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  • Designer: An Palahniuk and Alexander Petrov
    Client: Novosibirsk bread
    Country: Russia

    The Concept of “Hare! Get Ready for a Daily Dozen!” The hare is a symbol of great stamina and joy that saturate a child’s life. We did our best to convey the lively and bright world of a child that reflects his perception of life, his dreams and vast imagination. The package was designed for a Russian bread company.

  • Agency: Brandiziac
    Creative director: Artem Shutov
    Creative idea: Dmitriy Ardeyev, Olga Mosina, Sergey Ermakov
    Designer, Illustrator: Olga Mosina
    Copywriters: Dmitriy Ardeyev, Daria Khlyapova
    Type of work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    Happy When Decrowned!

    Everyone who chooses alcohol drinks often imagines himself to be a connoisseur. «A hint of baked apple», «the scent of plum and smoke», «shades of rose and apricot», «velvet taste»… And it is also often that only one drink is enough to take all the arrogance to a back seat — people can just enjoy life. The concept of packaging for the series of fruit&berry punches called «Party Baron» is the epitome of this phenomenon. All the lordliness disappears when the cover is open — you are decrowned and happy. You are Party Baron!

  • Agency: STUDIOIN
    Creative team: Inkeles Roman, Schreiber Arthur, Makarova Evgenija, Yurkov Kirill, Kadashov Maxim, Usov Vladimir.
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Moscow / Russia

    Designers of STUDIOIN created a range of low alcohol cocktails GT which combines a very classic Gin-tonic with a need for a breakneck speed of Gran Turismo.
    The client is "UniDrinq" company. The studio has recently completed works on creation of concept design for another product of "UniDrinq" - BATL, that showed quite a successful market launch.

    Pure metal of the bottle bottom side is rich in contrast, at the same time it is in good harmony with the carbon fiber lines, whereas colorful variations focus on original flavors.
    This modern tuning allows GT to break forward and “pimp up” reality on the shelf of low alcohol drinks.

    Gin + Tonic
    Speed + Power
    Good balance - no extra.

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Client: MICO-ALCO Ltd.
    Type of Work: Commercial work
    Country: Russia

    Branding agency Alexandrov Design House was commissioned to design complex redesign of the bottle and label for vodka brand «Rodnik».

    In the sketches we unleash our creativity by positioning the brand «Rodnik» - a source of natural beauty and purity.

    The work was the creation of an integrated bottle design and label for four SKU.

  • Agency: Clёver
    Designer: Dasha Mikhaylova, Artem Maslov
    Additional Credits): Dasha Mikhaylova, Artem Maslov
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Moscow / Russia

    Those who think that very well-known conservative people are boring mistaken. Maybe they just do not know how to cook?

    The range of products:

    French exquisite champagne Sarkozi;

    American blue hawaii with uncompromising name Condoleezza;

    Invariably Russian vodka called name Gennady Andreivicha - Zuganoff;

    Kim Chen Un soju for those not afraid of hungry dogs;

    Strong as the control of the Falkland Islands, punch - Margaret.

    You will not be bored!

  • Design / Art direction — Vladimir Strunnikov
    Photographer — Toma Evsukova
    Client: Hard Lunch Clothing
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    New T-shirt packaging is the part of the new identity of Russian streetwear brand «Hard Lunch». The conception is adaptation of fast food package for streetwear products: for example, roll-box for tees, pizza-box for hoodies and sweatshirts. Creative approach to packaging is fully consistent with the aesthetics of the brand, creates a holistic, complete and unique image of the streetwear brand «Hard Lunch». Textured surface boxes, sleek design with an emphasis on typography and perforated tear strip in the middle gives an unexpected experience to person who get our t-shirt.

    This package retains all the freshness prints and allows you to get a T-shirt Hard Lunch intact.

  • Design: Pavla Chuykina, Moscow/ Russia
    3D visualisation: Yegor Kumachev, Kiev/ Ukraine
    Type of work: Concept

    Over consumption of Milkshake makes your health stronger. Cheer up yourself with low fat cow’s milk drink. Turn the cover and the flavor will pour out. Shake and it is ready to use. Good health! Cheers!

  • Designer: Alexandra Abramova
    Type of Work: Concept, Festival work
    Country: Russia

    Liquid Rainbow is a positive new brand, designed to dispel sorrow and sadness of severe everyday life of urban citizen. Fabulous little world of cute creatures that give joy and gladness is depicted on the packaging. The line is divided into three unheard tastes) Problems at work: tired of hysterical boss - push him into furnace! Try the classic rainbow with creamed happiness. It will take you into the magical land where you can ride a cactus, enjoy the subtle flavours and have ironic look at yourself. Or maybe the guy is bonehead and a girl-friend is fool? Forget it! We have a rainbow for you with taste of looove - it gives tenderness, tremulous paradise and butterflies in your stomach. Also, we have not forgotten about gourmet dreamers, we have prepared for them a rainbow with pieces of clouds. It has a fluffy tenderness and a teleport to the dreamland where pleasant anomalies combines so subtly with memories from childhood.

    Eat the rainbow and it will be only positive).

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Client: Urzhum distillery
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    The agency Alexandrov Design House was tasked to create a vodka brand which based on the Vyatka province-famous Dymkovo toys- recognizable simbol of province.

    The result of the work is the complex design of the bottle and label. Bottle based on the original proportions with embossing. For labels made distinctive character Dymkovo toy, added traditional ornament Viatka lace and designed logo blok "Vyatka Province."

  • Designer: Mychko Yuliana
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Russia

    The concept is a line of hair care products - shaving cream, gel for intimate hygiene and styling gel eyebrows. Descriptors is a hair on the bottle.

    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Russia

    Complex rebranding: development of design concept, trademark design, label design, pre-press, photo shoot organization and execution

    The "Equinox" company requested a complete redesign of its main product line as part of their rebranding strategy.

    The “Equinox” wine line redesign was based on the new corporate style. Temperance, brevity and prestige – these were the pinnacles of the “Equinox” trademark positioning. The interaction between day and night, dark and light – this is the main leitmotif for the products’ new appearance. Label printing on artistic paper with the application of the newest printing techniques has already become a tradition for “Equinox” labels.

  • Agency: STUDIOIN
    Creative team: Inkeles Roman, Schreiber Arthur, Yurkov Kirill, Kadashov Maxim, Usov Vladimir
    Country: Russia

    STUDIOIN created a design for the line of low alcohol cocktails “BATL” intended for “true” guys.

    The agency faced a task to attract the customer to the shelf of low price cocktails, which always had an over fancy tone. BATL was made for the target audience, that is far from the esthetics of glamorous events - this is the “real” young adults with a real income, open-minded and honest.

    The key idea was to make an accent on bright and clear design. There is an individual and coupled with metal colour for each product type. A glowing X in each flavor type design catches an eye and differentiates the product from others. Everything is clear and not posh - see the goal - achieve the goal. This decision made the BATL easy for understanding, whereas it still remains modern and stylish.

  • Agency: Tomatdesign
    Designer: Andrey Tarakanov
    Client: Azersun
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Azerbaijan, Russia

    Al Market supermarket chain sells lots of products of the Azersun holding under the private label. The range includes lots of commodities as well as normal supermarket goods and FMCG. We were challenged to stay within classic PL approach but deliver the brand values, like affordable, and friendly. Say cheap without saying word “cheap”. AL means “buy”. And it is the key element of the design.

  • Agency: Shumi Love Design
    Client: Galacta
    Country: Russia

    The main task was to create a package design for a series of Spanish wines imported into the Russian Federation. The requirement was to develop a design that would correspond to the brand’s name. Besides, the customer had to “read” the country of the product’s origin and feel it in the packing itself.

    The essence of this concept is a maritime theme. The light color scheme and images create a set of positive emotions, making the consumer remember their summer vacation, get carried away by memories, feel the light breeze and the smell of salty sea. But first and foremost, the consumer’s attention is drawn to the trademark and the product’s name.

    The label is printed on high quality artistic paper with the application of modern post-printing techniques.