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  • Agency: BREAK
    Client: Gruppo Colussi
    Brand: Riso Flora
    Designer: Rossella Rabuffi
    Account director: Laura Cremonesi
    Type Of Work: Commercial
    Country: Italy

    Flora appeared on the marked in the late ‘60s introducing the Parboiling process in Italy and becoming the leader in the newly created segment. Later the company extended its range in order to meet the most recent market trends. However, the new lines did not get all the recognition they needed as the brand was mainly associated to its most successful product: the parboiled rice.

    The objective was to create a new, strong brand identity, in order to make the brand more independent from the parboiled line and give value to all of its offering. A new graphic system was also needed to present the range in a clear way, give it more visibility on shelves and add more premiumness to it.

    A strong identity has been achieved through personification: being the brand name also a name for woman, a woman appeared on the pack and the first letter of the logo was made capital, as in given names. Chromatically, the pack was divided in two, to add clarity and premiumness. The institutional yellow became warmer and more personal. To illustrate the range, more emphasis was put on the use each rice was intended for (even to the aid of images such as a wooden spoon for quality risottos or several serving suggestions for the versatile parboiled, now simply called “the classic” that never gets overcooked).

  • Agency: Peter Gregson Studio
    Illustration: Marijana Rot
    Country: Serbia

    PGS new project task was to redesign packaging and identity for really delicious handmade snack Basket®.

  • Agency: Xs Media Inc.
    Designer: Jason Wildes Twist
    Client: Truffle & Co.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom & United States

    The redesign of Truffle & Co.'s boutique brands snack division. The relaunch comes as the company has secured distribution deals with major London and New York City specialty grocers.

  • Agency: Coats Design
    Designer: Matt Grantham
    Illustration: Beck Wheeler
    Client: Hubbards
    Country: New Zealand

    For the past year Coats Design has been redesigning the various ranges produced by Hubbards, introducing the new Brand created by Coats and repositioning each range to create maximum shelf appeal and unique tone-of-voice.

    Hubbards Kids wanted to be different in the market. The new packaging direction has intentionally avoided the run of the mill cartoon characters and has been built around the emotive idea of kids doodles, sketch books and ‘mind farts’! In essence, each pack is a reflection of the chaotic, fun and random nature of kids’ minds.

    Working with Beck Wheel from Watermark Ltd, a loose doodle style has been created, along with a load of lively stories and activities to entertain the kids (not forgetting the little kid in each parent). Even the inside of pack has been utilised, offering more fun and activities. An important feature of the rebrand was to engage the kids, get them reading or out of the house and having fun! The result, a completely unique cereal range that lives and breathes the new Hubbards brand.

  • Agency: This Way Up
    Client: Lick Frozen Yogurt
    Country: United Kingdom

    The award-winning Lick frozen yogurt, endorsed by stars and celebrity chefs, is being launched nationally in a new packaging design that is set to fire up the frozen desserts market.

    Lick is the UK’s first frozen yogurt to open a branded store, and has seen strong growth over the past few years based on a clear vision and outstanding product quality. The brand was perfectly positioned for further growth with interest from major multiples in 2013 when This Way Up approached the company and offered to work with the founders to build on the existing brand idea, and amplify the fun-loving and inclusive attitude of the founders.

    Lick Frozen Yogurt was born in 2000 from the basket of a trike on the streets of Tenby. The two founders were school friends who discovered that they had a knack of making delicious frozen yogurt and quickly found that friends loved it too.

    The founders, Ky and Owain, managed to buy a second trike in 2001 and from there, saved enough to buy a converted Range Rover, eventually taking over a whole beach in Wales and building a base of loyal Lick devotees.

    In 2008 they moved to Brighton and set up a store in the Brighton Lanes, continuing to make fantastic frozen yogurt and combine that with great live music in the store from artists like Charlotte Church and Frightened Rabbit.

    In 2013 Lick recognised that to grow the brand and offer their product to more consumers, they would have to close their beloved store and focus on retail. Our shop closing party saw thousands of people queue down the North Laine to get their final Licks.

    The design builds on the idea of that indescribable moment of pleasure in licking frozen yogurt. The design team amplified the tongue and mouth from the original packaging and created a colour palette more evocative of the flavour and texture of the frozen yogurt itself.

    The back of pack brings to life the story of the two school friends and their engaging story from humble beginnings, and maintains a simple honesty which remains at the heart of the brand.

    The brand now has a visual signature that stands out on shelf, communicates flavour, and also retains that passion, inclusiveness and accessibility that grounds the company, as well as being highly transferable across marketing channels.

    The brand redesign is anticipated to drive trial in the new national listings in Sainsbury’s and Ocado, and it’s inclusion as the youngest ever member of CoolBrands is a reflection of the values and creativity of the Lick team.

  • Agency: BrandOpus
    Country: United Kingdom

    BrandOpus, a global strategic brand design agency, has unveiled a bold, iconic redesign of Rowse honey. The work continues the five-year relationship between agency and brand, and comes shortly after The Grocer revealed that Rowse has toppled Marmite as Britain’s best-selling spread.

    Following the original redesign of Rowse Honey by BrandOpus in 2010, the brand saw a significant uplift in sales. Now the nation’s best-selling spread and leading honey brand, it was time to create an iconic new presentation for Rowse that would underpin their status as the foremost experts in honey, and which would help educate consumers about the different usage occasions that Rowse Honey has to offer.

    The 2010 redesign established key visual equities that the consumer uses to recognise the brand such as the bee, which comes to the fore in the new design, allowing the brand to behave confidently and like the market leader it has become.

    The hexagon device on the label is established as a visual framework, adapted stylistically, and used across the entire portfolio to communicate the traits of each range in a unified manner. The portfolio itself has been organised by usage occasions to help the consumer not only find their favourite breakfast honey, but also to explore new varieties, such as honeys selected specifically for use in cooking, or Supahoney, a comforting winter warmer.

    Kirstie Jamieson, marketing director at Rowse Honey says of the new look, “Rowse Honey has enjoyed amazing success over the last 5 years and it is critical that we maintain the brand momentum. Our continued partnership with BrandOpus is integral to this to increase consumer understanding of the many exciting and varied uses for honey.”
    New look Rowse hits the shelves of stores nationwide in March 2014.

  • Agency: Labis Design Artefice Group
    Designer: Henrique Catenacci / Maikel Morais
    Client: Wensky Beer
    Country: Brazil

    Wensky Beer was founded in 2003 by a Polish family in the South of Brazil. The company works under the concept of microbrewery, which rescues the traditional way of making beer.

    The main goal was to translate the brand’s quality and facilitate identification through product differentiation. The graphic line’s concept was inspired on the brand’s value – Poland, tradition, originality and craft.  To communicate these values and simultaneously translate the characteristics of each kind of beer on the label, different European animals were chosen to associate each beer with its qualities. For example, the Beer Baltic Porter was associated to the Bison strength. The features of European beers graphic style with a unique brand identity create the bound between classic and contemporary. In the creation process were also targeted all production process such as the choice of Metallized BOPP as printing media to enhance the graphics of the labels.

  • Agency: Smirap Designs
    Designer: Mike Karolos
    Country: Greece

    Concept redesign for Alfa Greek Beer.

    My goal here was to make a more minimal and clean approach of the beer label.

    Less colors, simpler shapes & typography and this is the result.

  • Agency: BREAK
    Designer: Eugenia Kalinovskaya, Luca Franceschi
    Illustrator: Luigi Russo
    Account: Olga Manoilenko
    Client: Abrico
    Country: Italy

    The Russian jam market presents a high number of players. Despite Abrico is one of the most well-established brands, it has recently suffered from a decrease in sales: its packaging has been unchanged for 7 years and is unable to respond to the latest market trends.

    Abrico’s core values revolve around family and tradition (Dlia Vnuchat - For Grand-children). It is necessary to stress those values in a way relevant to the contemporary market: tradition involves natural and quality ingredients along with environment friendly practices. However, despite a home-made feel, the consumer should still feel reassured about the strict quality control that a great firm can guarantee.

    Some classic elements have been put together in a fresh way to give simple and essential looks. The screw-cap uses the traditional red and white colours, whilst the transparent jar boldly shows the product, stressing out its quality. Thanks to specially made realistic illustrations, the fruit play a very important part and emphasizes that just natural ingredients are used. The clean and essential overall effect greatly differentiates the product from its competitors and make it stand out on the Russian market.

  • Agency: Redfire
    Creative Director: Colin Downing
    Designer: Reuben Alderson
    Client: Aotea New Zealand
    Country: New Zealand

    Aotea New Zealand, the largest souvenir retailer in New Zealand wanted an exclusive brand that was all about New Zealand. The brand had to communicate provenance and what better way to build a brand than through story telling. They asked Redfire, a specialized branding and packaging design agency, to develop a new brand and then apply this to a multitude of packaged products.

    Redfire uncovered through the research and planning stage that a significant number of the products purchased were for gifts. This formed the basis for our creative direction, where we utilized strong imagery and scenic gems to add a piece of New Zealand to every product. As we say, a picture speaks a thousand words, as the spectacular and beautiful country was used in connection to the product. So for example, instead of using bees and the honey hex for Royal Jelly ( the nutritious food that Queen Bees live off), Redfire showed the clean and pristine environments these bees live and thrive in.

    The resulting creativity and packaging had immediate impact, adding significant shelf presence when merchandised. This creative has been rolled out to approximately 15 products in a range from Premium Manuka Honey to Omega 3 capsules.

  • Agency: Elmwood
    Country: United Kingdom

    Elmwood reveals redesign for Anchor® Cheddar

    Global brand design consultancy Elmwood has revealed a new packaging design for the cheddar range from much-loved brand Anchor®. The redesign comprises block cheddar in mature, extra mature and lighter, as well as sliced and grated variants, and will be rolled out across supermarkets nationwide from February 2014.

    Elmwood were tasked with creating a design that would perfectly balance Anchor’s® ‘Tastes Like Home’ ethos with a high quality product message. The new range look also needed to be recognisably Anchor® while achieving clear stand out in the crowded cheddar fixture.

    To achieve this, Elmwood worked closely with Anchor® to ensure the brand’s language and key visual equities were effectively rooted in a beautifully considered design solution, which reflected the quality of the cheese inside. Elmwood crafted a heart shaped crest to convey quality and excellence, developed in a woodcut style to still appeal to everyday cheese-lovers. The crest was designed to reward further inspection with fun, tongue in cheek cheese references such as crackers and cutlery, nestled amongst the swirls and ribbons. The pack design also celebrated the fact that Anchor® cheddar is slowly matured for a richer fuller flavour – indicating the time and quality that goes into making the cheese.

    Ensuring that the pack design was effective as well as attractive, Elmwood used rich, opulent colours to communicate the richness and fullness of the flavour. The new design features the individual colours for each variant across the entire pack to offer greater stand out on shelf and make the range easy to navigate for consumers.

    Andrew Lawrence, Creative Director at Elmwood said, “It’s fantastic to be working with Anchor® again on the redesign of such a high profile product. It was a great project to work on, communicating Anchor’s brand story in a way that worked for them in the cheese category. Our approach was all about balance, combining high quality cues while engaging with consumers emotionally through well crafted and considered design. We’re really pleased with the end result and look forward to seeing it on shelf.”

    Kate Richards, Senior Brand Manager at Arla Foods said, “Having worked with Elmwood before, we knew how effective their work would be and they absolutely captured everything that is so important to the Anchor® brand. We are delighted with the way Elmwood’s design celebrates the quality of our cheddar range and helps us to stand out in such a busy fixture.”

  • Agency: Smith Design
    Designers: Angel Souto & Glenn Hagen
    Client: Unilever HPC
    Country: United States


    Smith Design has redesigned the Suave Kids label of shampoos, conditioners, and sprays, using a revolutionary look that contemporizes the brand, connects with a broader age range of kids, and truly expresses the core of Suave Kids – that of unabashed fun.

    “Developing memorable characters in conjunction with elevating the brand identity to a fresher, more modern place allows the Suave Kids packaging to truly break through the category clutter in a unique and ultimately fun way," said Jenna Smith, the partner at Smith Design who led the project. "We were delighted to provide Suave Kids with a strategically smart solution for their line of products that not only aligns the portfolio of products successfully, but emotionally connects with kids and moms alike."

    According to Smith, a refreshed brand identity and package design approach in conjunction with the development of 11 unique and ownable "Fruit Mashup" character illustrations, as well as a clear vision for segmenting sub-lines, add clarity and cohesion to a somewhat fragmented line. “The redesign breaths new life into the brand and successfully leads, not follows category players,” she added.

    Smith Design, a package design based in Glen Ridge, NJ and Carmel, CA, has three decades of expertise crafting solutions that result in significant gains for leading brands and companies. 

  • Agency: Redfire
    Creative Director: Colin Downing
    Art Director
    Designer: Natasha Alimova
    Client: Bundy Juice
    Country: New Zealand

    Bundy Juice is an Australian juice company producing a range of premium fruit juices and fruit drinks and is based in Bunderburg Australia – a township made famous by Bundy Rum and Bunderberg Ginger Beer. Bundy Juice hadn’t done any packaging changes for over 10 years and needed to reinvent themselves. They appointed Redfire a strategic branding and packaging agency based at the bottom of the world - New Zealand to review the entire brand and packaging and wanted something fresh and fun with stand out. After a lot of research, concepting and crafting, Redfire is proud to present the newly revitalized Bundy Juice packaging refresh.

    The old Bundy Juice package design was outdated and lacked consistency and shelf presence on shelf. The juice and beverage category is getting edgier in Australia and Redfire wanted to convey all the brand cues that made Bundy Juice “Bundylicious”. We were after a unique look and feel that could use subtleties to differentiate the premium juice range from the drinks range and yet be unmistakable Bundy. We developed hand crafted elements and use styled art direction to really add the appetite appeal so necessary for any beverage packaging.

    The revitalized packaging has been in the market for 2 months now and as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”. Sales growth has rocketed and nationwide distribution grown significantly. Happy Clients, Happy Agency!

  • Agency: Cowan
    Country: Australia

    Ritz gets a fresh new look by Cowan

    Cowan has created a fresh new look for one of Australia’s favourite and most iconic brands – Ritz.

    Building on a new global identity, Cowan has brought to life Ritz’s lighthearted character and entertainment qualities to position the brand as the cracker for every occasion.

    “Almost everyone we spoke to talked about the versatility of the brand and the ‘buttery, melt in your mouth flavour’ said Cowan Creative Director, Glenn Kiernan.

    “We wanted to bring these unique characteristics to life in a relevant and engaging way, so we made the biscuits the hero and showed them dancing around the pack”.

    This marks an exciting period for the brand with NPD Ritz Snackz – a delicious on-the-go snack which is perfect for the car, home or office – being launched as part of the refresh and a revamped In-A-Biskit also coming in under the Ritz brand.

    Keep an eye out for the fresh new Ritz packaging hitting shelves soon.