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  • Agency: Centralpack
    Designer: Hugo Zapata
    Client: Chinchilla wines, Ronda
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain
    Photos: Central Lab

    Encaste personifies a wine from a city and a land whose traditions lie deep in the ambiance of classical Rome. The sunlight, the climate, the culture, and above all, the ancient art of the bull; all ensure that the Cabernet Sauvignon vine, from which issues this wine, represents the character and the profundity of this ancient land, where the bull´s head blazes from the bridge over Ronda´s great gorge. Its twelve months of pampered rest in barrels of French oak produces a wine of great beauty to the eye, profound balsamic aromas, a mellow hint of wood and a flavour that is both deep and serious.

  • Agency: Isbert Design
    Designer: Pablo Calzado
    Client: Marevendis Agua de Mar Mediterranea
    Country: Spain
    Awards: Laus Award 2014 Bronze - Packaging
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    There’s nothing like a good beer near the sea. “Er Boqueron” concentrates this experience merging the sea with beer. This fusion its captured in a design that perceives the sea essence of the product and transmits the freshness, flavor and context that make it unique.

    Branding, basic stationary and label application of the first beer with sea water.

  • Agency: Spur and Boot
    Illustration: oscar llorens
    Country: Madrid, Spain

    Oscar llorens: I made those can´s design of the beer company NorthAm Beverages, in collaboration with the agency Spur and Boot. The illustrations were based on the different names of each beer: Artisan IPA, Sun Chaser, Deep 6 Lager, Reef Break, Twisted Trail and Wild Wood.

    This project was commisioned by Colagene.

  • Agency: BTL Brands
    Location: London & Barcelona

    The Chatsfield is a fictional luxury hotel chain, and the setting for a new cross-platform romance series by publisher Harlequin / Mills & Boon. We were given the enviable task of designing the identity for the hotel, building the website, and creating a series of luxury promotional products to be sent to journalists and fans on launch day.

    We wanted the hotel to have a modern look & feel, but inspired heavily by art deco and top luxury brands like Chanel. The custom typography folds neatly into itself to create an iconic logo, which naturally becomes the centerpiece of the identity and packaging.

    The packaging system needed to be flexible, luxurious and iconic (yet achievable on a very small budget). Black, white & gold are recurring motifs in luxury branding, making it the ideal color scheme to give The Chatsfield credibility. The solution was minimal black packaging, wrapped in a delicate white bible paper, impeccably printed with gold ink and sealed with a gold sticker (unique to each hotel in each city). No ordinary printer could get our delicate wrapping paper through their machine, so each individual sheet had to be screen printed by hand. The result is satisfying to unwrap and truly exclusive.

    Client: Skeyndor
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    Garrofe Brand&Pack designs the new Global Lift Elixir of Skeyndor.

    Garrofé Brand&Pack was in charged of the whole integrated design for Skeyndor's Global Lift Elixir, an exceptional elixir with the power of 3 serums fused into one.

    The graphic code was created with a single objective; the supreme elegance of the science. We have used a deep purple color code to represent the elegance and maturity of the line, fused with an scientific key visual, the cellular-molecular look spheres showcases the latest cosmetic advance of the brand with its beauty-science positioning.

  • Graphic designer: Janire Zamora
    Industrial designers: Alejandra de la Garza and Cristina Maldonado
    Country: Barcelona, Spain

    Ni maíz paloma is a new business born with the idea to reinvent one of the most popular snacks in Mexico and take to the streets of Barcelona. The main design inspiration is the Maize God Azteca "Centéotl" and how to see corn as sacred food by our Mexican ancestors. The pieces are designed as a container for kernel corn and a dish for the whole cob in order to avoid soiling.

  • Agency: el estudio
    Photo: María Laura Benavente
    Country: Spain

  • Agency: Centralpack
    Designer: Hugo Zapata
    Client: Bodegas Yuste
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    Bodegas Yuste is a family company founded primarily to Love Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz - Spain. From our youth this discreet city fishermen, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Guadalquivir River achieved found, try to catch the essence of past distinguished wine which once delighted Phoenicians and Romans.

    Beyond optimizations and engineering, we want the people recreated again with the best wine that can offer the land. as referring to the oldest, we managed to rescue the intact Conde de Aldama wines, winemaker before taking voluntarily habits. This is the treasure that now we present hand Hugo Zapata's studies, which has managed to convey perfectly the simplicity of an ascetic, the inner life of an old man and distinction, through the beauty that has such enological masterpiece and deserves.

  • Agency: Pedro González Studio
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Spain

    3x1: The importance of a differentiated design to guarantee sales in different markets

    A product with three very different presentations. Three designs for three markets with nothing in common. Three different brands which share product, glass and cap. All in two versions: white and pink. National vs foreign market; department stores vs restaurants. Or about how naming, the characteristics of the packaging, the distribution, the price or the kind of consumption define the final design of a brand.

    This was the challenge presented by the Anecoop winery to the Pedro González Studio. The initial order consisted of preparing three different designs for a product. The product was a low-proof moscato, only 5% alcohol, of easy consumption as an appetizer and mainly aimed at a female market.

    At the studio, the three projects were carried out in parallel, which allowed them to isolate the characteristics of each, strengthen them and thus obtain a unique and differentiated image for each presentation.

    The three projects share the same Borgoña bottle, its green design for white wine and the transparent one for the pink wine. They all had a Stelvin screw cap. From the beginning, they suggested a common die and adjusted for the three designs, where the front and back label could be worked in one piece, a measure which allowed the reduction of the manufacturing costs of the three models.

    Three destinations, three markets: first, the Spanish restaurants; second, the big European department stores; and third, the North-American markets.

    Thus were Viña Tendida, Amatista and NY Hood born. Although the three brands have been conceived to share the same wide, short and long Borgoña bottle and use the same die for the label, their designs are specific to the needs of each market. A good example of how a design and a presentation can modify the sales of a product and adapt it to one of the markets it’s aimed at.

    Viña Tendida
    The design of Viña Tenidida is intended for a wine consumed in private: in restaurants, dinners, lunches or celebrations. Therefore, it had to convey an image of sobriety, elegance, a cosmopolitan look, with a story to tell. The final label is a passport with stamps of imaginary trips. A motif which is used as a pretext to tell a story or start a conversation in good company.

    Its design has been conceived to compete in the large department stores, where the competition is ferocious and you can only stand out with a potent, carefully thought out and evocative image. Women tend to have the last word when buying wine, and in this case they came up with a floral collage as a reference to the characteristics of the wine: fresh, fruity and floral flavours. Packaging and product merge in a unique passionate message.

    NY Hood
    In this case, their consumers were across the pond, in the USA. There, the visual codes are different; it’s a different market, younger and with less tradition but more used to fresh presentations with screw cap wines or in boxes. This is the reason why they went for a fresh image, through a illustration and a homemade typography, which conveyed a very familiar metropolitan image.

  • Agency by PAGÀ DISSENY
    Designer: Pere Pagà
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Spain

    Born in the vineyard "La Pepa Xica" (Penedès, Catalonia), located at 500 m. above sea level. Variety 100% white grenache.

    Printed on Fedrigoni Cottone Bianco paper.

  • Agency: Masquespacio
    Creative Director: Ana Milena Hernández Palacios
    Architect junior: Virgínia Hinarejos
    Graphic Designer junior: Ana Diaz
    Creative junior: Carolina Micó
    Graphic design and interior design realized by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios
    Photography: David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas

    Client: Kessalao
    Type of work: Commercial work

    Country: Valencia, Spain

    Masquespacio designs the brand and space of Kessalao

    Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio presents their last project realized in the city of Bonn, Germany. The project consists in the brand image and interior design for Kessalao, a new take away establishment of Mediterranean food in the city of Beethoven.

    Everything starts from the brand image and it’s naming that forms wordplay of the German “Kess” and the Spanish “Salao”, both traduced as cool and amusing boy. Being a play of words in two different languages combined by an s, a capital S needed to distinguish both words. On the other hand the brand symbol was inspired by olive oil, as the basic and principal product of the Mediterranean food, represented here by the drop that interprets the natural product’s richness.

    In so far as the interior design it’s presented by a space that symbolizes the freshness of the brands’ name through a range of most popular colors for Germans. Red is without a doubt the main color, while the marine blue and yellow remind us of the Mediterranean Sea. Purple on the other hand adds a strong touch to the whole together with the principal red color. Materials like wood coming from the birch veneer used for the walls and pine for the furniture, where chosen to offer a natural look to the space. Moreover through different decorative elements made of raffia as for the seats and pots a Mediterranean touch is added repeatedly. Ana Milena Hernández Palacios: “I wanted to metaphorize the recollection of fruits and vegetables through the hampers of Raffia.” The metal gratings are having a function as expositors for magazines, menu cards and pots, besides doing a job as tables in the store front of the space. Constructive details like the bars and folding tables are created as an adaptation to the necessities of the space according to the hour of minor or major traffic, being the space able to operate only as a take a way service at noon or as a small snack bar by night. A last detail is founded in the coating of raffia used for the barstools, also created by Masquespacio, that contain a department to leave jackets and handbags, exploiting maximally the reduced available space.

    Masquespacio with this project starts his first international adventure, added to a project of branding and interior design actually in development in Oslo, besides several projects in progress of branding and consulting in Spain, showing its ability to offer creative solutions for any business model, adapted to its target audience.

  • Designer: Villa McLuhan comunicación
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Spain

    Villa McLuhan comunicación launches 'Crisp the world', crisp potatoes with world flavors. So far, it has created three licenses:

    - Paris Style, fried mushrooms in a creamy potato
    - Rio de Janeiro Style, fried potatoes with black pepper and a touch of lime
    - Tokyo Style, Teriyaki sauce fries.

  • Agency: Noem9 Studio
    Client: Beaney
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    BEANEY is a brand that works collecting 100% natural honey. From Andorra, in the state of Teruel, they take care of the bees and the honey extraction using their craftsmanship to further distribution.

  • Agency: Grantipo Brandin & Packaging
    Creative Direction: Sergio Daniel García
    Type of work: Comercial work
    Country: Madrid, Spain

    A cheap wine does not have to have a cheap design.

    If you have planed producing a table wine, you would make a tetrabrik, wouldn´t you? We use a daily element, which gives it personality and reveals what their best companions; tapas and the main meal.

    It´s not an empty design. It provides relevant information about the product: Price, expectations, etc.

    All labels are printed on cellulose paper.

    For a particular client that produces two types of wine, one for day to day (Table wine) and one for special occasions.