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  • Agency: :OTVETDESIGN
    Client: Freshfood Ltd.
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Russia

    Prepare a good barbecue is very difficult. Because you need to choose what to do. From what. What marinate. How to cook . What serve. And most importantly - who will deal with all this .

    Well, when a friend who understands this issue . Able to choose the best meat. Knowledgeable different recipes . Owns secrets marinades. Versed in the tricks that accompany the process : wood on which is better to cook ; how long to fry ; watering than meat ...

    Bad when not all people in this company have.

    FreshFood Company has created a new brand - all the other traveling in the country, a specialist in the subtleties of the brazier and the thickness of the pieces of meat , an expert on the juiciness and degree of roasting . Meet - Grillmania . Responsible for meat podobor appointed brand Samson supply the best chicken claimed Sirloin. Logo and corporate identity created in : OTVETDESIGN.

    Now, to go to nature, do not need to wrestle with . Grilmaniya Friendly give you a lot of options to choose from : barbecue pork Georgian , grilled veal with bacon , chicken cuts, beef steak , some incredible amount of sausages and much more ! Bright design and advice on selection of spices, cooking techniques and the company attached.

    As they say, add rosemary to steak , sausages and beer to a good mood to prepare a picnic.

  • Designer: Maria Ustinova
    Country: Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation

    Series of boxes for dairy products
    3D / 2D/ hand illustrations

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Russia

    Branding agency Alexandrov Design House developed a new design concept whiskey MEDOGON.

    MEDOGON registered trademark at Rospatent and at Ukrpotente on 33 ICGS class. The brand is designed for mid-price segment.

    Trademark, bottle design and labels looking for his owner for the realization, cost on request.

  • Agency: clever
    Designer: Sergey Trushevsky
    Client: Hlebozavod28
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    Bakery master. Bread that`s created by craftsman masterly owning their skills.

  • Agency: clever
    Designer: Daria Mikhaylova
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Client: Marier
    Country: Russia

    Our task was to consolidate their position and increase market share by attracting new clients to launch a new brand Marier. We pitched our potential buyers - women, two target audiences 25 years and 45 +. First: active, using modern technologies, prefer fast but useful solutions in cooking. Second: held in personal, family and professional sense women who attach great importance to the quality of cooked food and home comfort. Our objective was to convey to both groups, that our utensils to cook nice, easy and fun. Served as the basis of the concept saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." But with pans Marier this way is simple and entertaining. The concept is revealed in the communication between the two spouses through stickers on the fridge - is an easy home flirting.

  • Designer: Grisha Serov
    Client: Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Country: Russia

  • Inspired by the decadence era of written messages, the era of first computerized terminals, it still keeps some ink spirit inside

    Designer: Grisha Serov
    Client: Comme des Garcons
    Country: Russia

    New cold leather perfume INKVADER by Comme des Garcons is ready to offence. Packed in metallized bottles and shiny plastic boxes that hiding much more you can handle.

  • Agency: Svoe Mnenie
    Creative Director: Andrey Kugaevskikh
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Russia

    Richard is a new high quality classic English tea of the May Company, a Russian giant tea producer.

    The idea was to create packaging design that would communicate the royal atmosphere of English tea ceremony. Seeking to combine traditional royal grace with simple delicate food style we came up with the corresponding design where the golden lion has become a brand symbol.

    The brand has been recently launched in the Russian market and aims to attract lovers of classics as well as new taste discoverers.

  • Agency: Alexandrov Design House
    Client: Dmitrov Dairy Plant
    Country: Russia

    Agency ALEXANDROV DESIGN HOUSE in early 2014 developed for Dmitrov Dairy Plant design concept packaging of dairy products under the brand name «Novka». Ranking : reflect 50s USA. Laconic characteristic logo occupies a large part of the package. Series of red packages designed for the lower price segment . Additional SKU «Gurman» in white packaging is designed for upper-middle price segment . Given the thrust of the target audience to nostalgia , this sleek brand «Novka» is clearly different in the competitive series in which there is a clear overabundance of images of animals and people .

  • Designer: Yaroslav Zheleznyakov
    Country: Russia

    DZEN ice-tea. Package design.

    Tea is an ancient Chinese beverage. It was usually brewed up in hand-made clay pots. Our design was inspired by this tradition.

    The ornaments in the upper part of the section help to distinguish between the varieties of taste.

  • Agency: VOZDUH advertising agency
    Art Director: Melnik Valeriy
    Designer: Tcimara Varya
    Country: Russia

    Design of packings for a ruler intimate TM SICO gel-greasings.

    The decision is based on use of images of characteristic spots in which situations of application of a product are easily guessed.

  • Agency: Pavlov`s Design
    Client: Gamma Ltd.
    Country: Russia

    Since 1998 factory situated in Murmino, Ryazan region has been producing children’s plasticine by its own brands and by popular trademarks as well. Only qualitative raw materials have been used. In 2013 the decision to start the production of the new trademarks was taken. Branding agency “Pavlov’s design” was chosen to be a strategic and a creative partner of the factory in solving branding and design tasks.

    To work out packaging design for the new trade mark “Gamma uvlechenij” for two types of plasticine: wax and fluorescent. These packaging’s aim is to be vivid among competitors and to demonstrate advantages of the plasticine.

    Creation for the child is always a trip to new worlds, which he invents by himself. So this theme was taken as a general. The main idea for plasticine ” Zabava” – trip to unknown lands by air balloon, for “Neon” – visiting far galaxies by spaceship. Opened spaces on the packaging showing plasticine continue illustrations. At the same time each packaging encourages to take it and to distinguish it.

    Design made on the bases of practical creative usage of plasticine shows the idea of creation for 100%. Master classes on the back of the packaging are the best start to spend time together for parents and their kids.

  • Agency: STUDIOIN
    Designers: Arthur Schreiber, Galya Akhmetzyanova
    3D: Maxim Kulikov
    Country: Russia

    Make democracy, not war

    As far back as in autumn, 2013 Moscow studio STUDIOIN created a new design concept of vodka Democracy.

    Designer`s sarcastic mind followed the way of logic which is not a surprise nowadays. The main tool of kindness is a power, the main tool of peace agreement is a danger, and the main tool of democracy is a bomb.

    Bottle is made in a shape of bomb and put into a case.

    Also, there is a small vodka glass included into the set and it fulfills a function of red start button inside of case.

    The most technic and unique detail in design is closure as it is seen from the picture.

    There are two varieties of vodka in the set – pink and orange and they symbolize two well known revolutions.

    And just one word`s written on the glass can neutralize all the warlike attitude of design. This word is Democracy! It is a political joker strong enough to stand up to any argument and common sense.
    Abraham Lincoln`s statement says “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” and let Democracy acquire any shape required.

    This concept happened to be a time – delay bomb and unfortunately it also turned out to be some kind of a prophesy, that proves present events which are taking place in fraternal Ukraine.
    This situation is the way too far from sarcasm and that is being kind.

    Taking this virtual bomb from its creative depot STUDIOIN is making a call for people to “switch on” their brain and open their eyes. Not a single revolution whether it is “pink”, “orange” or “brown” costs human`s life sacrificed for political struggle.

    How many masks should be thrown away from politicians` sleeky faces crying loudly about democracy and global equality? Peaceful life and sky is the sole purpose of ordinary people no matter what kind of citizenship, nationality or faith do they have.

    Don`t be led by the nose by shady leaders treating ordinary people like a stooge to accomplish their own goals. Take care of each other.

  • Agency: Alexandrov design house
    Client: Federal Trade Network
    Country: Russia

    Team ALEXANDROV DESIGN HOUSE has developed a comprehensive design labels and Tequila Silver Tequila Gold brand for Rancho Viejo. All brand attributes correspond positioning - to convey the mood of Mexico character. As the brand's DNA identified recognizable artifacts such as national headdress sombrero and agave plant. The work was the creation of two SKU - Gold and Silver. In March 2014 appeared on the shelves of supermarket chains.