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  • Agency: Profilgroup
    Designer: Filio Tsouli, Elisavvet Demirtzoglou
    Client: Agricultural Cooperatives of Lamia
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    We were commissioned to design a new packaging series for the Agricultural Cooperatives of Lamia, an organized team of local milk producers. Based on the name of the town “Lamia” we created a new branding called “L’ami” that in French means “my friend”.

    Our process: LAMIA – L’ AMI(A)- L’AMI

    A symbol of a cow combined with the shape of milk drops, are the main characteristics of this brand new packaging. We created a series of 3.5% milk, 1.5% milk, cacao milk and sour milk, trying to have a product with dynamic perspective that can be easily identified.

  • Agency: Sophia Georgopoulou | Design
    Client: Home by Nature Ltd.
    Conceptual story, brand name, tagline & copy: Evita Skourleti (All That)
    Photographer: Marios Theologis / Math Studio
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    The Brief
    The brief was to create a brand identity for a series of olive oils and other olive based products with the potential to expand to other goods in the future, beyond the food industry. The target audience is Greek and foreign "health conscious" costumers, people who value quality in their everyday life.

    The Concept
    The real story of the man behind the brand, the founder of the company, inspired this project’s conceptual story:

    A man left his homeland to achieve his goals in the city and years after, he returned a wiser man to carry on his family business and to pass on to the world (his target market) his family ethics such us the values of loving, nurturing and sharing.

    The conceptual story became also the Brand Philosophy and lead to the brand name, “Home”, as well as to the product names “Home Spirit”, “Home Scent” and “Home Made” and the tagline “Worth Sharing”. Embracing the Greek hospitality, the message behind the brand and tagline is that HOME products are of a nurturing, pure kind and that they are worthy to be shared with the ones you love.

    The Logo & Packaging
    Taking into consideration the brand name “HOME”, the company's name "HOME by nature" as well as the brand philosophy, a hand crafted logo was created that symbolizes the path leading to home. The logo's outline projects an olive oil drop which is the symbol of nurturing and purity since the product is an extra virgin olive oil which contains some of the basic ingredients of any health boosting diet.

    The packaging following the concept, keeps the aesthetics of clean lines projecting the purity of the product. The Home Supreme bottle is cubical reflecting the outline of a traditional Greek house. Therefore, opening the bottle, one shares his home with the ones close to his heart.

    The color palette is inspired by the actual olive leaves, the olive fields and in general the Greek landscape, bringing out the notion of a country-side homeland. The fonts were "treated" in a way to enhance the feeling of handmade good since the "Home by Nature" entire business is a family business with a long tradition in olive oil production.

  • Agency: Yonas Design ltd
    Designer: George Yonas
    Client: gogreek brands
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    Our client asked for a new design for miniature ouzo bottles targeted in the tourist market. After processing several ideas, we came up with something unique. A transformation of the traditionally transparent ouzo miniature bottle into figurines wearing traditional greek folk costumes with a modern design approach.

    Finally we designed a collection of selected male and female costumes, from different regions of Greece. Each couple, is packed individually in a gift box.

  • Agency: The Comeback
    Designer: Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Yiorgos Yiacos
    Client: Pelasgaea S.A.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    We were commissioned to design a packaging series for Pelasgaea S.A., a new company that produces premium quality Greek agricultural products. Such as extra virgin olive oil, (organic and P.D.O.), balsamic vinegar and olive paste, under the brand name Anthia. A symbol that comes from the letter “A” and the shape of a drop are the main characteristics of the packaging logo. The symbol is rather big in order to create a dynamic perspective and the typography is always inside the drop. Every product gets a unique color so it can be easily identified as part of the product family and the same time, stand out.

    The Organic and the P.D.O. bottles are screen printed and all the others use a nice black label and a solid color for each pack. On the packaging of the two vinegar we used at special metallic inks to make them unique.

    At the end, we came up with another packaging solution. A gift box, design with the values of Pelasgaea brand, for the olive oils that includes two small bottles of 100ml olive oil and two 250ml bottles or two 250ml bottles.

    Screenprinting by Style Ltd.
    Offset printing by Cabas
    Project photos by Danai Issaris

  • Designer: Panagiotis Pagonis
    Photographer: George Pavlakos
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Athens, Greece

    The myth of the Heretic Monk

    Back in 1935 there were 6 monasteries in Europe producing beers in their own brewery, following a 1000-year-old recipe. The so-called “Trappist” beers reinforced economically the monasteries so as they could be autonomous.

    What was their secret of success? In their documents the recipe started like this “The flavoring contains ginger, cumin, coriander and you always….” This is the point where you could understand what was written. Only the monks could decode it and understand the unique combination of ingredients that did the Trappist beers so special.

    A small brewery in the east of Belgium was very peaceful. The monks were faithful and dedicated to their beer production, without confronting any problem. However, there was one monk who was always reacting as he was proposing new things that could not be accepted by the monks of that time. For example, he proposed new flavors or new ways of promoting the beers. That monk evaded from the International Unit of Trappists, where all the monks indicate compliance to the rules.

    One night when all the monks were having their dinner, he went to the brewery, stole the recipe and left. He left from the monastery without leaving any traces behind and without knowing the destination. Many years passed by and no one ever heard from him. Until one day, a Trappist beer appears in the market, having a Greek origin. This heretic monk who went against everything and everyone, started his own brewery in Greece.

    I was inspired by that monk in creating the brand identity of a Trappist beer named as “Heretic Monk”. I wanted to emphasize that people, who dare to do things disobeying to social or religious bonds, deserve to be given some kind of recognition.

  • Agency: artstudio
    Designer: Artemis Kokkinaki
    Client: Bekar International GmbH
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Photography: Fanis Mourtos
    Country: Greece

    Karmely Premium Llquors is a line of natural, innovative distilled beverages, consisting of a blend of wild herbs, honey and grape must.

    The project includes complete product development from bottle choice to packaging design. The visual identity is based on the logo of Karmely, a seal that guarantees the quality and uniqueness of the product.

    The products have the same design elements in order to create a strong consistent image, while the choice of different vigorous and elegant colors underlines the distinction between them.
    The main objective of the design was to create a luxury packaging to introduce a new product that aims to become classic and targets high-end liquor connoisseurs.

  • Agency: Dagrafix
    Designer: John Darmis, Nikos Eliades
    Client: Yefsis
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    Yefsis, which means taste in Greek, is a worldwide distributor of traditional Hellenic products. The Yefsis logo was inspired from a donkey carrying farm baskets on its back, a Greek traditional method for transporting all kinds of products, from food to structural materials.

  • Agency: Bob Studio
    Client: Mamalena
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Athens, Greece

    Mama Lena wanted to share with the rest of the world her amazing sauces. To do so, she needed economic packaging with a homemade character.

    We selected low cost jars and printed labels with handwritten information and illustrations to reveal the authenticity and the direct relationship of the producer with his product. We also created a spot in the label, where Mama Lena could handwrite the packing date. So every time Mama Lena makes a new sauce, she packs it, puts the label, writes the date and the most delicious homemade sauces are ready to use!

  • Agency: Bob Studio
    Client: Arodama
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Product photos by George Kasimatis
    Country: Athens, Greece

    Branding, packaging design and naming for the Arodama family, a new series of traditional Cretan products, aimed mostly to foreign markets.

    Both the given name (Arodamos is the tender shoot in the Cretan dialect) and the design of the whole series using vivid colors and illustrations, give a cheerful and playful character to the products. Food is one of the best joys in life, especially for the Cretans and we wanted to transmit that through our design. We drew illustrations for every product showing its basic ingredients and created a pattern that applies to all labels in order to achieve a consistent image for the whole product family.

    Products and corporate identity share the same design elements in order to create a direct relationship between them and a strong consistent image. The design patterns and illustrations have been implemented in jars, olive oil and raki bottles, packages, press kits, bags and the website.

  • Agency: Bob Studio
    Client: SugarHigh Films
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Athens, Greece

    Event and promotional material for the Sugar High team.

    The new creative team Sugar High consists of people from the fields of film making, graphic design, illustration and animation. To present this new team to the public we decided to organize an event and create different types of communication tools than can be used afterwards to promote the company.

    The concept of the event: ice cream and football tournament, that is Sugar High Open. Key players: 13 different characters illustrated having ice cream a common element. These illustrations and all artwork created, were used in video animation as teasers for the event, invitations to the tournament players, postcard souvenirs for the guests, ice cream cones, sticks and buckets for the treats during the event, prints in cooking aprons as gifts for the winners of the tournament, shirts for the organizers, a mobile app that includes licking the mobile screen and handmade posters with colorful truffles on top. We also created a new font named «ANNA FONTANNA FONT» designed to fulfill all needs of the above applications.

    The handmade ice cream posters were printed in one color on different colored paper, and then glue was screen printed to successfully add the colorful ice cream topping.

  • Agency: 2yolk
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    We created the “AROMA” brand for an extensive range of Greek personal care products available in supermarkets. The range takes its name from the natural scented essential oils and other select organic ingredients contained in the products. (‘aroma’ in Greek being the word for perfume, scent or fragrance).

    Our main concern was to differentiate the range from the competition on long shelves displaying this class of product in supermarkets. This is the reason why we avoided realist illustrations of fruits or water splashes.

    For each of the three “AROMA” lines, we chose stylized, abstract depictions of the two main ingredients: olive leaves dancing with balsam flowers, bay leaves and golden sesame oil, and milk and honey. The typography is sharp and black, an interesting counterpoint to the bright colour palette of the graphic design.

  • Agency: Mousegraphics
    Designer: Greg Tsaknakis
    Client: Harmonian
    Type Of Work: Commercial work
    Country: Greece

    Harmonian, includes a wide range of special food, from olive oil, to flour, pasta, herb infusions, and fleur de sell. What makes them unique is the fact that many of them are based on the Triticum Dicoccum variety of wheat seeds, one of the earliest domesticated, dual core crops, in the ancient world, the official favorite of the Ancient Greeks.

    "We opted for a design which would convey the dual nature of these valuable seeds as well the harmony and balance, the mathematical perfection of the spindle shape, which these seeds recall. Using Lucio Fontana's famous Tagli (slash) pieces as additional inspiration, we designed simple white surfaces - packages which are distinguished by the illusion of a cut, a twofold spindle like incision on paper.

    Mousegraphics is a Greece-based design firm, specializing in packaging and counting many awards in global and Greek contests. Mousegraphics' design for the "Harmonian" food line won the "Best of Show Award" at the 5th Annual The Dieline Awards.

  • Agency: spoondesign
    Designer: Spyros Doukas
    Client: SΙΤΩ'
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    Branding and Packaging for SITΩ's range of Greek food products.

    SITΩ* was founded in order to offer high quality food products at a reasonable price. Our brief regarding the packaging design was simple yet challenging: packaging cost should be at most half of total cost, use inexpensive and wide spread materials (bottles, pourers, labels), incorporate easy new products under the umbrella brand.

    spoondesign has satisfied all the requirements combining ideally a modern design with the traditional food products concept.

    *SITΩ: a synonym of Demeter, goddess of agriculture and fertility.

  • Agency Name: 2yolk
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece
    A low-volume producer of Greek delicatessen products entrusted us with the creation of their brand of marmalade and chutney for limited distribution in Greece, with a view to overseas marketing in the near future.

    The unexpected marrying of two different but similarly packaged products, each of which is made in seven different recipes, was enough for us. THE JARMATES was an obvious choice of name. Tasting them all was yet another matter: a real trip! And it was just this that we were inspired to illustrate: a myriad collection of fruit, a kaleidoscope of flower blossoms, punk style pin-up girls, angular shapes, bright colours. All brought together in a collage to show you what you might see if you close your eyes just for a second as you taste the ultimate natural high: fragrant Greek fruits, and wines produced on Greek soil!