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  • Designer: Anna Nowokunska
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Client: Mr. Waldek
    Country: Poland

    Waldek's home brewery called STRONG WALDEK

    Bottle label is designed for any of 3 home alcohol kinds made by Waldek: light beer, dark beer or cider. For specific purpose one of the tags at the bottom is simply to be checked.

  • Agency: RK STUDIO
    Designer: Rafał Kwiecień
    Client: Tani Opal sp. z o.o.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    This packaging series for coal products uses winter animal represented by stylized pictograms. It includes 2 premium product series - Pro and Ultra. My goal with this project was to make simple and modern packaging, each displaying a strong identity. Every package has a unique animal and colour, it also comes with all required information on the front to help customers to pick the right product, on the shelf or online shop.

  • Designer: Ewelina Orlowska
    Country: Poland

    Packaging solution for 3 beauty products destined for travelling.

    The idea was to design a packaging, which can easily change the shape to better luggage fit and can reduce with every day of the trip. A set of single use sachets for 7 days.
    Consist of:
    . 7 shampoo sachets
    . 7 shower gel sachets
    . 7 hand&body cream sachets

    Patterns inspired by most common travel views: road, rain, wave, rough, peak

  • Designer: Alexander Pogrebniak
    Country: Poland

  • Designer: Kinga Offert
    Country: Poland

    OFFERT is a collection of hand-printed apparel and illustrations. The label was founded with a desire to create unique, thoughtful and tongue-in-cheek products people would treasure and connect with.

    Kinga Offert is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Poznań, Poland. Feeling somewhat limited by the digital medium she was working with, she learned the art of screen printing and found the process rewarding on many levels. Her passion led her to start up her own, constantly evolving label and accompanying shop last year.

    The combination of artisan production technique, modern graphic design and playful approach became the hallmark of her work. Not minding to get her hands dirty in order to find the satisfying solution, going through many attempts before she actually gets it right, Kinga focuses on high quality and originality of all products. Each piece is hand made individually from start to finish (drawing, sewing, printing...), with care and attention given to every stage from conception to packaging.

    The traditional screen printing technique involves a lot of labor, patience and time. So much thought and care put into the process makes the final product look and feel like a gift. Its character (due to the nature of screenprinting, each print is slightly different) is unmatched by mass produced alternatives. All products are like a piece of art, come in limited editions and are numbered. These are bold pieces not to be seen anywhere else!

    Always thinking of new ideas, this year Kinga hopes to develop the range further and add a few new products, e.g. fullskirts. Head on over to to check out all of the designs.

  • Designed by Luksemburk
    Designer: Luks Piekut
    Country: Poland

    Wine labels design for Ilurce - wine producer from Rioja in Spain. Project was commissioned by Polish importer Kondrat Wina Wybrane.

  • Designed by Marcin Regucki
    Country: Poland

    Puretan Pure Bronze Tanning Range Re-Branding

    The Pure Bronze range by Puretan. A unique range of instant tanning products and accessories, for a spectacular golden tan, infused with rich moisturisers, you can even apply and shower in one hour.

  • Designed by Marcin Regucki
    Country: Poland

    Desi Munch was founded by an Investment Banker! A family shopping trip to one of Dubai’s finest malls started it all… the family had some beautiful views – the pleasant crowd, the shopping experience, the bumper sales, but nothing delicious to eat on the go. The chips pouches on offer at the vending machines helped to keep the kids munching, but did nothing to satisfy our desire for something that would give a tantalizing kick, something crunchy, a melody of taste, something exotic without costing the earth. Something DESI. That experience inspired us to create Desi Munch.

    Immediately, we thought that Desi Munch would be name of our product offering, because it reflects the careful attention to detail that we work hard to incorporate into every single element of the snacks we produce, from the pristine ingredients to the beautiful packaging to our avid dedication to customer satisfaction.

  • Designed by Aneta Dworzyńska
    Country: Poland

  • Designed by Tomasz Soluch and vishaven agency, Poland.

  • Designed by Wojtek Grzeluszka, Poland. is a set of vegetable pasta with unique characteristic – it has Zero nett calories, Zero gluten, Zero sugar – healthy food for people who watch weight and for celiacs, vegetarians, vegans, diabets. Realisation includes: logotype, packaging and website layout.

  • Designed by for brands studio, Poland.

    Together with tołpa, we’ve redesigned their cosmetics brand.

    We have developed their new logo + more than 100 different packages and labels for their cosmetics.

  • Designed by Mikolaj Lawnicki, Poland.

    Sometimes in a real man's life comes a time when he needs to buy or drink a wine. A real man never drinks wine of his own will. A real man drinks whiskey only, and eats rocks.

    For gutsy guys like this, there's Blackwater. The wine for real men.

    My goal was to create a concept of wine for real men. That is why a bottle of Blackwater looks like a bottle of whiskey. Vintage style label refers to the period of the Wild West, and the brave men such as Wyatt Earp. The project was inspired by the figure of Edward Teach (c. 1680-1622 November 1718), better known as Blackbeard - the famous English pirate.

    Bottle is packaged in a jute bag, and stored in a decorated wooden box.Set includes a bottle opener and little decorative gift package.

  • Designed by Jacek Starkowski, Poland.

    Series of fishing baits packaging. The Series consists of four packages: bream, roach, carp, tench & crucian.