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  • Agency: RK STUDIO
    Designer: Rafał Kwiecień
    Client: Tani Opal sp. z o.o.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    This packaging series for coal products uses winter animal represented by stylized pictograms. It includes 2 premium product series - Pro and Ultra. My goal with this project was to make simple and modern packaging, each displaying a strong identity. Every package has a unique animal and colour, it also comes with all required information on the front to help customers to pick the right product, on the shelf or online shop.

  • Designer: Seojung Kim
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    'Fling' is a compound word of "flower" and "ing" meaning flower is growing.

    'Fling' is a flower pot product including edible flower seed consumer can cultivate at home and eat right away.(can add edible flower leaf to several dishes.)

    Designed the paper by reflecting the curves, form and images of flower growing package to get a effective mobility from the consumer.

    (In this piece) A unique color was put in for each flower to illustrate the theme of flowers growing freshly.

  • Designer: Ji Hae Sung
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    "By.herb" is a product that is designed to easily grow herbs at home.

    Once you open up the stand pouch, the seed inside will begin to sprout.

    Using a cheer, see-through plastic pouch, you can watch the seeds slowly develop into herbs.

    The package design was done with the illustrations of herbs.

    It is not made by using computer graphics, instead of the design was hand-drawn to the deliver the warmth that nature gives out.

    By putting herbs on your window side or on a small table at home, feel the breath of nature.

  • Designer : Hyojung Jung
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    "WOODITH" is wooden utensils. Since it is made out of wood, it doesn’t have any EDCs, protecting the health of people dining at the table.

    As an environmentally friendly product, it consists of small and large bowls, plates, and cups.

    The name ‘woodith’ is a word that is put together with wood and health.

    The image of bowl was expressed from a letter ‘o.’ If you look at the package, the cross-section of tree was used to give the feeling of a wood.

    Also, it looks like a tree stump to make it look more environmentally friendly.

  • Agency: clever
    Designer: Daria Mikhaylova
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Client: Marier
    Country: Russia

    Our task was to consolidate their position and increase market share by attracting new clients to launch a new brand Marier. We pitched our potential buyers - women, two target audiences 25 years and 45 +. First: active, using modern technologies, prefer fast but useful solutions in cooking. Second: held in personal, family and professional sense women who attach great importance to the quality of cooked food and home comfort. Our objective was to convey to both groups, that our utensils to cook nice, easy and fun. Served as the basis of the concept saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." But with pans Marier this way is simple and entertaining. The concept is revealed in the communication between the two spouses through stickers on the fridge - is an easy home flirting.

  • Agency: VOZDUH advertising agency
    Art Director: Melnik Valeriy
    Designer: Tcimara Varya
    Country: Russia

    Design of packings for a ruler intimate TM SICO gel-greasings.

    The decision is based on use of images of characteristic spots in which situations of application of a product are easily guessed.

  • Designer: Ana Egorova (Popova)
    Country: Lithuania

    Beamer Candle Co.™ Candles packaging/branding design for an American Candle company. The project was all about creating a unique design for each of 12+ Beamer Candle Co.™ beautifully blended scents.

    Adding scents and smells to a place is a great way to turn an ordinary space into a slack and soothing atmosphere. Beamer Candle Co.™ is a collection of an American candles with more that 12 fragrances. It was important for the design of each fragrance label to have it's own unique and fresh feel, it's own personality allowing to create an exceptional mood wherever, whenever it may be lit.

  • Designer: Andrea Dusi
    Country: Italy

  • Designer: Brittany Bobo
    Country: United States

    Series designed to challenge the idea that store-brand products are of lesser value or interest to consumers. Bold pops of color used to grab viewer’s attention when juxtaposed next to brand name competitors.

  • Agency: Estudio Lina Vila
    Client: Eroski
    Country: Spain

    For over 10 years the studio has been collaborating with Eroski’s Marketing and In-house Brands departments on projects to do with packaging design (over 2,000 packaging items), textile design and graphic communication. The end of 2010 saw a change in brand strategy. In this project we were entrusted with the new global graphic line and its protocolization. Our proposal has a new branding approach. The new line is in response to a concept to balance the informative rationality with the emotional, attractive image of the products. This is achieved by establishing a visual order that connects with the brand values and enables the consumer to recognise it, thanks to the structure of its graphics and typography, and the power of its image.

  • Designed by Sonic Design Solutions
    Country: United States

    Developed in 1947, commercial plastic spray bottle have become increasingly popular in modern homes, whether it is for dispensing water, cleaning solutions or insecticides. Unlike spray cans, in which the user simply actuates a valve to dispense product under pressure, standard spray bottles rely on the user to manually pump fluid product.

    While in some cases a couple of pumps are efficient for a one-time use, there are many applications requiring consumers to pump over longer time to achieve necessary coverage or volume, causing fatigue, frustration and inconsistent results.

    New York-based SONIC Design developed an innovative power sprayer with replaceable product cartridges. Incorporating a battery-powered 4.5V pump, charging system and adjustable spray head, this product can aerosolize a mist, squirt or spray most fluid products. Adapting visual elements from power tools, the design concept conveys durability, quality and superior performance. The interchangeable cartridge system is based on a recyclable PET bottle with a shrink-wrapped label. Low weight and compact, the form factor of the refills allows for efficient shipping and shelving.

  • Agency: VOZDUH Advertising Agency
    Art Director - Melnik Valeriy
    Designer – Luzanov Roman
    Country: Russia

    Features of each product in a ruler are illustrated by characteristic drawing on a tie, as one of the main man's accessories.

  • Agency: SmashBrand
    Country: United States

    Ryco Corp hired SmashBrand for the naming, brand positioning and packaging design of the new EuroBed air mattress. The design goals were to create an ultra-premium brand presence with an emphasis on showcasing the built in pump and product durability. Look out for the new EuroBed packaging in Walmart and Target stores near your.

  • Agency: POWER
    Designer: Vladimir Cherepanov/Eugene Starostenko
    Client: I'm Siberian Project
    Country: Russia

    It's the best way to warm up for Siberia inhabitants.