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  • Agency: BARDO
    Client: The Empanada Kitchen
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: New Zealand

    A new project for The Empanada Kitchen (a young gastronomic company dedicated to make empanadas).

    Following the spirit that characterises it: "Simple things done well”, we decided to use noble typographies to generate an impact over the competition and maintain perdurability over time.

    The sauces:
    Chimi: Use it to marinade your bbq meats, pour it straight over your roast meats and veggies, add it to your stir-fries, mix with mince to make meat patties or with eggs to make omelettes.

    Bagnetto: Typical from the Piedmont region of Italy. AMAZINGLY good with braised and grilled meats, drizzled over crushed boiled potatoes, and can be enjoyed on toasted bread or as a dip.

    Pica oil: This infused oil matures for a month to intensify the aroma and unique flavour. Try it on eggs, pizza, grilled meats or add it to vinaigrettes, soups, and marinades.

  • Agency: mousegraphics
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: Athens, Greece

    The briefing (in brief): "We have been producing olive oil for many years, growing trees in our family's homeland in the Peloponnese. We now want to bottle it, mainly as a present for friends and family".

    The target audience: Foreign clientele. People who can appreciate product provenance and family care.

    The design: It is very rare for a client to come to us with the simple request of "creating a family gift" and this is exactly what happened in this case. We were asked to create a product identity - naming and packaging design of a product - which was meant to address first of all the members of a Greek family of olive oil producers in Karpofora, Messinia. We had to pay tribute to a strong, living tradition and this is exactly what we did. We used a children's drawing that conveys in the most direct way a lineage in the form of a tree and we placed every family member's name on its branches. We named the product, "My olive tree" because this is exactly what it is: the precious olive tree which, identified with one family tree symbolizes the bonds, efforts and legacy of this one family and is offered to a number of other such families around the world, in the form of an 'olive oil' present.

  • Agency: The Comeback Studio
    Designer: Yiorgos Yiacos
    Client: Notio Goods
    Screenprint: Kouvelas S.A
    Label Print: Cabas
    Copywriter: Vaso Kanellopoulou
    Country: Greece

    Notio Premium Extra virgin Olive Oil is the first of a series of products under the same brand name, all of which are produced on an estate located at the village of Agios Floros in the Messinia region, on the south of Peloponnese in Greece.

    The idea behind the design: One of the initial goals was to make clear that Notio Goods is a company that is proud of its greek and more generally, south-european roots. In the European south, people “see things slightly differently”. As a result, an outsider usually gets the impression of disorder, whereas in reality it is just a matter of a different logic, a different set of rules that may not always be what he/she is used to, but ultimately work.

    Similarly, the letters that form the brand name on the bottle and throughout the identity of the brand, on a first look may appear disorderly, as there is no apparent alignment. A closer look will reveal that the alignment of each word is based on a central axis that unites all the typographic elements. This axis symbolizes durable Greek values, such as simplicity, purity and clarity. In the same logic of the “slightly different”, texts on the back of the bottle are vertical instead of horizontal which would be the norm. The typeface used for the brand and product names was designed by the Comeback from scratch.

    Each bottle is individually numbered, with its unique number written by hand on the top of the safety strip that secures the cap.

  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine
    Designer: "RedWorks" Design Studio
    Client: “Gastromasterskaya Confiture” LLC

    “Gastromasterskaya Confiture” LLC team
    Yevgeniy Klopotenko, Managing Partner
    Denis Slivnov, Managing Partner

    RedWorks, Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine:
    Andrey Malyarenko, Alexandr Krivonosov, Studio Directors
    Alexandr Zhytnik, Art-director
    Taras Dzendrovskyy, Head of Art
    Eugeniya Dzubenko, Senior Copywriter
    Danylo Hauk, copywriter
    Andrey Kramar, DTP
    Irina Pigal, Producer
    Svetlana Korytko, Account Director

    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Ukraine

    “RedWorks” Design Studio, a part of Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine has designed the packaging for gourmet series of "Gastromasterskaya" jam and confitures.

    This is, perhaps, the first jam, that you want to keep to yourself.

    For sweet tooth convenience, we packed jam in the books that are easy to shut away on a bookshelf.

  • Agency: Molivi
    Client: MONOPATI SA
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: Greece

    The brief:
    MONOPATI SA, a Greek trading and export company approached us in order to develop from scratch a brand for their unique extra virgin olive oil. Our challenge was to give the right name, design the logo and appropriate packaging for a product that would target the international delicatessen market.

    The product:
    100% extra virgin olive oil of superior quality produced from selected olives that are hand-picked and sorted, then cold-pressed solely by mechanical means.
    The olives are grown in sun-drenched olive groves in the hills of Geraki, Peloponnese, at an altitude of 160 meters, which is considered ideal for the production of olive oil. The pine forest nearby combined with the cool breezes off the Ionian Sea help the trees produce a golden-green olive oil of superb quality with low acidity, a rich aroma of fresh olive and a gentle, natural taste.
    It is available in three versions and packed in containers of 250ml and 500ml. Limnes and Afanoules regions differ in the olive variety and oil taste and there is a Bio version solely from biological cultivation of olive trees.

    The brand name:
    Several prerequisites and basic criteria for the brand name evaluation were agreed with our client. The brand name had to be legible in Latin, convey properties and values ​​of the product, be differentiated from competition, place the product in the market environment that it aims and finally tell a story.
    We therefore came up with the name Monakrivo, which in Greek means unique, precious and beloved. Monakrivo is a word which carries great sentimental value, usually used when referring to a child.
    Unique, because it comes from the unique environment of the Peloponnese and has a unique texture and flavor. Precious, because of olive oil’s valuable contribution in our diet. Beloved, because it is crafted with loving care.

    The design concept:
    Our aim was to harmoniously combine simplicity and prestige with a friendly disposition.
    The visual approach for the logo and label is simple, elegant and timeless. We created an abstract visual leaf and olive fruit that at the same time take the form of symbol/seal.
    Our client wanted to stress the importance of the nutritional value of olive oil. So we designed a creative approximation indicating the level of consumption (bottle/side view). We remind consumers of the nutritional value of olive oil by rewarding consumption with cheerful and encouraging words.

    The awards:
    Monakrivo extra virgin olive oil confirmed its name by winning 3 awards in the International GOLD ARISTION 2014 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaging Awards. More specifically, it won the gold award for the overall packaging design, as well as two silver awards for bottle & packaging label.

  • Designer: Giovanna Gigante
    Country: Milano, Italy

    Craft packaging for olive oil company, Olio Flaminio.

  • Agency: KEIK Bureau
    Client: Sofia Valvi
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    Gaiosofia Natural Products commissioned us to design their visual identity including their label and website. Gaiosofia was founded by people with love and faith to everything natural, harmonic, traditional, healthy. Wanting to highlight that quality is more valuable than quantity, Gaiosofia search for pure, natural and traditional products, in which there is the least human intervention possible. The company is driven by the theories of natural farming (an ecological agriculture practice institutionalized by Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka).

  • Designer: Vagelis Gkravaritis
    Client: Olivus
    Country: Greece

    λαδιά // (la-diá) - extra virgin olive oil

    λαδιά (la-diá) is a high quality traditional product of the Hellenic land.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil from EVIA.

    Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

    The aim of the project was to show the consumer the origin and production process oil with a simple way to distinguish primarily the bottle contents.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    The gourmet line of Salvatore oils and balsamic acetos allows expressing in its packaging, modernity and innovative gastronomic concept, through well structured and concise visual identity that facilitates the recognition of this new brand.

  • Agency: Agência BUD
    Designer: Rodrigo Chiaparini/Franklin Zampani
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: Brazil

    Legitimate Pastifício Italian gourmet pasta, Grano Dorato brings the best Northern Italian cooking style. In order to highlight it among products of the same segment created a design point, equlibrando strong colors with the absence of color. The masses give the final touch of luxury packaging, united the subtlety of motifs drawn.

  • Agency: dolphins// communication design
    Designer: Art Directors: Vasilis Papadopoulos, Thanasis Tsampoukas
    Creative Directors: Hara Nika
    Client: The Secret Keepers
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Greece

    One of the finests harvesters.

    The Secret Keepers was founded by a group of young producers in Chalkidiki. It specializes in the production, standardization and trade of exquisite farm products all over the world, like virgin olive oil, green olives from Chalkidiki and different varieties of honey. Stages based on secret procedures are followed during the production. As keepers of secrets based on tradition, they create with respect towards nature, without any reduction in quality and with emphasis on high aesthetics. 'The Secret Keepers’ call themselves the keepers of hidden secrets of tradition.

    Minimal design, with references to mysticism symbols and forms.

  • Agency: Senyor Estudi
    Designer: Lluís Serra and Mireia Sais
    Client: Celler La Vinyeta
    Photography: Marc Roca
    Country: Spain

    There are no two eye irises alike, just as there are no two vinegars alike. With base liquids of over 80 years of age, each cask produces a vinegar with a different aroma, colour and taste, creating a symphony when they come together. Their vivid colours, which range from straw yellow to rust red, passing through various amber tones, can deceive us. This is not wine. It's not garnatxa. A warning: Keep an eye out for Oju! wine vinegar.

  • Agency: Temadesign
    Designer: Fabrizio Di Bella, Antonella Musumeci
    Client: Agrestis
    Country: Italy

    Packaging design for entire line of Agrestis flavoured oilve oils.

    A touch of excellence and craftsmanship retro feel to this line of flavored oils. The shield is the recognition element of the entire line.

  • Agency: RSC Estudio
    Typography: Aleo by Łukasz Dziedzic (FontFabric) and Colette by Greg Lindy
    Country: Spain

    Melgarejo is a widely known brand due to the excellence of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Original Picual Melgarejo is an olive oil with the traditional and original taste of the excellent olive variety Picual. The image of Original Picual strongly focuses on the cleanliness and simplicity with the white as the carrier. We present the olive grove as a living space through an illustration, which not only focus on the tree and its fruit.