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  • Agency: FOLKE ARMY
    Client: Prodjuice
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Sydney, Australia

    Branding and Packaging Design by FOLKE ARMY

    During product and taste testing, we were inspired by the way in which the ingredients layered in the bottle while settling – like sediments forming their own natural ‘ingredient layer’.

    We found a need to display the ingredients in a more thought provoking and intriguing way – acting as a visual infographic representing the quantity and layering position of the specific juice. The white label was used to ensure the colour of the juice was the hero of the design, the branding was a simple execution to bring that juice’s unique colour & identity to the forefront. Rather than showing imagery of fresh fruit, or colours representing the flavour in the label design, it was all about what was IN the bottle that mattered most.

    In the same way the end product's quality is based on the stripping back of everything unnatural, to showcase honest, quality produce, our design is about stripping the label content down to the minimum, with a beautifully balanced logo, and simple design features.

    Not only does it have a great shelf presence, but the white label ensures they can continue to use these glass bottles around their home, they make the perfect vase for some floral off cuts from the garden.

  • Agency: Coats Design
    Designer: Matt Grantham
    Illustration: Beck Wheeler
    Client: Hubbards
    Country: New Zealand

    For the past year Coats Design has been redesigning the various ranges produced by Hubbards, introducing the new Brand created by Coats and repositioning each range to create maximum shelf appeal and unique tone-of-voice.

    Hubbards Kids wanted to be different in the market. The new packaging direction has intentionally avoided the run of the mill cartoon characters and has been built around the emotive idea of kids doodles, sketch books and ‘mind farts’! In essence, each pack is a reflection of the chaotic, fun and random nature of kids’ minds.

    Working with Beck Wheel from Watermark Ltd, a loose doodle style has been created, along with a load of lively stories and activities to entertain the kids (not forgetting the little kid in each parent). Even the inside of pack has been utilised, offering more fun and activities. An important feature of the rebrand was to engage the kids, get them reading or out of the house and having fun! The result, a completely unique cereal range that lives and breathes the new Hubbards brand.

  • Agency: Can I Play
    Country: Australia

    We created a new range of packaging for Map’s coffee capsules and beans. The range is bright and colourful, with each variety easily distinguishable on the shelf. We always have a constant supply around the office now!

  • Agency: THINK Packaging
    Designer: Mat Bogust
    Client: Lucid Design
    Country: New Zealand

    Lucid Design were asked to gather all of these elements together and package them up. After converstaions we knew that we were not going to just lob all the bits into a big box!

    So... we set out to create two separate bundles that could hold each component nicely, along with all of it's bits and bobs. This way, not only does it look great but the end user - the customer understands what goes with what. Simple.

  • Agency: Marx Design in collaboration with Fracture
    Country: New Zealand

    Inspired by the legendary lager beers of the Indian sub–continent, Vonu Eight is an extra strength, crisp–tasting beer made with pure tropical rainwater in the Fiji islands, with 8% Alcohol.

    "Vonu Dina", a majestic sea turtle of the South Pacific was again used as the main image (as seen on their original brew "Vonu Pure"). The stark silver and black color indicates that it is a stronger beer in the line.

  • Designed by Galya Akhmetzyanova, New Zealand and Pavla Chuykina, Russia.
    3D visualisation: Maxim Kadashov, Russia

    As some magazines state woman's character might be defined according to underwear she prefers. So, are you brave enough to reveal your nature? We would suggest to try Oops! Underwear which we created because we love tattoos, funny panties and iconic images of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Agency: Brother Design Ltd.
    Country: New Zealand

  • Agency: Studio Polutranko
    Designer: Damir Polutranko
    Client: Amphora Wine Group
    Additional Credits: Damir Polutranko, Studio Polutranko, Croatia
    Country: Australia

    The Rigoletto Brand has been a brand that was created when Amphora was first established.

    The label has recently undergone a new look with a fresh label to reflect it's name. Rigoletto is an Italian opera character, who is a hunch-back court jester of the Duke of Mantua. The opera is based around a curse that was placed on both the duke and Rigoletto by a courtier whose daughter had been seduced by the Duke with Rigoletto's encouragement. The curse is lifted when the daughter falls in love with the Duke and eventually sacrifieces her life to save him from the assasins hired by her father. From this story a fresh new look has been developed to create our Rigoletto 2009 Shiraz from Barossa Valley.

  • Agency: Marx Design
    Country: New Zealand

    Marx Design was asked to create a new Coconut Collective brand that would work across a range of coconut-based products including waters, milks and cooking oils. First up was the organic King Coconut Water, a 330ml Tetra Pak available in original and flavoured variants.

    Organic King Coconut Water is sourced from the famed coconut triangle of Sri Lanka, home to the golden thambili (king coconut) - the only coconut harvested specifically for drinking and chosen for its electrolyte content and natural sweetness.

    Our design draws inspiration from the country of Sri Lanka. The colour palette references the saturated tropical hues of Sri Lanka's markets, textiles and architecture. The scuffed illustrations and textures are inspired by the misaligned printing style found on classic banana stickers and boxes. The end result feels authentically Sri Lankan: charming, vibrant and playful.

  • Agency: Redfire
    Creative Director: Colin Downing
    Designer: Reuben Alderson
    Client: Aotea New Zealand
    Country: New Zealand

    Aotea New Zealand, the largest souvenir retailer in New Zealand wanted an exclusive brand that was all about New Zealand. The brand had to communicate provenance and what better way to build a brand than through story telling. They asked Redfire, a specialized branding and packaging design agency, to develop a new brand and then apply this to a multitude of packaged products.

    Redfire uncovered through the research and planning stage that a significant number of the products purchased were for gifts. This formed the basis for our creative direction, where we utilized strong imagery and scenic gems to add a piece of New Zealand to every product. As we say, a picture speaks a thousand words, as the spectacular and beautiful country was used in connection to the product. So for example, instead of using bees and the honey hex for Royal Jelly ( the nutritious food that Queen Bees live off), Redfire showed the clean and pristine environments these bees live and thrive in.

    The resulting creativity and packaging had immediate impact, adding significant shelf presence when merchandised. This creative has been rolled out to approximately 15 products in a range from Premium Manuka Honey to Omega 3 capsules.

  • Agency: Redfire
    Designer: Creative Director: Colin Downing, Designer: Reuben Alderson
    Client: Arrow Pharmaceuticals
    Country: New Zealand

    Our client, a large pharmaceutical, launched a 'me too' product in the sensitive skin care category, taking on brands like Cetaphil. Cetaphil has extensive distribution and strong brand awareness, but it's full of nasties - what they call science - to be effective. Our challenge was to take a purely natural product that had proven results and to convince consumers that natural actually worked. So, after 12 months in the market, we were commissioned to undertake this packaging revitalization.

    The end result - a massive growth in sales, increased distribution and happy clients.

    What we found was that we needed more than a packaging refresh, we needed a brand overhaul to lay foundations of what the product could actually do. We renamed the product DermaLab to give it a scientific feel and personality and our communications hierarchy on pack was very clinical but accompanied with a friendly tonality. We developed a numbered system to make it unique and easily identifiable on shelf, and a clean, non-traditional look which reinforces the proposition that it actually works.

  • Agency: Redfire
    Creative Director: Colin Downing
    Art Director & Designer: Natasha Alimova
    Client: Paint Aids Ltd (PAL)
    Country: New Zealand

    Paint Aids Ltd (PAL) is New Zealand's market leader of painting and decorating accessories. They recently expanded into a specialized niche market for paint focusing on small jobs through the acquisition of a specialist paint company. There was significant opportunity to grow this market and with the help of Redfire, a strategic branding and packaging agency, an entire brand and packaging review was undertaken.

    Redfire renamed the product from Real Colour'z to Small Job and realigned this from RedEnz to fall under the PAL master brand.

    A simple approach was taken to clean up the packaging and make it easy for consumers to shop. The focus was on color and the concept of a paint color chip introduced. The revamped range was re-introduced three months ago and has been snapped up by over 200 DIY Big Box retailers. Not surprisingly sales have grown by almost 220% from an already large base. This is a great example of keeping packaging simple and the pack refreshment has proved a major success.

  • Agency: Redfire
    Creative Director: Colin Downing
    Art Director
    Designer: Natasha Alimova
    Client: Bundy Juice
    Country: New Zealand

    Bundy Juice is an Australian juice company producing a range of premium fruit juices and fruit drinks and is based in Bunderburg Australia – a township made famous by Bundy Rum and Bunderberg Ginger Beer. Bundy Juice hadn’t done any packaging changes for over 10 years and needed to reinvent themselves. They appointed Redfire a strategic branding and packaging agency based at the bottom of the world - New Zealand to review the entire brand and packaging and wanted something fresh and fun with stand out. After a lot of research, concepting and crafting, Redfire is proud to present the newly revitalized Bundy Juice packaging refresh.

    The old Bundy Juice package design was outdated and lacked consistency and shelf presence on shelf. The juice and beverage category is getting edgier in Australia and Redfire wanted to convey all the brand cues that made Bundy Juice “Bundylicious”. We were after a unique look and feel that could use subtleties to differentiate the premium juice range from the drinks range and yet be unmistakable Bundy. We developed hand crafted elements and use styled art direction to really add the appetite appeal so necessary for any beverage packaging.

    The revitalized packaging has been in the market for 2 months now and as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”. Sales growth has rocketed and nationwide distribution grown significantly. Happy Clients, Happy Agency!

  • Agency: Cowan
    Country: Australia

    Ritz gets a fresh new look by Cowan

    Cowan has created a fresh new look for one of Australia’s favourite and most iconic brands – Ritz.

    Building on a new global identity, Cowan has brought to life Ritz’s lighthearted character and entertainment qualities to position the brand as the cracker for every occasion.

    “Almost everyone we spoke to talked about the versatility of the brand and the ‘buttery, melt in your mouth flavour’ said Cowan Creative Director, Glenn Kiernan.

    “We wanted to bring these unique characteristics to life in a relevant and engaging way, so we made the biscuits the hero and showed them dancing around the pack”.

    This marks an exciting period for the brand with NPD Ritz Snackz – a delicious on-the-go snack which is perfect for the car, home or office – being launched as part of the refresh and a revamped In-A-Biskit also coming in under the Ritz brand.

    Keep an eye out for the fresh new Ritz packaging hitting shelves soon.