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  • Designer: Patrícia Alves
    School: Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave (IPCA)
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Portugal

    This is school project, where our task was to develop an limited edition of three different packs from one existent identity.

    In this case, the MIKADO identity, which produces chocolate biscuits. The main concept of this work are the difference flavors, namely milk chocolate, white chocolate and black chocolate, each one representing the Asian Culture - Japan, Korean and China.

  • Designers: Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes
    Client: Nelson Fernandes aka Zina Caramelo
    Photography by Nelson Fernandes
    Digital imaging by Francisco Elias
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Portugal

    The best way to hold the short animation Paths of Light by Zina Caramelo was to ensure that the DVD had a beautiful case to match. The packaging actually looks like it was plucked from the woods and moulded to form a DVD. On the outside, various lines are visible, almost appearing as small trees growing up the side of the case. The wooden exterior also helps to give it an extremely naturalistic look. Paths of Light is an extreme update from the cases many saw for CDs in the 1990s, which usually consisted of basic plastic with a paper package to explain the contents inside.

    The medium used was a single wooden plank on which he reinvented/unrolled all his visual and poetic discourse, using multiple techniques. This life cycle resulted in a box, whose construction involved two distinct stages: a mechanical one and a manual one. The first stage - the mechanical one - involved cutting and laser printing operations (1 hour and 30 minutes) to produce 6 different pieces. The last stage - the manual one - involved the exploration of collage techniques using those 6 pieces, a drying period and a sandpaper finishing to create the final version. Each box is unique.

    Project description source

  • Agency: SerCriativo
    Designers: Nuno Dias & Tiago Castro
    Client: MyVegies
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Portugal

    I teamed up with my partner in crime Tiago Castro, to build the Visual Identity of MyVegies, a Sports Nutrition Brand for Vegetarians. The idea was to create a positive and vibrant brand with a healthier, simple and fresh look. The job included the logo concept, the packaging and some illustrative icons.

    About the brand: "My Vegies was founded to meet the needs of a public that has typically been disregarded by the sports nutrition industry: Vegetarians. Few Nutrition Brands develop their products thinking of Vegetarians, of the supporters of animal rights, and of environmentalists in general. MyVegies is a brand that encompasses all these interests and concerns, giving you high quality organic products, derived exclusively from vegetable sources. Our growth is based upon environmental practices that ensure the preservation of our environment and help improve the quality of life of generations to come." (Source: )

  • Designer: André Ferreira
    School: Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave
    Country: Portugal

    This was a project developed in the academic context, which aims to develop a range of special a product with three varieties of a brand of food or drink. The brand chosen was Red Bull, the famous Austrian company of energy drinks. I created the Red Bull Cartoon Edition. The concept came from the cartoons produced by the brand. I really appreciate their cartoons and the fact that Red Bull is recognized in several sports like Formula One and Air Races. I created three varieties: Formula One (Drink like a champion), Air Race (Drink with madness) and one for the existing Red Bull Comercial Cartoons (Drink with fun). The packaging includes the three varieties and a cartoon sticker. In addition to the product itself, were also proposed to create an application. I created a Red Bull Cartoon Edition Sticker Album, where consumers can collect all the cartoons included in the packaging.

  • Designer: Nuno Baptista
    Client: Cacao Divine
    Country: Portugal

    This collection, “Wine Chocolates” is packed in a a 100% original Portuguese cork tube, which is not only a perfect package for a perfect gift but also an excellent way to preserve our chocolates by taking advantage of the corks’s thermal qualities.

    Each cork tube contains 6 “Wine Chocolates” with a total weight of approximately 90g / 3,2 oz.

  • Designer: Dora Azevedo - The Grain Free Company
    Country: Portugal

    The packaging was designed to be totally different in comparison with other players.

  • Designer: Rita Clemente
    School: ESEIG
    Country: Portugal

    Rota das Cores is a project that comes in the academic context, as graduate project of Bachelor Design and Advertising.

    Rota das Cores is the name that was given to sea voyages of the Portuguese in Brazil, at the time of discovery. This was the name chosen for the range of spices and giving mood to any conceptualization of the project.

    All graphic design of the packaging revolves around the theme “travel”. The idea that is intended to convey is that all the spices come directly from their country of origin to the final consumer, with all its properties and benefits.

    The glass was chosen for the conservation of spices for being a tough, practical and hygienic materials and each label is specifically made ​​in accordance with the product that carries support, making known all their properties in a comprehensive way, as a full benefits of the drug they were.

    For the exterior, the material chosen was the card, referring to orders coming from abroad, as all graphic communication that inspires us tickets.

  • Designer: Diana Romero
    School: Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave
    Country: Portugal

    Elaboration of a commemorative/special edition of a product.

    The theme chosen for the product was"Mexican sauces," namely: Hot Chilli, Guacamole and Chamoy (spicy,neutral and bittersweet).

    The work was not requested by the brand PALADIN

    The concept came from the celebration of "Dia de los Muertos" which is commemorated in Mexico. This union reaffirmed and emphasized the qualities of the product intensity and authenticity. Dance is a symbol of joy, who revives the dead, as the sauces.

  • Agency: INELO
    Designer: Inês Freitas + Gonçalo Martins
    Client: PDF - Penhas Douradas Food
    Country: Portugal

    PDF - A new concept in gourmet products, combining traditional with innovative design.

    Natural resources of the mountain (Serra da Estrela - Portugal), combined to produce unique products with unexpected revenue and provocative taste. Packaging and labeling that AIMS to make the product more environmentally friendly and more affordable to the end consumer, indicating use of recycled cardboard/paper.

  • Agency: Rita Rivotti
    Country: Portugal

    5G — Very Old Port Wine

    5G Century Old Port was produced at the end of the nineteenth century and had never left the Serôdio Borges family's Port Wine lodge until 2012, when it was bottled in 300 individually numbered bottles.

  • Agency: Rita Rivotti
    Country: Portugal

    The Torto River, twisted and beautiful, silent witness to centuries of wine stories, runs towards the Douro. Where the rivers meet lies the FOZ TORTO vineyard , an old terraced vine upheld by shale walls, surrounded by olive groves, orchards and small vegetable gardens.

  • Agency: Rita Rivotti
    Country: Portugal

    Quinta do Romeu — Organic Wine

    Quinta do Romeu is in the Menéres Family Estate for 4 or 5 generations and they are the guardians of a few thousand 100% organically farmed hectares (with no chemicals).
    It's good for the environment, for your health and the wine aromas.

  • Designed by João Pedro Sousa
    Country: Portugal

    Perkane is a brand developed for dog food. Operates in English, Dutch and Angolan market.

  • Designed by Claudia Duarte
    Country: Portugal

    School Project in which was asked to design a special edition of a product.

    I chose to celebrate the 170 years of this famous brand of biscuits, which happens in a few years, and create a new box that at the same time is new and keeps the same language and values of he original, plus its a box that can be saved and reused.

    The colors are separated by flavors.