just like the Lapp & Fao syrups, each one a delicious souvenir in a bottle.

  • Agency: Brooklyn Soap Company (In-House)
    Designer: Lin Ja / Viktor Dik
    Client: Brooklyn Soap Company
    Country: Germany

    Brooklyn Soap is all about grooming products for men of utmost organic quality. We neither believe in drugstore cosmetics nor in long labels listing never ending chemical gibberish.

    Our approach was pretty simple: turning all us regular dudes into dapper gentlemen. It all comes down to a comprehensive and simple line of organic cosmetic products. Every product of Brooklyn Soap is an engineered piece of liquid art with the simple but honest purpose to make you look, smell and feel good. This stuff is our most sincere recommendation, we mean it.

  • Designed by DAC design am chiemsee
    Designer: Anne Stilper, Tim Hippmann
    Country: Germany

    Due to the current fragmentation in the “Weinviertel” area, the winery Petra Messerer has a variety of vines and plots. Our main challenge was to combine the wine proper names with different grape varieties and bring all to a common visual harmony on the labels. Each label motif has a relation with the proper names or the grape variety of the wine.

    For example, the " ALOIS " (white barrique wine ), is named after the Father, whose favorite clothes are plaid shirts . The capsule color is based on the colors of the labels and can be immediately identified thus lying on a shelf . Names like " Hirschberg "(stag mountain) or "Hasentanz” (rabbit dance) refer to situational aspects to those areas, because stags or rabbits have often been recognized over there. "Memphis Beat" or "Königsperle" (Kings pearls) have a situational , "historical" background with a "little story from life " which will also be told the website. All bottles also work visually side by side and are attributable to the brand immediately.

    The empty labels will be imprinted during the bottling until march 2014. In the next step, a complete revision of the bottles and packaging is planned for the following year .

  • Designed by Pentagram
    Country: UK / Germany / USA

    Have you ever had a great cup of tea at a music festival?

    YANG CHAI is a new brand from a Munich-based entrepreneur which sources and creates new tea varieties and then makes them available at festivals, at open air markets and through an online shop.

    YANG CHAI targets a young, design-conscious audience and therefore wanted to provide an alternative to the current tea brand trends. “We wanted to position this brand well away from the ‘homely’ or ‘organic’ looking tea brands which have come to the market in recent years”, says Justus Oehler, Pentagram partner.

    Oehler and his team designed the identity, product packaging, online shop and all communication pieces for YANG CHAI. Sarah Wilbois, a designer on Oehler’s team says, “We designed a visual identity which is cool and modern but, at the same time, elegant“.

    The YC logo is set in Akzidenz Grotesk and appears simply in black and white. Specifically created watermarked linear patterns were designed to be used as backdrop on all packaging items.

  • Designed by Emre Telli, Germany.

    "Whirling Tulip", 10th Anniversary Packaging Design for Cola Turka

    European Packaging Design Association (epda) in cooperation with Yildiz Holding have held the "epda DIY Packaging Design Competition 2013". Sponsored by Yildiz Holding, Sleever International, Storaenso, Brigl & Bergmeister and STARCKE the "epda DIY Packaging Design Competition 2013" challenged companies, design agencies and students from 12 countries worldwide to develop a Chocolate Gift Box, a 10th Anniversary Package design for Cola Turka and Chocolate Flow-Wrap in Promobox for the Turkish company Ülker.

    Epda’s "DIY Packaging Design Competition 2013 Student Award" was assigned to "Whirling Tulip", the 10th Anniversary Package design for Cola Turka. The tulip was the best matching iconic symbol to highlight the idea behind the Package Design for Cola Turka. The installed patterns distinguish themselves of being a cliché, because it identifies the ancient and true cultural heritage of patterns in Turkey. In addition a closer look to the Logo and the whole bottle from distance unveils the shape of an awakening tulip, giving a dimension with a whirl. Within this Design process it is included a new Logo Design.

  • Designed by David Matos, Germany.
    Photography: José Miguel Teles

    Brand development and packaging for Bagas Bravas, a small farming settlement in the mountain region of Bragança (Portugal) mainly centred on the production of honey and walnuts.

  • Designed by Pixelinme, Germany / Azerbaijan.
    Designer: Ramin Nasibov

    Packaging design for Premium Class " P R E S T I G E " juice.

    The "Prestige" packaging concept with its' non-standard design solution, contains the sense of premium class product and stands out of the overwhelming crowd of juice packagings. Although, creating the minimalistic, premium class and dynamic design in a single concept was a challenge, the solution based on attribute aspects combined in a most harmonic way was found.

    Packaging concept minimalism is represented by its' "book like" shape. Straight lines and no single curves- like a book, the "Prestige" packaging is easy to carry and takes a little space on shelves and in your fridge.

    Premium Class:
    Each packaging design contains harmonic and at the same time elegant patterns, which define each packaging and each product as a single handcrafted work of art, thus associating it with premium class lifestyle.

    In order to give the packaging dynamic feeling, the intense and bright colour sets reflecting each product type were chosen, thus the overall project goal was achieved.

  • Designed by Patrick Romer, Germany.

    Do you remember the 22nd of December 2012, the day the Mayans predicted the apocalypse? I had to create this special edition as part of a school project @HTK Hamburg for Heineken.

  • Designed by DAC design am chiemsee , Germany.
    Designer: Anne Stilper & Tim Hippmann

    You're invited to a friend's house. As a gracious guest you take bottle of wine, but you are no sommelier so you stand there at the door with that "naked" bottle wondering how this gift will be received. After all, it's not like you have a "Mouton Rothschild" with you every time . We thought about this problem and created these wraps. Now, with your bottle under our wraps, you can slyly point at your friends ..also with cheap bottles of wine. ; )

    The wraps are printed on both sides, so you can choose the way you wrap your wine. It's an easy and nice way to present a gift and avoid standard wine cartons or bags, which are often a bit boring .

    With the bottlerwraps there comes a bottle-label that has to be pulled over the bottle neck to fix the paper. You can also use any other kind of binding. At the bottom of the bottle the paper is only folded in the buckle. Depending on the form of the bottle, (there are many different shapes like Schlegel, Burgund or Bordeaux bottles) it can be helpful tu use a sticker that fixes the wrapped paper on the side or the bottom.