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  • Agency: Enserio
    Designer: Miquel Amela & Ferran Rodríguez
    Client: Sistema Vinari
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Catalonia, Spain

    A wine converted in postcard to be commended and recommended. Chateau Paquita is made in Felanitx, Mallorca; land of beaches, sun and tourists. Probably the best “souvenir” of Mallorca.

  • Agency: Javier Garduño Estudio De Diseño
    Designer: Javi Garduño
    Client: Queseria La Antigua De Fuentesaúco
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    Packaging design for La Antigua Wine. A new product introduced in 2014 Alimentaria Premium Food Fair. In this work we seek the simile with a bottle of milk. We painted bottles in matte white with black silkscreen logo. To distinguish between white wine and red wine, we played with the closure, we used synthetic wax, black for red wine and corporate yellow for the white wine.

  • Agency: Zoo
    Country: Vic, Spain

    Branding and packaging design for Nature Diet super premium line by Dingonatura. This is a holistic product for pets, based on a natural, healthy and balanced diet.

  • Designer: Albert Virgili Hill
    Client: Martí Serdà
    Country: Spain

    El Xitxarel·lo (“The beginner” in catalan language) is a white wine of Martí Serdà Winery made 100% with Xarel·lo, a grape variety from Penedès, Catalonia. A refreshing and sassy wine with two aims: to promote the consumption of local wine, and also to recover the good old art of vintage insulting. The catalan insults, created by farmers several centuries ago, have its origins in the vineyard, and are currently disappearing. Since decades people don’t use them because they’re naive and kind of ingenuous, but also terrific and tremendously funny. In order to preserve the language, El Xitxarel·lo dedicates its bottle to honor them.

    The bottle contains 77 catalan insults. Each one graphically represented considering its meaning in catalan. At the side of the bottle, there’s a “Trompímetre” a fake alcoholometer that “measures” your drunk level with old insults. In the middle of the bottle you start feeling a little bit “Calent” (a little bit drunk) and you end up becoming a “Buida-ampolles” (a bottle emptier).

  • Agency: Senyor Estudi
    Designer: Lluís Serra and Mireia Sais
    Client: Celler La Vinyeta
    Photography: Marc Roca
    Country: Spain

    There are no two eye irises alike, just as there are no two vinegars alike. With base liquids of over 80 years of age, each cask produces a vinegar with a different aroma, colour and taste, creating a symphony when they come together. Their vivid colours, which range from straw yellow to rust red, passing through various amber tones, can deceive us. This is not wine. It's not garnatxa. A warning: Keep an eye out for Oju! wine vinegar.

  • Agency: Binomi creatividad
    Country: Barcelona, Spain
    Type Of Work: Promotional Item

    A different way of looking the complicated world of advertising is represented in this Juego de la Oca (Game of Goose), with all the difficulties for advancing, stepping back here, slowing you down over there, and above all, depending always on your fate to move forward. From this premise, in Binomi Creatividad we have conceived our latest promotional item: El Juego de la Campaña Loca (The Crazy Campaign Game), maybe ironically to give to our customers who demand some changes. This is a new and special interpretation about the famous board game (which we have done a word game with the name), in a vintage design and format. It is a simple mechanism: the playing pieces representing the hard-working publicits who try to progress along a campaign, and the game boxes reflect the main troubles and obstacles that we face, from the encouraging beginning towards the desired publication.

    The principal motivation behind this exciting idea is denouncing and counteracting the lack of humility of our customers, unable to recognize the main obstacle are they themselves. For those customers who at the final part of an order realise that their budgets are too short to continue, or those who make last minute changes, we consider they have won the“Death” game box. But of course we are conscious that not all customers are the same. Also, as in all our works, we have bet on an elegant graphical presentation, in a retro dynamic as the item demands, with the evident purpose of showing our ability to display a product in an attractive and different way.

    In conclusion, our target is to propose and original, easygoing and daring idea, coherent with our alternative position, always outside the conventional and at the same time it means an educational game for everyone.

  • Agency: La Fonda Gràfica
    Designer: Oriol Piferrer Saló
    Client: Cèlia Izquierdo & Marc Corominas
    Country: Spain

    Limited and numbered edition of handmade liquor created by Cèlia Izquierdo and Marc Corominas.

    To create this liquor you must leave rest the herbal preparation for 40 days. This give XL name at Ratafia, 40 in Roman numerals. The name also refers to the size nomenclature (extra large), something which is reflected in the long proportions of the bottle and the label, that’s stitched with thread. The label is completed with and extended list of the latin scientific name of combined herbs.

  • Agency: La Fonda Gràfica
    Designer: Oriol Piferrer Saló
    Client: Mas Pagès
    Country: Spain

    Born in the 2012's vintage in Baix Empordà, this is a handmade wine with strong personality. An ideal wine to start nationalistic debates and to finish choosing flag. The label presents a flags game and the one who holds it can change the composition and transform the Spanish flag into Catalonia's flag (la Senyera).

  • Agency: RSC Estudio
    Typography: Aleo by Łukasz Dziedzic (FontFabric) and Colette by Greg Lindy
    Country: Spain

    Melgarejo is a widely known brand due to the excellence of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Original Picual Melgarejo is an olive oil with the traditional and original taste of the excellent olive variety Picual. The image of Original Picual strongly focuses on the cleanliness and simplicity with the white as the carrier. We present the olive grove as a living space through an illustration, which not only focus on the tree and its fruit.

  • Agency: RSC Estudio
    Typography: Aleo by Łukasz Dziedzic (FontFabric) and Colette by Greg Lindy
    Country: Spain

    Selection on varieties is a plurivarietal oil which comes from selected fruits in order to get an extra virgin olive oil with a smooth character and intense fragrance. This Oil is sold in 375ml glass formats. Amazing flavor and aroma. It is a tailor made olive oil.

    The image of this extra virgin had to have the capacity to surprise, having always a decorative sense. The idea was to create a tailor made suit which could give it presence in the shelves and also decorate in the houses.

  • Agency: Oloramara Design
    Client: SkinnyMint
    Country: Spain

    SkinnyMint is a new brand based in Singapore that cares about women's health, body and life style. Its first product is a new Teatox program that helps you to detoxify & lose weight.

    With our creativity, we have tried to represent this new brand's youthful soul, using a cosmetic style and a feminine color range. White background, clear elements and minimal style is used in order to represent SkinnyMint’s personality.

  • Agency: Supperstudio
    Client: Eroski
    Country: Spain

    A custome ball would be the best way to describe the new Eroski juices. A complete range, where it fruit plays a role. A characterful design for which we used one statement colour to make the product stand out on the shelves, creating a unique image for each product.

  • Agency: Estudio Lina Vila
    Client: Eroski
    Country: Spain

    For over 10 years the studio has been collaborating with Eroski’s Marketing and In-house Brands departments on projects to do with packaging design (over 2,000 packaging items), textile design and graphic communication. The end of 2010 saw a change in brand strategy. In this project we were entrusted with the new global graphic line and its protocolization. Our proposal has a new branding approach. The new line is in response to a concept to balance the informative rationality with the emotional, attractive image of the products. This is achieved by establishing a visual order that connects with the brand values and enables the consumer to recognise it, thanks to the structure of its graphics and typography, and the power of its image.

  • Agency: The Show Must Go On
    Client: E&R Wines Co. Ninety-Concept
    Creative Director: Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
    Art Director & Graphic Designer: Lorena Martínez Acha
    Photography: Carlos Caperos Berdejo
    Country: Spain

    Wine tasting begins in the realm of the sensory and emotional. From the visual stage when you perceive the bottle on the table, to the moment you take it up, feeling it, and the packaging transmits you what you will enjoy next. Each point is a guarantee that the content will be up to the perception of the continent.

    These wine bottles required labels to reflect its high quality. So in continuation to the clean and minimalistic brand identity, we chose a simple visual language with a single dominant graphic element: dots.

    In the wine world, critics’ punctuation has a relevant importance for the wineries and consumers. We related this grading to the dot symbol. To facilitate the understanding of this punctuation we assigned each value a coloured foil embossing: 92 corresponds to black, 95 to silver and 99 to gilded.

    The label rounds the bottle like a hug to show the information about the terroir, a brief description with the number explanation and the aim of the Team.

    We decided that a dots themed pattern would be the perfect place to reveal the value and category of the wine.

    This stamping would give the label a great texture in dimly illuminated places, like the fireplace where you would share this drink among friends. In addition, we crafted a typeface that blends seamlessly with the label’s visual code. To finish, we placed a mark on the left that confirms each bottle follows the philosophy of the Ninety team: these are wines we want to enjoy with friends every single day, not reserve just for special occasions.