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  • Agency: Santiago Design
    Designer: Niels Buschke
    Client: Kano
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Germany

    David and Lennart, two friends from Munich, learned on their journey to Asia that there’s a very different way to consume tea. There, tea is often cold - very pure, without any additives except maybe a bit of lemon or tea leaves. This, and the trend of more healthy and organic beverages, became the motivation behind the Kano team.

    The result is the first bottled iced tea, Kano - Sencha green tea from Japan. It is all organic with fresh and dried herbs. Unlike most iced teas, Kano has a natural taste without artificial flavours. You can taste all the natural ingredients, and it is only a little sweet.

    Based on this idea, they asked Niels Buschke from Santiago Design to help out. The label Niels came up with has a clear, strong concept. The brand names the first thing you notice. The idea is to always have it in the same position for upcoming products. The colours create a natural impression. In addition to the label, Santiago Design also produced the corporate identity and the advertising concept layout.

  • Famous Japanese confectioner Glico has been bringing us iconic Japanese sweets like Pretz and Pocky for decades. Now they have a real treat in store for us, thanks to an extra-special line-up to celebrate the upcoming 3-D movie, Stand By Me Doraemon.

    The new specially marked packs include a hidden secret: 3-D moving images of Doraemon that come to life in your home. But these aren’t just any images. They’re created by you, with your very own colours and designs transformed into unbelievable, moving images, each with Doraemon acting out a fun scene before your very eyes!

    After hearing about the promise of a floating 3-D Doraemon, we made our way to the nearest candy store to see if we could find one of the special packs. The whole range was there waiting for us, and it includes Pocky, Pretz, Collon, Bisco, Caplico, as well as chewy Heart-shaped Caramels.

    We went all out and bought packs of Pretz and Pocky, a box of Caplico Minis and a set of limited-edition flavoured Pocky we’d never seen before. The Doraemon designs on the Collon and Bisko boxes were the same as the ones on the Pocky and Pretz packs so we were sure we had all the designs.

    Source: RocketNews24

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini / Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: São Paulo, Brazil

    The innovative line of Japanese sake mix stirred its segment. The 638 brought different flavors to traditional sake in long necks and abused colors to captivate a young audience, enjoying new! The modern design extended from the packaging until the pieces disclosure created for the brand.

  • Designer: Dustin Edward Arnold
    Country: United States

    Bottle for Datsuzoku Fragrance based on the Japanese Wabi-sabi tenet of that same name.

    Datsuzoku involves a transcendence of conventional ideas and traditional usage. The bottle was designed with this in mind. Focusing on the experience of handling and applying the product, rather than it's form factor- the exterior material was created from adhering traditional japanese bookbinding cloth to the acrylic mold. The material was then sealed in a triple aqueous coating creating a surprising tension between a natural and artificial material set.

  • Organization: Millford
    Client: Japan Tobacco International
    Contact: Laura Heemskerk
    Country: Japan

    Japan Tobacco introduced a range of limited edition packs with an urban look and feel. We came up with the theme “Heartbeat of the city” and captured this concept in a visual device: a heartbeat made of everyday life objects. At the second level, a city skyline is shown. Because the appearance also associates with a music beat, the packs were introduced at a rock festival in Japan. Besides the original design, the package also has an innovative way to open and close.

  • Designed by Hiromi Maeo - enhanced
    Country: Japan

    Crown Clown is a high-performance cosmetics brand originated in Tokyo.

    By reducing the extra advertising expenses and middle margin, rich component is used abundantly than the common products.

    This product is the ingredient which can care of the skin with all-in-one.
    Therefore, it is most suitable for the person who is busy with work and a woman taking care of her baby.

    The logo mark of Crown Clown is comprised of the next element.
    1. The crown (milk crown) which symbolizes moisture.
    2. The shield which protects the beauty of the skin.
    3. The clown who heals a person with a smile.

  • Designed by JDO Brand Design & Innovation, United Kingdom.

    JDO upgrades and contemporises LUX packs in Japan

    JDO Brand Design & Innovation has been working with Unilever to re-launch LUX in Japan. The agency has been working as LUX brand guardian with Japan since 2005, helping the brand to consistently remain a step ahead in the hair care category and act as a beauty icon.

    JDO were briefed to upgrade LUX hair care packs and bring a new proposition to life based on brand values of admiration, sophistication and elegance. The challenge was to do this in an inspiring and contemporary way that was both relevant for the core user group in the 30s and 40s whilst also bringing in more younger and modern women. JDO were also tasked with shifting brand perceptions from competent and capable to more efficacious and pleasurable to use as well as upgrading the LUX brand to a more premium position.

    By taking the strong equity of the LUX brand identity, JDO created a new and highly animated device by way of the ribbons marque. The gold ribbons reflect pure glamour, ooze confidence and luxury and are both bold and impactful. The two sub ranges of Shine and Damage Repair are easily differentiated through the base pack colour with pink and bronze highlights. On shelf the LUX range combats the clutter with an elegant and refined presence.

    Ben Oates, JDO Creative Director says, “Part of LUX’s success has been to continually breathe life into the brand and keep it relevant for its demanding consumers. The Japanese market is packed with innovative global and niche brands and it’s essential to not only stand out on shelf, but also to have a clear and compelling positioning and offer.”

    Ana McMahon, Head of LUX in Japan commented, “JDO’s design is simple, modern and ownable, while the ribbons marque has iconic potential and is highly campaignable. The contemporary play on LUX gold equity is not only modernising the brand but also moving it to a more distinct and premium position.”

  • Designed by SAGA Inc., Japan.

    Kirin No Yawaraka Tennensui

    SAGA's challenge was to come up with a design that functions as part of the interior into plastic bottled mineral water to work as a "design for display".

  • Designed by Josephine Yau M.L. of Art Lab Int’l Co., Ltd., Japan.

    Paper Vase – Banana Fiber Diffuser
    Most home diffusers contain a bottle of oil in combination with a ceramic bottle. In this case, these little paper vases have skipped the part of pouring oil. Art Lab has created a paper cover to turn a simply ordinary bottle into a 3D shaped vase. The vase is made of natural white paper and comes in light golden pattern design. Choose from 3 stylish patterns of 3 different flowers with 3 unforgettable fragrances. The luxurious riches of glimmering paper vase diffuser set is treasured and exquisites as pure gold, that creates magical moments of resplendent beauty. Paper-artistic carving is a brilliant concept that you can easily fall in love with! Style 1 (PV-101) is a beautiful vintage Art Nouveau look, painted with elegant motifs. Decorated in simple swirl ornaments with a touch of Rose fragrance. Style 2 (PV-102) is a refined and well balanced Art Deco look. This little stereoscopic paper sculpture with noble flower fragrance is a wonderful contemporary home decor piece to your room in any occasion. Style 3 (PV-103) has an elegant look with clear curving stripes on both sides from top to bottom. This paper vase named as art elegant expresses the beautiful blend of Greenfield fragrance. The artificial flower made of Banana fiber gets oil, will travel up the cord and infuse the air naturally.

  • Designed by Vittorio Mancini & Associati and Takaaki Inaba
    Country: Italy and Japan

    VITTORIO MANCINI & ASSOCIATI is a design and communication agency highly specialized in brand, corporate & packaging design. Since the late ‘70s Vittorio Mancini & Associati have shown its creative skills working with many of the most famous Italian and worldwide brands.

    Our history is rich in challenges and successes. Our history is a fond search of design excellence.

    Cotoneve, the most important personal-care brand in Italy, has lately lauched the brand new series of DOUBLE ACTION COTTON PADS designed by Vittorio Mancini & Associati.

    Cotoneve has strategically planned to innovate in a very difficult field as personal-care is.

    The aim of the brand is to offer to every consumer’s need a new range of innovative products.

    Cotoneve 2in1 make up remover cotton pads, in 100% pure cotton, have a double efficacy as a result of their unique COTTON ENRICHMENT SYSTEM: the white side of the pad, thanks to its high absorbent capacity, can be used to cleanse the skin and remove the make up. The colored side, when in contact with cleansing lotion or water, will release the active principles.

    VITTORIO MANCINI & ASSOCIATI realized a striped-sachet reproducing the colour effect of the pads when piled.

    Four different colours to convey four related active principles on skin: pink for Dog Rose (Antioxidant Effect); green for Aloe Vera (Soothing Effetct); yellow and Orange for Propolis (Antibacterial Effect); blue for Blue-Green Algae (Reinvigorating Effect).

    In 2013 this packaging design has received the MEDIASTARS awards as Best Design for the Mass Market.

  • Designed by emuni, Japan.
    Designers: Takashi Murakami & Masashi Murakami
    Additional Credits: Fits Coporation K.K

    "BODY FANTASIES" is a brand of body fragrance from New York which is greatly popular in American girls. The features of that products are pop coloured bottles and variety of fragrant. Even in Japan, "BODY FANTASIES" is very popular with girls and they were sold 5 million bottles in there. This brand has established new line for Japanese mens as a bold approach.

    The concept for this brand is "Playful spirit". The new labels we designed describe symbolic feeling for when you choose fragrant, and the shape of bottle are taken from former design for familiar to everyone. The typography of names express fragrant images as different approaches, which are designed pictures of each situation with name of fragrant.

    These unparalleled graphical fragrance has gotten a lot of exposure on Twitter and Blogs. This product has acquired a high reputation and a variety of stores introduced it on the their shelves in a highly competitive fragrance market. They took a new position in that market, yet we achieved 120 percent of the original target. In 2013, to expand the market to the whole country including the largest convenience store. Our total sales of bottle with another line for women exceed 9 million.

  • Designed by Daisuke Sergio Ito, Japan.

    "You can't help shouting!"

    X-PLOSION is a brand new Japanese high energy drink. Its characteristic shout mark is expressing "the explosion and the shout" of feeling which are felt with this energy drink, such as spirit when encouraging themselves, invigoration by release from stress, and joy when an aim is achieved.

  • Designed by Josephine Yau M.L. of Art Lab Int’l Co., Ltd., Japan.

    Art Lab has developed a new look of home diffuser. It expresses the ICE world of frosted cold surroundings. ICE series has clay elements like Iceberg, seal, polar bear and penguin. The package has a tiny ice element clay with fragrant oil in a bottle. The clay absorbs fragrance oil and diffuses smell. Pour the attached fragrant oil into the unique iceberg shaped container to bring fresh and cool scent to your home. These 4 blue green scents are created for cool refreshment such as peppermint and aquatic herbal note. 80ml of fragrant oil will last for approximately 2 months depending on the conditions of humidity and temperature and size of room.

  • Designed by Kakoii
    Country: Germany / Japan
    Photocredit: Lars Brandt Stisen

    Dr.Go® is a 100% natural high quality black and blueberry carbonated soft drink with caffeine from coffee beans and guarana plants.

    The brand design and packaging design reflects the typical "Berlin vibe" as the city is world famous as a creative playground for a young urban elite that cares not only for party but also for sustainability.

    Dr. Go is produced and bottled in Germany but available in several other European countries with more to come in 2013.