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  • Designer: Joanna Koszyk
    Client: Sądecki Bartnik
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    A simple idea of packaging for local Honeydew Honey.

    The brief was to create label for a local honey from Beskid Sądecki mountains.

    The label was supposed to be regional, so that it contains regional signs characteristic for the region. It is a label inspired by "parzenica sądecka" - an extraordinary sign which is used in traditional dress in the region.

    Honeydew Honey is very characteristic for Poland and especially for region of Beskid Sądecki.

  • Agency: Studio Otwarte
    Art direction: Marcin Wolny
    Design: Julek Wierzchowski, Tomek Jurecki
    Country: Poland

    "Małopolska Selection" is a set of souvenirs commissioned by the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region. We’ve selected over a dozen objects made by local craftsmen, ensuring that each one is authentic, extraordinary and at the same time characteristic for the region. For them we created a set of packaging inspired by the “Cracow Workshops” – a 1913 formed community, aiming at the improvement of the artistic quality of crafts.

  • Designer: Marta Chodorowska
    School: Academy of Fine Arts and Design
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Poland

    La Libellule is a fictional French perfumery. They specialize in natural perfumes and cosmetics. Their products are of excellent quality and available only in Paris. "La libellule" means "dragonfly" and this insect is visible in logo. In it's shape there are hidden two letters L.

    The perfumery offers cosmetics in four fragrance lines: Jasmine de Soir, Rose d'été, Jardin and Violette Joyeuse. Each line is marked by different colour. The drawings of flowers visible on labels of the lines are also the illustrations of the fragrance inside - each fragrance line is composed of different notes. The packaging style reflects the aspect of luxury and exclusiveness of these fully natural French cosmetics.

  • Agency: Blik FX
    Client: EcoBlik
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    Coffee Cake's name comes from the term of the coffee disc, which leaves is in the coffee machine after brewing espresso. Arabica in this product comes from Brazil, Peru, Ethiopia and Indonesia - what was expressed in names as Brazilian Owl, Peruvian Flaming, Ethiopian Fox and Indonesian Frog. That was aneffect of mixing Alice in Wonderland story with animal archetypes. In this way we connected human nature with passion for drinking coffee.

  • Designer: Milena Wlodarczyk
    School: Academy of Art and Design
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Wroclaw, Poland

    Czarnkow is a small town in northern Poland. Beer brewing tradition here goes back to the sixteenth century. Proposed new identity of Brewery Czarnkow, emphasizes the core values of the brand. Logo and the rest of the materials combine the simplicity and the professionalism of small regional brewery with a long tradition.

    Project of labels is created for the beer named Noteckie, produced by the Czarnków brewery. Labels show illustrations, each of them has been designed with the attention to characteristics distinguishing each suitable product. In addition, each type has its own four pack of beer. It was created for easy and convenient transport 4 beers. Packaging fulfils a function of outdoor advertising. The brand is based on a vintage style. Important value, which previously lacked is emphasize the tradition and individual, non-commercial approach to profession.

  • Agency: Hollow Creative
    Designer: Dawid Świątek, Grzegorz Sołowiński
    Client: Feltsledge
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    Feltsledge | Pads for your Apple® mouse.

    Feltsledge are designed pads for your Apple® mouse to reduce the friction when moving it. The soft, yet durable material protects both your mouse and the surface beneath it. Feltsledge is especially recomended for designers, architects, extreme gamers and everywhere where precision is required.

  • Designer: Piotr Kwaśny
    Type of work: Concept
    Country: Poland

  • Agency: Luksemburk
    Designer: Luks Piekut
    Client: Dekorglass
    Type of Work: Commercial
    Country: Poland

    Design of vodka bottle for Dekorglass - manufacturer of glass packaging. The order included the creation of decorating on a standard bottle, and the creation of a dedicated shape of the bottle.

  • Agency: hopastudio
    Designer: Piotr Hołub / Marcin Paściak
    Type Of Work: Self Promo
    Country: Poland

    #wytrawnarobota is our new project concerning the limited edition of packaging.

    Bottles of wine are often thought as gifts for our friends and clients.

    Etiquettes and wrapping paper were made using the technique of screen printing. The symbol which is placed on hand-made tubes was dry-printed. The complementation of the entire project is the series of posters which advertise each of the bottles.

  • Designer: Ewelina Orlowska
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Poland

    Error is an identity and packaging design for a red wine. Project inspired by the state of erased memory which often appears after drinking alcohol. Perforations remind missing pixels and are cut into shape of grape bunch and South America continent, origin place of this wine. Surprising element is word "error" printed inside the packaging with letter "e" hidden on the inner side of the label.

  • Designer: Anna Nowokunska
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Client: Mr. Waldek
    Country: Poland

    Waldek's home brewery called STRONG WALDEK

    Bottle label is designed for any of 3 home alcohol kinds made by Waldek: light beer, dark beer or cider. For specific purpose one of the tags at the bottom is simply to be checked.

  • Agency: RK STUDIO
    Designer: Rafał Kwiecień
    Client: Tani Opal sp. z o.o.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Poland

    This packaging series for coal products uses winter animal represented by stylized pictograms. It includes 2 premium product series - Pro and Ultra. My goal with this project was to make simple and modern packaging, each displaying a strong identity. Every package has a unique animal and colour, it also comes with all required information on the front to help customers to pick the right product, on the shelf or online shop.

  • Designer: Ewelina Orlowska
    Country: Poland

    Packaging solution for 3 beauty products destined for travelling.

    The idea was to design a packaging, which can easily change the shape to better luggage fit and can reduce with every day of the trip. A set of single use sachets for 7 days.
    Consist of:
    . 7 shampoo sachets
    . 7 shower gel sachets
    . 7 hand&body cream sachets

    Patterns inspired by most common travel views: road, rain, wave, rough, peak

  • Designer: Alexander Pogrebniak
    Country: Poland