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  • Designer: Duncan K. Anderson
    School: Lahti Institute of Design
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Finland

    Discover is a project that was entered into the student Starpack 2014 competition. The brief was to create a promotional tool for design agency Webb deVlam and the task was to pick a product that symbolises their company and design the packaging accordingly. The project took the Starpack Gold Award, Webb deVlam Sponsored Award and the Nampak Champion Award.

    A 3D printed telescopic golf club and balls with packaging that functions as the goal. Golf was chosen as a subject as it's a game of bonding, experience and rejuvenation. 3D printing was chosen as it exemplifies the structural and technological capabilities of the company and is a product that would interest corporate clients.

    The golf club is printed in one piece fully assembled and is designed using elements from the Webb deVlam logo. The objects are printed using SLS nylon.

    The transparent front represents the belief Webb deVlam have in openness and honesty.

    The layers of cardboard represent the layers of expertise that are built to form the structural integrity of the company.

    The colours are those used in the interchangeable logo and they reflect the creative vibrancy of the company. The feeling was inspired by the edges of their business cards which create an exhilarating spectrum of colour when stacked together.

    The number three is important in the design as it represents their tag-line Discover Innovate Design. It’s also the three offices they have in London, Chicago and Singapore.

    The Aim
    The aim of the product and packaging is to bring people together in the way that they bring clients to their target audience; building meaningful and natural connections through discovery, innovation and design.

  • Designer: Hwang Jihee
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    Vickers is the world's smallest shoe that is made out of rubber, which harmless to human body. Because of its flexibility, it fits to user’s feet perfectly, making it suitable for everyone. It is easy to carry, and suitable for sports, such as yoga, gymnastics, and swimming. Stylish patterns were put to express that the shoes can be stretched, and those patterns show the movements sports precisely, showing the purpose of the shoes. By using craft paper, express a comfortable and to express active and energetic image of exercise, vivid colors are used such as orange, green, purple, blue, pink. In addition, shape of package can open from the middle. It is very comfortable when we put a product into the package.

  • Agency: At Home Creative
    Designer : Raymond Teo
    Client : Run, Ray Run.
    Country : Malaysia

    Run, Ray Run. - Look up, move forward!

    "Run, Ray Run.", a personal theme given by Raymond Teo himself, the creative director of AT HOME CREATIVE made it his own personal mission to be an inspirational person with physical disability to the public through many channels like creativity, care, love, creating positive source of energy, contributing to the community and living out the value of existence. "Run, Ray Run." is inspired by the Bible verses, Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” This verse always serves as a reminder for him to face the challenges in life, empowering himself to be a tougher man that he can be. As a person with disabilities, it didn't stop him from moving forward. With the burning passion being a creative director, he is able to convince himself to accept the limitations of being imperfect and have the flaming desire to live like a perfect human being.

  • Agency: Binomi creatividad
    Country: Barcelona, Spain
    Type Of Work: Promotional Item

    A different way of looking the complicated world of advertising is represented in this Juego de la Oca (Game of Goose), with all the difficulties for advancing, stepping back here, slowing you down over there, and above all, depending always on your fate to move forward. From this premise, in Binomi Creatividad we have conceived our latest promotional item: El Juego de la Campaña Loca (The Crazy Campaign Game), maybe ironically to give to our customers who demand some changes. This is a new and special interpretation about the famous board game (which we have done a word game with the name), in a vintage design and format. It is a simple mechanism: the playing pieces representing the hard-working publicits who try to progress along a campaign, and the game boxes reflect the main troubles and obstacles that we face, from the encouraging beginning towards the desired publication.

    The principal motivation behind this exciting idea is denouncing and counteracting the lack of humility of our customers, unable to recognize the main obstacle are they themselves. For those customers who at the final part of an order realise that their budgets are too short to continue, or those who make last minute changes, we consider they have won the“Death” game box. But of course we are conscious that not all customers are the same. Also, as in all our works, we have bet on an elegant graphical presentation, in a retro dynamic as the item demands, with the evident purpose of showing our ability to display a product in an attractive and different way.

    In conclusion, our target is to propose and original, easygoing and daring idea, coherent with our alternative position, always outside the conventional and at the same time it means an educational game for everyone.

  • Creative Director: Sean Flanagan
    Art Direction + Design: Chi-Chi Bello
    Project Manager: Todd Parks
    Photographer: Sam Gordon
    Engineering Firm: SMS Display Group
    Company: Under Armour
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work - Specialty Seeding Package
    Country: United States

    Project details: On February 28, Under Armour® launched a running shoe that destroyed the rules of footwear construction: the UA SpeedForm Apollo. Crafted entirely in a clothing factory, the UA SpeedForm Apollo is something special. So, it demanded some pretty special packaging.

    Designed to be a visual takedown of the UA SpeedForm Apollo campaign, “THIS IS WHAT FAST FEELS LIKE.”, the Limited Edition “jet” represented speed with a new take on the standard shoe box.

    Sitting in the pilot seat were the campaign colorways tilted slightly upwards and forward. A jet-shaped USB keychain was tucked alongside the shoes, while a tech card and T-shirt were tucked beneath them.

    The UA SpeedForm Apollo is the shoe Under Armour was born to make. With pinnacle innovation comes pinnacle delivery!

  • Agency: Pavlov`s Design
    Client: Gamma Ltd.
    Country: Russia

    Since 1998 factory situated in Murmino, Ryazan region has been producing children’s plasticine by its own brands and by popular trademarks as well. Only qualitative raw materials have been used. In 2013 the decision to start the production of the new trademarks was taken. Branding agency “Pavlov’s design” was chosen to be a strategic and a creative partner of the factory in solving branding and design tasks.

    To work out packaging design for the new trade mark “Gamma uvlechenij” for two types of plasticine: wax and fluorescent. These packaging’s aim is to be vivid among competitors and to demonstrate advantages of the plasticine.

    Creation for the child is always a trip to new worlds, which he invents by himself. So this theme was taken as a general. The main idea for plasticine ” Zabava” – trip to unknown lands by air balloon, for “Neon” – visiting far galaxies by spaceship. Opened spaces on the packaging showing plasticine continue illustrations. At the same time each packaging encourages to take it and to distinguish it.

    Design made on the bases of practical creative usage of plasticine shows the idea of creation for 100%. Master classes on the back of the packaging are the best start to spend time together for parents and their kids.

  • Designer: Annie Unruh
    School: Chapman University
    Country: United States

    Uno is looking to make a designer edition of their well-known card game. They want to make a version that appeals to 25-35 year old professionals who have no children. The target audience is wealthy, and well educated.

    The special edition will be based upon the modern art movement to draw in those with an interest in art. Inspiration is taken from the De Stijl and Bauhaus movements. A different artist inspires each suit: Josef Albers for the yellow, Kandinsky for the blue, Mondrian for the red, and Van der Leck for the green. The box that holds the set is also inspired by the period, fusing multiple art styles together to convey what the deck looks like. The set of cards is meant to a work of art as well as a usable card game. It should be something that the audience will use as decoration.

  • Agency: Ahsayane Studio
    Country: United Kingdom

    This shoebox shapes as a race track runner once is open. The optimized cutting and the carefully selected print areas link the product to the packaging. It challenges the classic shoebox design by contextualizing the shoes. The packaging concept is inspired in lightness and portability. When closed it gently boundless the shoes. The curved folding lines activate automatically when folding the corrugated sheet around the shoes, creating lateral walls.

  • Designer: Umer Ahmed
    Country: Norway

    A fictional school project. Introduce a new product(s) from another country into Norway. I introduced an almost unknown sport Cricket, with Australian background.

  • Designed by Oda Martinsen Ruud
    Country: United States

  • Designed Kiss Zsombor, Hungary.

    WOODI is the specialist of handcrafted wooden bicycle parts. The task was creating the brand and its design concept, including the logo, identity materials, product design, packaging and photography.

  • Designed by Lily Li, Canada.

    Aeroplay Kites is a fun and colorful do-it-yourself kite packaging for children between the ages of 9 to 12. The brand is vibrant and uses vivid colours to capture the playfulness of the product and to attract the attention of the target audience.

    The package comes in two containers: a tube containing the wooden dowels, and a box containing the materials to tie the kites together. This package is versatile and two kites can be constructed from the package: a basic diamond kite and a delta kite. The kites contain simple instructions in less than 10 steps for each kite, making the construction for the target audience easily understandable.

    After making the kites, the two containers can be used as storage for other materials and supplies, and the leftover materials from the kite kit can be used on other artworks or projects.

  • Designed by Jade Mummert, United States.
    School: Chicago Portfolio School

    This is a packaging system I created for Schwinn Signature, Schwinn's higher-end line of bicycles and bicycle accessories sold exclusively at bike shops. Schwinn Signature is a brand that targets the sophisticated, recreational cycling enthusiast. A logo facelift gives a nod to Schwinn's history with a vintage feel, and I chose to pair it with bold, utilitarian packaging that creates a voice for the brand that is both nostalgic and refreshingly new.

  • Designed by Ré:nium design, Hungary.
    Designer Name: Réka Diósi

    the DIOTOYS - a piece of childhood

    Identity and package design made for Hungarian handicraft wooden toys. Preparation with meticulous care and operational mechanism based on technical observations make the toys so special.

    I applied silk screen technique for printing the materials (veneer, textile, recycled bag, wooden box packaging)

    By creating the design it was an important aspect to use those kind of materials which reflect naturalness, so I chose environmentally friendly raw materials. The veneer parts of the identity are reused from the furniture industry as those were fallen or broken pieces.

    All the stationery, envelope, label and other accessories are printed on recycled paper, the little bags used as wrapping made of 100% wool.