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  • Agency: Adell Taivas Ogilvy
    Client: Stumbras
    Type of work: Commercial Work

    Design and layout for the Easter Limited Edition for Lithuanian Vodka. It won the Geras dizainas award for package design 2013.

  • Designer: Edmundas Jankauskas
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Lithuania

    “Summer Garden” is a liqueur made by one of the largest alcoholic drinks producer in Lithuania - AB “Stumbras”. This liqueur is produced in three flavours: cherry and chocolate, pears and also coffee. Since it belongs to a group of liqueurs of a lower price it is important to clearly express the flavour and stand out from the competition, at the same time keeping the low cost of printing of labels.

    The idea was to eliminate paper labels and use as less graphical elements as possible. Rich colour of liqueur itself together with graphic fruits should represent the flavour. Minimalistic white elements and colourful fruits create a seamless and sleek modern design.

  • Designer: Ana Popova (Egorova)
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Lithuania

    Branding & Packaging design for limited reserve Greek extra virgin olive oil.

    This olive oil is produced as limited edition, each bottle is hand numbered and states the limited amount of bottles produced in that harvest year. Each bottle is labeled with the olive oil’s harvest year, indicating it's freshness. Made from the Koutsourelia variety of olive that is recognized for producing exceptional olive oil.

  • Agency: CreativeDNA
    Designer: Martynas Vežbickas
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Lithuania

    “Savage power!” was our main thought while creating this design for energy drink with natural fruits. That is why exotic animal head became the main accent of the design. Coldness of silver and water splashes on fruits and lion head represent freshness and attract to calm down the thirst. The exceptionality of this energy drink – attention is concentrated not on the energizing materials but on natural juices in the drink. The drink is orientated to a health-conscious young people. To draw attention of this consumer segment even more, nutritional materials are emphasized in the packaging design.

  • Agency: Studija Creata
    Designer (Studija Creata): Asta Kauspedaite and Kęstutis Poniškaitis
    Product development department manager (Stumbras): Jūratė Paulauskienė
    Illustrator: Rimas Valeikis
    Photos: Edgaras Marozas
    Client: Stumbras
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Lithuania

    Flight. Journey. Stories… fabulous stories which blur the line between reality and fantasy.

    Propeller is a collection of spirits from various parts of the world, designed by Studija Creata. Associated by the theme of air travel, which appeals to male customers and reflects quality and experience, collection becomes easy to identify because of the character of pilot traveller. His stories are reflected in the illustrations and tell about every beverage's origin country. Features of each sort of beverage are exposed through numerous illustrations, inscriptions resembling aviation badges and sketches serving as cocktail recipes. Multifaceted design is complemented with various tones of coloured foil, different lacquers, patterns and embossing.

    Propeller started this journey in 2013. It's just the beginning, expect more to come...

  • Agency: McCann Vilnius
    Designer: Aurimas Kadzevicius, Ernesta Valantiejute, Karolis Zukas
    Copywriter Dangiras Bugas
    Creative director Mantas Velykis
    Type of work: Self Promotion
    Country: Lithuania

    Every year for beaujolais nouveau first tasting McCann Vilnius creates limited edition wine packaging. It’s agency way to tell their clients and market at large that we are constantly reinventing ourselves and looking for a fresh perspective.

    This year we tried to reimagine function of the wine. Obviously beaujolais nouveau isn’t the best tasting wine in the world, so except making you drunk it turns your teeth and lips purple. Perfect! So this year we sent out wine packaged in paint buckets, with typical paint label, even instructions, how many glasses bring which colour on your teeth.
    Limited edition packages became instant hit with huge exposure in social media.

  • Designer: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Copywriter: Eglė Mačerauskė
    Photographer: Robertas Daskevičius
    Client: Švenčionių vaistažolės
    Country: Lithuania

    ETNO – it's tea culture that has been cherished by Lithuanian herb factory ŠVF since 1883. By creating products for youthful consumer, we overcome the challenge to combine Lithuanian traditions, packaging innovations and gourmet flavors.

    Modern pyramidal sachets of soft fabric, thoroughly selected components, its exquisite combinations as well as harmonious and luxurious tea flavors are revealed in new teas VĖJŪNĖ, SAULĖJA, ŽIEDŪNĖ. Ethnographic sounding names and a symbolic tree of life, which became an inspiration for the ornament, revive in new packaging unexpectedly and modernly. True peace and refreshment in a cup of tea.

  • Agency: McCann Vilnius
    Designer: Dziugas Valancauskas
    Client: NARVESEN
    Country: Lithuania

    Narvesen is a Norwegian convenience store chain that just recently launched in Lithuania. One of their specialty is take-away food and drinks. To make new brand visible we decided to make food and drink packaging that would really stand out in the crowd.

    Every single piece of packaging tells a story about what it may be if you just turn on your imagination. For example, coffee cup says "I’m not a cup. I’m warm gloves for cold morning” or a bag for panini says “I’m not a bag. I’m a hideout for you sandwich”, etc.

    Narvesen packaging now really stands out in the take-away food market dominated by brown paper bags and white paper cups.

  • Designer: Ana Egorova (Popova)
    Country: Lithuania

    Beamer Candle Co.™ Candles packaging/branding design for an American Candle company. The project was all about creating a unique design for each of 12+ Beamer Candle Co.™ beautifully blended scents.

    Adding scents and smells to a place is a great way to turn an ordinary space into a slack and soothing atmosphere. Beamer Candle Co.™ is a collection of an American candles with more that 12 fragrances. It was important for the design of each fragrance label to have it's own unique and fresh feel, it's own personality allowing to create an exceptional mood wherever, whenever it may be lit.

  • Agency: Creative DNA
    Designer: Martynas Vežbickas
    Country: Lithuania

    Are you nuts?? Nerd Nuts are TNT for the brain! Natural flavor, organic and pure taste - it's what you need when you study, work or just chilling. Almonds help to provide good brain function, pistachios to support healthy nervous system, hazelnuts to support healthy bones and joints . All three packs are packed in close-open package, so they are easy to carry.

  • Art direction, design: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Product development department manager: Jūratė Paulauskienė
    Product development manager: Artūras Kazlauskas
    Copywriter: Daiva Grikinienė
    Photographer: Edgaras Marozas
    Aquarelle author: Gintarė Lučiūnaitė
    Client: Stumbras
    Country: Lithuania

    When it comes to organic products, the usual images immediately come to mind, with green as the dominant colour on textured paper, natural, realistic pictures of the nature, and so on. UStumbrasU decided to present its new product – organic vodka – to its customers in a slightly different manner. First and foremost, with an intriguing design – something innovative and unique to the market. Subtle, yet rich.

    Stumbras Vodka Premium Organic is produced from wheat grown on an organic farm and deep subsurface water. Its production also includes filtration through a unique linen filter – the very unique filter in the world. Though no longer grown in Lithuania, flax is still a distinctly Lithuanian plant and thus acted as the leading design inspiration. The natural, blue colour of the flax blossom, the pattern on the bottle neck reminiscent of mature flax, and the linen filter symbol are the main eye-catching design elements, while the paper used for the label, the subtle foil decor and the embossed details evoke sensations of touch.

  • Designer: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Client: Biržų duona
    Visualizations: Creative agency IDEA (IDEA GROUP)
    Country: Lithuania

    Biržų duona is one of the oldest and biggest bread bakeries in Lithuania, founded in 1953. While cherishing old bread baking traditions, the company never forgets to search for innovations and take the consumer wishes into consideration. This time the bakery presents the latest result of the masters’ passion for their work and creativity – modern bread and confectionery product line Miltė (Miss Flour).

    The slogan of Miltė products is “From the very first grain”. It perfectly defines both the entire production process and the company’s point of view – regard to their work, experience, and creativity. The ones, who appreciate lightness and sponginess, should like white bread containing no yeast or the first in Lithuania unsweetened white bread. By the way, it has the keyhole label, which is very popular in the Scandinavian countries, that identifies healthier food products within a product group. The ones, who like the taste to be richer, will appreciate brown bread with cranberries. Soft and fragrant sandwich bread with pumpkin seeds, which is perfect for making toasts, will be loved at each breakfast table.

    Biržų duona also presents a modern and crispy snack – dried bread slices with sunflower seeds. These slices are perfect with various spreads, salads, or soups. The confectionary fans can enjoy a huge cereal cookie with sugarcane syrup, seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. And this is only the beginning!

    An especially brave step was taken in designing the packages for Miltė products – most of the packages were painted in bright colors and bread can be seen through small funny windows of various shapes. This has significantly enhanced on-shelf visibility of the products. Bright background colors are supplemented by pastel illustrations of ingredients and icons, highlighting the advantages of each product. A big logo of Miltė also catches the eye – it was designed using a handwritten font of distinctive shapes. Nature has not been left aside either – the bags are made from the environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable film.

  • Agency: Creative DNA
    Designer: Martynas Vežbickas
    Country: Lithuania

    It's coffee in three different packs. Each contains pure Robusta roasted whole beans. Taste comes with smooth, pure and sweet. To reflect this variety, each pack has characteristic image of archaic basket, nowday's pot and of course espresso pot. Company's brand "Morning Fuel" is displayed as oil digging machine - the way to addict workaholic customer segmentation.

  • Created & Produced By: Chocolate Naive
    Author: Arunas Matacius
    Art Director: Arunas Matacius
    Designer: Laura Grigaliunaite
    Photographer: Alma Galinskaite (almu)
    Country: Lithuania

    Chocolate NAIVE is award-winning bean to bar chocolate maker in a countryside of Lithuania. Passion for food is a consequence of being in love. Every love story deserves a book. Chocolate story got the pink one.

    “Naive Story About Love, Man and Chocolate” is a debut for writer Arunas Matacius, who is also product developer at Chocolate NAIVE. It is said, that every human has to be surrounded by three persons in order to create personal happiness: one, who listens; second, who listens and ups; third, who listens and downs. The story is about a man, who met those three persons and they all were women.