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  • Agency: Diana Design
    Designer: Diana Bharucha
    Illustration - Denver Kotian
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Client: Shalimar Teahouse, Malaysia
    Country: India

    Indian designer Diana Bharucha, was asked to name, position and design a brand of chocolates for Shalimar Teahouse Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. Research confirmed what Diana believed all along, that chocolate is the one thing that makes life better irrespective of the situation. Every now and then, we all need a little chocolate to make bad days good and good days even better. Just like your friendly neighbourhood superhero, you can depend on chocolate to save the day.

    From this insight Mokaya was born. The chocolate that’s ‘There for you. Always’.

    The hand-drawn illustrations on the packaging take a humorous look at everyday situations, made better, with a little bit of chocolate."

  • Agency: At Home Creative
    Designer : Raymond Teo
    Client : Run, Ray Run.
    Country : Malaysia

    Run, Ray Run. - Look up, move forward!

    "Run, Ray Run.", a personal theme given by Raymond Teo himself, the creative director of AT HOME CREATIVE made it his own personal mission to be an inspirational person with physical disability to the public through many channels like creativity, care, love, creating positive source of energy, contributing to the community and living out the value of existence. "Run, Ray Run." is inspired by the Bible verses, Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” This verse always serves as a reminder for him to face the challenges in life, empowering himself to be a tougher man that he can be. As a person with disabilities, it didn't stop him from moving forward. With the burning passion being a creative director, he is able to convince himself to accept the limitations of being imperfect and have the flaming desire to live like a perfect human being.

  • Designed by Alpha245
    Art director: Siok Yee Koh
    Country: Malaysia

    The Brief
    To develop an appealing and attention grabbing communication piece to wish potential and existing clients of Alpha 245 a very happy and prosperous lunar new year. The key objective is to encourage enquiries and generate business opportunities from potential and existing clients.

    The Solution
    Mandarin oranges have always had a symbolic presence during Chinese New Year. Phonetically, they mean 'gold', and since 2011 was the Year of the Rabbit, we packed the oranges into a shape that looked like carrots - to signify a golden harvest for the year. These were given to existing and potential clients to wish them a successful and profitable Year of the Rabbit.

    This gift of golden carrots managed to secure 5 new business meetings,2 referrals and a premium proposal, creating more than US$100,000 worth of revenue from new business with another estimated US$150,000 still in the pipeline.

  • Designed by Alvin Edison, Malaysia.

    A school project, an experimental cd packaging for Yuna, an internationally acclaimed Malaysian singer. The brief was to create a cd packaging design for local artist.

    Yuna is a singer that grew from nothing to something, while preserving her uniquely Malaysian/Asian style, and that is how she inspired me on creating this packaging.

    I wanted to make something unique and special but at the same time also show the asian root of the artists. The reason i made the cover in layers is because i want to highlight how the songs reflect different dimension of the singer's life, her world and her stories.

  • Designed by Lim ChengHui LIM, BeeChean YONG and YenQi CHIA
    School: School of Design, Southern College University
    Country: Malaysia

    "Send your sex,through message."

    We through the packaging to transmit the request that people usually difficult to ask or show, that is SEX.

    Watch is normally as a gift send to partner. So we take this opportunity to apply hints of sex on couple watch packaging, increase interactive between couple.The graphic is break part apply on each.

    There is only customer who buy the set of couple watch will get the hint.

  • Designed by Chen-Ming CHAN, Shi-Jia YEO and Chloe HUE
    School: School of Design, Southern College Universitiy
    Country: Malaysia

    CUTEA is a flower tea brand that packaged with three characters which three cute and young girls. CUTEA named from abridge the words "Cute" and "Tea", emphasise that the 3 girls characters are cute. Drink the tea will cause you cute like them.

  • Designed by ZhiSheng NGAI, Chung KokWai CHONG and JieLin YEOW
    School: School of Design, Southern College Universitiy
    Country: Malaysia

    It's like bringing our chefs back home.

    This take away boxes are helping Genki Sushi to change their customer's bad impression of plastic or boring polyfoam food box. The concept is to transform the chopping board onto the box to preserve initial sense of Japanese traditional cuisine.

    Although it is take away food, but still want to bring the customer sincerity feel and hard work by the chef, just like bringing the chefs back to home and preparing the Hand-made Sushi in front of dining table and serving the Sushi on chopping board as having it in restaurant.

    Due to high volume of boxes as buffet or family consumption, there is a handle sleeve which can hold 3 big boxes and tight it up nicely with traditional japanese clothes pattern as japanese do.

    Genki Sushi like to bring the chefs back to your home even you are only buying take away sushi.

  • Designed by Aik Chin Teoh, Malaysia
    School: RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

    WELFE, an Australian jewelry label, specializes in creating contemporary hand-crafted jewelry pieces using only components sourced from Australia and New Zealand.

    My packaging design proposal utilizes materials with sensuous surface texture delivering consumer a unique soft feel tactile experience. With special folding techniques, very minimal adhesive substance is required to keep it highly intact and compact during storage and transport. All these elements work together to induce the essence of its current branding, forming a durable timeless packaging that can accommodate and house Welfe's ever-evolving jewelry design.

  • Designed by AT HOME CREATIVE, Malaysia.

    "Ju" means "gather" in Chinese, which an important word during events, especial gather around with family during new year. Ju Traditional, a gift branding start working with client with the name, we are happy with the oriental pattern going on on the packaging.

  • Designed by Andrea Lee of Cellnique Cosmaceutical Sdn Bhd
    Country: Malaysia

    There’s no surprise you’ll find yourself unusually interested with the b.seen line of eye care, where the eyes literally do the talking. The initial focus lies on the highly aesthetic bottle cap that comes with a unique twist-the shape of an eye. It keeps the message clear and precise; that we’re serious about your eyes, and so should you. The structured bottles are in gross silver with beautiful colored panels indicating the different eye-care solutions. The blemisher exudes a ‘luxe’ factor in royal bronze. Our designers amped it up by blending bright and bold hues, enough to grab anyone’s attention from a distance. The symmetrical patterns keep it clean, coupled with our futuristic designs.

    Super cute icons depict various symptoms that age the eye. We’d like to send out a message that b.seen is here to take care of your eyes as we’ve created a line of specially tailored solutions for each type of problems.

    In terms of the messaging, the bottles are self introductory. “i’m wrinkle eraser, i’m dark circle reliever, i’m milia banisher, i’m wrinkle insulator, and i’m dryness conqueror” builds a relationship between b.seen and our target consumers.

  • Designed by Aik Chin Teoh, Malaysia.
    School: RMIT University, Australia.

    This project aims to promote Mohawk's newly launched sustainable un-coated paper with high-fidelity print performance, i-Tone.

    Served as a tool for the embodiment of Mohawk’s approach in reducing its environmental impact through the production of recyclable windpower - manufactured paper, the design of this paper promotional piece echoes the external form of a windpower and the recycle symbol. Every paper sample can be lifted and is accompanied with quotes reminding user to make wise paper choice. Soft turquoise and delicate lines exude the sense of tranquility, allowing meticulous paper selection.

    Besides an interesting way of getting paper samples into the hands of designers, the distinctive structure signifies the presence of a unique range of Mohawk paper stock in the market.

  • Designed by Aik Chin Teoh, Malaysia.
    School: RMIT university, Australia.

    The brief of the project was to establish a new Belgian beer identity and packaging design differentiable from its competitors such as Leffe, Hoegaarden and Duvel.

    Derived from the word ‘black and evil’ in Dutch, ‘Bozwart’ reflects the incident when Wahid Juqdin was forced to leave his hometown by his family for committing a severe Muslim sin – his association with alcoholic drinks : BEERS, yet it was his passion in beers that led him to the discovery of 3 special hops found in Watou, Belgium in which when combined, yield an outstanding beer that the world has never tasted before.

    Bozwart beer thus embraces a rather masculine appearance and a dark colour palette. The golden divergent rays along with the logo that is built based on the three hops serve as visual instruments to commemorate the history of this dark ale Belgian beer.

  • Designed by Alvin Edison, Malaysia.

    The brief was to design identity & label for Australian wine (Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay).

    The idea started as an effort to design a wine label that's not just in standard rectangular shape. I wanted the product to stand out from others but it also needs to have a meaning.

    Gravitas means dignity, seriousness, and maturity, qualities that are expected from a leader / people with higher position. It was chosen to give a character to the product as a "wine with dignity / serious wine", and also to create a statement that indirectly says "this is the wine that gives you dignity". The term Gravitas was chosen as the brand name mainly to build a strong character and perception of the wine because buying wine (especially for a new consumer) is tricky due to the massive choices.

    Deer was chosen as the main visual as its antler symbolizes maturity, dignity and creates a fascinating visual. The antler in the design was tweaked to visualize grape.
    Overall, the whole design is modern (in gold and silver color) to reflect the personalities of modern young professionals, to look classy, sophisticated, and most importantly to attract the consumers.

  • Designed by Chen Xiao Qing, Malaysia.

    A college project for Packaging Design class. The brief was to create a product name, logo and packaging design for a premium honey.

    The task was to create a brand and packaging for Tualang Honey, 1 of the rarest, most nutritional and hardest to harvest honey in the world. The product name “Madhukara” is from a Sanskrit word, where Madhu means honey or sweet. It suggests mystery and an exotic feel. To further expand the idea of premium, I chose a glass bottle of a rounded base and narrow opening, in the look of a potion bottle, like a magic syrup. The play of wood, etching, die cut gives the sense of delicacy and rawness to it.

    By using a considerably smaller bottle which looks like a magic potion one, safely nested in a bigger box, it feels more delicate, precious and somewhat magical to own one. Diecuts and wood etching on the wood pieces and red part add on to the delicacy.

    Etching on Balsa wood, Conqueror Skin paper, Laser print on Tracing paper.