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  • Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium)
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Moldova

    Label design development for Scotch whiskey - Immortal Clan

    In Great Britain such kinship communities as ‘clans’ were very authoritative and influential in upper-class society in the Middle Ages. They spread its power and expansion during the time of Celts domination in this area. For instance, In Scotland every Clan had its own kilt with specific and individual pattern on it.

    Immortal clan - is a classic Scotch whiskey of 'blended' category that is produced by mixing of malt and grain base. Whiskey bottling took place in its historical homeland in Glasgow, Scotland.
    It was decided to use a classic ‘whiskey’ bottle. Label is presented in two-position view, top part of which is performed in a stylized mould of shield. But the main symbol and central element is a Clan blazon, which is stylized with 2 Scottish swords on a shield background. Two-handed sword is characterized as having a cross hilt of forward-sloping quillons with quatrefoil terminations. In this interpretation, blazon symbolizes the valor and courage of Scottish people, which certainly emphasizes its national identity.

    Due to modern technologies (that were used in a process of label printing) blazon image looks quite realistic and gives the impression that its metallic coating is applied directly on the bottle.

  • Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Satir Club (Russia)
    Country: Moldova

    Label design development of tequila "El Toro"

    Tequila was first produced in the 16th century near the location of the city of Tequila. The Aztec people had previously made a fermented beverage from the agave plant, which they called octli – later called pulque – long before the Spanish arrived in this area. When the Spanish conquistadors ran out of their own brandy, they began to distill pulque to produce one of North America's first indigenous distilled spirits.

    Tequila - is a distilled alcohol beverage made from the blue agave – the traditional Mexican plant.

    From the very beginning, label design for tequila was developed for the placement on square bottles and performed in two variants “Gold” and “Silver”.

    At first, as a base for label design concept there was an idea to use bull image and to link it directly with the Trade Mark name – “El Toro”(that translates as – “a bull”). But later we decided to replace it with agave picture – the work material for producing tequila. Agave image is the most typical and recognizable symbol for presenting tequila.

    For to print label as it was intended to - printing was performed in the printing company Impaks (Riga, Latvia), an European market leader in the printing and manufacture of self-adhesive labels.

  • Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium)
    Country: Moldova

    Label design of Irish whiskey “Morrigan”

    In a Celtic mythology - Morrigan is the goddess of death and war, which always appears in a battlefield, using her power for to help one or another side. She can be perceived not only like a stand-alone godship, but some kind of threefold incarnation of goddess that can appear in a figure of gorgeous woman, crow or a wild wolf.

    The idea of label design was proposed by a client and was also determined by the trade mark’s name – Morrigan. The challenge was to make an artistic interpretation of this idea and to transmit visual character of a brand. In addition we must say that the product itself represents the original Irish whiskey of a triple distillation.

    Based on a legend of a triple nature of Morrigan essence, we designed the original illustration that unites all of three incarnations of a godship, surrounded by a distinctive Celtic pattern. Label printing was performed using modern printing and post-printing technologies.

  • Designed by The Design Studio 13
    Country: Moldova

    Easter “Cahor Blagovest”: Design of the Vintage Wine Label

    We designed trademark and label for the wine “Cahor Blagovest” by “DK Intertrade”. Over the years the wine has gained reputation, but the company decided to expand the range of wines, which required the repositioning and adaptation of design.

    Cahors has a special place among the alcoholic beverages. In Russia and CIS, Cahors is an iconic wine. It is positioned as a quality, special wine for special occasions and daily use. The word “Cahor” has become synonymous with the “church wine”, meaning that it has ritual value, is a part of religion tradition, sacrament of the Eucharist. Wine in general symbolizes the blood of Christ, while Cahors is the wine that is primarily used in Orthodox Church. “Blagovest” is a Russian name of a type of peal in Russian Orthodox bell ringing. Translated literally, “Blagovest” means “Annunciation” or “Good News”.

    In the development of the label design, taking into account the name of the beverage, we emphasized the trademark traditional meaning: “Sunday Blagovest” and “Easter Blagovest”, accentuated with the Old Church Slavonic calligraphy and accompanied with the depiction of the Orthodox Church and three bells announcing the beginning of the service.

    The original bottle of rectangular shape, symbolizing 4 walls of the temple, is made of dark brown glass. The place reserved for the label is designed to remind the entrance to the temple, it replicates the vaults of the temple and the iconostasis.

    The bottle is sealed with T-shaped cork. We have also developed a gift cardboard packaging decorated using the same stylistic solutions as the label and the bottle.

  • Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium))
    Country: Moldova

    Label design for the Scotch whiskey – Celtic Cross

    Celtic Cross - one of the immemorial symbols of those times when certain parts of Europe were populated and ruled by the Celts. As it is known, Celts were the most warlike people of the region; in fierce battles there was nobody who could compete with them.

    Celtic Cross (or Cros Cheilteach) is an element that combines a cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. It symbolizes the sun, air, land and water in their unity. It implies cyclicity and completeness.

    The subject of idea for the whiskey label was centered on images of Celtic crosses. In the process of design development – the main intention was to convey a kind of "harsh essence" (masculinity, power and strength of the people of culture), which relates to Celtic theme. It is complemented by a square shape of the bottle that was chosen for this beverage.
    As a result, we developed the original and stylized image of a Celtic cross, which became a key element of a whole design. Feature of the label is created the illusion that the cross is placed right on the bottle. This effect was achieved by applying a special paint in the color of the drink.

  • Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: "Wine Style" (Russia)
    Country: Moldova

    Label design for a series of Georgian wines

    From the ancient times wine-making was a wealth of Georgia country and a part of all nation culture. Grapevines images on huge (dug in the ground) conical vessels for storing wine - "kvevri"- speaks about the deep roots of wine-making. They were found in Georgian settlements, in the age of 8000 years.

    Kvevri - is a ceramic vessel that can be called an amphora, with the only difference - it requires two amphora handles, while kvevri never has ones.

    Kvevri is widely used in our days for the preparation and storing a wine. Georgian winemakers dig this jug in the ground, fill it up with the grape juice, cover with a lid and store it until the wine maturation.

    The image of kvevri became a key element in the label design for a series of Georgian wines. The design emphasizes the nature, character and adherence of the country of origin to its national traditions.

    The lettering of labels is quite laconic. Here plays its role such a notion like "form factor" - the influence of forms, which is important in the process of choosing the product by a buyer, from all the presented diversity of "wine segment".

    During the process there was two variants of gel color for applying – gold and copper, the client decided to use gold one.

  • Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium)
    Country: Moldova

    Label design for Scotch whiskey “Tartan”

    The project was to develop whiskey label design for the “Tartan” trade mark, client-company - Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium). Presented product is a classic Scotch whiskey of 'blended' category that is produced by blending (mixing) of malt and grain base. The bottling of whiskey took place in its historical homeland in Glasgow, Scotland.

    At the beginning of the project we developed a logotype for the trade mark “Tartan”, the main element of which became a capital letter "T", stylized as a Scottish sword.

    Label design was performed in a style of classic Scottish pattern. In general, approximately 50% of entire label is covered with a pattern of "tartan". The whole label surface is presented as a material fragment, where in a rhomb-shaped area we can find the name of a brand and text filling.

    Combined label printing (offset and screen-printing) was performed on a high-quality wine paper Centure Blanc, using up-to-date post-printing technologies such as embossing, gold foil stamping and tactile varnish.

  • Designed by Valerii Sumilov (SHUMI LOVE DESIGN), Moldova.

    White semi-sweet sparkling wine "Buket Moldavii”

    White semi-sweet sparkling wine "Buket Moldavii” is a festive, light and fragrant drink. The design required to communicate these aspects of the product – the anticipation of feast,
    the positive disposition, solemnity and joyfulness. Besides the design itself we’ve done a delicate work selecting the right type of paper for the label. The fine texture and the
    pearl gradient of the paper mixed with the design’s festive elements have created the right feel and communicated the product’s positioning.

  • Designed by Valerii Sumilov (SHUMI LOVE DESIGN), Moldova.
    Additional credits: COLOR PRESS printing house, Wroclaw, Poland / EQUINOX winemaking company, Chisinau, Moldova.

    Limited series of exclusive wines

    This project is unique in many ways. The design had to reflect the unique character of the product in question – exclusive author wine. Besides, there was a requirement to communicate the deep meaning in the product’s name – superlative, solstice, contrast between night and day, black and white, open and obscure. The design had the intent to reflect the secret hidden in the night: the beauty of the night sky that amazes us so much and the mystic riddle hidden in the constellations and the Zodiac. All this has served as the basis for the original and unique design not only by content but by its form as well. The label’s form is original and represents a contrast between day and night, wrapping the bottle around its entire circumference, forming an enclosed system of interaction, where one comes out of the other. Where day becomes night and night becomes day. On one hand, there’s a struggle and counteraction, while on the other – harmony and accordance.

    First of all I was inspired by the very product – the wine of the highest quality. It’s unique. Its running batch is only 2270 bottles. It represents a high level of mastery as shown by its magnificent author, Constantin Stratan. I’ve been working with him for a long time and have previously acted as a design partner for his unique wines. One of the examples of this collaboration is already known to the world design community in the form of the «5 elemente» project – platinum winner of the A`Packaging Design Award 2013. Another inspiration for me was the possibility to reflect on the theme of solstice – the contrast between night and day – and to touch upon the mystic aspect of this event.

    The production of this label involved the application of the most advanced printing techniques. The choice of paper was set to high quality art paper by FASSON MAILLE BLANC of the FASSON RICH collection. As for additional printing techniques I would like to note the application of tactile (volume) varnish not only in the vine’s name but in the author’s signature as well, which ensures the quality of the product. The nocturnal mystery was also reflected through the use of tactile varnish on the volume portion of the label, creating an openwork framing made of astrological constellations.


    Label dimensions: 249 mm in length and 100 mm in width. The label is glued around the bottle’s entire circumference thus forming a continuous line.

    This is a unique label for an exclusive wine, which will only be distributed through the HoReCa system. The label’s main task is to outline the product from the rest of wines of the same category and make consumer remember it as something original, interesting and unusual. While working on the design, I was thinking about how the consumer sitting in the restaurant will be looking at the label, will take the bottle and be surprised after looking at it at a closer distance.

    The project was initiated in February 2013 and sent to the printing house in April 2013. The project’s presentation was held as a special event dedicated to the ECHINOCTIUS wine. Currently the wine is available for purchase only through the restaurant network in Chisinau.

    This project took a lot of time to be finished. While it looks rather simple, temperately design and limited in its color scheme, the project represented a very hard task, since a lot of things were at stake: the winemaker’s reputation, the customer’s expectations, the designer’s professionalism. I started working on the project by learning more about solstice, since I had to understand the essence of this event and reflect it in the label’s design. Additionally, I’ve spent a lot time looking for an original form for the label, since it had to be new, original and unusual. At the same time it had to reflect the corporate spirit of the winemaking company as well as the essence of the product’s name. While making the first prototypes, there were many different forms that have been applied on a real bottle. The producer has also lent his advice. We were searching for the best graphic solution. More time was spent on selecting the right paper for printing and the desired post-printing techniques to be used. This implied many consultations with the printing house and its specialists.

    The most difficult thing about the entire project was understanding the bulk of responsibility associated with it. Creating a modest design, reflecting the high quality of the product, keeping the continuity with the previous products from the same winemaker, reflecting the product name’s essence and confirming own professional qualification – these were the hardest things about this project.

  • Designed by Etiketka design agency, Moldova.

    The challenge was to create a label design for a series of French wines “Famillier D’Or”. The main composition element in the final version of the project is the image of crest, which takes up the larger portion of the label. This element communicates graphically the main traits of the product – high status and country of origin.

    Other elements of the composition further amplify the main effect and serve as a support for the crest. The combination of fine lines, textured paper and foil stamping in some of the elements makes the label very pleasant both to the eye and touch, so the bottle is handled nicely and there’s a desire to taste its contents. The printing and post-printing processes applied during the production of the label ensure the high quality of the project’s realization.

  • Designed by Etiketka design agency, Moldova.

    The challenge of the project was to create a trademark and a series of labels for regular and premium wines “Domeniile Cainari”. The design employs a minimalist style with a low number of visual elements that are placed harmonically throughout the entire surface of the label. The final solution is a rather laconic and content design, common for the premium segment of Moldavian wine market.

    The color scheme, based on black, white, grey and gold, emphasizes the pithiness and status of the composition. The stylized image of a horse, which was chosen as the trademark, symbolizes the spirit of freedom and nobility associated with the product. The font solution further outlines the high level of the product line. The production included the use of high quality paper and the employment of such post-printing techniques as lettering and tactile varnish.

  • Designed by Etiketka design agency, Moldova.

    The name of the products itself, which is translated from Spanish as simply "wine bottle", has set the overall feel and dictated the possible solutions for this series of wines right from the start. The client has requested to stray from the traditional visual aspects of Spanish winemaking, expressing, however, the desire to have a connection with the easiness, expressiveness and creativity associated with the country. That is why the most obvious solution was to employ the elements of modern and postmodern Spanish art, which served as the basis for the final version of the label.

    The main graphic element of the label is a bottle of wine comprised of stylized writings. Thus, the name of the product - Botella de Vino - was embodied on four different levels. First, it's the product itself, which is a "bottle of wine" per se. Second, it's the name of the product, which bears the same meaning. Third, it's the stylized image of a wine bottle on the label. Fourth, it's the use of writings spelling "botella de vino" that form the bottle shape. Thanks to this visual recursion, the only thing the buyer is looking at no matter how close or far they are from the product is a "wine bottle". The stylistic temperance combined with the expressiveness of the fonts employed further amplifies the psychological effect, causing apparent associations with the works of such Spanish artists as Gaudi and Picasso among many others.

  • Designed by Etiketka design agency, Moldova.

    We managed to create the label that stimulates interaction between customer and a product. In order to view all the details – the Roman numeral, percentage of grape sorts, the legend and etc. – customer turns around (rotates) the bottle, interacts with it. Suchlike psychological effect creates subconscious communication - it works much more effective than the bright visual incentives that are usually used for attracting customer’s attention.

    Roman numeral “V” is the core style-forming element and it sets the discreet tone to entire label design (by means of using sensual varnish and special paper). Color spectrum which consists of black, gray and white, emphasizes the discreet and laconic style.

    We got a unique solution using the label that embraces all the circumference of a bottle, instead of one or two segments. As a result – whatever side of the bottle it is - the design attracts attention.