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  • Design Agency: Clёver
    Designer: Sasha Abramova
    Project Manager: Naelya Nurieva
    Client: Sedrus
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    Mark is on the market for more than 10 years. Manufacturer watched all this time, only the quality of products. As a result, no longer meet the design and product quality, and modern trends of building materials on the shelf, and lost much of its competitors. It was necessary to strengthen the position of the brand "Master Harz" as the highest quality brand of traditional dry mortars.

    It was important to maintain awareness of what we have achieved, while maintaining color spots and the presence of the character. Much attention was paid to the character. His character became courageous and brutal.

    It was also important to enhance the ease of readability of the information about stamps (characteristics) of each product brand because it is important for the target audience.

  • Design Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Aviselect
    Country: Moldova
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    The project on rebranding “Mezellini” – the company dealing with production&distribution of sausage and meat products.

    Mezellini – is one of the leading company on Moldavian market that produce sausage and meat products. Company’s directorship contacted us with an enquiry on redesign the brand and the whole of output, as the current design isn’t relevant to contemporary market. The central and most important thing in assigned task was to maintain Trade Mark’s recognizability.

    The whole process was divided into several stages.

    First of all we upgraded and freshened the company’s logotype. The main character was redrawn, that is from the cunning king we made a smiling and cheerful chief cook. Then we changed the font to a more readable and modern but what most important – we threw away all these small-scale elements that obstruct the adequate perception of a mark.

    After the competitive analysis of current manufacturers on the market, colour code and a style itself was reconsidered and changed to a new one. For the logo and labels we offered a colour code that consists of brown, orange and beige, while competitors use such colors as red, silver with red, brown with beige, red with beige. But we took a different tack and settle on colorful and contrast style with the next associative array:

    Brown – the color of crisp roasted meat
    Orange – the color of appetizing spices
    Beige – crafted color of aged paper
    Pale green (later applied to labels) – color of fresh potherbs and naturality

    Further, in the process of labels design development we came up with an idea of contrast striped pattern that would help the manufacturer to stand out on a shelf amongst competitors. As a result the label looks fresh and modern.

    In addition we developed a key visual that represents a composition with a minimum amount of products, at the same time we used other natural elements such as wood pattern, fresh vegetables and spices.

    It should be mentioned that unlike old design of the label we put emphasis directly on a brand itself, by highlighting and enhancing it. In conclusion, the brand name that is presented in a bigger size works much more active on a shelf.

  • Agency: DSG Creative Design Production
    Company: JSC «Orhei-Vit». (Moldova)
    Type of work: Commercial project developed in 2014

    Juices restayling premium "Vita".

    Marketing challenge: to breathe new life thereby increase sales.

    By order of JSC «Orhei-Vit». (Moldova), the agency DSG CREATIVE DESIGN PRODUCTION has worked on updating the look of the line of juices and nectars, an industry leader juice and baby food in Moldova. Geography of sales is high - more than 25 countries: Romania, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, United States, Iraq, Israel, Canada, Mongolia, Poland, Hungary, the Baltic Countries, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, etc.

    It was created the original concept of product design. In fact from the old brand remained only the name. We changed everything: logo, label, bottle shape. Juice will soon appear on store shelves. Now the buyer can easily find a product on the store shelf and pay attention to it. Modern appearance will product a new face and allow it to compete more effectively with other manufacturers.

  • Agency: CARTILS
    Country: The Netherlands

    Global Acqua Panna brand redesigned by CARTILS

    Acqua Panna is the famous still water brand from Tuscany of the Sanpellegrino S.p.A. and Nestlé Waters group which partners with S.Pellegrino in the fine dining segment. This year Acqua Panna celebrates its 450th birthday. Coinciding with this special occasion the Acqua Panna brand was to have a global redesign showing its heritage to the world; the Tuscan nature where it originates from and depict its true craftsmanship. The global redesign was created by CARTILS, experts in packaging design in the international water category for over 50 years.

    CARTILS’ new redesign of Acqua Panna, depicts what the brand really stands for; true Tuscan heritage. The orange colour of the brand was retained to maintain recognisability, as well as to connect the Tuscan landscape with the typical orange colour that can be found on the rooftops of the houses in this region. On the main label the authentic Tuscan landscape can be seen with its rolling hills. A layered scenery in which the old villages emerge like islands, surrounded by slender trees in extraordinary warm orange colours. Above this Tuscan scenery, the origin of this fine water is depicted; the orange Acqua Panna logo crowned by the blue Florentine lily which is surrounded by the ornament of the fountain where this exquisite water comes from.

    The label in the middle depicts a blue, hand-drawn, new illustration of ‘Villa Panna’ that ensures the high quality perception of the brand, while reinforcing the authentic brand heritage. The spring from which Acqua Panna originates was owned by the powerful Medici family during the 16th century. In this way the link with the villa is enhanced. While the neck label, is an eye catcher as it is almost totally orange with two lilies on both sides, which makes the bottle recognisable to the consumers. This new design reflects a perfectly balanced character of Acqua Panna, which has the rare ability to enhance even the most delicate tastes. A true symbol of fine dining and gourmet quality.

    The new redesign of Acqua Panna makes everything the brand symbolises tangible to its consumers. As Stefano Agostini, President & CEO at Sanpellegrino S.p.A and Nestlé Waters group said: ”We want to let the consumers know that Acqua Panna originates from Toscany. As Toscany is known to the world for its, arts, beauty and quality.” (Retrieved from the video)

    The new redesign of Acqua Panna will be available in the market as of end of this year in glass and PET bottles, of 50cl and 1L sizes in restaurants, hotels and bars.

  • Agency: asterisco*lab designstudio
    Client: Sodalco
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Italy

    Redesign of Fresh&Clean’s make-up remover wipes and cotton pads range of products.

    Freshness was the keyword for the new visual identity of the wipes with a renewed packaging with a metallic laminate.

  • Agency: Shumi Love Design
    Client: Acorex
    Country: Moldova

    Design concept development, label restyling, pre-press, photo shoot

    The agency was set with the task to redisgn an existing line of sparkling wines. Since the series was launched, the label was already redesigned but with little success. The client's main requirement was making this series of sparkling wines look more noble, exquisite and festive. We had to get a result, where the product would be perceived by the consumer as a respectable sparkling wine for feasts, friend parties and holiday dinners.

    While working on this project our main aim was to keep the continuity of the product. As a result, the new design should be recognbizable by the loyal buyers on one hand, and become more attractive to draw new buyers as well. The agency was able to keep the continuity of the design by applying a new interpretation of the stylie-defining pattern of the label. Besides, the design implied the use of special printing techniques that would lower the production costs, and at the same time rank the products within the line.

  • Agency: Ohmybrand
    Designer: Nadezhda Parshina
    Copywriter: Almira Sultanmuratova
    Client: Sychiovsky Milk
    Country: Russia

    Sychiovsky Milk is a small dairy plant in Smolensk region that involves all the stages of milk production: they have their own pastures, they have cows of the Sychiovsky breed that local employees believe to be – no, not sacred, but totally worthy of respect and great care, and what they also have is smart equipment and clever professionals.

    There is an opinion that the most delicious milk is produced by tender cows that love to kiss - and the branding studio Ohmybrand has developed for the milk package "Iz Sychiovki" the design that shows the affectionate climate in which natural milk with a rich taste is made.

    The packages of kefir, cottage cheese and milk can be compared to a family album as they depict real workers of the Sychiovsky plant - alone or with their children, embracing cows with gratitude. Photos with kittens have known better days – real people take photos with cows!

    Green fields, blue sky, happy people - all this illustrates the idyllic conditions where this ecologically pure product is made with such love and care. The new slogan developed for this line emphasizes the same idea.

  • Agency: The Neon Project
    Designer: Prashant S Shingade
    Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
    Final Art: Vijay N Rajbhar,
    Photography: Saba Gaziyani,
    3D: Azmin Sopariwala, Mohit Srivastava, Mahesh Naik
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: India

    ‘Gold Seal Indus Valley’ (GSIV) was launched in the GCC countries in 1986. The brand stood strong as a premium offering rooted in its Indian origin and its taste delivery.

    The product name in itself proved to be a mouthful for a commodity; the term ‘Indus’ which stands at the core of the brand is a largely unfamiliar to majority of the Indian homemakers. GSIV wanted itself to be accepted as a genuine, time-tested, heritage brand bringing only the authentic Basmati rice; delivering truly delightful taste experience to the new age people. A rebranding that simplify and cut through the influx of brands in Indian market with a credible story was needed.

    A well debated and examined brand key laying the foundation for GSIV was created with a promise of ‘authentic taste of heritage’. A uniquely crafted, realistic, ancient Gold Seal devised as a brand mark and visual hook. In research received with glowing feedback on account of a compelling story expressed on pack with simple yet effective design cues; Gold Seal, as a mark of virtue, heritage and authenticity. The new brand mix enabled GSIV to be seen as a time-tested, sought-after brand catering to modern audience.

  • Agency: red brand builders
    Client: Kimberly Clark
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Vietnam

    Leveraging a new global brand identity, Kotex Vietnam saw an opportunity to refresh their brand id locally and to enhance their packaging design & teen characters to appeal to the ever-changing, Vietnamese female, youth segment – the 4th largest Kotex market globally.

    The red brand builders team was tasked with working with the Kimberly Clark Vietnam and New York teams to deliver a fresh, new packaging design and character to consistently communicate the core brand personality and a wide range of Kotex Style product variants.

    The red team researched emerging trends both locally and regionally that impacted the style and tastes of the target audience.

    Chris Elkin, Managing Director, red brand builders, added “The Kotex Vietnam packaging design and teen character was then revitalized, carefully considering the target audience lifestyle and the very latest youth trends. This key step ensured that the new communications design would accurately appeal to and express the latest style of the Vietnamese target audience.”

    To make the buying process as easy as possible, close attention was also given to how the target audience navigates and chooses their preferred Kotex Style product at a busy and fragmented point-of-sale channel, including how the product is used; by day or night, style, fit and absorbency.

  • Agency: JDO
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    JDO Redesigns CLEAR brand for Unilever

    JDO Brand Design & Innovation has been working with Unilever to re-launch the CLEAR brand globally. Since 1979, CLEAR has been helping consumers around the world rid themselves of scalp problems, and today it is one of the biggest brands in Asia. As a matter of fact, CLEAR is 2013’s fastest growing shampoo brand in the world. Further, the CLEAR range for men is now the No. 1 anti-dandruff shampoo brand in the world.

    The brand’s key differentiating factor is it’s unique point of view on scalp care. Previously anti-dandruff solutions have focused on eliminating Malassezia, a prevalent fungus known to cause flakes. However, this solution is only temporary as 9 out of 10 dandruff sufferers state that their condition returns. Unilever scientists have discovered that the scalp actually has a natural defensive layer that will protect it against dandruff. This natural shield just needs to be activated. This insight led to the development of a high performance formulation containing powerful blends of ingredients, Bio Nutrium 10 for Men and Nutrium 10 for Women, which actively nourish the scalp to activate its natural protective layer, thus eliminating dandruff and preventing it from recurring. This unique approach to dandruff-proof consumers represents a step change in the treatment of dandruff so for the first time, sufferers can be confident that they will receive a definitive solution to their condition.

    Using this unique view on scalp care, JDO were briefed to bring CLEAR’s proposition to life for both the male and female ranges, while building communication on pack to convey key consumer benefits. The brand team also asked to maintain core visual equities to retain loyal users, whilst elevating the brand’s look and feel through scalp expertise cues.

    The resulting packs move the CLEAR brand to a more premium position through the introduction of sophisticated foil elements and the semiotics of perfect hair. The ‘powerball’ has become a key recognisable pack element over the years, and JDO have developed and optimized it to create a more refined, elegant and powerful icon.

    Ben Oates, JDO creative director says, “The sensorial elements we created in our designs bring emotion and elegance to a structure which is both efficacious and bold. The powerball has been redesigned to bring to life and add strength to the activation and nourishment story on pack, this along with other re-invigorated elements have become key drivers of consumer appeal.”

    François Renard, global brand vice president, Unilever hair-care commented, “CLEAR packaging has evolved greatly through the years. JDO’s new designs will allow us to leverage the might of our proposition of “activating scalp’s natural protection” to dandruff-proof consumers, as well as elevate the brand on a truly global stage.”

    The global CLEAR re-launch will begin in key markets such as Brazil, followed by China. The brand currently sponsors Formula 1 team: Lotus-RENAULT and has high profile brand ambassadors including Miranda Kerr and international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Agency: P.E.T Engineeering
    Client: Heineken
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: The Netherlands

    A Heineken brand, Amstel Premium Pilsener is one of the most popular brands in the premium beer segment in Europe. It is targeted at men over 30 who are both beer amateurs and connoisseurs, appreciate the quality that comes from a slow brewing process and love spending quality time with friends, far away from the pressures of daily life.

    P.E.T. Engineering’s challenge was to develop a 1l PET bottle with a premium look recalling the heritage and devotion to excellence of the great brew masters since 1870 and, at the same time, creating a convenient bottle for daily consumption at home and outdoors.

    This project involved a full packaging design system. The bottle was given an especially premium look by means of detailed and glasslike engravings which underline the brand’s heritage, brand elements such as the brew master tradition and the Amstel brewery’s year of foundation. These have been aligned with a label design which gives premium status to the product using a gold background representing the high quality and excellence attained over the years by this slow brewed beer.

    Labels, shape and engraved decorations enhance one another to create a unique visual language that helps the product to stand out and makes Amstel different from its competitors; as different as Amstel amateurs are, with their unique approach to life.

  • Agency: CARTILS
    Client: Carlsberg Indochina
    Country: The Netherlands

    CARTILS redesigns Halida beer brand - Vietnam

    Halida, owned by Carlsberg Indochina, is a well-known beer brand in the Vietnamese beer market. Halida needed to be repositioned as a more masculine brand with a more refreshing image aiming to improve perceived quality and therefore the consumer consumption occasion. CARTILS Branding & Packaging Design Consultants created a new brand image for the whole Halida family, while ensuring the look and feel, which was successfully translated across all the touch points supporting the development of a full visual brand identity.

    The design created by CARTILS ensures a stronger shelf standout in an increasingly competitive marketplace. By incorporating the recognisable yellow colour in the logo brand device, the brand is in touch with its former recognisable elements. The re-illustrated elephant standing in the sunset has a mature and confident look, showing its strength and Vietnamese pride. The golden racetrack in which it is encapsulated and the medals depict the quality cues which ensure the natural ingredients used for this beer.

    “The HALIDA brand team was very focused in creating a stronger and more impactful image and since the first look, we thought the elephant was the main character of HALIDA” commented Alfonso Granati, Client Brand Director at CARTILS, “and adds “by making it more iconic we built a more recognisable and strategic identity in order for them to build it further.”

    Halida was successfully introduced in the Vietnamese market this month.

  • Agency: designojo
    Client: SeaFarms Inc.
    Creative direction: Stephen Pannone
    Photography: Darrell Peterson
    Country: United States

    In partnership with SeaFarm Inc, designojo recently completed a rebranding for BelizeUltra. The redesign encompassed visual positioning, a brand logo and packaging. The new design reflects a contemporary, healthy and eco-friendly positioning, without the typical "natural" visual cues.

    SeaFarm shrimp are farmed using methods that greatly reduce the impact on Belize's sensitive coastal environment.

    "We’ve been careful to give you only the good stuff and we’ve done the same for the environment. We grow our shrimp in water from the Caribbean Sea, but our ponds are far inland, away from Belize’s sensitive mangrove forests and coastal wetlands. The ponds are poly lined to prevent seepage into ground water. In short, we’re good neighbors."

  • Agency: Coats Design
    Designer: Matt Grantham
    Wheat bag illustration: Phil Small @ Watermarkltd
    Client: Hubbards
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: New Zealand

    Wheat Bran cereal is a market sector in New Zealand completely dominated by international brands which follow a global formulaic design language.

    As part of the whole rebrand of the Hubbards brand and packaging, Coats were asked to look at the Hubbards Bran range afresh. Instilling their range of bran products with the new Hubbards tone-of-voice and quirky/Kiwi view of the cereal aisle, we went back to the base product - harvested wheat. An illustrative, iconic hessian wheat bag now sites proudly on each pack, each one coloured for easy navigation and shelf impact. Pack graphics extend the idea with whimsical screen printed style typography.