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  • Agency: BrandMe
    Designer: Adam Wilford
    Client: Heineken UK
    Country: United Kingdom
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Limited Edition Anniversary packaging for Kronenbourg 1664 created by BrandMe

    BrandMe were commissioned by brand owner Heineken to create a celebratory packaging range to mark the 350th anniversary of Kronenbourg breweries.

    The brief was to create a striking packaging look that clearly endorsed Kronenbourg’s Alsace origins and heritage, whilst celebrating the unique quality of the hops that give the beer its singular flavour. The focal point of this design is an illustrated ‘explosion of hops’ emanating from the brand mark. This represents the qualities of French baroque style plus the celebratory feel of a bursting firework.

    This anniversary design has allowed BrandMe to hero the passion, pride and history of the brand whilst still maintaining the key brand equities from the core Kronenbourg design.

  • Rexam Leads The Way In Innovation Offering Super Premium Editions™ And Positive Editions™

    Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, is now offering Super Premium Editions™ and, for the first time, Positive Editions™ to its customers from all Rexam locations, in a move that reinforces its position as a leader in beverage packaging innovation.

    Rexam’s patent pending Editions™ technology allows for up to 24 different designs to be printed simultaneously on a single pallet. Super Premium Editions™ offers the next step in can design, printing high definition detailed images onto the can. Positive Editions™ allows for the inclusion of colour on text, silhouettes and high definition images.

    Speaking about these new developments for Editions™, Paul Winwright, European Graphics Manager at Rexam says, “We recognised a demand in the market for unique and intricate can designs. Following the success of Editions™ last year, the introduction of Super Premium Editions™ and Positive Editions™ is a natural step in extending the technology even further. We are proud to provide our customers with unrivalled printing options that allow their brands great stand out on shelf and endless marketing opportunities.”

  • Agency: CARTILS
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: The Netherlands

    CARTILS unites the Italian passion of S.Pellegrino and Ducati in a limited edition design

    Every year S.Pellegrino launches a global limited edition following the theme “LIVE IN ITALIAN”. This year for the new limited edition package design S.Pellegrino co-brands with Ducati, for which the international packaging design consultancy CARTILS won the pitch. S.Pellegrino is the world’s leading Italian sparkling mineral water in fine dining. Ducati is the famous Italian company that designs and manufactures motorcycles. Two totally different product categories but with one core value in common, Italian passion. CARTILS reaffirmed its expertise in limited editions. The new co-branded global limited edition of S.Pellegrino and Ducati is an iconic and outspoken design.

    In the creation of this global co-branded limited edition of S.Pellegrino with Ducati, CARTILS respected both brand worlds by creating a true Italian design, while balancing it with the required activation. The multiple Ducati logos in the background of the label give the dynamic feeling relating to the fast performance of the brand. The blue colour banknote structure and the prominent S.Pellegrino logo give the authentic feeling of the brand. This is also seen on the packaging of the six-pack bottles but printed in metallic blue giving it the premium S.Pellegrino quality feeling. Ducati and S.Pellegrino become one in the red colour that both brands share, which represents their passion, revolving in the design of the star and the logo of Ducati. To define more explicitly their Italian passion, the Italian flag is used as a ribbon that elegantly is wrapped around the six-pack, giving it a feeling as if it were a gift. A gift of a sparking Italian experience.

    The limited edition is available since May 2014 in multiple markets all over the world, bringing the sensorial, social and cultural experience of Italian passion on the table of every S. Pellegrino lover.

  • Agency: ButterlyCannon
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Building on the success of the past two years, ButterflyCannon, have again been recruited to develop the limited edition packaging for this year’s Chandon Summer program, #ChandonSummer.
    The continued success of this annual activity has seen the program successfully rolled out across key global markets, specifically Australia and Asia Pacific. This success has caused the lead (US) brand team to adapt their thinking slightly and aim for the 2014 limited edition to be American Summer inspired with an internationally relevant feel.

    Morgan Robbat, Brand Director of Chandon, says “Our aim with the summer limited edition is to reinforce our position as the refreshing prestige sparkling wine that enhances the fun and casual glamour of summer moments. ButterflyCannon, are our go to agency for packaging design that captures superbly both the essence of the brand and the essence of the occasion, year on year they have produced designs that inspire engaging off pack opportunities during this key selling period.

    We are very proud of the continuing work we are doing with Chandon, the Summer brief is always an exciting and inspiring opportunity; the local yet international bent of this year’s brief added a new layer to the design work and allowed us to think more broadly about how the Chandon consumer experiences summer from a global perspective. The resulting design perfectly balances the unpretentiously chic and vibrant brand personality with an element of summer style and play, the iconography is routed in a summer truth the world over.” Jon Davies, Creative Director and Founder of ButterflyCannon.

  • Agency: Publicis Mexico
    Designer: NOTlabs, creative studio of NOTCOT
    Client: Nescafe
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Mexico

    Additional Credits
    Electronics - Eric Brockmeyer
    Illustration: Charmaine Choi
    Video: The Lift

    NESCAFÉ® embraces consumer maker technologies to quickly design and build 200 limited edition, 3D Printed, Arduino-based NESCAFÉ® Alarm Caps.

    Publicis Mexico is proud to present the The Alarm Cap, designed for NESCAFÉ®‘s brand image refresh. This is the first prototype developed by Publicis Innovation Lab in collaboration with NOTlabs, the creative studio of Los Angeles based, design inspiration company, NOTCOT Inc. “We are very proud of this first prototype delivered and of what our Lab, and its multi- disciplinary team, is
    accomplishing since its establishment as an independent department, just a few months ago,” says Héctor Fernández, CEO and General Creative Director at Publicis Mexico.

    The Innovation Lab offers brands the possibility to lead the change in the way to interact with consumers. Publicis is the first agency in México to create an inhouse Innovation Lab, combining communication strategy, UX, design and technology. The team is led by Federico de Mateo, Orlando Montiel and Leonardo Corrales.

  • Agency: Safari Sundays
    Chief Creative Officer – Damon Gorrie
    Managing Director – Cynthia Davies
    Creative Director – Simone Fabricius
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Client: Carlsberg
    Country: New York, United States

    Safari Sundays has designed Carlsberg’s Limited Edition premium range,‘The Nordic Collection’

    Design agency Safari Sundays has completed a premium range of limited edition bottles for the Carlsberg Group to be primarily sold at high-end bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

    Safari Sundays was challenged to design a range of bottles that celebrates the trademark Carlsberg hop leaf as well as the beer’s Danish heritage. Safari Sundays looked to Nordic landscapes and industrial design as their inspiration and translated these scenes onto the classic green Carlsberg bottles. The end result is a sleek and modern styling that plays with both transparent versus opaque spaces as well as matte versus high gloss contrasts. Safari Sundays’ Creative Director, Simone Fabricius, elaborates, “By inverting the brand colors and shifting to a nearly white bottle highlighted by green, it immediately makes a bolder statement. White was the only natural color to fully convey refreshment, purity and premium qualities in this context. We also celebrated the hop icon by allowing it to transform and fuse with the textures.”

    Tom Moradpour, VP Carlsberg brand, adds: “The launch of these three bottles pushes the boundaries of our design and production capabilities, creating a stunning looking bottle surpassing expectations. They are clean, eye-catching and unlike any other beer design available at the moment. Carlsberg is leading the way by continuously pushing the boundaries of design and we are proud to have used our Nordic roots to create these limited editions.”

    The bottles will have a limited run launching in April, in 11 countries: Portugal, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta, Iceland, Cyprus and Holland. The three distinct bottles, Spectra, Umea, and Symphony tell a unique story about the Nordic region’s wintery panoramas as well as the eye gaping architecture.

    Spectra: Spectra, a quiet nod to Danish functionalist architecture, demonstrates the ideal to design buildings that embrace as much natural light as possible - the full spectrum.
    Umea: Umea tells the story of the Swedish city of the same name that was spared from a fire by a group of silver birches, which now line the city to prevent future fires.
    Symphony: Symphony demonstrates how the elaborate symphony between architecture and light orchestrates true harmony throughout Denmark.

  • Agency: La Fonda Gràfica
    Designer: Oriol Piferrer Saló
    Client: Cèlia Izquierdo & Marc Corominas
    Country: Spain

    Limited and numbered edition of handmade liquor created by Cèlia Izquierdo and Marc Corominas.

    To create this liquor you must leave rest the herbal preparation for 40 days. This give XL name at Ratafia, 40 in Roman numerals. The name also refers to the size nomenclature (extra large), something which is reflected in the long proportions of the bottle and the label, that’s stitched with thread. The label is completed with and extended list of the latin scientific name of combined herbs.

  • Agency : Raison Pure Paris
    Account Director : Estelle Pillet
    Art director : Jérémy Vince
    Country: France

    Raison Pure Paris creates the new limited edition tin gift pack for Chivas, the original luxury whisky brand. The distinctive and masculine design, inspired by the elegant gentleman’s wardrobe and tailormade universe, features luxury & stylish fabric pieces. Innovative production technique and fine embossings highlight Chivas’ values of heritage, know-how and sophistication.

    A « must-have » chic & unique object for this winter !

  • Designed by LADYSSENYADORA, Spain.

    Tinta de Vi was born from the desire to design something crazy and daring. Ladyssenyadora, a Catalan graphic design studio, decided to create their own brand of wine, inspired by the designers' love of wine and the world of label design.

    Under normal circumstances, their own clients usually produce tens of thousands of bottles. But their own brand is a limited edition of about 100-200 bottles, allowing them to treat each bottle in a special way. Their aim was to develop a label for their wine that was “impossible”. In order to deem their design as such they decided to use real wine to print the label. Thus came the wine’s name: "Tinta de vi".

    The opportunity arose when one of their winery clients accepted the conditions of payment with wine. The following day they were sent 150 bottles of the best vintage.

    The tumultuous road of discovering how to print with wine started with the wine making cycle itself. They first tried printing using the leftover "cake" from the first grape pressing using silkscreen or letterpress. But the excess wine from the cake created wrinkles and splotches on the paper. They tried leaving the wine to dry out in the sun, but the resulting pigment didn't work either. They thought of cooking with wine, so a wine reduction option was put to the test. They even tried real wine with a home-printer. But nothing worked.

    When all options failed them and they were feeling down and out, they heard words of wisdom calling from above saying, "Children, fear not! Go upstairs to the roof terrace and have a smoke" (which is where they usually go to clam their nerves). There, amongst the weeks-old leftover trial samples, they noticed several pools of partly-dried wine that had formed a sort of dark-red goo that was perfect for printing!

    Finally, together with Marçal Font as photographer and Jorge Croissier on video, "Tinta de vi" came to life. With Ladyssenyadora, it’s not only about good taste and good wine but it's the good design too that allows us to enjoy it all.

  • Designed by Evan Yurman & Mode Design Group (MDG), United States.

    Branding and design agency Mode Design Group (MDG) has teamed up with world famous jeweler David Yurman and powerhouse tequila brand Patrón to create a custom, limited edition David Yurman for Patrón Añejo Dagger Bottle Stopper for the 2013 holiday season. This is the second limited edition design collaboration MDG has created for Patrón tequila.

    The new collectible bottle accessory is crafted exclusively for Patron Anejo by Evan Yurman, Chief Design Director for David Yurman men's and timepiece collections. Patron's relationship with Yurman emerged from a shared commitment to understated luxury, meticulous craftsmanship and masculine elegance. Die-cast in solid metal and electroplated in gun metal and 24K gold, the bottle stopper is an exceptional two-toned sword featuring elaborate metal carvings inspired by those depicted on the hand guards of 18th century Japanese Samurai swords; a reflection of Yurman's love for unique and rare objects, artwork and artifacts. Like Patron Anejo, Yurman's bottle stopper is bold, intricate and truly distinct.

    MDG facilitated the collaboration between the brands, resulting in remarkable branding, logo and package design. The product hit stores in November 2013.

  • Designed by Bluemarlin, United Kingdom.

    Global brand consultancy bluemarlin has designed packaging for ZEO Tingle Bells, a limited edition offering from Freedrinks Ltd. This glittery new addition, flavoured with winterberries and mulled spices, will be available throughout the holiday season at Yo Sushi! Restaurants and WH Smith stores as well as a host of independent pubs across the UK.

    The variant’s name, “Tingle Bells” plays to the signature tingling and warming sensation the brand delivers. The design reflects this by embodying the sentiments of warmth, cosiness and cheer. Taking its inspiration from retro-style Christmas jumpers, the festive new look features a ‘knitted’ logo and a snowflake ‘stitched’ on to the cap. Metallic gold labels compliment the mesmerising sparkle of the beverage, which is created by an all-natural gold mineral.

  • Designed by VRS WPI Vilnius, Lithuania.
    Designer Marija Mikulskiene

    While waiting for Christmas “Vilkyskiu pienine” has created a holiday design for its milk. Without losing Black Cat product line identity, package turned out exceptionally seasonal and visible on the shelves. The main character was dressed up with a scarf and hat to keep warm and spoke up to all kids (to grownups as well) who believe in Christmas magic. Is in it magical? It makes all people smile.

  • Designed by SmashBrand, United States.

    Art Haus Inc has a special selection of gourmet lemonade that are only available as limited edition releases. Each new release features a new design that changes slightly just like the fresh flavors inside. Fresh, unique and never overproduced...that’s Art Haus Lemonade.

  • Designed by Webb deVlam, United Kingdom.


    Design agency Webb deVlam creates bespoke bottle and giftbox

    The Bombay Sapphire team, in conjunction with design agency Webb deVlam, is proud to announce the launch of the ‘Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Laverstoke Mill Limited Edition Bottle’ and the Imagine What You Can Discover Giftbox to celebrate the soon-to-be opening distillery at Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire, UK.

    Work on the limited edition bottle involved both structural and secondary packaging design, and will lead to the creation of a distinctive house style for the distillery itself. JP Hunter, Creative Director, Webb deVlam said: “The Laverstoke Mill house style is a living, breathing entity which evokes the spirit of the location and the focal points that surround it. Along with the history and traditions of Bombay Sapphire itself, Laverstoke Mill provided us with a wealth of inspiration. The limited edition bottle and giftbox are the first items to encapsulate this. The designs feature all the quintessential details that we have come to expect from Bombay Sapphire, but they also have a depth of discovery that really holds the attention.“

    The special edition product features an illustration by award winning British illustrator, Si Scott, which depicts all of the key iconic features of Bombay Sapphire and Laverstoke Mill; from the ten exotic botanicals with which the gin is infused, to the copper stills used during the distillation process and the River Test which runs through the site. The illustration also references the sustainable way in which Laverstoke Mill has been restored, featuring carp in the river, a kingfisher and bats, all of which have made their home at the site.

    The Limited Edition Bottle pays homage to the history of the gin whilst maintaining the iconic blue colour with which it’s now synonymous. It features a ceramic application of Scott’s illustration and the bottle is inspired by the two intertwining glasshouses which sit at the heart of the distillery at Laverstoke Mill. The glasshouse structures are the inspiration of acclaimed London design studio, Heatherwick Studio (renowned for creating the London 2012 Olympic Cauldron) and are influenced by Britain’s rich heritage of glasshouses and the dramatic sculptural forms of the copper stills used in Bombay Sapphire production and, once completed, will house each of the ten botanicals which are carefully sourced from around the world by Bombay Sapphire Master of Botanicals Ivano Tonutti.

    The elegant stopper and bottleneck are inspired by the multifaceted glasshouses. Meanwhile, the bottle features a metal band which represents the colour of the materials used in the refurbishment of the site, bank note detailing to reflect the industrial heritage of Laverstoke Mill (which once produced bank notes for the British Empire) and imagery of the botanicals. Bombay Sapphire has previously released limited edition bottles to mark the 250th Anniversary of Bombay Sapphire (designed by Webb deVlam) and the $200,000 Bombay Sapphire Revelation bottles made of Baccarat® crystal.

    Similarly, the Imagine What You Can Discover Giftbox also launches this Autumn. A bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin is encased in the intricately designed gift box which tells the story of the gin; features an introductory note from Heatherwick and a Bombay Sapphire cocktail recipe, The Mill martini cocktail, devised by UK Bombay Sapphire Brand Ambassador, Sam Carter to ensure the contents can be enjoyed at its imaginative best.

    In addition, Scott’s elaborate illustration of the distillery, which can be folded out from within the giftbox, can be explored using the specially-designed magnifying glass included. Using this, consumers are invited to discover the history of Bombay Sapphire and the site at Laverstoke Mill, with those who uncover the five key historical dates hidden in the illustration eligible to enter a competition online (at for a chance to win one of 15 Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Laverstoke Mill Limited Edition Bottles (see notes to editors for more details).

    Emma Johansson, Global Marketing Manager, Bombay Sapphire adds: “As we look forward to opening the Bombay Sapphire distillery at Laverstoke Mill, we are excited to see our agency partners embrace the spirit of the site and use it as inspiration to create imaginative assets that bring the brand’s home to life. The Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Laverstoke Mill Limited Edition Bottle that Webb deVlam have designed is sure to evoke the same tradition, quality, craftsmanship and imagination infused within Bombay Sapphire gin, and we eagerly anticipate unveiling it to consumers globally.”