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  • Agency: Remark Studio
    Designer: Viorel Rusu
    Client: Lido Girbea SRL
    Country: Romania

    Lido Girbea ask our agency to upgrade their brand and packaging in order to support their extension from regional to national level.

    We have repositioned the brand around the main values: Romanian expertise and craftsmanship.

    In order illustrate Romanian values into the new pack for mill product we choose the wood spoon.

    The wood is consider best type of material to be used in preparation of this ingredients .

    In order to illustrate craftsmanship and Romanian tradition we have chosen wood spoon as realised by traditional folk artist from different countryside areas.

    Also, the fonts used are derived from the middle age but with a more modern look.

  • Designed by Horea Grindean
    Illustration by: Raluca Agachi
    Country: United Kingdom

    DOR is meant to be a traditional Romanian brand. Romanian elements used in the brand concept (the carved gate from Maramures, the linen and embroidery folk model) help brand personification.

    The DOR product range includes both biscuits roll and seeds, and pretzels, all in different varieties. Soon more traditional Romanian products will be joining DOR product family, products that will bring you a moment closer to places you love or will help you remember the good times of the past.

    Not surprisingly, DOR was born of longing: longing to once upon a time, the homeland, the time when things were different, more beautiful, more intense and people tastes better. When you're away from home, you're never alone, longing is always with you, on the border between reality and dream and expect a thought, a smile, a taste or idea to wear you down memory lane.


  • Designed by Szabolcs Moldovan, Romania.

    All elements of the packaging are hand carved by an artist, further giving it value. This would be possible due to the fact that the aim of the product is not mass production. Materials used are wood and metal/precious metals.

    The wood wine holder symbolizes a cathedral that protects the wine, and even after the wine is consumed, the packaging can be reused as an artwork on a shelf or table, while the label that contains precious metals can be taken off the bottle and hanged on the wall of wine cellars, to further push the idea of reusable packaging, packaging that has value, and should not be thrown away or discarded. With all the work that goes into packaging these days, it is still heartbreaking to see that they end up in the trash.

  • Designed by Remark Studio S.R.L, Romania.

    Analyzing the energy drinks market we notice a lack of innovation in packaging and also in material and shaped used for energy drinks.

    We wanted a premium energy drink for clubs, bars, etc. A new concept that should be disruptive and also have a big potential from communication point of view.

    The naming - In order to be easy memorable by consumers should be based on a saying that is used in day to day life, underlining the benefit of the product.

    Production idea: The bottle should be made of thermo sensitive.

    When the product is taken from the fridge should be white and as you consume it and temperature rises should turn into grey , as a bulb is consumed. The cap should be made of aluminium. Other production options can consider transparent glass or even PET bottles in these case the drink should be milk white and other graphics elements should be added.

  • Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
    Creative & Art Director: Irinel Ionescu
    Designers: Raluca Popan, Alin Patru
    Illustrator: Alin Patru
    Project management: Ana Poiana
    Prepress: Danubiu Birzu

    The brief was to create a new range of traditional Romanian dairy products. The new range should offer diverse products that are not only something basic and of good quality, but also a fresh and inspiring brand.

    The objective was to create a stand-alone brand that would instantly draw attention at shelf, would inspire trust and fidelity, a new brand not too obviously connected to Danone. Ampro combined the organic structure of clay pots with the handcrafted paintings, obtaining a unique and remarkable approach and delivering a natural, traditional and hand-made look & feel. The central figure of the new design is the a Romanian traditional Rooster, painted on the anciently inspired local pottery and now integrated on the logo of the new Danone brand. The Rooster was given a new role, of announcing the sunrise, the time for starting a new day with a good breakfast and a new option on the consumers’ table.

  • Product designer: Alexandra Ghioc
    Visual Artist: Radu Carnariu
    Country: Romania

    Package design proposal for the pitch "Made in Brazil"

    Star Brasil is designed as an authentic and innovative iconic premium bottle, which synthesizes by shape, volume and color the essential features that define the cultural identity of Brazil:
    - Brazil as the Unity of Diversity or a joyful syncretic culture
    - Brazil as the coexistence of Past and Present, of Tradition and Modernity
    - Brazil as an anthropological and ethnographical Mosaic
    - Brazil as a Harmony between Nature and Civilization, Religiosity and Science StarBrasil fully expresses in a stylish neo-pop syncretic manner the gathering of Old and New brazil-ness.

  • Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
    Creative Director & Designer: Irinel Ionescu
    Senior Designer: Francesca Muresan
    Project Management: Ana Poiana
    DTP / Prepress: Danubiu Birzu

    Frozen vegetables packaging design

    “Amicii “ (“Friends”) is a well known local ice cream brand. The brief from the client was to create a brand extension for frozen vegetables also. The big idea was to have as a brand differentiator, the nature, the fact that the vegetables are coming to the customer directly from nature and without being modified. This is translated in design by the sunny natural landscape in background and by the piece of cardboard used to write the product name (similar to the ones used in the traditional market of fresh vegetables).

  • Designed by Paul Dersidan, Romania.
    Music by Yvat
    Released by Minor Label Germany

    The cover design was inspired by the record's name, Feldspar, which is an essential group of minerals that make up 60% of the Earth's crust.

    On the cover the Feldspar structure is illustrated by the minerals' zigzag paired chains. For the vinyl, different shades of gray are randomly mixed to create a mineral pattern; each piece of vinyl is differently colored thus exploring the richness of the album's glitchy, abstract sound.

    Also included is a promotional A1 poster.

  • Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
    Creative Director & Designer: Irinel Ionescu
    Junior Designer: Raluca Popan
    Foto shooting: Paula Feodor
    Project Management: Ana Poiana
    Prepress: Danubiu Birzu

    Project Scope
    Development and brand packaging redesign with the addition of 8 new SKU.

    Brand Benefit
    The production is made ​​in Romania, thus forming the optimal route from the factory to the final product. Quality is a brand asset.

    Brand Mission & Values
    Quality, safety, freshness: the most reliable distributor of food products in retail and food service throughout Romania.
    Mainstay of the brand will be the proximity, on the one hand because of distribution in traditional trade (neighborhood stores), on the other hand due to a lower price: EDNA, nature at hand!
    The product’s approach is closer to femininity, with a slight retro look and product visibility image of this proposal assures uniqueness in the market.

    The Brief
    Redesigning the brand and the packaging for Edna, the mainstream brand of Frigorifer.

    The Solution
    After conducting a brand audit, we’ve realized that the name “Edna” has no meaning to the consumer and that the packaging is missing personality.
    The big idea was to create a character: Aunt Edna (starting from the woman name Edna);
    The brand identity is now centered on aunt Edna’s figure and the packaging design has a friendly and retro-chic look and feel; The product is well shown on more than 60% of the front of pack.

  • Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
    Creative director: Irinel Ionescu
    Designer & Illustrator: Alin Patru
    Account Manager: Ana Poiana
    Prepress: Danubiu Birzu

    Our mission was to create the image for a quality brand of chocolate that promotes local archaic flavor taste of homemade preserves.
    The Brand image must convey old traditions and make you think of homemade products. The design translates the consumer into an area of ​​magical world, ultra-feminine, obtained with watercolor. The SPRIA logo is written in delicious chocolate and leave uncovered in a mythical forest full of goodies.

  • Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
    Creative Director: Irinel Ionescu
    Senior designer: Francesca Muresan
    3d & illustration: Alin Patru
    Prepress: Danubiu Birzu
    Project management: Simona Sambotin;
    Production management: Cristina Cioarec
    Production: Sprint promotion

    To reinforce its reputation for creativity and “outside the box” design solutions, Ampro Design developed this special holiday gift for its clients. With many of its international trade customers not being allowed to receive gifts for various reasons, this was neatly circumvented by asking: “who would be upset to receive a bottle of milk?” Of course, no client would expect to receive a gift like this, even more so when it was discovered that the bottle in fact contains a fine Pinot Noir.

    The main objective of this self-promo item was to stand out among the other gifts received by clients during the winter holidays. And it sure did.

  • Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
    Creative director & Designer: Irinel Ionescu
    Account Manager: Mihaela Dumitrescu
    Prepress: Danubiu Birzu

    The brief:
    Create the brand of a local Fruits and snacks shop.

    The solution:
    After conducting a brand audit, it was obvious that the main advantage of the brand was the natural benefits and the proximity.
    The big idea was to translate the natural benefits and the proximity into a simple and smart visual language.
    Starting from a splash (from the logo), we’ve created the iconic packaging design: “the exclamation sign”. All the packs are one color printed, in order to be in the budget, but also to show a diversity in the shop (for every product we have one different color on the pack).

  • Designed by Ampro Design
    Country: Romania
    Creative director: Irinel Ionescu
    Senior designer: Francesca Muresan
    Account Manager: Mihaela Dumitrescu
    Illustrator: Alin Patru
    Prepress: Danubiu Birzu, Gabi Costea.

    Morarita is the first brand of the company Panovia prod - both historically and as sales volume. Morarita was always positioned (packaging design, product, price) as a popular brand, easy traditionalist to meet the basic needs of housewives. Morarita was a very successful brand with one strong competitor (Linco) and many local players. In the last 3 years Morarita was constantly losing market share reaching before the redesign a 10% market share in the frozen “basic” category.

    Current situation: Currently, the biggest problem is the lack of visibility of the brand on the shelves; our product is lost among the competition. Also, the current packaging looks “dusty”.
    Why do we need new design?
    - The main problem is lack of visibility on shelf
    - Market shares currently allows a much stronger change (a revolution and not evolution
    this time) because the risk is much lower.

    - Redrawing the entire “Morarita” range (based on a concept).
    - Increase shelf visibility and ease of identification by the consumer brand
    - Regaining confidence in the brand.

    1. To stand out on shelf and to have good visibility, we chose white as the brand color;
    2. After analyzing the existing packaging, we’ve realized that there is a gap between
    the naming, Morarita (the woman from the mill, the Miller) and the look and feel of
    the pack. To connect visual brand positioning, we redesigned the logo and have included
    the milling woman face into the logo;
    - As a brand signal, we used embroidered flowers (in a traditional Romanian style) to
    give authenticity and human touch to the packages, also offering packages femininity.

    The product gain visibility in shelf, also managing to build a very good shelf block;
    The packaging was awarded in Pentawards competition.
    The sales increased by 12% in 6 months without any communication activity.
    The Modern trade buyers had a very good reaction and they wanted to have the new packaging in shelf.

  • Designed by P.E.T. Engineering, Italy.


    Heineken requested P.E.T. Engineering the re-launch of Silva, the most known Romanian beer brand. The main idea was to create a packaging that could confirm its "premium" identity without losing the scents of the lands where the product comes from, the legendary Transylvania. Aesthetics, functionality and cultural roots all-in-one package.

    The new Silva is a fusion of tradition and modernity "made in Transylvania". The connection with the history of the region can be seen in the big logo which recalls the coat of arms, with the bird heading the west and its broad wings. Its contemporary state finds a place in the unusual and innovative shape, with a guaranteed shelf-appeal.

    But that's not all: with a daring interpretation, P.E.T. Engineering broke the standards that have guided the way of creating PET beer packaging so far. On the basis of a really innovative concept, P.E.T. Engineering wanted to evoke this particular place through the shape of the bottle. So here it is a container, elegantly tapered in the center, which recalls the sweetness of the Transylvanian countryside, where the hills flow wide and deep in the plains.

    Labels are studied to emphasize the nobility of the product: one on the neck and an extremely thin one on the bottom of the bottle.
    An elegant quality brand, symbol of the Romanian excellence, recognized both at home and abroad.