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  • Designer: Mathieu Henrijean
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Belgium

    Mathieu Henrijean has created some contemporary bird houses from existing iconic houses of famous architects all overs the world. It is product design and packaging, entirely done by hand.

  • Agency: Citrartwork
    Designer: Citra Limanto
    Client: Dirty Dogge
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Indonesia

    There is an overwhelming amount of stray dogs running loose in US, and only several care workers to rescue them. Over 90% of dogs picked up are euthanized. There are simply not enough resources, funding, rescue workers, foster homes or people who are willing to adopt.

    Laverne's Dog Bakery is a company that was founded in 2010, Minnesota, to help encourage no kill animal rescues. They had decided to expand their product line and they are starting with dog shampoo. Their new product is called Dirty Dogge, a line of unique pet products aimed to encourage consumers to rethink the problems of dog care, the welfare of unwanted and abandoned animals and to create a world where all companion animals find compassionate, permanent homes and to end animal cruelty also euthanasia.

    We come up with a label that will really help them stand out on an all-too-crowded shelf. The concept are the comic strips of dog shampoos. By packing with a comic which has an interesting story, A distinction is made between continuity strips which have continuous storylines with the same characters appears in different humorous situation will open opportunities for Laverne's Dog bakery to be a single player and succesful market pioneer in these field. Then the first consumer will buy the product and in the end they will feel curious about the continuation of the story in the comics strips which contained on the label of the bottle.

    A consumer who would be curious, will do a purchase order again. This concept design is used to lure consumers to do repeat orders.

  • Agency: Prompt Design
    Client: Petchicclub Co., Ltd.
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: Thailand

    Normally the training pads available for pets are designed with pictures of a dog or puppy sitting on the training pad or large alphabets indicating that the products are for dogs or puppies to urinate on. Prompt Design came up with the idea to make Petpory Brand stand out by using a sign that everyone would understand and be familiar with. The sign "Comfort Pee Zone" indicates that it is a training pad, and to make the product more attractive, it is also designed with a picture of a dog holding the sign with a facial expression saying "That this is what they want."

  • Designer: Maria Mordvintseva
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    I initially came up with the idea while working on one of the briefs for the School of Thoughts creative course in 2013. The task was to come up with an original solution for a social problem. I picked the problem of overpopulation of animals in shelters and made it my goal to come up with an idea that would be funny and inspiring. When the course was finished I decided to create a personal project based around my initial concept.

    The solution is based around the idea that all pets have alternative "functions". Each pet from the shelter gets their individual packaging that features their "function", character and physical features like weight and age. The packaging also presents information in support of the pet's function and other little known facts about animals. For example, according to a recent research, cat owners could cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than 1/3 which makes cats great heart support medication. The shelter pets are introduced to people in places where they least expect it: the packaging is placed in corresponding sections of department stores, drug stores, etc.

    One of the goals was to make the design adaptable for virtually any cat and dog, so a limited colour palette and a white background were a natural choice. By keeping it simple I also let the pets be the hero. The clean design also helps the packaging to stand out on the shelf.

  • Designer: Alexandra Abramova
    Type of work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    Crumbly is a small bird living in her own nesting box. She is thrifty and diligent, that’s why she always has a lot of grain.

  • Agency: Clёver agency
    Designer: Dasha Mikhaylova
    Type of work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    We created the concept of dog food in the low-cost segment, inspired by the idea of westerns. This has helped us to create an atmospheric design. Hero of our brand has become a vagabond dog Billy the Tail.

  • Agency: eau³ | Branding + Marketing
    Designer: Jean-François Pigeon
    Client: Développement Angelcare
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Canada

    Product packaging for LitterLocker and refill cartridge.

  • Designer: Ann Bomar
    School: Savannah College of Art and Design
    Type of Work: Student Project
    Country: United States

    Cats have a variety of different personalities, each with their own set of wants, needs and styles, and any good cat owner should refuse to give their feline friend any less than the best. However, finding personalized, well-designed, specialty cat items can be a challenge. There seems to be a lack of feline-centered shops, and cats tend to get only one or two isles in general pet-stores, which tend to be primarily dog focused.

    Miaou, a concept store, is the feline boutique catered to all purrsonalities, from the oh-so-sassy cat to the adventurous kitten huntress. With all natural treats, hand-made collars, toys, and accessories, Miaou is the one-stop (or should i say, paws) shop for every kitty “knead”. Miaou strives to create quality cat products with design in mind. in this dog-eat-dog world, Miaou puts your cat first and will settle for no less than perfection.

  • Agency: Zoo
    Country: Vic, Spain

    Branding and packaging design for Nature Diet super premium line by Dingonatura. This is a holistic product for pets, based on a natural, healthy and balanced diet.

  • Agency: Fullpack
    Designer: Bruno Singulani
    Country: Brazil

    Project details: I love dogs and working with a dogs food brand was a really exciting experience.

    After some research and some brainstorming we decided to propose a new naming for a new client.

    This project is a packaging and branding proposal for a new brand in the Pet Industry here in Brazil.
    These are the first concepts that Ive made. I used these stunning dog portraits by Daniel Sadlowski ( | ) and some from Shutterstock.

    Unfortunately the project wasnt approved by the client.

  • Designer: Dora Azevedo - The Grain Free Company
    Country: Portugal

    The packaging was designed to be totally different in comparison with other players.

  • Designer: Cecilia Uhr
    Country: Canada

    If you happen to have a dog, you may have noticed that there isn’t much of a variety when it comes to dog food and snacks package design. For this project, we examined reinventing packaging for rawhide sticks used for chewing. After thoroughly¬ examining multiple pet supply stores, we noticed that most rawhides were in clear plastic bags, or in some cases, not even packaged at all. While Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and in this case not reusable, not having any kind of protection is unhygienic. The new solution to his conundrum came about through a combination of humour, a consciousness for the environment, and aesthetics.

    There are three different sizes available for the customers, and each size is differentiated by the type of dog illustrated and the diagram indicated on the bottom left. The mouth of each dog is cut out so that consumers can see the product inside, as well as view it as the white “teeth” of the dog. The left ear serves as a flap in which the user can open to slide out sticks one at a time instead of having to put their hands in the box. The other ear functions as a “hook” to put up on display racks. The back of the package design explains the nutrition facts, ingredients, and highlights of the product. The package is meant to be a collectors’ item, and is also refillable with new rawhide sticks.

  • Agency: B&B Studio
    Country: United Kingdom

    Birds & Bees unveils fresh packaging look, designed by B&B studio

    High-end bird food brand Birds & Bees has partnered with design agency B&B studio. The award winning design agency has created the brand’s identity, packaging, website and print communications.

    As a brand, Birds & Bees promises to help revive Britain’s diminishing bird and bee habitats; committing to plant one square foot of new wildflower meadow for every new customer who joins this year. The initiative is championed by wildlife expert Kate Humble and Countryside Farmer of the Year 2012, Rob Allan.

    This positive outlook on Britain’s wildlife has helped shape and define the visual language of the brand, which spans across packaging, website and print communication. Silhouettes of garden birds and insects are used to suggest a proliferation of wildlife, all rendered in a stamp effect for a raw and natural feel, while the logo itself balances authoritative and friendly typography and a bee icon appears to draw out the word and act as a sign-off.

    Shaun Bowen, B&B Creative Partner commented:
    “The identity's vibrant and dynamic look and feel reflects the brand’s broader mission to support local wildlife and help bring Britain’s gardens to life. In addition, the colour-coded packaging brings clarity and ease of navigation to what can be a complex category to shop.”

    Birds & Bees’ extensive range of seed mixes, fat balls and other cereal-based products are sourced from British ‘bird & bee friendly’ farms. Farmers are paid a premium for their crop to ensure they can continue to invest in sustainable farming and help restore habitats for Britain’s wildlife. The range of seed mixes, straight seeds, mealworms and fat balls can be ordered direct from

  • Designed by João Pedro Sousa
    Country: Portugal

    Perkane is a brand developed for dog food. Operates in English, Dutch and Angolan market.