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  • Designer: Simen Wahlqvist
    School: Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Norway

    The assignment was to choose the most boring and mundane household product you could find and make it exciting through packaging it in a new way. I picked cottonswabs and I soon found out that they where just a quick coat of yellow from looking like small "hazmat" workers. This was a good fit for a concept since cottonswabs enter the nooks and crannys you don´t want touch yourself. The name "YUCK!" where then chosen for obvious reasons.

  • Designer: Simen Wahlqvist
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Norway

    This is a fictitious line of alcoholic beverages from a farmer that is so lazy that the only thing he is good for is waiting for things to age! He previously came out with a line of dry snacks, or aged goods as he calls it, but he wanted to take his brand to the next level, hence a beer, a wine and a whisky were produced. The farmer himself is featured on each bottle doing what he does best, which is sleeping and ageing things at the same time. On the back of the bottles you get a brief story behind each beverage from the farmer himself.

  • Designer: Simen Wahlqvist
    Type Of Work: Concept work
    Country: Norway

    This is a fictitious line of dry snacks from a farmer that is so lazy that the only thing he is good at is waiting for things to age! However, as he points out on the back of the package, it´s patience and not laziness. Believe him if you want ;)

  • Agency: Unikia AS
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Norway

    As the seasons change, so do your shoes.

    From walking and running shoes to soccer boots, the soles of our footwear can be magnets for mud, stones, grass and other debris.

    We set out to design a full line of MudFighter accessories, specifically for your shoes. It was important to create tools that were compact, portable, versatile and more importantly suited to the needs of people wearing different shoes for different activities. The MudFighter products include MudBall,

    MudBlade and MudFighter.

    In creating the retail packaging, the challenge was to inform people about what these accessories were, how they could be used and highlight the differences between the MudBall, MudBlade and MudFighter.

    Each package is comprised of a three spot colour printed card that envelopes a PET blister. The relationship between product, package structure and graphics is especially prevalent in this series. The printed cards feature cut outs in on the front panels that take advantage of the glossy PET layer and a single colour printed inside the card. Effort was made to ensure ease of assembly for product filling and to give customers a tear strip for opening the packaging. Once opened, each PET blister can be separated from the printed cards for recycling.

    Next time you are on the move and wearing your latest kicks across varying terrain from the city to the mountains, be sure to - Clean Your Shoes…Not The Floor!

  • Designers: Anti and Fredrik Melby
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Oslo, Norway

    REMEMBER EVERYTHING. Anti has developed a brand new vodka together with Arcus. From June 2013, Black Vodka is available at Vinmonopolet and hand picked clubs and bars all over Norway. Concept, idea, graphic design, product design by Anti. Bottling, sales and distribution by Arcus.

    "By developing our own products, we also develop an understanding of the complex world of our clients" - Fredrik Melby

    BOTTLING. We were fortunate enough to be allowed into the production facilities at Arcus during the bottling procedure. Amazing to see the machines and how they all work seamlessy together, and a thrill to witness what started out as an idea in a notebook several months ago, finally come to life.

  • Designer: Vincent S Hasselgård
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Norway

    Berserk is a kick ass stout made in co-operation with Johan Peter Amb at Haga Gård. It's an experimental concept beer where the beer has been made to fit the design rather than the other way around.

    The berserkers were wild viking warriors. "To go berserk" means to go on a blood thirsty frenzy. The berserkers got their name because they'd go to war only dressed in a berserkr which is old norse for bear pelt. It may also be interpreted as going without a shirt (bar serk). Some sagas implies that a berserker is well connected to the animal within him and may even take the form of a bear.

    The caffeine is added by using espresso shots, about one per pint. It's also flavored with cocoa and it's made with high quality bitter hops and roasted malt and barley.

  • Agency: JDO
    Country: United Kingdom

    JDO joins Norwegian brand Solo in 80th anniversary celebrations

    JDO Brand Design & Innovation has partnered with the Norwegian brand Solo to celebrate its 80th anniversary. The orange flavoured soft drink brand is owned by four breweries, of which Carlsberg owned Ringnes is the largest shareholder. The agency has worked with Ringnes on several recent re-design projects including the Imsdal Aktiv and Farris water brands.

    JDO were briefed to develop an anniversary logo for the brand and to ‘bring back’ three successful Solo flavours from the past. The agency has created designs for all three limited edition anniversary flavours. Ringnes briefed JDO to consider the original labels to fully understand the heritage of the brand, but to move them on to designs that were more relevant for today.

    Solo was launched in Norway in 1934 and was the first soda brand that was nationally branded. It dominated the market (as the largest soda) up to the 1960s when Coca Cola took over as market leader. Solo then lost out to Pepsi and Fanta as the American brands successfully targeted heavy consumers of soft drinks such as teenagers. Today, Solo has regained its position as the largest non-cola brand and the third largest brand in the soft drink category in Norway. It is one of Norway’s strongest brands.

    JDO’s new designs are recognisable as Solo products by maintaining the majority of the brand’s current design equities. However, the ‘S’ of Solo has been changed to an ‘8’ to read 80, a simple yet effective device, clearly communicating the limited edition status of the packs and celebrating the brand’s 80th anniversary. There will be a tiered launch to the packs to build momentum with the different flavours launched in February, April and September this year. A series of brand events and multiple celebrations will also take place in Norway.

    Sean Harvey, JDO design director said, “Solo is a playful brand and we wanted to reflect this through its 80th anniversary packaging. Although we trawled through the archives for inspiration, in the end we chose to take a more modern and forward thinking approach, leveraging the current label design, but with a twist.”

    Marianne Hoy Erikstad, senior brand manager at Ringnes, commented, “This is a really exciting year for the Solo brand. Not only are we celebrating the brand’s 80th anniversary through JDO’s fantastic limited edition designs and a series of brand events during the year, but we are also thrilled that the brand has regained its rightful position in the market.”

  • Designer: Umer Ahmed
    Country: Norway

    A fictional school project. Introduce a new product(s) from another country into Norway. I introduced an almost unknown sport Cricket, with Australian background.

  • Designer: Marius Sunde
    School: Westerdals School of Communication
    Country: Norway

    Northernmost is the result of a visual research project on cognac. The self initiated brief asked for a Norwegian brand of cognac. The name is a reference to the oak the product is aged on, with the oak coming from the northernmost natural occurrence of sessile oak in the world; Edøy. The bottle takes inspiration from the mountainous landscape of Norway’s rugged northwest coast. The design itself is a classic scandinavian minimalist counterpart to an otherwise saturated category. The focus behind Northernmost is content, rather than symbolic value.

  • Designed by Bleed, Norway.
    Designer: Joakim Jansson

    The concept is based on an honest before/after approach of drinking vodka, without concealing the harsh reality. The consumer can peel off the white paper label on the front of the bottle. After doing so, an inverted black copy of the front label is revealed on an underlying layer. Glancing at the label from the other side of the bottle displays the message “Full Immunity Granted” (when you drink Norwegian Ambassadør).

    On the reverse side of the label that one peels off the consumer discovers a photo from an after-party with an invite from the ambassadør to participate and engage online by tagging their own party pictures with #norwegianambassador on Instagram.

    The site Full Immunity Granted will fetch every photo tagged this way and generate a canvas of Norwegian Ambassadør party pictures from all over Russia. The best pictures will be used on the back of label of the upcoming bottle of Norwegian Ambassadør with a personal greeting from that person.

    Due to the limited marketing budget, we based our concept on the use of social media to get users to actively participate and engage with the brand. Here we have chosen unconventional methods of promoting the product (with the peel-off label strategy) to generate publicity with a slight element of surprise.

  • Designed by Strømme Throndsen Design, Norway.

    Egge Gård / Egge Farm have been growing fruit since 1702, and all of the tradition and knowledge are now in the hands of the 11th generation, Marius Egge, who is continuing to produce premium products with fresh, handpicked fruits from the farm. Strømme Throndsen Design has assisted Egge Gård in developing new visual identity and packaging design.

    We have designed a range of apple juices with illustrations inspired by the beautiful apple trees at the farm, and other handmade alcohol based products with apples, all with high quality and delicious taste.

  • Designed by Caroline Weseth, Norway.
    School: Norwegian School of Creative Studies

    The Brief:
    Design packaging for a fictional Australian product to be launched in the Norwegian market.

    The Solution:
    Because pie is a well known product in Australia, I decided to create a mix-your-own pie kit for the Norwegian marked. The idea is that you can mix as you desire through a number of different flavours that easily are mixed together. The packages are designed so that if you put each part of the kit together, it forms a piece of pie. Each part is shaped different from the other, so that it is not possible to end up with i.e. two boxes of filling and no crust.

    The keywords:
    The keywords for this design is playful but rough with a feeling of farming and quality. It is aimed for the finer and more exclusive food stores in Norway.

  • Designed by OlssønBarbieri, Norway.

    Cuvée S is a result of a collaborationship between Master of Wine Sebastian Bredal and the largest online dating service in Norway called (translates sugar).

    The goal was to create a product that visualized "LOVE" in a surprising way with a modern expression.

    The visual concept is inspired by Russian Sonia Delaunay´s abstract painting from 1913 and tailored to William Shakespear´s Romeo and Juliet; one of the most famous love stories ever. The play was originally staged in Verona, north Italy which is also the place where Cuvée S is produced today. The empty areas created between the dialogues are painted with aquarelle and are thought to reflect the tension and pauses in the dialogue between two people who meets for the first time.

    The dialogue ends..
    Juliet: O think´st thou we shall ever meet again?
    Romeo: I doubt it not; and all these woes shall serve
    For sweet discourses in our time to come

  • Designed by Daniel Brokstad, Norway.
    Created as Procontra.
    Graphic Design: Daniel Brokstad
    Text: Nick Hegreberg
    Marketing coordinator: Rune Langemyhr

    Lervig started their brewery back in 2003, and now as it's their 10th anniversary they decided to make a limited edition beer as a celebration, only sold directly at the brewery. The design tells the story of how it started with key words that changed from where they started and where they are now through a typography solution, that falls in similar old style category as the design style of their previous beers. The four pack consisted of 2 of each 2003 and 2013 editions and a little surprise as you open it you're welcomed with "Enjoy your lervig" written under the closing mechanism. The design was printed as silver on pure black to emphasise both the exclusivity of the limited edition beer and a suitable combination for their anniversary.