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  • Designer: Raffaele Russo
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Nola, Italy

    Harmony Castle, Italian beauty cosmetic company. Brand design, corporate identity and packaging.

  • Agency:​ Redfish​
    Designer:​ Giovanni Murgia​
    Client:​ Tenute Olbios Winery​
    Country:​ Italy​
    Photos by Michele Secchi​
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Tenute Olbios is a wine-growing and wine-producing company ​based in Sardinia (Italy) ​with a precise expansion project: search for quality and excellence in an original and exclusive manner in every aspect of the production. T​he new wine of Tenute Olbios is called Cavè. The last-born of Tenute Olbios wineries is a particular wine, a so-called ‘rosè of one night’ because it is left one night to macerate in red grape skin, in order to gain its characteristic cherry-red colour and unique flavour. Theelegance and lightness of the label design and the packaging project mirror the qualities of this young and light wine. The young hawk flying free symbolizes the freedom and freshness expressed by this wine. Cavè’s story begins at the border between reality and legend, during a warm summer night in Sardinia. “The Spirit of the Night looked Cavè into his deep and dark eyes. He gave her wings to take her vitality to the world. She made a promise to thank him. You will find me in every sip of this wine'.

  • Agency: Bluestepstudio
    Designer: Bluestepstudio
    Client: Lilliu Winery
    Country: Italy
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    The Lilliu Winery is a relatively recent winery but with a philosophy that is a reflection of the strong sardinian tradition yet guided the fresh ideas of its young owners.

    Dedicated wholeheartedly to a synergic production they produce wines with an authentic and genuine quality. Their wish was to create wines that will become classic. Designed by Bluestepstudio, the Lilliu wines' packaging is an exact response of that dream, a design that is both modern and traditional at the same time. The concept of monogram is in the base of the design: for every single wine label the monogram was created, as a combination of the initial letter of the name and the graphical symbol that stands for it, as well as the colours. The choice of the wine bottle was also fundamental in order to express the concept and it gave the touch of elegance to the line. The result is minimal but very distinguished.

  • Agency: P.E.T. Engineering
    Country: Italy

    New Devin Bottle. A Sip Of Crystal Clear Water

    Devin, the best selling and best known mineral water brand in Bulgaria, has chosen the P.E.T. Engineering design team to develop its new packaging for the launch of its Devin - Crystal Line a water intended for the HO.RE.CA sector.

    The P.E.T. Engineering challenge is to design packaging with a premium appearance which is not in glass - the material usually used in the HO.RE.CA sector and more generally for all premium products - but rather with PET, most commonly used for bulk products with limited aesthetic appeal.

    The idea behind the packaging was thus to give premium value to a low cost material by means of a sophisticated design and a glass effect finish capable of combining the unbreakability, lightweight and low cost advantages of PET with concepts of elegance, character and refined simplicity.

    Our designers thus used the regular forms of crystal glass as their starting point as the geometric perfection of its elements and their repetition in three dimensional space creates an elaborate decoration which begins at the base and continues upwards along its conical and essential shape.

    The bottle’s three dimensional decoration and the use of Novapet's Glasstar reproducing the vibrant transparency of glass produces an interesting refraction effect and the bottle shines like a crystal in the light.

    Its blue and silver label with a cap in the same colour highlights the preciousness of this sip of crystal clear water strongly.

  • Agency: PUROSANGUE design
    Designer: Michele Cirasole
    Client: Cantine Ferri
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    The project is the brainchild of award wineries FERRI the status of fine wine, differing from the context growers nationally and internationally.

    A packaging designed for the food, which unites elegance and class to the design of local coolest.

  • Agency: asterisco*lab designstudio
    Client: Sodalco
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    Redesign of Fresh&Clean’s make-up remover wipes and cotton pads range of products.

    Freshness was the keyword for the new visual identity of the wipes with a renewed packaging with a metallic laminate.

  • Agency: EMMECIDUE
    Designer: Claudia Filograsso
    Client: Centovignali
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Bari, Italy

    Unusual bottle shape for an high-quality Apulian olive oil. Label with vivid color in background, elegant and minimalist style, modern lettering in combination with handmade font for "Olio"

  • Agency: Studio Sanna Adv
    Designer: Massimiliano Sanna
    Client: Ente Fiera Della Nocciola / Atl Langhe Roero
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    NOCCIOLART and Piedmont hazelnuts IGP: real resource of the territory, universally recognized and appreciated as the best in the world.

    Design object that remembers and recalls the gestures and real values ​​of a rich and proud of its history and its traditions, can be a "synthesis" of the ancient sages and gestures than once.
    All wrapped up in a very elegant and refined packaging, able to enhance and Hazelnut, a real queen of the land.

    Nocciolart, in fact, is a blend of raw materials, their territory, to seal even more authenticity and richness of the Alta Langa.

    The chestnut wood used for the base, on which is placed the stone of Langa, with the "grooves" on which to place the hazelnuts. A true object of design, destined to become the country (hotels, restaurants, consortia development, atl) and abroad a real subject of "cult", intended for a heterogeneous target and cross.

  • Designer: Laura Soave
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Italy / Belgium

    Kikkoman is the Japanese, worldwide known market leader in Asian seasoning products. I’ve reworked different products, giving them a brand new Design, trying to combine the new graphic elements, like the use of the Kanji and exploiting the old ones, like the use of the hexagon in the logo and the Kamon as additional element. I've reworked the Soy Table Dispenser, assigning this specific name, to make a recognizable definition of this product, mainly seen in restaurants. I didn't choose another shape for this product, because this famous bottle created by the Japanese designer Kenji Ekuan, for many years has been the recognizable symbol of quality. I’ve also worked on 3 variations of the basic bottles of “Naturally Brewed Soy”, “Marinade Teriyaki Sauce” and “Stir-Fry Cooking Sauce”, they come along in three different colour variation, as well as the “Mirin Seasoning Rice Wine” and the box “Tempura Bread Crumbs”. I’ve then created the Special Anniversary Edition. The peculiarity of this edition is the chopsticks holder on the bottle side and the wooden hexagonal box that contains the product. It's not a case that all these brand new Packagings present a smooth and rounded shape that could distantly relate to feminine curves. One of the Kikkoman's legend is that the soy sauce was brewed the first time by a woman, a progenitor of Mogi's dynasty.

  • Agency: Emmecidue
    Designer: Egidio Piccininni
    Client: Centovignali
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    A premium wine label for Primitivo Apulian wine. Label design shows the refinement and the strength of this wine by the usage of black color in background, custom illustration and typography.

  • Agency: Mc Brain's
    Designer: Marco Cheli
    Client: Fattoria Camporignano
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    A new wine label for Camporignano estate in Tuscany

  • Designer: Monica Māyā Meli
    Client: Liquorini Bomapi
    Country: Monica Māyā Meli / Italy

    The "Liquorini" of Bomapi demonstrate how excellent products can have more advantages if bottled in an uncommon format. A bottle which captures the scent and the colours of a perfect measured liqueur (or liquorino) and made more precious by an fresh style and effect, minimalist but refined, attempting to capture a young target. The graphic elements are just a few but essential, the base line is concerned with a contrast between black and colour, where the colour Is sampled from the very essence of the liqueur. Captivating labels that in fact are valid as two, that divert attention from an exclusive frontal impact bringing the attention to a pleasant complete combination.

  • Agency: LibellulArt – Officina Di Segni
    Designer: Eleonora Casetta and Elisa Scesa
    Client: Pastiglie Leone
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    A tender original tin box collection dedicated to childhood serenity. Sweet old time pictures telling the lighthearted happiness perceived through the eyes of the kiddies.

  • Agency: asterisco*lab designstudio
    Client: Kemeco
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    Doccia & Doccia is a new line of shower shampoos intended for mass consumption and designed for the whole family. The graphic concept precisely reflects the name chosen for this new brand, meaning “shower&shower”. The image of the product is simple, but at the same time cheerful, fun and playful. We also study and design the PET bottles with a dynamic and sinuous shape providing a better ergonomy of the product.