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  • Agency: Bullsheep. A Brand New Animal
    Designer: Filip Nemet
    Client: GreenLife DOO
    Type of work / Commercial
    Country: Serbia

    GreenLife started small, so we were able to really experiment with the first packaging. Redesigning the packaging came natural after the demand for it’s products started to grow rapidly. We had to come up with something more practical in terms of packaging process as well as the transportation. This was a unique opportunity to improve the user experience as well.

    Inside each box there is a tag with a rubber band which can be used to close the bag after using it. We used cuttings to make the tag, more precisely, it was extracted from the box by opening two windows on the front. That way we reduced the wast for a small but still significant portion. Also, the tag can be used to close other homemade and natural products, so it stays present in consumers life longer than the product itself, promoting the brand and it’s philosophy.

    Each tag says
    0% Mechanization – Produced with bunch of love and effort, without usage of mechanization.
    0% Pesticides – Growen and produced with no application of chemistry nor pesticides.
    100% Natural.

  • Agency: Peter Gregson Studio
    Illustration: Marijana Rot
    Country: Serbia

    PGS new project task was to redesign packaging and identity for really delicious handmade snack Basket®.

  • Agency: Peter Gregson Studio
    Country: Serbia

    Peter Gregson Studio designed the packaging and ID for new brands of organic and non-organic milk, yogurt and kefir called PANON® and BIOPANON®. They are produced in 0.5 and 1 liter packaging. We saw this task as an opportunity to go back to the “basics” both in design and tradition. So, we used the pattern of traditional embroidery and turned it into a simple graphic form.

  • Designer: Miloš Dostanić
    Country: Serbia

    For this design I wanted to make it very luxury feel. For this project I make 4 different tastes, but I will show just one because its the same design, with difference in fruit vintage on the label.
    This project I started on Serbian contest web site (somethink like a 99designs) and won. This takes about one month from the begining to the end.

  • Designer: Brajen Cirkovic
    Country: Serbia

    Client brief: Our boxed chocolate chip cookies have been selling well for the past 4 years in about 200 mainly high-end, grocery stores, in L.A.. We're an independent company with a better product that's set to compete with the large brands. This was a tricky project as it requires thought, sophistication and a perfect balance of elements. We believe that consumers deserve the best.

  • Agency: Xcentric Design
    Designer: Miša Mladenović
    Country: Serbia

    "Pasha" is a new brand from "Kraft Logistic" Macedonia.

    Designer Misa Mladenovic is a creator of visual identity and package of this new brand. He designed and illustrated the logo, the character of Pasha, hedonist, experienced man with kind gaze, lovable to all generations, after whom the package will be recognized on shelves and who will secure easy navigation throughout the whole spectrum of products of this kind.

    Designer Misa Mladenovic with this logo is the 1st prize winner in CorelDRAW International Design Contest 2013. in Advertising/Speciality Graphic category.

    The packaging itself was designed as dynamic, live, packaging of better products, with classical approach of presentation of the freshness.

  • Designed by Dusan Fusion Tucakovic
    Country: Serbia

    SVEDKA Vodka has been making its mark since it was first imported in 1998. It’s now the 2nd largest imported vodka and the #7 spirit brand in the United States*. And its popularity keeps growing.

    Imported to the US from Sweden – a country that has been perfecting vodka for centuries – SVEDKA Vodka is proudly named after its country of origin. SVEDKA is a mix of the word ‘Svenska’ (meaning ‘Swedish’) and ‘Vodka’ (derived from the Slavic word ‘voda’). As these two words are combined, SVEDKA is a name as catchy as it is clever – fitting for a brand renowned for its character, quality, and value.

  • Designed by Brajen Cirkovic
    Country: Serbia

    The Red Project Wines Pty Ltd is exporting company that promote and sell high end Australian wine to the growing Asian market. Their objective is not to only sell wine, but to educate and promote wine culture to their clients.

    The target audience will be the high end restaurants and hotels, so the main objective was to create an image of prestige and luxury in labels.

  • Designed by Dusan Fusion Tucakovic
    Country: Serbia

    Due to financial reasons, domestic vodka brands are more oftenly consumed than foreign brands so the main goal of redesigning the outdated package of well known serbian liquor brand "ATLANTIC VODKA" was to achieve new, contemporary and distinctive visual identity. Label design was done in minimalistic expression and consists of color variations of vertical logotypes on a plane white background depending on liquor edition. By doing so, the liquor itself and white background could change colors due to night club lightning where this type of drink is commonly consumed.

    In terms of packaging the main aim was to offer more variable portions by creating 250ml aluminum can intended for new, younger users and also leaving the standard 1l glass bottle for older users used to standard packaging. By creating the can package, each consumer gets about 5 standard sized shots of alcohol per can so he doesn't need to order the whole bottle. These smaller packages are more user friendly and adequate for new consumers. Production process of creating aluminum cans is common and inexpensive.

  • Designed by Milutin Marković, Serbia.

    BOW TIE is a concept packaging design, realized as a project in Packaging Design course, only as a prototype. The aim was to make an elegant packaging which won't be expensive in production. The box itself is conceived as to show labeling on the bottle as well as the bottle. There are two varieties of the packaging: for red and white wine. Bow ties a symbol that means elegance, it is represented simply, in a minimalist manner and is incorporated in typography.

  • Designed by Igor Adamovic, Serbia.

    Design attempt to abandon the famous Balkan pattern of label design, for wines with good taste, but ashamed to say so. Target's urban population, as the contest required, between the ages 21 and 40.

    The central part of the label is a wine glass and its typographical stylisation, with the inscription of wine name (chardonnay). Background label, in addition to traditional wine symbol also carries a story about the Tikves winery region and tradition, and wants to ensure that consumers have the opportunity to learn about the specifics of the wine region. The emphasis was not on the designer accuracy and searching for graphic perfection, but the casualness and sex appeal that brings enjoyment in "God's nectar."

  • Designed by Peter Gregson Studio, Serbia

    Peter Gregson Studio created a new product design for Mistral company. The task was to create the new brand name including complete packaging design concept for canned tomato.

  • Designed by Natasha Radosavljevic, Serbia.

    The Brief
    The target group is classified as young population with dynamic lifestyle that likes good food, frequently goes out and has contemporary habits. In terms of ages the target group is mainly consisted from 21 years till 40 years old, males and females equally, belonging to the middle class. They would like to drink high quality wine and they would like that to be linked to their social status.

    The wine is dry with rich golden colour and refined scents of melon and tropical fruit.

    Concept and Idea
    Mainly based on typography solution to target young population. In designs is used symbolism of the region and wine in the broader sense, like bunch of grapes, Vardar valley, Sun, rain, melon and tropical fruit.

  • Designed by Katrina Radic, Serbia.

    A concept for a modern organic juice brand. The absence of fruit and other imagery makes it unique, while the playful typography combined with different bold colors according to fruit flavor make it a sleek and elegant yet natural-looking product that would stand out on shelves.