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  • Agency: RK STUDIO
    Designer: Rafał Kwiecień
    Client: Tani Opal sp. z o.o.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    This packaging series for coal products uses winter animal represented by stylized pictograms. It includes 2 premium product series - Pro and Ultra. My goal with this project was to make simple and modern packaging, each displaying a strong identity. Every package has a unique animal and colour, it also comes with all required information on the front to help customers to pick the right product, on the shelf or online shop.

  • Agency: At Home Creative
    Designer : Raymond Teo
    Client : Run, Ray Run.
    Country : Malaysia

    Run, Ray Run. - Look up, move forward!

    "Run, Ray Run.", a personal theme given by Raymond Teo himself, the creative director of AT HOME CREATIVE made it his own personal mission to be an inspirational person with physical disability to the public through many channels like creativity, care, love, creating positive source of energy, contributing to the community and living out the value of existence. "Run, Ray Run." is inspired by the Bible verses, Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” This verse always serves as a reminder for him to face the challenges in life, empowering himself to be a tougher man that he can be. As a person with disabilities, it didn't stop him from moving forward. With the burning passion being a creative director, he is able to convince himself to accept the limitations of being imperfect and have the flaming desire to live like a perfect human being.

  • Agency: Think99
    Designer: Spiros Karavas
    Client: Alchimica Building Chemicals
    Country: Greece

    Alchimica is one of the world's leading companies specializing in the development and production of specialty materials for construction and industrial applications.
    The packaging of aquasmart, one of Alchimica's main products, a two component, water based coating with exceptional performance never achieved before from similar products, was redesigned by our agency. The image of a classic faucet was used as a main element to packaging, to symbolize the fact that the disadvantage of being waterbased is now a full advantage thanks to the new aquasmart technology. The concept chosen to communicate the product was "Waterbased Coatings Reinvented".

  • Agency: Re:Format
    Designer: Dejan Cirkvenčič Kralj
    Photography by Rowan While
    Client: Rice Butterflies
    Country: Slovenia

    Rice Butterflies are gorgeous wedding confetti to send off bride & groom in style - for the perfect rice blessing moment. They are made of rice only: rice paper, rice grains and rice glue.

  • Agency: Pavlov`s Design
    Client: Gamma Ltd.
    Country: Russia

    Since 1998 factory situated in Murmino, Ryazan region has been producing children’s plasticine by its own brands and by popular trademarks as well. Only qualitative raw materials have been used. In 2013 the decision to start the production of the new trademarks was taken. Branding agency “Pavlov’s design” was chosen to be a strategic and a creative partner of the factory in solving branding and design tasks.

    To work out packaging design for the new trade mark “Gamma uvlechenij” for two types of plasticine: wax and fluorescent. These packaging’s aim is to be vivid among competitors and to demonstrate advantages of the plasticine.

    Creation for the child is always a trip to new worlds, which he invents by himself. So this theme was taken as a general. The main idea for plasticine ” Zabava” – trip to unknown lands by air balloon, for “Neon” – visiting far galaxies by spaceship. Opened spaces on the packaging showing plasticine continue illustrations. At the same time each packaging encourages to take it and to distinguish it.

    Design made on the bases of practical creative usage of plasticine shows the idea of creation for 100%. Master classes on the back of the packaging are the best start to spend time together for parents and their kids.

  • Designer: Dustin Edward Arnold
    Country: United States

    NAO is an exhibit of independant architectural practices curated by Frank Doheny whose work focuses on traditional aspects of minimalism juxtaposed with the work of literary minimalists such as Carver and John Aldridge. The exhibit examines the interplay between literature, architecture and culture in 10 years intervals from 1940-2010.

    Designing a philosophy rather than a ‘thing’ I focused on the theme ‘the architecture of memory’ using the structure of the envelope flaps to ‘dis-member’ and ‘re-member’ the messaging. The object mediates the dialog with the reader by lacerating language in the same way that time divides the three disciplines.

  • Agency: VOZDUH Advertising Agency
    Art Director - Melnik Valeriy
    Designer – Luzanov Roman
    Country: Russia

    Features of each product in a ruler are illustrated by characteristic drawing on a tie, as one of the main man's accessories.

  • Designer: Niteesh Yadav
    Country: India

    Our brief was to come up with a packaging that is easy to assemble by the customer and is for gifting purpose so I came up with my own product as well, Typo Egg (Easter gift for Graphic Designers). The whole packaging is handcrafted made up using pastel and OHP sheets. The egg inside the packaging is a real egg on which I have done hand lettering, names of various popular typefaces. The labels were designed in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Agency: Theory House
    President: Jim Cusson
    Associate Creative Director: Maggie Bean
    Designer: Lauren Harring
    Copywriter: Jordan Stevens
    Country: United States

    Tasting an Initiation Like No Other

    Timeless. Intelligent. Geek chic meets Mad Men.

    That’s the attitude Maggie Bean, creative lead at retail marketing agency Theory House, set out to capture when they created their one-of-a-kind holiday gift: a signature cocktail kit, “The Initiation.”

    “Our drink would serve as an initiation into the Theory House inner circle,” said Bean. “It had to convey an air of mystery and exclusivity. We did an agency-wide blind taste test of bourbons and hard ciders, and chose the winning combination of Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Hard Cider.”

    With tasting complete, it came time to design packaging that fit both the company and the gift components. Limited edition hand-stained wooden boxes were numbered and laser engraved. The package design walked the recipient through the three degrees of initiation and brought the Theory House brand to life. Cards, labels and muslin bags were letter pressed in House by designer Lauren Harring. Vials were filled with cinnamon sugar, and star anise hand-selected and dropped into muslin bags. The perfect hot wax seal applied to every card.

    For those who want to taste the exclusivity themselves, the recipe for The Initiation is:
    - 12 oz. Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Hard Cider
    - 1.5 oz. Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    - 1 Tbsp. Superfine cinnamon sugar
    - Star anise to garnish

    “The Initiation serves as the induction into our creative House,” said Jim Cusson, President, Theory House, “Cheers!”

  • The Packaging is displayable and unique, the outside seems like a normal cardboard box at first.

    Agency: Hallmark Cards
    Designer: Kael Little
    Client: Hallmark Cards
    Country: United States
    Additional Credits: Anna Defazio

    Memory Mix is a way for there to be tangible audio sharing for millenials and young adults.

    -Our objective was to help Hallmark understand how a transitional young adult would share meaningful audio in a tangible way.
    -Also, How do they tangibly share clips that have been captured from a specific event?

    Our Solution was a clever twist on a sound card that could be customized to each consumers needs.

    Below the tape lies a hidden message that can be customized for a friend, and the friend will understand the meaning of the message played.

    The Final Solution is innovative. Once you pick up your cassette, simply rotating your fingers on the reels forward will play your message. Also, rotating them backward will rewind the message just like a normal cassete tape would.

    When placed in the box, simply press play and the message will play from the speakers on both sides.

  • Agency: POWER
    Designer: Vladimir Cherepanov/Eugene Starostenko
    Client: I'm Siberian Project
    Country: Russia

    It's the best way to warm up for Siberia inhabitants.

  • Agency: Memac Ogilvy
    Creative Director: Ramzi Moutran
    Associate Creative Director: Sascha Kuntze
    Designer: Jesse Bray, Irfan Ghani
    Copywriter: Conrad Theron
    Client: Volkswagen
    Country: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Thousands of calendars are sent out every year. We didn’t see a need to make another one. Especially when nowadays most people actually use calendars on their phones or computers instead.

    To form a lasting relationship for Volkswagen with their key customers, sales staff and new and existing partners, we came up with an idea: to create an ever-lasting phone stand. The world’s most eco-friendly calendar was born, made of 99.9% recycled material and entirely carbon-offset (for the remaining 0.1%, the production and shipping).

    The world’s most eco-friendly calendar was created under the Think Blue umbrella, Volkswagen’s mission to become the world’s most ecologically sustainable car manufacturer. Leading by example is the key strategy to change consumer behavior.

  • Agency: SabotagePKG
    Country: United Kingdom

    SabotagePKG have designed the entire packaging range for Secret Location concept store Vancouver, Canada.

    Capturing the essence of the Vancouver concept store’s unique brand, and applying it to each facet of the customer experience for both retail and food.

    Taking the store’s existing brand and ethos of originality, quality and craftsmanship, we created bespoke designs to complement the unique in-store experience – from the desirable, uniquely designed carrier bag right down to the small, sublime coffee cups & bespoke carrier for the store’s tasting room.

  • Agency: The Comeback Studio
    Creative direction: Olympia Lioni.
    Designer: Yiorgos Yiacos, Olympia Lioni
    Client: Olympia - Yiorgos
    Offset printing: Panos Davias
    Screen printing: Chrysanthos Aggelakis and Tind
    Project photos: Studio Anastassatos
    Country: Greece

    The invitation for Olympia’s and Yiorgos’ wedding which took place on the island of Kythnos in Greece.

    The basic idea that the couple had for the wedding was that the whole thing should be as informal as possible. It should basically be a good excuse for everyone to go to a beautiful place for a few days, have a good time and party. In the same time we had to find a way to provide all the guests with all the practical information they’d need in order to travel to and stay at Kythnos, since it was a new destination for most. Thus. it was decided that the invitation would be in the format of a poster with would have a dual function. On one side, we made a big illustration of the map of kythnos, accompanied by the portraits of the couple and various elements that had to do with the wedding. This would work as a childrens’ coloring book that the guests could color themselves. On the other side the guests could find all the information that someone visiting Kythnos for the first time would need.

    After being printed and folded, the posters were inserted in metal boxes, together with a set of coloring pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. On each box the Color Me Badly logo was screenprinted and a sticker tag, similar to those on childrens’ notebooks was pasted. The name of each guest was written on those tags by hand.