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  • Agency: Zoo
    Country: Vic, Spain

    Branding and packaging design for Nature Diet super premium line by Dingonatura. This is a holistic product for pets, based on a natural, healthy and balanced diet.

  • Agency: Fullpack
    Designer: Bruno Singulani
    Country: Brazil

    Project details: I love dogs and working with a dogs food brand was a really exciting experience.

    After some research and some brainstorming we decided to propose a new naming for a new client.

    This project is a packaging and branding proposal for a new brand in the Pet Industry here in Brazil.
    These are the first concepts that Ive made. I used these stunning dog portraits by Daniel Sadlowski ( | ) and some from Shutterstock.

    Unfortunately the project wasnt approved by the client.

  • Designer: Dora Azevedo - The Grain Free Company
    Country: Portugal

    The packaging was designed to be totally different in comparison with other players.

  • Designer: Cecilia Uhr
    Country: Canada

    If you happen to have a dog, you may have noticed that there isn’t much of a variety when it comes to dog food and snacks package design. For this project, we examined reinventing packaging for rawhide sticks used for chewing. After thoroughly¬ examining multiple pet supply stores, we noticed that most rawhides were in clear plastic bags, or in some cases, not even packaged at all. While Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and in this case not reusable, not having any kind of protection is unhygienic. The new solution to his conundrum came about through a combination of humour, a consciousness for the environment, and aesthetics.

    There are three different sizes available for the customers, and each size is differentiated by the type of dog illustrated and the diagram indicated on the bottom left. The mouth of each dog is cut out so that consumers can see the product inside, as well as view it as the white “teeth” of the dog. The left ear serves as a flap in which the user can open to slide out sticks one at a time instead of having to put their hands in the box. The other ear functions as a “hook” to put up on display racks. The back of the package design explains the nutrition facts, ingredients, and highlights of the product. The package is meant to be a collectors’ item, and is also refillable with new rawhide sticks.

  • Agency: B&B Studio
    Country: United Kingdom

    Birds & Bees unveils fresh packaging look, designed by B&B studio

    High-end bird food brand Birds & Bees has partnered with design agency B&B studio. The award winning design agency has created the brand’s identity, packaging, website and print communications.

    As a brand, Birds & Bees promises to help revive Britain’s diminishing bird and bee habitats; committing to plant one square foot of new wildflower meadow for every new customer who joins this year. The initiative is championed by wildlife expert Kate Humble and Countryside Farmer of the Year 2012, Rob Allan.

    This positive outlook on Britain’s wildlife has helped shape and define the visual language of the brand, which spans across packaging, website and print communication. Silhouettes of garden birds and insects are used to suggest a proliferation of wildlife, all rendered in a stamp effect for a raw and natural feel, while the logo itself balances authoritative and friendly typography and a bee icon appears to draw out the word and act as a sign-off.

    Shaun Bowen, B&B Creative Partner commented:
    “The identity's vibrant and dynamic look and feel reflects the brand’s broader mission to support local wildlife and help bring Britain’s gardens to life. In addition, the colour-coded packaging brings clarity and ease of navigation to what can be a complex category to shop.”

    Birds & Bees’ extensive range of seed mixes, fat balls and other cereal-based products are sourced from British ‘bird & bee friendly’ farms. Farmers are paid a premium for their crop to ensure they can continue to invest in sustainable farming and help restore habitats for Britain’s wildlife. The range of seed mixes, straight seeds, mealworms and fat balls can be ordered direct from

  • Designed by João Pedro Sousa
    Country: Portugal

    Perkane is a brand developed for dog food. Operates in English, Dutch and Angolan market.

  • Designed by Seymourpowell, United Kingdom.

    Seymourpowell has a longstanding relationship with Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe and the Purina FELIX brand. Having been the incumbent agency since 2004 when it first designed packaging for the same range of Purina FELIX products, Seymourpowell’s work for the brand to date has contributed to build and maintaining its current market-leading position.

    As part of the brief for this new packaging renovation for Purina FELIX, there were several areas of focus. Firstly, it was important to further develop product desirability and communicate irresistible taste through FELIX’s relationship with his food. It was important to show a ‘clever mischievous’ FELIX eagerly trying to get to his food. In relation, another key requirement of the brief was improved brand connection that captures the spirit and essence of FELIX. Key to this was bringing to life the personality of FELIX on pack, and communicating more mischief and emotion, further connecting with shoppers and delivering a unique differentiating factor.

    A further key element of the redesign was improved range accessibility, impact and ‘shopability’, with powerful brand blocking, on-shelf standout, and a simplified messaging hierarchy and navigation to give each product in the range a clear, differentiated proposition. As part of the redesign, packaging for premium products in the range features bold and vibrant illustrations of FELIX that connect with one another when seen on shelf, creating impactful brand blocking in store. Similarly, upper-premium products in the range have been redesigned with impact in mind and build on the illustration of FELIX ‘breaking through’ to get to the food, which was previously used in communication and has become synonymous with FELIX’s behaviour.

    “This redesign project was focused on the essence of the FELIX brand, and the relationship between FELIX and his food. It was critical to illustrate FELIX as the perfect balance between clever purposefulness and mischievous to communicate the best possible message to shoppers. Improved shopability was important also as the market place becomes ever more competitive. Having worked with Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe on Purina FELIX for nearly 10 years now, we’re thrilled to see the brand performing so well and are confident this packaging renovation will help maintain its strong market position.” Jonathan Shaw, Director of Seymourpowell Brand Packaging commented.

    “We’re very pleased with the new pack design for FELIX. It is a big step forward for the business. Seymourpowell has been the perfect partner during the process, providing a strategic understanding of the brand, the market place, and our goal of bringing the unique mischief of FELIX to life on pack. With the addition of an improved messaging hierarchy and navigation across the range, the redesign delivers fantastic on shelf standout and shopability.” Marie-Laure Varanne, European Brand Leader for FELIX from Nestlé Purina.

  • Designed by Mtrshk Studio, Mexico.

    Food for parrakeets, budgies and rodents. The products are aimed at the consumer area and warehouses for sale in Turkey.

  • Designed by graFistiki Creative, Greece.

    Our challenge was to create a brand that will stand out from the competition and make the company's high standards obvious.

    The keywords our breef gave us were: healthy, premium, professional, care, A pet food for those who want to offer the best to their pets.

    The Competitive Advantages of the product are : it is produced with 100% Fresh chicken an it's veterinary approved.

  • Designed by DePOT Design, Czech Republic.

    Brand and packaging design development for a range of dog food, snacks and supplements.

    This product line is a unique concept aimed at small dogs.

    Together with the client we have built a new category, not only in Europe but in a global market. Therefore, it was necessary to create a strong, unmistakable and clearly understandable brand.

    The design is inspired by the world of fashion, fashion magazines and use their communication tools to reach specific target groups. Emphasis is put on functional benefits and primarily on emotions.

    The claims "SMALL IN SIZE, BIG IN MIND", dominant photographs of dogs and strong colour coding are other essential elements for a good visual function of the entire product line.

  • Designed by designojo, United States.

    Arm & Hammer re:considered (concept)

    For much of its 160 year history Church and Dwight has sold baking soda under the Arm & Hammer brand name in an iconic yellow box, with the classic Arm & Hammer symbol. Sometime in the mid 1970’s the brand extensions began to multiply like bunnies, initially with household cleaning products and later within the personal care category.

    Today Arm & Hammer markets everything from laundry detergent and bathroom cleaners to cat litter and toothpaste. Church & Dwight has positioned Arm & Hammer as an “ingredient brand” which they have successfully leveraged across numerous product categories with a core promise- the power of baking soda and its proven deodorizing effects.

    Packaging across their diverse range of products and consumer targets, for the most part, builds upon familiar Arm & Hammer visual assets: the muscular arm and sledge hammer icon within the red circle and a predominately yellow color palette.

    We were somewhat curious about how the brand might be evolved to speak more uniquely to consumers within each specific product segment while retaining a link back to the Arm & Hammer master brand. Clearly the visual and emotional drivers for a consumer shopping the toothpaste aisle at a drugstore are different from a shopper buying cat litter at the neighborhood pet care super store. How would packaging be impacted by analysis of the competitive landscape within these individual product categories? What would be the best visual strategy to communicate the many specific product benefits while building upon the strength of the Arm & Hammer brand? And just how elastic is the brand to further line extensions?

  • Designed by VRS WPI Vilnius, Lithuania.
    Designer: Marija Mikulskiene

    Vilkyškių Pieninė is famous for its black cat product line. This year they have challenged themselves and introduced to the market new products- chocolate glazed sweet Quark Bars with desert tastes. The main challenge was to distinguish new product range in the shelves from “standard” range. Due to this chess pattern table-cloth turned into stripe pattern and we are meeting smiling face of a white cat. Discover Murr family!

  • Designed by Ideas that Kick, United States.

    Kick Takes Pet Food Packaging to New Heights

    Family-owned, Ohio-based Blackwood Pet Food saw such success with the packaging system Minneapolis design consultancy Ideas that Kick created for their flagship brand two years ago that the pet food makers are now banking on great design to grow their business once again.

    Blackwood recently tasked Kick with re-packaging two of their legacy brands, in hopes of extending their retail footprint and gaining new market traction. Kick’s new packaging system concepts for the Adirondack and Makin’ Trax brands inspired Blackwood to rethink how they introduce all of their brands to retail partners.

    Concepts for both brands were designed to appeal to owners who value “outside” time with their pets and appreciate the quality of a food made in the USA. Kick updated both brands with bold new visuals and messaging. The Adirondack packaging system utilizes beautiful nature photography and bright colors to differentiate recipes and to tell a story targeted at adventure-seeking pet owners, while the packaging system for Makin’ Trax targets hunters and their families.

    “The client’s previous packaging for Adirondack and Makin’ Trax lacked brand equity,” explains Kick brand strategist Mary Kemp. “We delivered lifestyle concepts that will stand out on shelves because they tell real, relevant stories that haven’t been over-told in pet retail.”

    “Pet owners know authentic when they see it,”
    adds Kick creative director Stefan Hartung. “Our creative concepts for Adirondack and Makin’ Trax speak authentically about how many consumers spend time with their pets.. Most mass pet food packaging uses appetite appeal — targeting pet owners — to sell substandard product. Anybody who knows about dog food knows that human appetite appeal isn’t what matters. But we all enjoy adventures with our pets. And American-made quality is key in the pet food category.”

    “We knew that Kick would deliver great designs,” says Matt Golladay, Blackwood Pet Food Vice President. “We had no way of anticipating they would have us re-visioning how we looked at these brands that have been in our portfolio for years. Now we’re able to approach retailers with a tiered offering of premium pet food brands — and we can already tell that retailers are just as excited as we are.”

  • Designed by Nora Renaud, France.

    Mascotte is a range of nutritional supplements for pets. Each box contains beneficial elements to your domestic animal. Relieve your dog's joints, treat your cat's coat, favour a good dental hygiene of your rodent and reinforce the defenses of your bird.