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  • Designer name: Dolp Lau
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Designer Country: Hong Kong

    This is the flavoured tasting set for user who want to try for different flavour. Simply and minimalist design can be attributed to the 3 farmers coffee making all their products as original as possible. The brandmark creates by coffee bean and the number of “3” in Chinese character.

  • Designed by Dow Design, New Zealand.

    Dow Design's design project for Wild Bounty, a New Zealand owned health and beauty business which recently launched, opening their first flagship retail store in Hong Kong. The project incorporated brand design, packaging and retail design as well as consumer touchpoints. Wild Bounty's brand and packaging design communicates the clean New Zealand environment, the source of Wild Bounty's healthy natural ingredients.

  • Designed by Ken Lo, Hong Kong.

    To further explore the possibility of astrobrights paper for Polytrade, we have designed a series of packaging by using astrobrights paper, including wine, chocolate, mooncake, tea packaging and gift box.

  • Designed by Dolp Lau, Hong Kong.

    Newsbury & Watson is an artisan smallgoods company based in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. They make hand made, traditional style smallgoods from premium meats including heritage breeds of pork. A sense of place could also be good as the Adelaide Hills have a reputation as a village type of environment, enjoying a great sense of community and clean fresh air. They want something that reflects the premium quality they are aiming for and also steers away from the fel mass produced modern foodstuffs.

  • Designed by Dolp Lau, Hong Kong.

    I have used simple shapes in this logo, which was inspired by a plain macaron to bring out this classic and elegant design.

    A contemporary and serif font are used to complement the logo on the package.

    A Black and white package represent a traditional favour tea, whereas the colour package contain floral and fruity favour tea leaves.

  • Designed by Dolp Lau, Hong Kong.

    Its hair care products provide purely natural ingredients for users. The clean and pure packaging for the brand was created using a series of dots.

  • Designed by Monogum Creative, Hong Kong.

    Kookavale is a newly established wine brand from Australia. The main visual is a native bird Kookaburra, client pick this because it's tweet like a human laugher, that's imply the joyful and happiness. The most challenging part is to stick the round label onto the bottle from the label machine, thanks for the co-operation of the printing company, the final result came out great. This label won the 42nd Creativity International Awards.

  • Designed by Dominic Soong, Hong Kong.
    School: RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

    Welfe Jewellery is a Melbourne based contemporary jewellery designer. His overall color palette is black, white, grey. He does all the designing and crafting, so the boxes would have to be practical for him to make it.

    Price to make it is important however I feel you can pay a bit more to achieve a better premium box. His jewellery are of high end and premium, so the customers should be receiving a box that shows that. Mine would somewhat be a bit more than his budget. The box is layered with a matte black on the outside with white UV print on it. Inside would be quality fabric to make the cushion for his jewellery.

    I wanted to make a box that people could re use for future storage, because I feel sometimes the package usually gets thrown out and the re usability is quite important in a package.

    Logo and images are supplied by Welfe. The current jewellery in the photos aren't his products.

  • Designed by Vicky S. Y. Kan, Hong Kong.
    School: RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.

    WELFE is an Australian based contemporary hand crafted jewelry studio. All pieces are hand made using only materials sourced from Australia and New Zealand.

    The idea of the design was inspired by the geometry forms of architecture aesthetics and natural elements that have always given inspiration to WELFE when creating a new jewelry.

  • Designed by IKON BC
    Country: Russia / Hong Kong

    IKON BC was asked by Tipperary Hill Estate to develop a new look of Tulkara Shiraz wines.

    People at Tipperary Hill Estate are quite proud of Tulkara Shiraz. For well over a century, the gentle rolling hills which fold away from the granite outcrops of the ranges of Bendigo region in Central Victoria have been home to some of the great wines of Australia. All of Tulkara Shiraz wines are characteristic of Australian sun and nature, showing well developed dense fruit characters, with integrated tannins, balanced oak treatment with a little smack of burning berries and leather.

    When we conceived the idea for Tulkara Shiraz we were trying to show people in Europe or somewhere else outside of Australia the soul of Australian nature and the rigorous climate conditions of a region, the lack of rain, the blazing killing heat at the wrong time and the continuing drought. But wine-makers at Tipperary Hill Estate are still trying to do the best they can to produce wine grapes. We used the heated stones to burn the shapes of typical animals out on a paper. We used the shapes of well-known animals so everybody outside Australia could recognize the famous symbols of the continent.

    Creative director: Eugene Kuprienko, Zoe Mingjuan
    Brand strategists: Mandy Wong, Zoe Mingjuan
    Copywriter: Kirill Alexandrov
    Art-directors: Egor Kevraletin, Eugene Kuprienko
    Designer: Egor Kevraletin
    Photographer: Vasiliy Fetisov (FAME Studio)
    Photo retoucher: Egor Kevraletin
    Account director: Sherin Yamashita

  • Designed by TGIF, Hong Kong

    JOSA light bulb – A bold and contemporary approach for the packaging is designed to created a strong visual attention in the market. The use of cold and warm colors are picked to classify the lighting products.

  • Designed by Ashley Gaffney, Hong Kong.

    OBJECTIVE - For the final project in my History of Graphic Design class we were asked to select a variety of designers or movements and apply their style to a particular item.

    I decided to create a non-existing brand of women’s underwear that could be an in-house brand for Target. Hypothetically, this Target brand, ‘Undez’ would collaborate with AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Artists, to promote female designers in the industry. Each designer was matched to a personality, which also spoke to the style of the packaging. Leela Vignelli was sophisticated, Zuzana Lichko was sexy and Paula Scher was wild.

    CONCEPT - The packaging of this simple store brand embodies a woman’s “underwear buying experience,” pinpointing the main attractions of it from both a high and low end purchasing level. In total, a woman enjoys the intimate experience she gets with her panties when she buys them at the store. From the texture of the panties to the feeling and weight of the box or bag, these elements were recorded and influenced the design of the packaging. I wanted the packaging to reflect two major points that I felt would persuade and inform the buyer. The first, is the classic phrase, “Look but don’t touch.” The second, creating a system to emotionally empower women mentally, but individually meet their needs and the cut of panties she desires.

  • Designed by Blow, Hong Kong.

    In the Year of the Tiger, we have designed a contemporary Chinese New Year pocket with a W-cut exclusively designed for W Hong Kong.

  • Designed by Studiowill, Hong Kong.

    In collaboration with Asia Art Archive and milkxhake, we did a series of handmade book collection for the Dream Museum community project. In 2008, AAA asked the public to consider and describe their ideal museum through the enthusiastically received community project, What is your dream museum? This year, AAA calls on the community to build a collection for the dream museum by sending in an object or uploading an image on the web, and we put the selected submissions in the book collection.