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  • Agency: McBrains
    Designer: Marco Cheli
    Client: Az.Agr.Ripanuda
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

  • Agency: Cuciniello Design
    Art Direction: Dr. Lorenzo Cuciniello
    Designer: Lorenzo Cuciniello
    Client: Mediconserve s.r.l.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    The Mediconserve srl has appeared on the market in the nineties, the marketing of the product takes place all over the world, but not in Italy. The product has a medium-high target group.

    Objectives of communication
    The goal was to create a new and strong graphic identity to the entire company, which could give an impetus to the product straight from the supermarket shelf, for this was created an entire graphics system with a strong and clear identity, with lines simple and minimal but at the same time unique and eye-catching.

  • Agency: BREAK
    Client: Gruppo Colussi
    Brand: Riso Flora
    Designer: Rossella Rabuffi
    Account director: Laura Cremonesi
    Type Of Work: Commercial
    Country: Italy

    Flora appeared on the marked in the late ‘60s introducing the Parboiling process in Italy and becoming the leader in the newly created segment. Later the company extended its range in order to meet the most recent market trends. However, the new lines did not get all the recognition they needed as the brand was mainly associated to its most successful product: the parboiled rice.

    The objective was to create a new, strong brand identity, in order to make the brand more independent from the parboiled line and give value to all of its offering. A new graphic system was also needed to present the range in a clear way, give it more visibility on shelves and add more premiumness to it.

    A strong identity has been achieved through personification: being the brand name also a name for woman, a woman appeared on the pack and the first letter of the logo was made capital, as in given names. Chromatically, the pack was divided in two, to add clarity and premiumness. The institutional yellow became warmer and more personal. To illustrate the range, more emphasis was put on the use each rice was intended for (even to the aid of images such as a wooden spoon for quality risottos or several serving suggestions for the versatile parboiled, now simply called “the classic” that never gets overcooked).

  • Designer: Giovanna Gigante
    Country: Milano, Italy

    Craft packaging for olive oil company, Olio Flaminio.

  • Agency: Temadesign
    Designer: Fabrizio Di Bella, Antonella Musumeci
    Client: Agrestis
    Country: Italy

    Packaging design for entire line of Agrestis flavoured oilve oils.

    A touch of excellence and craftsmanship retro feel to this line of flavored oils. The shield is the recognition element of the entire line.

  • Designed by Basile Advertising
    Creative Director: Andrea Basile
    Client: Cantine Catena
    Country: Italy

    Grovigli grappa is a distinguishable and remarkable product thanks to its high quality and packaging.

  • Designed by asterisco*lab designstudio
    Client: Brelil Professional
    Country: Italy
    Additional Credits: Brelil Professional

    Haircur Intensive Treatment - professional haircare treatment by Brelil Professional an italian company - Redesigned by asterisco*lab designstudio.

    Brelil Professional creates and distributes professional hair care products to hairdressing salons, offering the high levels of innovation and quality inherent in the company’s meticulous research and technology.

    Haircur Intensive Treatment is a professional line for the treatment of the scalp. The product range includes four treatment types: anti-oil, anti-dandruff, anti-hair loss and detox.

    The study of market positioning inspired a redesign which communicates the high quality, reliability and technological innovation of the product.

    The result is graphics which are essential but at the same time technical and elegant: silver inserts in the logo, embossed textures on a white background and hot metallic finishes. Each healing programme was associated with an identifying color, to make it immediately recognisable.

  • Agency: BREAK
    Designer: Alessandro Di Bello
    Account director: Laura Cremonesi
    Client: Molino Filippini
    Country: Italy

    The history of Molino Filippini begun in the beginning of the 20th century in the heart of the Italian area called Valtellina, where it started processing buckwheat and making typical products of the local tradition. With time it enhanced its offerings with quick and easy to prepare flours products.

    It was necessary to recreate a brand image to convey the plus of the company on the market, such as the ability to combine innovation with its territory and traditions.

    To give a premium feel and stress its belonging to the highly praised area of Valtellina, the brand has been differentiated by using some black and white photographs representing those valleys.
    These photographs are inserted on the packaging in a rational grid, witnessing the combination of tradition and innovation.

    The logo has been redesigned with colours that could raise the perception of the firm. The use of typography adds a touch of vintage.

  • Designer: Andrea Dusi
    Country: Italy

  • Designer: Andrea Pagano
    Country: Italy

    The work is based on the port of Hamburg, and the marine life and the old stories of travel, mermaids and monsters that inhabit the sea.

  • Agency: DE/CO Studio
    Designer: Diego Decortes
    Illustration: Gianluca Biscalchin, photo: Silvia Pastore
    Client: gliAironi - Risi&Co
    Country: Italy

    Le Grange is the excellence area near Vercelli where the best Italian rice is cultivated, a magic place populated by Herons, the typical bird of the paddy fields.

    In this special and particular area we produce our traditional biscuits made with rice and love.

    From search and development of best raw materials by “Gli Aironi”, is born a new exclusively organic range: Le Grange. This name is a clear reference to the territory where our production is made, where the history of the Italian rice was made, and where our Company is.

    First of all Biscuits, completely organic, made with traditional recipes but with a special ingredient: rice flour. We make special biscuits in which rice gives a particular texture to the pastry and rich flavor. We reinvented traditional biscuits with genuine and organic ingredients ( no preservatives, margarine, colouring and aromas), a simple and tasty “fairy tale” delicious cookie.

    Here are the range of “Biscotti da Favola”, a fairy tale made of butter, flour, eggs, sugar and spices: Bicciolani, Speculoos, Canestrelli, Krumiri, Baci di Dama e Baci delle Grange.

    Taste the innovative tradition, taste the genuine goodness, taste them all.

  • Agency: LibellulArt - Officina Di Segni
    Designer: Elisa Scesa
    Client: Pastiglie Leone
    Country: Italy

    There are colours and scents so sweet in mind to awake childhood memories. Such overwhelming shades to fill in our soul. Such unexpected flavours to hand down to us incredible stories of a past time.

    RetròChic Candy Originals are real essences of the purest sweetness! LibellulArt disigned RetròChic tins, gift box and display for Pastiglie Leone, the depositary of the most refined taste: from candies to chocolate everything reflects the most renowned Italian confectionery quality.

  • Agency: Minale Tattersfield
    Client: Tenuta San Martino
    Country: Italy

    Torre is in the eye of the beholder

    A new verbal and visual identity across all packaging and supporting communications was required to appeal to a young, sophisticated and fashionable palette.

    The tower symbology gives the winery a powerful yet subtle device to communicate what San Martino does best— which is to produce a small but exquisite range of wines for the high-end Horeca (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) sector.

  • Agency: BREAK
    Designer: Eugenia Kalinovskaya, Luca Franceschi
    Illustrator: Luigi Russo
    Account: Olga Manoilenko
    Client: Abrico
    Country: Italy

    The Russian jam market presents a high number of players. Despite Abrico is one of the most well-established brands, it has recently suffered from a decrease in sales: its packaging has been unchanged for 7 years and is unable to respond to the latest market trends.

    Abrico’s core values revolve around family and tradition (Dlia Vnuchat - For Grand-children). It is necessary to stress those values in a way relevant to the contemporary market: tradition involves natural and quality ingredients along with environment friendly practices. However, despite a home-made feel, the consumer should still feel reassured about the strict quality control that a great firm can guarantee.

    Some classic elements have been put together in a fresh way to give simple and essential looks. The screw-cap uses the traditional red and white colours, whilst the transparent jar boldly shows the product, stressing out its quality. Thanks to specially made realistic illustrations, the fruit play a very important part and emphasizes that just natural ingredients are used. The clean and essential overall effect greatly differentiates the product from its competitors and make it stand out on the Russian market.