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  • Agency: UnCommon Beat
    Type of work: Kickstarter project
    Country: USA

    A Kickstarter project for our Black Book Manifesto Typographic Deck. We wanted to design a deck of Typographic playing cards that pushed the boundaries of type design on cards yet remain usable, aesthetically beautiful, and where every single card is unique and a piece of art in its own right.

    Our objective with the tuck boxes was twofold, on the one hand we wanted the combined materials and processes to ooze refined luxury and top quality craftsmanship, while on the other hand we wanted the external designs to abstractly mirror the cards within without using type. We used embossed and foiled lines on the tuck boxes as the abstract expanding lines of text shown on the inside cards which is the foundation for each design.

  • Agency: Spaaaade&Co.
    Designer: Spaaaade&Co. X Hanuku (Collaboration)
    Country: United States

    New Bicycle playing cards, inspired by a series of wars between England and France, which lasted for more than a century. Every single element of our card designs are based on historic investigation and verification. Check out their Kickstarter Project

  • The 2014 Fifa World Cup has kicked off and it only comes around once every 4 years.

    The open doors introduces companies from all around the world to jump on the wagon to boost their brands.

    We've selected 10 world cup packaging that caught our eye. Which one is your favorite?

  • Agency: Burgopak
    Client: DeckStarter
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United States

    DeckStarter Collaborates with Burgopak for Successful Boston Launch

    DeckStarter, ‘a funding platform for playing cards that offers the easiest way to get your dream deck of playing cards printed’ recently teamed up with Burgopak for its launch.

    The Burgopak packaging system was used in the design of the ‘Magicpak’ for the launch of the new DeckStarter venture at How Design Live and The Dieline Conference in Boston.

    The mysterious functionality of the Burgopak mechanism perfectly aligns with the world of magic, sleight of hand and card tricks. ‘We’ve always wanted to do a collaboration like this and we feel that DeckStarter represents the best in bespoke, open source playing card design.’ says Dane Whitehurst, Creative Director at Burgopak.

    DeckStarter also collaborated with design giants, Debbie Millman and Aaron Draplin to design signature artwork for the decks as well as Burgopak’s packaging. They were both present at the conference to sign limited edition packs for their fans.

  • Agency: Simon Frouws Design
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Cape Town, South Africa

    Premium, luxury playing cards featuring gold foil hot stamped onto ultra-lux black paper.

    Artisan Playing Cards are produced at The United States Playing Card Company using FSC-certified papers derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates. Featuring custom lettering and illustrations. Sealed with a red tax seal indicating the print date.

  • Agency: Goodwin Design Group
    Country: United States

    Goodwin Design Group ‘Rocks Your Game’ for Kimberly Clark's New SafeSkin Kids Sports Wraps

    Kimberly-Clark approached Goodwin Design Group to assist with their SafeSkin Kids sport wraps, a young, successful brand in a competitive category. Goodwin’s charge was to consider next stage products and brand platform to ensure future success, primarily through product innovation opportunities. We shared consumer insights, demonstrated trends, determined strategies and implemented solutions for SafeSkin to remain a category leader. While KCC planned to focus on product solutions, our recommendation was to also work on the brand packaging in tandem. We worked with kids and moms, as well as nurses and coaches, involving them throughout the design exploration process. Together with consumers, Goodwin Design created a new strategy and brand platform for an entire line of products that moms, parents and coaches truly want. Goodwin designed the products together, tested the range to select those, which were most appealing, and refreshed the brand packaging to speak to kids of all ages, and those who care for them, in a visual language they understand and preferred.

    Kimberly Clark launched SafeSkin Kids Sports Wraps in 2011, creating the kids’ wrap category and capitalizing on a new retail market opportunity. Yet there was little brand equity in the original “SafeSkin Kids” packaging and it visually projected that it was for “little kids”. By late 2012 the brand’s leadership was being challenged by a new competitor, which marketed a wrap featuring a popular licensed property with strong kid and mom appeal.

    Kimberly Clark returned to Goodwin, the studio that redesigned KCC’s GoodNites brand packaging (2007). KCC aimed to reposition its relatively new SafeSkin Kids sport wraps in the face of opportunities in the category and to insulate the brand against new competitors. The Goodwin team responded with new brand packaging and product innovations, featuring several on-trend, decorative solutions that appeal to girls and boys, while clearly communicating efficacy and benefits to Moms.

    “Rather than taking the licensing route as did the competition, we recommended Kimberly Clark develop new strategies derived from consumer insights to meet this challenge and improve KCC’s superior-quality product’s appeal,” said Bill Goodwin, founder, Goodwin Design Group. “The vision was to create compelling, on trend product ‘deco’ to engage active girls and boys ages 7-15, create a point of difference for SafeSkin to lead the category, and appeal to Moms as a quality, trusted brand that protects their kids and aids in healing sport-related injuries.”

    From a design strategy standpoint, three objectives were paramount:

    (1) Identify trends that resonate with active kids ages 7-15
    (2) Develop sport wrap decorations to leverage trend findings
    (3) Design new brand packaging

    Discover - research
    Goodwin’s design team engaged groups of Moms, kids, nurses and coaches to share ideas and create a brand exclusively for them, by them. “We also visited retailers to watch them shop the category, and led discussion groups to better understand the challenges and opportunities for the brand,” added Goodwin.

    The original package did not clearly convey what the product was or its proper usage. “We performed a visual audit to demonstrate category norms, and recommended considering the use of icons, illustrations, or photography. This allowed us to demonstrate multiple uses while maintaining gender-neutrality and communicating whom it was for– with images of various kids of various ages playing a range of sports. The key was to balance an appropriate visual language to appeal to youth’s interests, and to Mom’s needs. We found that balance in our design exploration, co-creating and proving the value of symbols, like the caduceus to communicate efficacy,” said Goodwin. KCC introduced innovation to the category as new designs evolved around product decorations, which updated the sport wrap with reversible, on-trend colors and deco.”

    “We researched various categories and hundreds of patterns, which were both gender neutral and gender-specific, We created a series of designs for girls and a series for boys, as well as one with mutual gender appeal,” said Terry Montimore, Goodwin’s vice president of creative, “some comic-bookie, explosions, etc.- For girls there were animal print motifs and bright swirly patterns; for boys we took influences from comic book themes, explosions, lightning bolts, etc., to convey sports-oriented action.. Then we showed the exploratories to kids, got their reactions and synthesized the final patterns.”

    A green lightning bolt
    “We wanted colors that could be easily repeated along the ‘skin’s’ wrap format and would work with in a three-color printing process, plus the color of the wrap fabric,” said Brian Barto, Goodwin’s director of creative. “There was a lot to learn throughout this process because KCC had never printed on a fabric substrate before. For example, we had to determine how much stretch was acceptable before the designs became unreadable. We kept tweaking the designs and were on call during the prototype printing process, which went through several sample iterations before the final designs were achieved.”

    A swirly pink purple wrap appeals to girls, connoting motion when wrapped around a kid’s arm or leg and, similarly, the lightning bolt pattern looks cool in the round. “When it came to the designs themselves we tried to make them gender neutral,” added Montimore. “It really all depends on the color; the pink/purple if printed in blue/green appeals to boys. Recent trends have ushered in colors that were never seen in male and female sports apparel– for example even pink is not only acceptable, but often preferred.”

    For added impact on pack, Goodwin added a bright red-encircled caduceus centered below the clear product panel. Alongside the caduceus, the designers placed action sport symbols denoting product usage – for achy knees, wrists, feet and elbows. All in all, Goodwin delivered a leap forward for the brand, with the “New Package – Same GREAT Product!” as noted atop the pack.

  • Agency: eric/oskar
    Designer: Eric Calderon & Oskar Edengréen
    Client: Marsblade
    Type Of Work: Commercial work
    Country: Sweden

    MARSBLADE was created to help hockey players get the best off-ice training possible. It is the first training tool that truly offers an ice-like feel without actually skating on ice. The patented Flow Motion Technology allows hockey players to find the right balance point and use the same agile movement pattern as in ice skating. By activating the same muscle groups used for ice skating, MARSBLADE helps skaters prepare for the upcoming season, prevent injuries and become overall better ice hockey players. eric/oskar created the visual identity and the packaging design.

  • Designed by: Mission Athletecare (in-house)
    Creative Director: Rich Preciose
    Designer: Tonya Oberlender
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United States

    Shock Grip is a patented shrink-to-fit grip enhancer that custom molds to bats to reduce shock and enhance grip. Patented, one-piece construction eliminates tape seams and inconsistencies of wrap style grips.

    The packaging concept was to create a unique presence on the shelf while being disruptive to the consumer. The structure uses tabs for closure and uses no glue, which results in a more eco-friendly solution.

  • Agency: Bosin design
    Designer: Chun Chung Wu
    Client: PTRCO
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Taiwan

    Zhong Yong Gong is a religion in Taiwanese Hakka culture. It symbols the spirit of loyalty and righteousness. In order to promote the spirit and culture of Zhong Yong Gong. PTRCO developed the “Zhong Yong Gong Figure”. It’s not only a figure doll, but also have a bottle of “Lucky Ash” under it . The Lucky Ash is believed to bring the good luck.

    We designed an unique carton with the structure and decoration of Zhong Yi Cih (a temple which is built to worship Zhong Yong Gong) .We also designed an window at the front of the package. People can see the figure through the window. It looks like a miniature Zhong Yi Cih for the Zhong Yong Gong Figure.

    This package can not only protect the product but also display it as well. Moreover, it can be stacked and transported in a space-saving manner.

  • Designer: Duncan K. Anderson
    School: Lahti Institute of Design
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Finland

    Discover is a project that was entered into the student Starpack 2014 competition. The brief was to create a promotional tool for design agency Webb deVlam and the task was to pick a product that symbolises their company and design the packaging accordingly. The project took the Starpack Gold Award, Webb deVlam Sponsored Award and the Nampak Champion Award.

    A 3D printed telescopic golf club and balls with packaging that functions as the goal. Golf was chosen as a subject as it's a game of bonding, experience and rejuvenation. 3D printing was chosen as it exemplifies the structural and technological capabilities of the company and is a product that would interest corporate clients.

    The golf club is printed in one piece fully assembled and is designed using elements from the Webb deVlam logo. The objects are printed using SLS nylon.

    The transparent front represents the belief Webb deVlam have in openness and honesty.

    The layers of cardboard represent the layers of expertise that are built to form the structural integrity of the company.

    The colours are those used in the interchangeable logo and they reflect the creative vibrancy of the company. The feeling was inspired by the edges of their business cards which create an exhilarating spectrum of colour when stacked together.

    The number three is important in the design as it represents their tag-line Discover Innovate Design. It’s also the three offices they have in London, Chicago and Singapore.

    The Aim
    The aim of the product and packaging is to bring people together in the way that they bring clients to their target audience; building meaningful and natural connections through discovery, innovation and design.

  • Designer: Hwang Jihee
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    Vickers is the world's smallest shoe that is made out of rubber, which harmless to human body. Because of its flexibility, it fits to user’s feet perfectly, making it suitable for everyone. It is easy to carry, and suitable for sports, such as yoga, gymnastics, and swimming. Stylish patterns were put to express that the shoes can be stretched, and those patterns show the movements sports precisely, showing the purpose of the shoes. By using craft paper, express a comfortable and to express active and energetic image of exercise, vivid colors are used such as orange, green, purple, blue, pink. In addition, shape of package can open from the middle. It is very comfortable when we put a product into the package.

  • Agency: At Home Creative
    Designer : Raymond Teo
    Client : Run, Ray Run.
    Country : Malaysia

    Run, Ray Run. - Look up, move forward!

    "Run, Ray Run.", a personal theme given by Raymond Teo himself, the creative director of AT HOME CREATIVE made it his own personal mission to be an inspirational person with physical disability to the public through many channels like creativity, care, love, creating positive source of energy, contributing to the community and living out the value of existence. "Run, Ray Run." is inspired by the Bible verses, Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” This verse always serves as a reminder for him to face the challenges in life, empowering himself to be a tougher man that he can be. As a person with disabilities, it didn't stop him from moving forward. With the burning passion being a creative director, he is able to convince himself to accept the limitations of being imperfect and have the flaming desire to live like a perfect human being.

  • Agency: Binomi creatividad
    Country: Barcelona, Spain
    Type Of Work: Promotional Item

    A different way of looking the complicated world of advertising is represented in this Juego de la Oca (Game of Goose), with all the difficulties for advancing, stepping back here, slowing you down over there, and above all, depending always on your fate to move forward. From this premise, in Binomi Creatividad we have conceived our latest promotional item: El Juego de la Campaña Loca (The Crazy Campaign Game), maybe ironically to give to our customers who demand some changes. This is a new and special interpretation about the famous board game (which we have done a word game with the name), in a vintage design and format. It is a simple mechanism: the playing pieces representing the hard-working publicits who try to progress along a campaign, and the game boxes reflect the main troubles and obstacles that we face, from the encouraging beginning towards the desired publication.

    The principal motivation behind this exciting idea is denouncing and counteracting the lack of humility of our customers, unable to recognize the main obstacle are they themselves. For those customers who at the final part of an order realise that their budgets are too short to continue, or those who make last minute changes, we consider they have won the“Death” game box. But of course we are conscious that not all customers are the same. Also, as in all our works, we have bet on an elegant graphical presentation, in a retro dynamic as the item demands, with the evident purpose of showing our ability to display a product in an attractive and different way.

    In conclusion, our target is to propose and original, easygoing and daring idea, coherent with our alternative position, always outside the conventional and at the same time it means an educational game for everyone.

  • Creative Director: Sean Flanagan
    Art Direction + Design: Chi-Chi Bello
    Project Manager: Todd Parks
    Photographer: Sam Gordon
    Engineering Firm: SMS Display Group
    Company: Under Armour
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work - Specialty Seeding Package
    Country: United States

    Project details: On February 28, Under Armour® launched a running shoe that destroyed the rules of footwear construction: the UA SpeedForm Apollo. Crafted entirely in a clothing factory, the UA SpeedForm Apollo is something special. So, it demanded some pretty special packaging.

    Designed to be a visual takedown of the UA SpeedForm Apollo campaign, “THIS IS WHAT FAST FEELS LIKE.”, the Limited Edition “jet” represented speed with a new take on the standard shoe box.

    Sitting in the pilot seat were the campaign colorways tilted slightly upwards and forward. A jet-shaped USB keychain was tucked alongside the shoes, while a tech card and T-shirt were tucked beneath them.

    The UA SpeedForm Apollo is the shoe Under Armour was born to make. With pinnacle innovation comes pinnacle delivery!